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Indra Swarna, James Purnama, Randy Anthony
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 79-89;

Kunyahku is an online catering platform that provides catalogs of menus from local caterer near the user and become the distributor that will take the order and deliver them. In developing an application, the most important aspect for small start-up companies is to have a development stack that can deliver the app into multiple platform by using a single code base to reduce the cost of developers, improve efficiency and reduce the time to develop the application itself. To provide the necessity of building an application for Kunyahku, this paper is aimed to find the most suitable cross platform framework for developing the Kunyahku application. This research focuses on comparison between existing popular cross-platform and proving the suitable one to be used in development cycle in the case of Kunyahku requirements. Sets of test and comparison were conducted in order to compare the most suitable cross platform between React Native and Flutter such as render test and comparing each advantage coming out from using each of the cross-platform.After all the requirements are gathered and then the most suitable framework will be chosen which is Flutter. Performance analysis and the benefits of using Flutter framework are elaborated and thus proving it is the most suitable development stack to be used in Kunyahku case and the development time can be reduced since it is a cross-platform technology that output the application into three different platform rather than managing separate platform for each different one. Testing shows that flutter also met all the requirements thus proving flutter address the problems of scalability and faster development compared to developing each native platform one by one.
Gianino Masasi, James Purnama, Maulahikmah Galinium
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 91-97;

Existing handwriting recognition solution on mobile app provides off premise service which means the handwriting is processed in overseas servers. Data sent to abroad servers are not under our control and could be possibly mishandled or misused. As recognizing handwriting is a complex problem, deep learning is needed. This research has the objective of developing an on premise Indonesian handwriting recognition using open source deep learning solution. Comparison of various deep learning solution to be used in the development are done. The deep learning solution will be used to build architectures. Various database format are also compared to decide which format is suitable to gather Indonesian handwriting database. The gathered Indonesian handwriting database and built architectures are used for experiments which consists of number of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) layers, rotation and noise data augmentation, and Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) vs Long Short Term Memory (LSTM). Experiment results shows that rotation data augmentation is the parameter to be change to improve word accuracy and Character Error Rate (CER). The improvement is 64.8% and 23.2% to 69.6% and 20.6% respectively.
Evan Tirta Wahyudi, Alva Erwin, Charles Lim
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 99-105;

The research is conducted based on the nationwide goals of Indonesia proposed in the Nawacita document, where one of the big goals is to improve the human resource greatly. Providing a good medium such as a job marketplace can be part of improving the human resource. Since most of Indonesian citizen nowadays has easy access to internet, which can ease their way of using a job marketplace application. Creating a job marketplace application may minimize a number of unemployment in Indonesia. Addition to that, through a focus group discussion, it has been discovered that respondents find job marketplace such as JobStreet and Indeed jobs does not satisfy respondents’ UI and UX view towards the application. The objective of this research is to create a job marketplace mobile application that is useful and easy to use for users. The prototype mobile application is developed using react native, and a middleware that is developed using Express JS is made alongside to bridge data to the mobile application. To assess the prototype mobile application, two evaluation method is used which is User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) and Questionnaire User Interface Satisfaction (QUIS). 6 respondents were allowed to examine prototype application, and answer the questionnaire. The result of the evaluation both shows positive results from both questionnaires.
Livani Livani, Kho I Eng, James Purnama
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 61-69;

Batik industry has mostly been producing apparels only for standard size and none of the online platform that sells batik has been supported body positivity campaign. Another problem is found in the online stores, which do not support multi stores. Most of the existed marketplaces do not provide multi store for the users. There exists platform with multi store capability. However, the users have to pay a substantial amount of fee for the activation [magento]. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyze the business process of creating an online platform to sell batik specifically to people with oversize condition with multi stores capability. The multi store capability (done by other research fellows) is part of a project, which includes this research. We have conducted preliminary online research and interview and surveys after the prototype has been launched to get feedback from users. Users believe the idea of the platform and the development is a good start and it has contributed to positive .
Timothy Dicky, Alva Erwin, Heru Purnomo Ipung
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 71-78;

The purpose of this research is to develop a job recommender system based on the Hadoop MapReduce framework to achieve scalability of the system when it processes big data. Also, a machine learning algorithm is implemented inside the job recommender to produce an accurate job recommendation. The project begins by collecting sample data to build an accurate job recommender system with a centralized program architecture. Then a job recommender with a distributed system program architecture is implemented using Hadoop MapReduce which then deployed to a Hadoop cluster. After the implementation, both systems are tested using a large number of applicants and job data, with the time required for the program to compute the data is recorded to be analyzed. Based on the experiments, we conclude that the recommender produces the most accurate result when the cosine similarity measure is used inside the algorithm. Also, the centralized job recommender system is able to process the data faster compared to the distributed cluster job recommender system. But as the size of the data grows, the centralized system eventually will lack the capacity to process the data, while the distributed cluster job recommender is able to scale according to the size of the data.
Sigit Prianto Tjokronolo, Anggia Dyarini Mohammad
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 21-27;

The internet era has been improved so much over this past decade; wherepeople can easily get connected without having to consider distancebetween different locations. The way people communicate also haschanged from texting using conventional letter or SMS, to audio usingphone call and now video call where we can see and hear the person whowe talk to. Due to distance problem, nowadays some people prefer to useOnline Video Call to perform weddings. Although some Moslems are stilldebating the validity of an online matrimony where some Islamic scholarsagree by considering certain condition while some others disagree, thispaper won’t be discussing about the debated issue. This paper will only befocused on the video call application reliability in order to have a validonline Islamic matrimony. The comparison will be using free video callapplications such as Skype, Google Hang-out and Facebook Video Call
Herlin Soraya
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 3, pp 43-47;

In this paper we discuss about how the relationship between non-linear differential equations on aerodynamic damping with linearly viscous damping equations. And it turns out after analyzing that the changes that occur pendulum that changes from the start of the maximum state to a stable state takes time so that changes that occur until the state is stable, this change can be reduced with the use of viscous damper
Kafin Kafin, Maulahikmah Galinium, Alva Erwin
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 1-9;

In the development of the technology, the variety of notebook has become diverse. It can be differed by its rice, model, type, and functionality, such as weight, screen size, processor, hard disk, memory (RAM), and graphic card. All of that diversity has become the consideration by the one who looking for a notebook. There has a problem where the buyer is so confused in deciding which notebook that is suitable with their needs. Decision support system is considered as one of the solutions to handle that kind of problem. Fuzzy Tahani Algorithm that uses the relative and qualitative natural language as the user input criteria is believed to be able to help the notebook buyer in making the decision. The result is shown that the decision support system for purchasing multi criteria product such as notebook, based on the user input criteria with the Fuzzy Tahani algorithm, is able to help the user to get the alternative product that can be recommended to them.
Charles Sosang Bandoso, Heru Purnomo Ipung, M. A. Amin Soetomo
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 53=57-53=57;

Knowledge management has become the asset of every organization because every knowledge in each group is unique one with another. Two aspects that important in knowledge management is step to capturing theknowledge and codifying the knowledge. Capturing mean to list or create a real documentation of knowledge while codifying is to create a digital version from capturing process so it can be processed or easily manipulated. One of the most growth software to do knowledge management for codifying is alfresco that being established in 2005. Alfresco provide open source so called Alfresco Community Edition that enable developer to create rules in codifying the knowledge. The output of this process is to create functional ECM in a form of a portal where end user can use it to manage a contents or documents.
Nastassja Michelle, Maulahikmah Galinium, Kho I Eng
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 45-60;

The aftermarket automotive company has a set of documents that is called Customer Information Folder (CIF). The CIF is used by the salesmen to record every activity, observation and sales made with their customers. Currently, the CIF is a pile of papers, in which paper misplacement can occur and data can be mixed up, and salesmen must return to the office at the end of the day to write down what they have done. The objective of this research is to create a mobile sales force system with a web application back-end that can help the company handle customer data and the system can also assist in managing others such as sales, orders, stocks and commissions. Based on request from the company, an ERP system is planned to be developed, starting from customer data (CIF / SFA), orders, stocks and commissions, which are developed for this research. The result of this research shows that the new system can help provide and manage data relating to customers, orders, stocks and commissions. Secondly, the new system can reduce paper usage by half through the simulation. Thirdly, the new system can provide organized, accurate and trustworthy data. Fourthly, the new system can help the Sales Department and company owner in determining sales trends and buying trends. Lastly, the new system is shown to have fulfilled user expectation as there are positive gaps between expectation and perception.
Khosyi Yoga Pratama, James Purnama, Heru Purnomo Ipung
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 3, pp 49-57;

Internet economy is growing in Indonesia, and so is the smartphone usage. The popularity of online marketplace is getting bigger by the day yet the market is not utilized as best as it could. A lot of new smartphone user may not be familiar with the concept of mobile application, yet they browse for products to purchase using their mobile web browser. Therefore a mobile website User Experience (UX) evaluation on online marketplace in Indonesia is needed. By using User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ), this research hopes to evaluate which aspect of a marketplace’s mobile website is looked for by its users. An interview is conducted to 30 people to simulate shopping experience on Tokopedia and Bukalapak using a mobile web browser. The result shows that users prefers shopping without having to register, thus making online shopping quick and easy. In addition, user prefers to have all information they need regarding a product in one page rather than having to perform many action to reveal more information.
Jeffry Hirawan, Itmam Al Rasyid
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 7-13;

Nowadays social networks become very common. People use social media to keep people in touch, businesses, organizations, and many more. The information you share with your friends in the social media allows them easily to keep in touch with you. However beside friends, colleges, relatives, there are many people that are interested in the private information on social media. Identity thieves, scam artists, debt collectors, stalkers, companies use social networks to gather information. Companies that use social networks for getting information about people are intended to personalize their services for the users and to sell to advertisement. In this paper we will discuss the advantage and disadvantage of using social media and what kind of information is safe to post and how to protect it.
Jason Yapri, Rinkel Hananto
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 1-6;

The term “hacker” has been spread around the world and has always been considered as a threat when we use the internet. We often hear hackers deface websites’ contents and break into system to steal private and confidential information, such as account’s username and password, credit card numbers and others. This is definitely an unethical behavior of irresponsible people who mostly aims to gain profit. However the term hacker, on the contrary actually originates from an expert computer technicians who tries to access the system to debug and fix security problems of the system. Nowadays there are dozens of websites out there and some of those websites have low level of security. Hacker can easily break through their system and steal their private confidential data but just because these websites have low level security, that doesn’t mean that it is ethical to break into someone’s system and read their data. It goes the same when someone entering other people’s house because the door was left open by the owner. As web development grows rapidly, security has become an essential part to make the website more secure and reliable. This is when a group of people decided to make a collaborative project on the implementation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) that is available to be used by everyone. This project is called as OpenSSl and has been used by most of the websites in the internet today. What if this OpenSSL, which has been trusted and implemented by 2/3rd of the websites all around the world can be breached? Definitely it will attract dozens of hackers all around the world to do something unimaginably dangerous.
Stefanus Oliver, Tommy Winarta
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 15-25;

In this digital era, numerous copyrighted items such as music and movies can be enjoyed online. However, our activities in enjoying those entertainments are also limited by the copyright law. Some contents are also protected by Digital Rights Management, which makes sure that the user who purchases the item is the only person who has the right to enjoy the content. All of these rules are obviously made to make sure that everything is in order. Therefore, those illegal activities can be brought to justice. However, the lack of communication might present an ambiguity to the users, and those users might unconsciously do illegal things that are previously forbidden. Other than that, the law itself has its own limitation in the aspect of execution and enforcement, causing pirated versions of a content can be found easily on the internet. This paper is going to review the current condition of the execution of the law regarding the DRM protected contents.
Deny Firmansyah
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 11-19;

Avoiding customization to enhance of an ERP implementation consider as one of successful keyfactor. Within this paper, the writer tries to answer the question of “The expectation of ERP able tofit in with company business flow in a standard way and why enhancing the system is almost notavoidable”.To answer this question, the writer will use a case study of a furnishing distribution company or thesupplier to retail store in the process of integration of ERP system with logistic process.
Adityo Setyonugroho, James Purnama, Maulahikmah Galinium
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 45-52;

This research is conducted to prove that gender recognition by computer which can be done in real time by using depth camera. Gender recognition can be used on many industries, such as security, marketing, and other sectors. The purpose of this research is to detect gender by using images of user (RGB image) and voice. Furthermore, gender-based marketing is used for the implementation of this system. By using multi modalities, the result is more accurate than only using one factor. Image processing algorithm is used on processing facial image, which is Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) algorithm. Furthermore, gender can also be detected by special frequency of each gender speech. Autocorrelation is one of the methods that is able to detect pitch from detected audio. Kinect for Windows v2 was carried out as visual and audio sensor. This research proved that gender can be detected by using those modalities with right algorithm. Several problems are also found during the experiments, such as input data problem, not matching algorithm, and small percentage of accuracy. In conclusion, detecting gender can be done by computer (real time or not) and several ideal conditions must be made to get proper and high accuracy result, such as person distances from camera, lighting, image size.
Haryo Seto Sjah Razad
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 2, pp 29-44;

Any purchasing or product and service acquisition comes in hidden costs if we dont have background information on references of reference database. Especially in the oil and gas sector where the cost to acquire those services are higher, market intelligence initiatives plays a pivotal role in ensuring we obtain correct market price data with the help of COBIT5 framework
Rony Andry Anthony Sihotang
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 3, pp 35-41;

The growth of electronic transactions in Indonesia has grown tremendously since the start of the government program of the Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT) by Bank Indonesia since 2014. It is expected that the use of cash will be replaced by electronic transactions (cashless) using ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards, electronic cards. Electronic transactions must be reliable and secure, this is what drives 5 international payment networks such as American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa create a data security standard to secure cardholder data PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS has always evolved to always keep cardholder data secure for transaction and now PCI DSS has released PCI DSS version 3.2 in April 2016. Employees need to connect to internal private networks or corporation’s network over the Internet from home or public areas such as hotels, airports, cafe mall etc. Security becomes a major consideration when access to internal networks or corporation’s network from insecure network. In this case study, one company with head office located in Jakarta, Indonesia with team development located in Seoul, South Korea. Also see the connection between convenience and security when implementing remote access in accordance with PCI DSS requirements.
Marchelno Leeson, James Purnama, Maulahikmah Galinium
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 7, pp 27-43;

The purpose of this research is to develop a self-service photo booth that implements augmented reality which is named as BildBox! where it allows the user of this product to try on different costumes virtually. There will be discussion on the Business Analysis that is conducted in this research to know the potential of the product as well as discussing the features that are implemented in the product. The development of the product’s software will be using Unity game engine and the depth image is taken by using Microsoft’s Kinect v2 depth camera. Aside from the discussions mentioned above, there will be also charts shown from the results of the surveys conducted. In the end, there will be a conclusion drawn from the survey results.
Krisma Budianto Irawan, Heru Purnomo Ipung, Maulahikmah Galinium
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 3, pp 11-21;

Internet, Social Media and e-Commerce are three most common thingspeople could find and usually interact with nowadays. Internet has beenpart of our basic daily needs: no one can work professionally withoutbeing connected to the network even once in a day. Those people usuallyalso have at least one Social Media accounts; as well know about theexistence of e-Commerce markets. Also, Social Media and e-CommerceChannel nowadays more likely to interact with each other: peoplespreading the word about their commerce in the Social Networks. Basedon that fact, this research purpose is to find out which factors, based onthe Technology Acceptance Model, is playing the huge role on this socalled relations between the interaction of people in the Social Media andtheir activities in the e-Commerce, especially on Indonesian youth. Itturns out, that Voluntariness has 55% contribution towards this relations,as well as Job Relevance, Result Demonstrability and Computer SelfEfficacy with 63%, 60% and 58% contributions respectively.
, Alva Erwin, Kho I Eng
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 3, pp 23-33;

Social media has been a widespread phenomenon in the recent years. People shared a lot of thought in social media, and these data posted on the internet could be used for study and researches. As one of the fastest growing social network, Twitter is a particularly popular social media to be studied because it allows researchers to access their data. This research will look the correlation between Twitter chatter of a brand and the sales of brands in Indonesia. Factors such as sentiment and tweet rate are expected to be able to predict the popularity of a brand. Being one of the biggest industries in Indonesia, automotive industry is an interesting subject to study. A wide range of people buys vehicles, and even gather as communities based on their car or motorcycle brand preference. The Twitter results of sentiment analysis and tweet rate will be compared with real world sales results published by GAIKINDO and AISI.
Stefanus Oliver, Abdullah Muzi Marpaung, Maulahikmah Galinium
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 63-81;

Food sensory analysis is the terms from the field of Food Technology that has a meaning which means sensory evaluation of food that is conducted by the food sensory evaluators. Currently, food sensory analysis is conductedmanually. It can caus e human errors and consume much ti me. The objective of this research is to build a web based application that is specific for food sensory analysis using PHP programming language. This research followsfour first steps of waterfall software engineering mod el which are user requirements ana lysis (user software and requirements analysis), system design (activity, use cases, architecture, and entity relationship diagram),implementation (software development), and testing (software unit, functionality, validit y, and user acceptance testing). T he software result is well built. It is also acceptable for users and all functionality features can run well after going through those four software testing. The existence of the software brings easiness to deal with the manual food sensory analysis exper iment. It is considered also for the future it has business value by having open source and premium features.
, Maulahikmah Galinium, James Purnama
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 47-61;

This research intention is to comparing user experience value of mobile applic ation using User experience(UX) result from new and old sys tem, then doing gap analysis to determine how much improvement of user experience in the new system compared to old system. By using User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ), this research is to evaluat e which aspect of mobile application is looked for by its u ser. Survey is conducted to 60 people to answer what experience they have on old application, new application and user expectation for application and compare them. The result shows that there s mu ch improvement from old application to new application, and for expectation user towards new and old application, the gap between new app to expectation become closer if compare with old app to expectation
Wilbert Adiputra, James Purnama, Randy Anthony
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 83-91;

One way for a company to communicate to their customer and promote their products is by participating or holding an event, like an exhibition or a seminar. For the event holder and organizer, it will be their best interest to gat her as much data as they can, however for now some of the company may find it hard to find those data. From the visitor perspective, there may be less incentive on the user to interact and engage more in an event. Intellivent is a platform for event manage ment, which features a gamification using gamified QR code. The gamification can be used as a tool for the event organizer to obtain more data regarding on activity in an event, and the visitor will be rewarded when they engage more in an event. A prototyp e has been created and tested on Islamic Book Fair 2019 where it is downloaded by 2000 users from the Play Store. Another version is created to be used in SGU Open House and Patjar Merah Malang 2019, a book bazaar that is predicted to gross around 5 Billion Rupiah. The implementation of the first prototype receive a very positive result from both the Event Organizer and the visitor of the event.
, Maulahikmah Galinium, Panji Mukadis
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 1-29;

This paper is an Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce. Marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. Digital marketing is the utilization of electronic media by the marketers to promote the products or services into the market. The main objective of digital marketing is attracting users and allowing them to interact with the brand through digital media. This article focuses on the importance of digital marketing for both marketers and consumers. We examine the effect of digital marketing on This study has described multiple channels of digital marketing, effectiveness of it and the impact it has on visitor. The examined sample consists of six digital marketing channel to prove the effectiveness of digital marketing. Collected data has been analyzed with the help of various statistical tools and techniques.
, Kho I Eng, Heru Purnomo Ipung
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 31-40;

Configuration parameter tuning is an essential part of the implementation of Hadoop clusters. Each parameter in a configuration plays a role that impacts the ov erall performance of the cluster. Therefore, we need to learn the characteristics of said parameter and understand the impact in hardware utilization in order to achieve optimal configuration. In this paper, we conducted experiments that includes modifying configuration and performed benchmark to find out if there is any performance gain. TeraSort is the program that runs the benchmark, we measure the time needed to complete the sort of the set of data and the CPU utilization during the benchmark. We conclu de that from our experiments we can see significant performance improvements by tuning with the configurations. However, the results may vary between different cluster configuration.
Dedy Loebis
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 4, pp 41-52;

This paper presents the results of work undertaken to develop and test contrasting data analysis approaches for the detection of bursts/leaks and other anomalies within wate r supply systems at district meter area (DMA)level. This was conducted for Yorkshire Water (YW) sample data sets from the Harrogate and Dales (H&D), Yorkshire, United Kingdom water supply network as part of Project NEPTUNE EP/E003192/1 ). A data analysissystem based on Kalman filtering and statistical approach has been developed. The system has been applied to the analysis of flow and pressure data. The system was proved for one dataset case and have shown the ability to detect anomalies in flow and pres sure patterns, by correlating with other information. It will be shown that the Kalman/statistical approach is a promising approach at detecting subtle changes and higher frequency features, it has the potential to identify precursor features and smaller l eaks and hence could be useful for monitoring the development of leaks, prior to a large volume burst event.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 45-54;

In this paper will be explained about a Multi Nationed Company which have many branch office around the world and the company has developed and implemented a new approach to strategic planning that better aligns all activities and competency with the corporate bussines goals. Information Technology employee has to improve their knowledge and competency regarding to technology innovation (C. Casado-Lumbreras, 2013). Hopefully this paper could be the initial framework to realize Capacity Building for Information Technology Resources in companies or any other agencies.
Agus Budi Harto
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 87-97;

One way to increase website popularity is by increasing the user's visit to the website. Search Engine Optimization is a popular concept to increase website popularity or page ranking of a website in search engine, but not many designer know on how to implement the concept so their website popularity could not be controlled. This research aims to create a template based on checklist created from SEO concept. Evaluation is done by comparing website page ranking that created based on this checklist and not. The result of this research is the website popularity ranking which implement SEO design is higher.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 75-86;

Human resource is one of the functions of a company that is considered as an asset. Therefo re, the theory of performance qualificat ion was adopted by the company in order to get an overview of employee performance. Furthermore, the company needs an effective method to predict the performance not only for the employees but also for the new applic ants. The goals of this research are to get a decision tree model of the employee performance. By learning employee data, the performance of the new applicants could be predicted. The study would provide the characteristic of new applicants who will give better performance than other applicants . The data from a company in Indonesia will have been used for this research. The data mining technique will be applied to the data of operators (such as admins, clerks, cashiers, machine operators, and security offi cers). The data mining technique was use d is decision tree. The decision tree technique was commonly used for a supervised learning data. The decision tree technique also has advantages compared others, because of its ability to produce information that is easy to understand. The result of this research shown the high dependency of employee performance with employment type (work contract). It also means that employees are encouraged to provide good performance to the company if those employees have become p ermanent employees. This research also showed that there is no relationship between employee performances with gender or position grade.
Rizaldi Rizaldi
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 55-60;

In banking industry, reconciliation software can help you rise to a range of regulatory, business and operational challenges. In this new, challenging operational environment, an automated reconciliation strategy has proved to be a mandatory system to help reduce costs and risk, to achieve compliance and improve transparency, efficiency and scalability. But migrating system is a big project, And like other big projects, sometimes the result are not satisfactory, to measure client satisfaction on this project, we use Kano Model to measure it, a theory of customer satisfaction and product development developed by Professor Noriako Kano in 1980.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 61-73;

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that heavily regulated in most of country in the world. Regulation made by the regulatory is intended to ensure the system or process in the industry produce the product without impacting the safety, efficacy, integrity and quality of the product. Computerized system are commonly used by pharmaceutical manufacturing activities from planning, warehousing, production, engineering and testing in laboratories. Computerized system that used not only as information system or processing the data the system also used by the company to control their proses such automation system in production area. Recent report from regulatory showing there is increasing reports from regulatory regarding company failure in maintain their computerized system to comply with cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) from regulator.
Yudha Fernando Silitonga
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 13-19;

In this study, researchers are interested to see the potential threat of Act 11 of 2008 (Chapter VII, Article 27, Paragraph 3) to the values of democracy. Act No.11 of 2008 turned out to save a potential threat to the values ​​of democracy in Indonesia. It is related to Chapter VII, Article 27, Paragraph 3 regulating defamation / or defamation. Through the article, the government can impose penalties for civil society if insulting / or defamation in cyberspace. Researchers using the method of literature study in collecting research material. In the analysis, the researchers used a model of interactive method of Miles and Huberman analysis.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 37-43;

The internet utilization is become more growth for every years where the cyber-attack also taking part into risk in the organization. The existing cyber security infrastructure (Web gateway) shall be replacing to answer adequate of respond to threat, Vulnerabilities or viruses. Therefore company using NIST Framework [1] to improving Infrastructure Cyber Security thru identification of risk. The framework will help Company to identify, asses and managing cyber security risk in regards with replacing the old Web Gateway. And future outcomes of the replacement of Internet web gateway shall address the current and future profile and managed security program base on risk evaluation.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 21-27;

Business feasibility research is needed before business development team decided to start the business. SWOT analysis is an important part of it, since it described Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunity – Threats. However the result have no score, so its makes harder to consider each part in making decision. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is one of the method in decision tool to scoring, AHP carry the quantitative analysis of the problem. The combine of SWOT and AHP in feasibility research provide more reliable accurate in decision making. The aim of this paper is to analyze the business feasibility in opening learning centre at Balaraja based on SWOT and AHP method.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 1-12;

Interior design is an industrial company that works of flow from visual drawing into implementation construction of interior design drawing on site as a framework to fulfilled demand of client needed. Each day interior design company market becomes more high competitiveness as a national or even as a global market, and demand to fulfill with adequately performance to reach global market. In this report depart from previous comprehension; augmented reality can be a purpose effort interior design application for environment experience from computing interaction.
Edwin Tunggawan
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 91-96;

A comparison between two methods to understand the players’ behavior in games. The first one is the player types model by Richard Bartle, and the second is the motivations model by Nick Yee. It’s concluded that Yee’s model is better when the developers need a more detailed understanding on their users, while Bartle’s model is better to use when the developers need to classify the users in a quicker and simpler way.
Mario Marcello
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 73-79;

The malware spreads massively in Indonesia. The security in Information Technology doesn’t seem to become a top priority for Indonesian. The use of pirated software is still high, although it is the biggest threat and entrance for the malwares to attacks. This paper shows how to collect a spreading malware in a system to know the malware trends that exist. So, the owner may know the malware trends inside his system and he can countermeasure the attacks. To collect the malwares, I use the Dionaea, the honeypot to collect malware and implement it to Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is a small, low cost and low energy consumption computer. By using Raspberry Pi to collect malware, we can minimize budget, save the energy and space.
Nurul Kholis Kurniawan
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 81-90;

Today’s world, developing an application that meets exactly the need of organizational business is getting tougher and more challenging, with the additional complexity of business flow and the increasing and diversity of the data that an organization has. In addition, the customers are more demanding than before in term of using an information system or software application and within an instant result which gives an extra pressure for those who work as an application developer. Rework of the software application tends to contain very negative impact to the company because it is impacting the cost for the organization. This paper is trying to resolve the problem that causes a lot of rework occurred in the case study provided. By finding out the root cause of the problem, the literature study is conducted in order to have some recommendations to be applied to the case study given. After having a discussion by conducting interview session with the expert, the result in form of a recommendation is then defined. As the final result, it is decided that the best and most appropriate recommendation to be applied is by implementing System Configuration Management (SCM) and the SMC tools chosen is Team Foundation Server or usually called as TFS.
Hussein Abed Ghannam
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 63-72;

WhatsApp is a giant mobile instant message IM application with over 1billion users. The huge usage of IM like WhatsApp through giant smart phone “Android” makes the digital forensic researchers to study deeply. The artefacts left behind in the smartphone play very important role in any electronic crime, or any terror attack. “WhatsApp” as a biggest IM in the globe is considered to be very important resource for information gathering about any digital crime. Recently, end-to-end encryption and many other important features were added and no device forensic analysis or network forensic analysis studies have been performed to the time of writing this paper. This paper explains how can we able to extract the Crypt Key of “WhatsApp” to decrypt the databases and extract precious artefacts resides in the android system without rooting the device. Artefacts that extracted from the last version of WhatsApp have been analysed and correlate to give new valuable evidentiary traces that help in investigating. Many hardware and software tools for mobile and forensics are used to collect as much digital evidence as possible from persistent storage on android device. Some of these tools are commercial like UFED Cellebrite and Andriller, and other are open source tools such as autopsy, adb, WhatCrypt. All of these tools that forensically sound accompanied this research to discover a lot of artefacts resides in android internal storage in WhatsApp application.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 53-61;

The way of people communicate has been changed from generation. With rapid innovation of technology and the improvement of computer technology, smartphone, tablet and etc., the traditional communication is confronted. However, unified communication born and Web Real-Time Communication as a part of the innovation of communication technology, enhance the way peoples share their thought, feeling and information, in real-time and different place. This research offers an educational foundation and applied research of WebRTC, to leverage unified communication, through WebSocket node.js as the signalling protocol. A system of web real-time communication developed at the end of research to give an understanding and view of the opportunity given by WebRTC technology, such as leverage online distance-learning with a real-time communication, healthcare video conferencing, online video conference, self-service customer care and corporate online meeting.
Andy Wijaya, Mohammad Amin Soetomo
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 21-35;

The usage of laptop as replacement of PC for staff mobility has been continuing to increase for many companies. In the same time the threats related to the use of laptops has evolving due to technology and internet growth. To protect the corporate information, the policy of the laptop is become mandatory to continuously reviewed and enhanced. This paper explains the enhancement of laptop security policies. ISACA Risk IT Framework is used as the methodology. It is expected that the latest security risks (from social engineering to cyber risk) facing by the company are mitigated. New set of policies are suggested. It covers process, people and technology.
Alfius Yonathan
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 11-19;

This paper presented an analysis of malware propagation scenario in which attacker exploit news spreading dynamics on Twitter. The malware propagation starts with an attacker crafting tweets about breaking news, event or tragedy that will lure user to click the short-URL provided in the tweet which then redirect user to malicious website, which in turn installed the malware in the user mobile device or computer. As the information spread in the Twitter then more users will be infected with malware. The underlying principle to analyze this type of malware propagation is that the spreading of information in Twitter can be modeled by using formal epidemic model of disease. The simulation result of the model shows parameters that highly impacting the spread of malware using Twitter as the medium.
Denny Firmansyah
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 1-9;

The present paper aims to propose a general procedure to sizing and improve the Information Technology in an organization. The use of information systems has led to the recognition of the importance of quality management in the competitive environment. However, only few companies have taken actions to measure and enhance the quality of information. Hidden costs and poor quality of information may adversely measuring the performance of Business Intelligence systems based on COBIT 4.1 [1]. The value of the study is the ability to use business intelligence for the purpose of implementation and management capability.
Florensia Unggul Damayanti
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 47-55;

Data mining help industries create intelligent decision on complex problems. Data mining algorithm can be applied to the data in order to forecasting, identity pattern, make rules and recommendations, analyze the sequence in complex data sets and retrieve fresh insights. Yet, increasing of technology and various techniques among data mining availability data give opportunity to industries to explore and gain valuable information from their data and use the information to support business decision making. This paper implement classification data mining in order to retrieve knowledge in customer databases to support marketing department while planning strategy for predict plan premium. The dataset decompose into conceptual analytic to identify characteristic data that can be used as input parameter of data mining model. Business decision and application is characterized by processing step, processing characteristic and processing outcome (Seng, J.L., Chen T.C. 2010). This paper set up experimental of data mining based on J48 and Random Forest classifiers and put a light on performance evaluation between J48 and random forest in the context of dataset in insurance industries. The experiment result are about classification accuracy and efficiency of J48 and Random Forest , also find out the most attribute that can be used to predict plan premium in context of strategic planning to support business strategy.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 37-45;

Machine Translation is a machine that is going to automatically translate given sentences in a language to other particular language. This paper aims to test the effectiveness of a new model of machine translation which is factored machine translation. We compare the performance of the unfactored system as our baseline compared to the factored model in terms of BLEU score. We test the model in German-English language pair using Europarl corpus. The tools we are using is called MOSES. It is freely downloadable and use. We found, however, that the unfactored model scored over 24 in BLEU and outperforms the factored model which scored below 24 in BLEU for all cases. In terms of words being translated, however, all of factored models outperforms the unfactored model.
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