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Muhammad Dahlan Rabbanie, Katni Katni, Khaidir Fadil
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 122-134;

The COVID-19 pandemic has set the stage for alterations to people life in all aspects, including the education aspect. There is a change from traditional learning to e-learning. The changes in learning occur fast and seem sudden in the midst of student mental pressure and lack of preparation. It may cause the expectations of their future learning experiences. The experiences of Islamic Religion Education (PAI) students using e-learning have been the focus of recent quantitative survey-based studies. This study was developed with two objectives: first, to learn about their experience with e-Learning-based Islamic Religion Education (PAI) and then, to reveal their expectations for e-learning. Both were approved using quantitative research that involved disseminating an online poll with 14 closed questions pertaining to 2 questions posed. The sample was purposively selected on 205 out of 1025 students from the Islamic Religious Education Study Program at Ibn Khaldun University Bogor (UIKA) Bogor as respondents by purposive sampling. Because it states the percentage of students participating in e-learning, the simple percentage approach was chosen as 153 respondents to examine the results. The results showed varied learning experiences in PAI-based e-learning, and they expressed the desire that this e-learning learning may continue even in everyday situations. This research can be used as a reference in improving e-learning to increase students' ability to understand the material taught and give convenience in following the learning process.
Jitu Halomoan Lumbantoruan
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 135-145;

This study aims to determine the effect of the Numbered Head Together (NHT) and Expository Learning Model (ELM) learning models on student learning outcomes in derived mathematics. The method used in this research is a quasi-experimental method, namely the Nonequaivalent Control Group Design. The experimental class was given a Numbered Head Together (NHT) The NHT model for class XI SMA IPA 5 and XI SMA IPA 1 as conventional classes is given in the form of the ELM model. Data analysis used the t test, where the results showed: 1) there was a significant increase in student learning outcomes in derived material using the Learning Numbered Head Together (NHT) model, 2) student learning outcomes in mathematics were higher using the Learning Numbered Head Together model. (NHT) than the learning outcomes obtained with the Expository Learning Model (ELM) model. This can be seen from the test results with the t. Test, mark Tcount = 89,12 And value ofT’ table = 1,67 so that TCount>T’table = 89,2>1,67, so rejected and accepted. In conclusion, students who are taught mathematics using the NHT model understand much more and have very good results compared to the ELM model. Suggestions, in implementing mathematics material, it is expected that educators use the NTH learning model to improve learning outcomes and produce good thinking concepts in mathematics.
Abdul Qader
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 101-121;

In the setting of education, examinations are generally well-thought-out of the method of assessment. These are not only the powerful ways of improving learning but also assessing whatever learners have learned. But when these examinations are disturbing to teaching and learning, what circumstance will be emerged in this educational setting? In Bangladesh, some schools and colleges are governmentally selected as the centres of various public examinations. During these examinations, teaching and learning activities of those educational institutions were closed down for imposing section 144 in 400 yards around the centres. For this reason, it is difficult to complete the syllabus of all subjects and the teaching and learning process of those institutions are hampered. The manuscript intended to focus on the degree of level of the problem created by interrupted teaching and learning of those center schools and colleges during public examinations in Bangladesh. It also aimed at finding out the actual solution of the problem. The research was conducted in mixed method prioritizing quantitative method. Three instruments of data collection were used: Questionnaire-survey among 157 participants concerned in teaching and learning directly and indirectly, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) among 8 educational administrators, and Content Analysis (CA) of existing knowledge or remaining relevant data from various local newspapers: daily star, daily observer, daily Prothom Alo, etc. The manuscript also recommend a solution that government should construct distinct exam-complex (multi-storied building) in each sub-district in the countries like Bangladesh. Finally, the research work is significant for examination management of Bangladesh and that of other countries like Bangladesh.
Erdisna Erdisna, Muhammad Ridwan, Hadi Syahputra
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 84-100;

This present R&D study aims to develop a digital model of millennial entrepreneurship in universities attached to the Information System Design Analysis course with 4C competencies (Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity). The problem is that students only make software to fulfill course assignments without thinking about the usefulness of the software they produce as a means of digital entrepreneurship. The research method used was a 4-D development model consisting of 4 stages: Definition, Design, Development, and Dissemination. The literacy model testing carried out showed that the average score was 0.840, which stated that the model was distributed as valid and doable to use. The average results of the practicality assessment of the operation of the Digital entrepreneurship literacy model grounded on the perception of the experimental class scholars were 87 in the practical order. The results show that the digital entrepreneurship model encourages students to open businesses using information technology. The development of this entrepreneurship digital learning model can train students to have an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, it can improve students' skills in 21st-century literacy.
Alexsander Yandra, , Wan Masyitah, ,
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 74-83;

Educational research papers that explored Covid-19 have naturally focused on the problems of distance learning implementation but also underscores its severe impacts. This study aims to demonstrate the polemic against Covid-19 distance learning policies within news media outlet. The method of this qualitative study is a literature review on 5 newspaper media and 10 online media to obtain data of news items on Covid-19 distance learning that were published from April to December 2020 (9 months). This study tracked 82 news items from newspaper media and 191 news items from online media and determined three trends across all of the news items: obstacles, impact and policies of distance learning. Results showed that the implementation of distance learning is still far from expectations due to the lack of communication between the government and the school, the lack of human resources and supporting facilities, and the non-existent supervision towards schools that ignore the policies. This paper contributed in delivering the obstacles that arise from and because of distance education policies that news media report to the public.
Nuryadi Nuryadi, Nafida Hetty Marhaeni, Anik Soviyati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 64-75;

Realistic mathematics learning by utilizing culture as well as integrating technology can be used as an ideal starting point for learning. This study was intended to develop a mobile learning-based mathematics device with a realistic learning approach in the context of the Tedhak Siten ceremony to improve students' critical thinking skills. This type of research was development research that refers to the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). The study used the mobile learning application, the pretest, and post-test questions, in accordance with the expert validation questionnaire, the media expert validation questionnaire (3 experts), and the student response questionnaire from 32 students. The results revealed that the validity aspect obtained a good category from the media and material expert validator. It obtained a good category from the media expert validators and material experts. It turned out that the media expert's score was 58 and the material expert's 192. Both scores were in a Good category, thus the application was declared valid to be used. Furthermore, the practical aspect of students as users obtained a total score of 2055 and was included in the good category. The effectiveness aspect obtained a significant increase in pretest to posttest scores. It was obtained that the increase in the results of the pretest to the results of the posttest was 24.46. Since there is an increase in testing, it can be concluded that the mobile learning developed is effectively used for learning mathematics. Based on the results, mobile learning has met all the product quality criteria, namely valid, practical, and effective. Therefore, mobile learning with a realistic approach to mathematics using the Tedhak Siten ceremony can improve students' critical thinking skills and can be used for learning.
Leah Mae F. Farillon
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 51-63;

This correlational study on quantitative in nature was conducted to determine the relationship of scientific reasoning skills, critical thinking skills, and performance in Science of senior high school (SHS) students at Tapaz National High School, Capiz, Philippines. The variables in this study are the six different strands in SHS, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); General Academic Strand (GAS); Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM); Home Economics (HE); Information and Communications Technology (ICT); and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). The study used three instruments to quantify its goal with the statistical tools used to analyse data, i.e. the mean, standard deviation, and Pearson's r correlation coefficient. All inferential tests were set at 0.05 alpha level. The findings of the study revealed that the level of scientific reasoning skills of SHS students when taken as a whole was "high", and when grouped according to strand, the STEM, GAS, ABM, HE, and ICT were "high" while the SMAW was on “average” level of critical thinking skills. While when taken as a whole is found "developed" and when grouped according to strand, the STEM, GAS, ABM, HE, and ICT are "developed" while the SMAW is "moderately developed"; and their level of performance in Science, when taken as a whole, is "very satisfactory" and when grouped according to strand, the STEM, GAS, ABM, and HE were "very satisfactory" while the ICT and SMAW are "satisfactory". A significant relationship among the variables was taken as a whole and grouped according to strand. Students should learn to engage in scientific argumentation to develop their scientific reasoning and critical thinking skills. Also, the teachers should build up certain students' skills to better their performance in Science and other subjects. The school administration should also look for more sustainable programs and workshops for the teachers and students to improve their studies and lives.
Khaled Chowdhury, Fariza Binti Puteh Behak
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 15-28;

Online higher education in Bangladesh has not gained expected popularity and a switch to it has always been seen as a challenge despite its potentials here. So, our research investigates the challenges in implementing online higher education and prospects for this for Bangladeshi universities. To do this we have explored the background and evolution of e-learning and online learning in Bangladeshi higher education and the potentials that it might offer in this area. This is a study which may also be called a systematic review. This study reviews research publications on the topic that were published during the last ten years. The research publications include fourteen newspaper articles, twenty two journal articles, four doctoral theses, four reports, three conference proceedings and nine websites. The study finds out that there are a number of problems in implementing online higher education such as, negative perception of teachers, parents and students about the online education, digital divide in the country. On the other hand, online or at least the blended education can be a good alternative to face-to-face higher education of Bangladesh that faces a number of constraints such as, crisis of seats and reputed higher education institutes, session backlog, cost of higher education in universities as well as the conducive factors such as, digitalization, digital literacy, widespread use of mobile phone and the internet. This study recommends that blended courses and programs may be offered in higher education of Bangladesh considering the prospects it offers to our higher education providers .
Aisha Rahat Khan, Farida Lodhi, Rizwan Muneer, Huma Mahmood
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 39-49;

Coronavirus pandemic had not only affected the physical health of people but also the mental health of people globally. It has developed a fear in the minds of people regarding their selves as well as their loved ones. The essential change in the lifestyles of people and the need for social distancing has stopped the normal activities of people which caused mental disturbance among them. The present quantitative survey-based research has been led to know the impression of COVID 19 on the mental pressure of the students regarding their academic progress. The hypothesis were developed from which one was a null hypothesis; H1, was to find that whether there is a positive relationship between mental stress and COVID and third, H2, was to find whether there is any negative relationship between mental stress and academic progress. Both, H1 and H2, were accepted through conducting quantitative research by circulating an online survey that consists of 14 close-ended questions regarding the 2 research questions made. Respondents were taken from 5 universities of Karachi, Iqra university, Jinnah university for women, NED university of Engineering and Technology, University of Karach, and ZABIST university. The samples was consist of 90 students (54) were females and (36) were male selected by simple random sampling. The statistical method used to analyze the results was the simple percentage method as it clearly defines what percentages of the students were affected by COVID and how it impacted their mental pressure. It was found that there was a positive relationship of COVID on mental pressure that means the complex spread of COVID 19, higher the mental pressure and there was a negative relationship between COVID 19 and academic performance that means that high mental pressure was the cause of the lower performance.
Hiranaya Lal Lamsal
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 29-38;

In the Nepalese education system, synchronous teaching has not been practiced severely. Due to COVID-19 crisis, many schools are compelled to conduct the classes through virtual mode which is really a challenging phenomenon for the teachers especially in community schools. The main purpose of this study was to explore challenges and opportunities of remote teaching for teachers at Community Secondary Schools in Nepal. Whether they take this as a challenge of teaching or chance for learning. Employing a phenomological design of qualitative research, the researcher selected 26 teachers from 13 community secondary schools of Devdaha Municipality in Rupandehi district. From each of the schools, 2 secondary level teachers were chosen as the population purposively. The researcher designed a set of open-ended questions and conducted semi-structured interview to the teachers of each school in order to collect data for the research. In this study, the researcher focuses on the effectiveness and significance of remote teaching by exploring its obstacles, challenges, and opportunities for the teachers. The result of the study asserted that remote teaching is effective if the designated challenges and obstacles are addressed in an expected manner. The majority of the teachers responded that online teaching is such a platform that makes every teacher familiar with different kinds of resources and it always provides an opportunity for developing innovation and creativity. Similarly, virtual mode provides ample chances to boost communication towards various national and international conferences, online sessions, and so on. Online teaching creates opportunities to access and share information more easily and readily for the teachers at community schools in Nepal.
Ateerah Abdul Razak, Amanina Abdul Razak, Farhana Haji Shukor
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 4, pp 1-14;

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic is still with us, the teaching and learning process has undergone a revolution towards digital academia. Educators doubt whether large online classes are effective because virtual classrooms hinder good communication as learners do not interact meaningfully to class lectures. This study aims to examine the ways that self-efficacy can help to enhance online interaction in terms of student-content, student-student, student-teacher and student-medium and to investigate whether these interaction types are influential in the moderating effect of the perceived harm of getting COVID-19.This is a cross-sectional study which employs quantitative methods using a questionnaire that is designed based on the Social Capital Theory and consists of two domains. A sample of 641 learners who have experienced Online Distance Learning whether in secondary school, foundation, diploma, or degree programme reported their virtual learning experience. This study reveals that most of the participants agree that they obtained an effective online learning, nevertheless several issues related to a competent virtual learning needs to be solved such as the need to acknowledge students’ personality traits that are proactive could empower internet self-efficacy and online interaction quality. These research findings encourages for proactive interactions from all parties involved and the call for more relevant classroom activities and material that could ensure the success of virtual academia.
Ronilo G. Berondo, Jayson A. Dela Fuente
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 125-141;

The 21st century emphasizes the role of technology in different facets of life, especially in the educational system, as it serves as a platform for teachers and students in the delivery of effective teaching and learning process. In this perspective, descriptive-correlational research determines the level of technology exposure and its relationship to the study and academic performance in Social Studies subject of the one hundred seventy-four (174) students who were randomly chosen from a total population of six hundred eighty-eight (688) during the School Year 2018-2019 in the three selected public secondary schools in the district of Tapaz West, Schools Division of Capiz, Philippines. The data were gathered using a standardized survey questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics: mean, percentage, frequency count, and standard deviation. For the inferential statistics: t-test, analysis of variance, and Pearson r correlation at 0.05 level of significance through the aid of the SPSS software version 27. The study's significant findings revealed that exposure to technology significantly relates to students' study habits. At the same time, it does not significantly relate to their academic performance in Social Studies subjects. The findings suggest that school administrators, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders should ensure that students are properly guided to the right technology platforms to support learning and improve their study habits towards excellent academic achievement.
Trilok Datt Tiwari
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 187-197;

Throughout the history of second/foreign language teaching, several methods and approaches have been developed. Among them, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) has been a popularly practiced method in the modern context as there are a large number of teachers around the world who claim that they are using CLT. However, previous studies revealed that there is a discrepancy between their claim and their performance in real practice. Therefore, this research aims at exploring the perceptions of Secondary-level English teachers towards the CLT method along with the activities they use and the challenges they encounter. Using a qualitative descriptive inquiry, a close-ended questionnaire was sent via e-mail to the four purposively selected teachers teaching in public Secondary-schools in Kanchanpur, Nepal. In addition, an interview protocol was used with Four of the teachers. The findings of the study revealed that the teachers had positive perceptions towards the CLT method. However, the present study also highlighted that the teachers did not involve many communicative activities which are essentially needed for the successful implementation of the method. This study further exposed that the participants seem encountered several challenges while implementing the CLT method which is quite similar to the challenges faced by the teachers in the region. These results emphasized that the teachers should try to contextualize and maximize communicative activities amidst the challenges.
Laila Syafrina Nasution
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 176-186;

This article aimed to study Experiential and Interpersonal Meaning which was found in the discourses of the New Zealand Prime Minister. Jacinda Ardern on March, 23rd 2020, and President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen on January, 30th 2020 related to covid-19. The objective of this study is to discover Experiential and Interpersonal Meaning in the discourse analysis context. This present study tried to highlight the best method to adopt for this investigation by employing the four steps proposed by Miles, Huberman, and Sadana's qualitative research method (2014), i.e., data collection, data condensation, data display, and conclusion drawing and verification. The results of the study showed that the Material process was prominent in the Experiential Meaning in discourses by 67.23%, The elements of participant's material process in participants were dominant by 54.61%, and location (27.435) was prominent in circumstances elements. Meanwhile, Subject was prominent in the Interpersonal Meaning in Mood Types by 52.47%, and Predicator (52.01%) was dominant in Residue Types. These highlighted how we can learn from these two female leaders in delivering suggestions, reminders, and persuading society during this Covid 19 pandemic.
Yibo Zhi, Honggang Liu
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 142-153;

English Learning Enjoyment (ELE) potentially sustains students’ motivation of English learning, especially under China’s fresh context where National English Curriculum Standards for Senior High Schools issued in 2017 has directed teachers to cultivate students’ core competencies of English as a subject. Its theoretical framework was established by Dewaele and MacIntyre (2014) on Foreign Language Enjoyment (FLE) and then subcategorized by Li Chengchen et al. (2018) into ELE-Private, ELE-Teacher, and ELE-Atmosphere. The three dimensions have thus made it possible for the following quantitative research, where an enormous space remains on senior high school students in China, despite exhaustive studies beforehand with either overseas background or distinctive educational contexts. This quantitative study will concentrate on the general levels of ELE, both overall and for each dimension. Thus with Li Chengchen et al.’s (2018) ELE Scale came the investigations of 351 senior high school students of all grades with diverse academic levels, whose data were analyzed through SPSS in terms of general levels (both mean values and standard differentiations). The results have looked at an intermediate and converging level of Overall ELE with a more prominent level of ELE-Teacher than ELE-Private and ELE-Atmosphere. Inspired by the results comes a disclosure of students’ positivity in English learning under the guise of their inclination to teachers’ efforts instead of automatic drive or constructive environment for authentic language development. Thus an integrated approach is recommended by dint of an elaborate picture of ELE-Private and ELE-Atmosphere to reclaim the lost authentic “self” of senior high school students.
Mrinal Mukherjee, Chanchal Maity, Somdutta Chatterjee
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 154-166;

It is necessary to recognize and address the differential impact of disasters on society. It is quite possible that a significant number of children to become victims of the COVID-19 caused social disaster. As a result, there would be an increase in the number of school dropouts and child labor, which indicates a substantial number of children will be deprived of their right to education. Any alternative response during school closure, like internet-based remote teaching learning, might not compensate the loss of learning as nearly half of the world is without access to the internet. "Emergency situations" are considered any situation either man-made or natural disasters suddenly disrupt the normal course of life, empathy and educational opportunities of children. The present study intended to find out the nature of social disaster caused by COVID-19 and how it impacted the learning loss and socio-emotional immunity of the under privileged school going children. A narrative review technique was used for this research study to explore the policy advocacies adopted in emergency basis in mitigating the impacts of the ongoing pandemic on such underprivileged children. The data were derived from published articles and reports available in national and international data repositories. The findings reveal that the closure of schools raise the vulnerability of underprivileged children as they are being deprived of their right to education and socio-emotional security. Present pandemic has led adverse situation, therefore disrupted delay or deny the right to education. It is time to rethink to adopt a new policy and mechanism to continue their education and to provide socio-emotional immunity in the time of emergency to address the gravity of crisis.
Helma Malini
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 167-175;

The COVID -19 pandemic, which has been ongoing for over a year, has become a burden to the world, causing anxiety and depression. The purpose of this study is to investigate the depression and stress levels of senior high school teachers in Indonesia during the COVID-19 outbreak since they have experienced substantial teaching situations change as a result of it. In particular, the changes in their professional, as well as personal lives, pose challenges during the pandemic. This quantitative study distributing questionnaires to 50 high school teachers in Indonesia. The findings indicate that social support is the most significant factor (0,46%) needed to prevent depression and stress among the teachers. Meanwhile, workload and role conflict cover 0,74% and 0,84% respectively of variables that teachers can change with the assumption that both variables exist even before a pandemic arises. This study also reveals that teachers continue to receive less attention and support, especially in terms of their stress and depression coverage. It is because the prevailing perception is that teachers should be the ones giving attention, not the ones receiving it. The study is that to withstand the Pandemic's uncertainty where high school teacher able to minimize and overcome their depressions.
Prakash Bhattarai
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 198-206;

This phenomenological study explores how English language teachers become information and communication technology (ICT) literate and why they make use of ICT in English language class and find out challenges in integrating ICT in English language teaching (ELT). For this purpose, two secondary-level English teachers were selected purposively, and in-depth interviews were conducted to collect data. The collected data were analyzed using the thematic analysis technique. The findings drawn from the lived experience of the teachers reveal that teachers become ICT literate and updated by taking formal classes, training, and teaching their students; they make use of ICT in ELT for students' language development, motivation, and autonomy. The challenge of keeping the students on the right track is the major challenge English language teachers encounter while integrating ICT in ELT. Though there are challenges, every English language teacher should try to teach the English language integrating ICT.
Manimaran Armugam, Ramlee Ismail, Daljeet Singh Sedhu
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 115-124;

The main purpose of this review is to explore the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational health in the context of leadership practices in schools. This review also aims to look at the characteristics of transformational leadership and how transformational leadership is created from various basic leadership theories. The methodology used is a systematic review in which n = 34 articles were selected for review after the filtering process based on a number of pre-determined criteria. This systematic review found that there was a correlation between the transformational leadership aspects introduced by Bass and the organizational health elements introduced by Hoy and Miskel. This is very important because it forms the basis of this research. The four aspects of transformational leadership, namely ideal influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration are related to organizational health elements, namely, integrity in institutions, collegial leadership, relationships between teachers and academic emphasis.
, Mohamad Bilal Ali
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 106-114;

The use of social media has increased in schools and universities due to the new norms of teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this educational paradigm shift requires further surveys to explore the potentials and restrictions, particularly in the context of Afghanistan. Therefore, a quantitative method and descriptive survey design are adopted to examine the effect of using social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram) on the academic performance (Mean Scores of GPA) of Afghanistan faculty members who are pursuing their postgraduate studies at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The participants are (N=103 male and female) who are randomly selected. The data is collected through a structured survey google form. Frequency and percentage statistical analysis, Independent-Samples T-test, and Independent-Measures ANOVA are performed as data analysis techniques. The results show a large number of WhatsApp users in terms of frequency and percentage among faculty members of Afghanistan who are using social media. The findings also examine that there is no significant difference between the mean scores of GPA in the academic performance of faculty members using different types of social media. In conclusion, the study contributes to establishing an in-depth understanding of the effect of using social media on the academic performance among faculty members based on the new policies of e-learning implementation by the Ministry of Higher Education during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Novalia Tanasy, Sitti Aisyah, Nashruddin Nashruddin
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 97-105;

Children can naturally acquire languages easily and quickly even without formal teaching from teachers. English shows provided the children new knowledges and updates without leaving the comfort of their homes due to lock down. This study was designed to analyse the use of English shows to build the children’s English developmental for learning English as foreign language, including discussion of its advantages and weaknesses. Library research and qualitative method were used to explain the findings. The data collection was documented from 3 working papers, 25 journal articles and 4 renowned books related to the topics. The analysis reveals that the children were able to retell the shows scenes, characters, topics, stories, opinions and they can pronounce English words alike as the natives do. From English shows, the children can learn some positives values and habit from the characters. The weaknesses of this strategy is control means that parents must spare time to accompany their children while watching the shows which may boring and tiring them. The other weakness is cultural shock. The English shows were mostly created by American and European whom have different basic cultures from Indonesian, therefore parents must ready to explain some scenes which are unfamiliar to ours. Lastly, watching English shows from television and YouTube also considered as more expensive instead of learning from classroom since it still need payment, subscription, fast internet connection, gadget and electricity.
Lila Setiyani, Femmy Effendy, Annisa Anggraini Slamet
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 80-89;

During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all schools around the world conduct the learning process by E-Learning courses. This brings consequences for various learning materials to be uploaded and stored in Google Drive. The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the acceptance of Google Drive in E-Learning using the Technology Acceptance Model 3 (TAM 3) method at selected private vocational-technical high schools in Indonesia, i.e., STMIK Rosma. Sampling was conducted on 40 information system students at STMIK Rosma out of 83 student population using a proportionate stratified random sampling technique. Based on the results, students accepted Google Drive services in STMIK Rosma E-Learning with the following details, Subjective Norms (NS) had a significant influence on Image (CT) and Perceived Usefulness (KG), Image (CT) had a significant influence on Perceived Usefulness (KG), Perceived Enjoyment (KS) had a significant influence on Perceived Ease of Use (KP), and Perceived Ease of Use (KP) had a significant influence on Perceived Usefulness (KG). Thus, Google Drive is useful and needed in e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sonu Gupta, Ravinder Nath Bansal, Surender Pal Singh Sodhi, Gursimrat Kaur Brar
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 68-79;

The Patent system encourages invention, disclosure, and investment. Several patents are granted in medical sciences, but a misconception remains with health care professionals regarding criteria for patentability of their valuable invention. Though the Indian Patent system has promoted the progress of science and technology, its scope has not been extended to treatment procedures in medical and dental sciences. This research was conducted to assess the knowledge and awareness of health care professionals about the Indian patent system. The study was conducted to assess the awareness and knowledge of the Indian patent system and the need for patent education among professionals of different streams. This cross-sectional study was carried out among private practitioners of different streams (medical and dental, ayurvedic, and homeopathic). Results made a poor show of patent education and knowledge. Only 6% of participants had more than 50% knowledge regarding this topic. Since educational institutions are opting for accreditations. Research and innovation is an important criterion for that. This study highlighted that there is a great need for patent education for professional and institutional growth.
Rasyidah Nur Aisyah, Dewi Masitho Istiqomah, Muhammad Muchlisin
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 90-96;

This study believes that it needs an effort that encourages students to carry out learning activities to achieve predetermined goals and motivation to determine students' success in the teaching-learning process. The objective of this study is to know the students’ motivation in learning after using e-learning materials using the Telegram app, i.e., telegram bot. This descriptive quantitative research used a closed questionnaire with 11 modified questions, and it was delivered to 46 respondents. Based on analysis of students' learning motivation before using the telegram bot it was highlighted into a good category 80.56%]. This study also manage to reveal three aspects that construct this presents study, namely interests, concerns, and needs. The analysis manage to record that the interesting aspect received 78.19%, the concern aspect received 82.18%, and the need aspect received 81.56%. Thus, and the average score of students' learning motivation was 80.56%. After using the telegram bot, the details of the recapitulation of the motivation questionnaire are as follows, aspects of interest get 84.17%, aspects of attention get 87.23%, aspects of needs get 86.70%, and the average score of student learning motivation is 85.98%. Thus, it can be concluded that the use of telegram bot as e-learning materials can increase student motivation.
Juland D. Salayo, Buen Euleen V. Lainez, Russel Dustin R. Dolendo, Jamie Marie Reynielle D. Agonoy, Rica Madeleine B. Bargo, Ivhan Miles S. Yumang, Mary Angel Adelle B. Dizon, Zeth Maverick Y. Chua
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 58-67;

The education system acknowledges the relevance and impact of arts in exploring students' different skills and competencies. However, most of the learners remain bias on the purpose and essence of art-based activities since most of the strands offered in senior high school are academically designed through the K-12 program, which guides and prepares incoming college students in choosing their career path. Hence, this study attempted to determine the vital role of arts-based instructional approaches to enrich students' learning in one selected catholic Senior High school in Manila, Philippines. Applying a qualitative approach through intensive interviews, 15 Health Allied students participated in this study. Results revealed that arts are highly integrated with the delivery of the different lessons of the involved strand. Moreover, arts proved that they have solid and influential roles in improving students' quality of learning. Furthermore, the impact and relevance of arts as an instructional approach supports the learning process of health allied students. Thus, this research informs and guides the teachers and students on the importance and impact of art as an overlooked field in education that maximizes one's potentials.
Sri Ningsih, Indra Bulan, Antonius Ali Wutun, Fitri Arniati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 142-150;

Based on the 2013 curriculum, students are expected to master common vocabulary in academic text. However, in reality, the above goal has not been achieved. It can be proven by the fact that students still have a common vocabulary and using incorrect words. During the pre-observation, students often experience learning obstacles while learning English. The purpose of this study was to determine the use of Chalk Down, Turn Around Game for improving students’ vocabulary mastery at grade VIII SMP Negeri 1 Bambang. This study used a pre-experimental method in the form of one class given a pre-test and post-test. The number of students involved 20 students and selected using the total sampling technique. The results of the data showed that the mean score on the post-test is higher than the pre-test (85> 60.25), and the t-test value is higher than the t-table score (11,049> 2,092) at the level of increase of 0.05 with degree freedom (df) 19. It means that the use of the Chalk Down, Turn Around Game can improve students' vocabulary.
Anfinda Mutiara Kasih, Kurniawan Kurniawan
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 130-141;

The present Classroom Action Research (CAR) initiated when the researcher found the students at the eighth-grade students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru had low writing skills. This problem could be identified from their base scores below the standard minimum score (GPA). It was 64,06. The purpose of this research was to try to develop the students’ writing skill and to know the factors that influenced the changing of students’ writing skill. This research was conducted from March up to May 2019 in two cycles consisted of ten meetings. The participants of this research were 27 students of the Andalusia class. In improving the students’ writing skill, a narrative text was used as a learning media. The instruments used in this research were writing test, interview, field note and also observation list to help understand the phenomenon. This research showed that the students got the score 72,22 in cycle 1 dan 84,49 in cycle 2, especially on organization with an increase of 4,47. It could be seen that scrambled pictures media could improve the students’ writing skill.
Nuridah Nuridah, M Dahlan Bahang, Fitri Arniati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 117-124;

The mastery of vocabulary is important and it is a fundamental requirement that influences students’ achievement in studying English. However, during the pre-observation, most of students still have a problem with vocabulary mastery. They are difficult to join the lesson well in the classroom, although the teacher explains the material clearly, this seems because they lack of vocabulary. This article aimed to find out whether the selected game i.e., “Colour Me Colours” can improve the students’ vocabulary mastery at the Second-grade of SMP YP PGRI 4 Makassar. This pre-experimental involves one pre-test and post-test group with four meetings of treatment between it. The data was collected through vocabulary tests to find out students’ scores. Derived from the data analyzed, “Colour Me Colours” game can improve the students’ vocabulary mastery. The students’ scores had a significant different score in pre-test and post-test. The result of the pre-test (49) was low than post-test (90,66). This result highlighted significant findings that most students were more active and interested in learning vocabulary by using “Colour Me Colours” game.
Suwondo Suwondo, Syaifullah Syaifullah
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 125-129;

This research was based on the researcher's preliminary study which found that the students could not comprehend the meaning of texts in their textbook. This Classroom Action Research (CAR) aims to improve the students’ reading comprehension in narrative text through simplified text at grade VIII of SMP Budhi Luhur Pekanbaru. The research was administered to the second year students of SMP Budhi Luhur Pekanbaru. The total population was 34 students. After analyzing the data, the researcher found a significant effect of simplified text toward reading at the second-year SMP Budhi Luhur Pekanbaru students, where the average score from the based score was 58. It increased to 66 at the end of the cycle I. Finally, the average score of cycle II was 75. So it can be concluded that simplified text can increase the students' reading skill at grade VIII SMP Budhi Luhur Pekanbaru
Fitri Arniati, Sri Ningsih, Devianti Devianti, Arma Amir Hamzah
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 74-83;

The introduction of English to young learners has been implemented for a long time with various strategies and approaches. However, not all of strategies the teacher used were successful in being applied in the classroom. Based on pre-observation, the students’ reading interest is low due to difficulty understanding the text. They have difficulty understanding sentences, and students can only find the meaning of the sentence or only understand the text content's outline. The present study aims to determine whether reading phonics strategy can improve students reading skill in second-grade of SMP Negeri 2 Sumarorong. The study used a pre-experimental method in one class given a pre-test and a final test. The population is the second-grade students and this study used a total sampling technique. The result of the data shows that the mean value in the final test is greater than the mean value of the initial test (79.52>60.800), and the t-test value is greater than the t-table value (12.046>2.046) at the level of increase of 0.05, with degrees of freedom (df) 24. This increase can also be seen from the post-test result, which is greater than the pre-test score. This evidence highlighted phonics reading strategy can improve students reading skill.
Muhammad Suleman Nasir, Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Qayyum Ahsan
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 3, pp 48-57;

The purpose and aim of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) are to develop the opportunity of struggles through Pakistan's government in safeguarding the operative delivery of communal services. The main purpose is to evaluate the role of NCHD in the advancement of the primary level of education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The survey type descriptive research methodology was used to attain the objectives of the study. All Government boys’ primary school teachers and NCHD staff members set up the population of this study. The study’s sample was taken from the four randomly chosen districts, i.e., Bannu, Lakk Marwat, Karak, and Dera Ismail Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The data was collected from 200 teachers and 100 staff members from NCHD staff from the particular districts through a questionnaire using a simple random sampling technique. Data were examined using Mean, Standard Deviation, and t-test was used to examine the data. It is inferred that the NCHD was playing its active role in increasing enrollment and in reducing the dropout in the schools at the primary level. It was also concluded that advanced plans of NCHD are meaningfully promoting primary education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This study recommends that NCHD should organize extra training workshops and talks for teachers at the primary level concerning the student’s assessment for better education and to make them updated and skilled.
Maya Yolanda
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 34-38;

Grice coins 4 maxims to govern daily conversation as a general rule. The maxims are Quantity, Performance, Value and Manner. On this basis, the author intends to address the breaches of Grice's maxims in film and to investigate the intent of the infringements in the Prince and the Pauper conversational discourse. Many sections of the film contain violations of Grice's maxim characters. The writer formulates two work problems in order to achieve these goals: Which of Grice's maxims was violated in The Prince and the Pauper movie by the addressees?; For what reasons are the maxims infringed by the addresses?. . Based on the analysis, the author argues that the characters, in particular Duke, Tom Canty, King, and the Earl of Hertford, have violated Grice's four maxims in the film dialogue. If they fail to provide sufficient information, tell their addressees to lie, provide irrelevant glosses, and fail to be real, concise, univocal, and orderly, they violate the Quantity, Value, Relevance, and Manner maxims, respectively. In reality, the writer believes that characters are breaching the maxims to trick colleagues, to be sweet, to save face, to avoid discussion, and to show self-interest.
Syahreza Andika Gunawan
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 66-74;

The students in the eighth grade of MTs Imam Ibnu Katsir Pekanbaru had some phenomena in reading. First, the students got difficult in understanding the social function. The second, the students got difficult in understanding the grammar in narrative text. Concerning the syllabus of MTs Imam Ibnu Katsir Pekanbaru, the students’ comprehension of social function, generic structure, and language features in narrative writing. This research aims to identify the effect of pattern guide strategy on the students' reading comprehension in narrative text. This research was conducted at the eighth-grade students of MTs Imam Ibnu Katsir Pekanbaru in January 2018. The research design used quasi-experimental research. The samples of this research were the students of class VIIIa consisting of 25 students and class VIIIb composed of 22 students. The data were collected by pre-test and post-test. Then, it was analyzed statistically by using SPSS verse 16.0. Then, the data were calculated by using N-Gain between pre-test and post-test in the experimental class. After conducting this research, the result of this research was that the post-test score of the experimental class was getting higher than the pre-test score. It can be seen from the average post-test score of the experimental class was 71.40, which improved from the pre-test score 56.80. The average post-test on the control class was 66.36 was lower than the experimental class. In conclusion, it can be stated that the students who are taught using pattern guide strategy achieve better than those who are not taught using pattern guide strategy.
Abdul Kahar Yunus, Nurafiyat Ekamurti
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 1-4;

This study aims to examine how the application of discipline to improve students’ motivation and learning interest at SMP Negeri 1 Barru. The sample in this quantitative study was taken through proportional random sampling. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that there is a significant influence of the application of discipline to the increase of students’ motivation and learning interest at SMP Negeri 1 Barru. This can be seen in the significance value of the value of tcount and ttable namely tcount (3.5) is higher than ttable (1.99). The strength of the influence of the application of discipline to students' motivation and interest in learning at SMP Negeri 1 Barru reached 0.4 level, which means it is in a good category
Tatum Derin, Mutia Sari Nursafira, Ratih Saltri Yudar, Nofita Sari Gowasa, Budianto Hamuddin
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 12-18;

In comparison to studies on the improvement of students’ motivation to learn in class, there is a lack of studies on the improvement of students’ ability to motivate others to learn in class by persuasion. Meanwhile, Education Department students who are future teachers are expected and evaluated on their ability to be persuasive. As a first step to address this gap, this present study aims to review the current literature on the persuasiveness of students. Specifically, this study proposed the research question “What do existing literature tells us about persuasive communication among students?” Using keyword-based search as a basis for the library research method, from 269,000 results from Google Scholar this qualitative study collected a total of 76 as raw data over 3 months from October to December 2019. With NVivo 12 software, this present study selected only the most relevant studies to the research question to be analyzed. Analysis on the remaining 16 studies indicated that research interest in persuasive communication among students is increasing during the last five years. Many of the students’ involved in such studies, however, are mainly English, Business, or English Business students. There is still room to explore and learn more about persuasive communication with other types of variable and demography.
Tia Dwi Risani
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 24-28;

Learning English nowadays is a process of giving learners not just skills its also an innovative learning technique, and creative ways are needed as well. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) device such as social media, i.e., Line provides students to explore more in learning English. This research aimed at proving social media such as Line today can be used as virtual support for English language Teaching (ELT) process of writing news item in senior high school. This descriptive qualitative research was conducted on classroom during the subject news item. In this study, the research belongs to the interpretivism paradigm or related to the explaining or understanding the meaning of a sentence or passage. The result of this research is using a virtual or electronic device not only could help students as a learner but the essential things in learning process namely teachers also need virtual to support teaching process and even virtual assessment help teachers and even students to develop learning process especially by using Line apps for writing news item.
Rohandi Yusuf
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 29-33;

English is a foreign language that must be studied, there are four skills that students must master, namely writing, speaking, reading and pronunciation. The development of technology in the learning process of teachers is required to use media not only using books, markers, or other things that are not related to technology that will make teachers or students miss technological development. The current era of globalization is a lot of media or tools for teaching teachers, namely using smartphones, laptops, one of them is a website, application, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line or other social media, and the last is YouTube. In this study we use YouTube offline video as a teaching media process. Using the media in the learning process and YouTube include new media or ways in the learning process and using YouTube definitely brings impact. Of course a positive impact for students or teachers in the learning process. This study will tell so much about the use of YouTube as a medium for teacher learning in learning English.
Riska Yuliana, Marwa Marwa, Budianto Hamuddin
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 80-87;

This research aimed at exploring students’ interest and knowledge in blended learning context at English Education Department in Universitas Lancang Kuning (Unilak). This descriptive quantitative research involved 27 out of 135 students as the samples as they are part of a class that uses blended learning actively through their entire semester. These 27 students were selected by using random sampling technique from fourth, sixth, and eight semester in regular class. The questionnaire used as the main instrument to collect the data. The data analyzed descriptively in term of mean and standard deviation then interpreted descriptively. The result of the findings revealed that the majority of students’ have High level of students’ interest and knowledge in blended learning context. It was probed by their mean score, interest students’ score 3.71 and the students’ knowledge score 3.67. The standard deviation to interest was 6,83 and knowledge was 5.28. This is means that the blended learning which employed during these 2 years seems in a high interest and knowledge level among the students at English Language Education Department.
Dwi Vita Lestari S.
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 75-79;

This study aims to identify the management and academic quality problems of Muhammadiyah Tanjungpinang education institutions in the Riau Islands. This research was conducted at schools within the auspices of Muhammadiyah institutional in Eastern Tanjungpinang District. This descriptive study collected data through question and answer sessions in interview sessions with school administrators and managers. The data then triangulate with observation and field notes. The analysis in this study managed to reveal that it seems there are problems and some weaknesses in the management of institutions and academics. It can be seen from the lack of long, medium, and short term implementation programs in carrying out institutional management activities education. However, this problem is a general problem that can be found in many educational institutions around the globe. Therefore. This study sees it urgent to increase human resources with experiences in institutional and academic management to fix existing problems.
Desi Nori Sahputri, Kurniawan Kurniawan
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 44-53;

This research was conducted to offer an alternative teaching strategy on raising vocabulary mastery using the Word Clap Game. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was a difference in the results of the Word Clap Game strategy on EYL’s vocabulary mastery of the fifth-grade Narwastu elementary school in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. This quasi experiment research involved 60 students with two classes; The experimental class with 29 students (VB class) and the control class with 31 students (VA class). The results of this study highlighted the post-test scores in the experimental class as having increased compared with the pre-test scores, which can be seen from the average score of the experimental class post-test that was 76.03 while the pre-test was 62.75. The average post-test value in the control class is 74.19, which was lower than the experimental class. Therefore, this study believes that there was no significant difference in students who are taught using the Word Clap Game strategy in mastering vocabulary with students who were not taught using the Word Clap Game strategy both seem effective in raising the EYL vocabulary mastery.
Jumiati Lanta, Suleha Ecca, Asyanti Asyanti, M.Hijaz Tahir
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 39-43;

The quantitative study is aimed to know whether documentary films can be applied to foster students' critical thinking skills. This research was conducted in Class X SMA Negeri 10 Sidenreng Rappang, with a total population of 72 students. Samples were drawn from the entire population by taking 2 classes, namely X IPA as an experimental group of 26 students and X IPS as a control group of 25 students. Data were collected through a critical thinking ability test instrument based on critical thinking indicators, then processed with data analysis using the Mean score (average) and SPSS 2.0. Results of the study showed that the experimental group, which were taught to use the documentary, obtain average value is higher compared with the controls group in fostering the ability to think critically, especially on the subjects of Indonesian with developing materials with the opinion of exposition text. Average score results in critical thinking skills with a documentary film is 91.76 with the results of a significant test of the test independent of 10.878 while the average score of the results that are taught without using documentary 70.84 with value significant 2.009. Based on the results of data analysis, this present study ascertained that documentary films could foster students' critical thinking skills.
Kurniawan Kurniawan, Rusdinal Rusdinal, Azwar Ananda, Nurhizrah Gistituati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 65-73;

This review paper aims at giving a short outline regarding the examination of Teaching English Language instructing and teaching English Language as a Foreign Language (TEFL) between Indonesia and Singapore. The review based its analysis on a few elements which affect instructing and learning TEFL in the Indonesian context and Singapore, i.e., educator capabilities, teaching English language capability, homeroom size, understudies' inspiration, study hall situated learning, and restricted wellsprings of learning. The review highlighted that these are the factors which give impact on instructing and learning achievement. The review conducted its analysis under few limitations at work between language strategy and language encouraging study hall rehearsed in the two nations. This paper points out that understudies have different inspirations and foundation qualities altogether, making it hard to plan as an asset to a solitary educational program which will suit all (or at least most) understudies of the nation. Moreover, financial support for educators, resourcing, and the probability of huge class capacity in the Indonesian context appear differently in relation to Singapore. Low instructor compensations in Indonesia cause most educators to work in extra positions that lessen the time they can allot for exercise arrangement, endeavors to create practices and undertaking advancement by upgrading expert information, whereas instructors in Singapore are doing the full education time. Finally, the strategy and educational plan legislative issues have a significant impact on TEFL examination, thus understanding and correctly implementing them needs to be a requirement to language learning.
Rita Tanduk
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 112-116;

This paper discusses the meaning beyond ma’tammu tedong of Toraja People using semiotic approach to reveal wisdom beyond it. Participant observation methods used with field notes, recording, and interview techniques completed the data collection. The ritual text of the Ma’tammu Tedong or buffalo meeting ceremony in rambu solo’ ceremony is a symbolic form, parallelism, and metaphor which also constructs the meaning of customary ritual myth. Through the ritual remarks on the seven types of buffalo in the ceremony of rambu solo’ indicating views, concepts, and motivations are used as guidelines for life for Toraja people. The result of the research shows that, (1) the customary ritual text of buffalo meeting is symbolic, parallelism, and metaphor characteristics that represent myth meaning, (2) customary ritual text of buffalo meeting is to construct myth and ideology about Toraja character value. The value of the characters is represented by the seven types of buffalo in the customary ritual ma'tammu tedong namely, (a) balian buffalo represented as a leader figure or role model; (b) bonga buffalo as torch in human life of Toraja; (c) pudu’ buffalo as guardians in maintaining the life of the Toraja; (d) todi’ buffalo as a unifier that strengthens kinship ties; (e) sokko’ buffalo describes a polite and humble person; (f) tekken langi’ buffalo as a safeguard that reconciles the Toraja over the conflict; (g) sambao’ buffalo as customary guardians for customary offenses. Those values indicate the existence of the relation between man and Almighty and man with others. Also, they strengthen the character of human life of the Toraja and nation character.
Sitti Aisyah, Novalia Tanasy
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 98-104;

This modern era, people are demanded to have more than one language especially English as an international language. In educational context, developing the students' ability to master English, it cannot be separated from vocabulary mastery because it can be a measurement of students, understanding of English. This research is conducted to determine the implementation of mapping words technique effectiveness in improving the student's vocabulary mastery at the third Year Students of SMK Darussalam Makassar. This quasi-experimental research used two group designs named pre-test and post-test. 60 out of 287 students as being registered as a sample. The experimental group consists of 32 students, and the control group consists of 28 students. This research applied the Mapping Words technique as the medium while the other class using the conventional method. The result of this research showed that the use of the Mapping Words technique effectively improves the students’ vocabulary, it was shown from the result of pre-test and post-test in both groups. The mean scores and standard deviation of the experimental class showed improvement where the two mean scores' deviation was/. The value of the t-test was 4.37, while the value of the t-table was 2.021 on the level of significant 0.05 (95%) and 2.704 on the level significant 0.01 (99%). This figure indicated that the value of t-calculated was higher than the t-value of t-table 4.37 > 2.021 and 2.704.
Elita Sembiring, Srisofian Sianturi
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 1, pp 105-111;

The research aims to investigate the politeness in language and action by students of Letters Faculty at Methodist University. Seeing the students from different etnic, religion, and culture, should be understanding and well manage to avoid future conflict and maintain the harmony of diversity among them. The research was done in the fifth-semester Cross Cultural Understanding class of Letters Faculty, The Methodist University of Indonesia. The researchers used a qualitative approach by observing the activities of students and recording their utterances during responding to the point of view. The result shows that the students applied the four types of politeness strategies in responding to context of avoiding conflict and maintain the harmony. The types are bald on record strategy, positive strategy, negative strategy and off record strategy. From the four types of politeness strategies, bald on record strategy is dominantly used by students. It is due to the students have a similar position, and it seems that no distance between them. All the communications are between students to students. For a reason, saying something directly and to the point are frequently used. Being polite should be in words and actions. From the research, students are polite in words but not in action. .
Mutiara Shasqia, Aulia Anggraini
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 39-43;

Teachers and lecturers alike understand that they must consciously use a variety of speech acts to force students to follow their instructions and be motivated to learn on their own. This paper reports the findings of a study designed to investigate the notion of the perlocutionary effect of university students in the classroom resulted from lecturers’ illocutionary acts. The acts were then analyzed the illocutionary act of the lecturers’ talk or speech during specific time using Austin’s speech act theory. This present study built its investigation from data collection on both lecturers and university students through interview and field notes. This study manage to reveals that lecturers freely use speech acts of persuading, angering, and commanding. This study believes that illocutionary acts will still have happened in our interaction's life or communication in many-many context including classroom interaction between lecturer-students communication context.
Destri Yaldi, Jumerli Ariati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 44-49;

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Reward, Punishment, Interpersonal Communication and discipline to social student achievement in economic subject at senior high school Rumbai Pekanbaru. The population in this study as many as 744 students. The sampling technique used was Random Sampling thus obtained a sample of 261 student. The research instrument used in the form of a questionnaire. Analysis of the data in this study using Path Aalysis using program SPSS 16.00 for windows. The results of this study show reward significant and positive impact on the discipline, punishment significant and positive impact on the discipline, interpersonal communication significant and positive impact on the discipline, reward significant and positive impact on the student achievement, punishment significant and positive impact on the student achievement, interpersonal communication significant and positive impact on the student achievement, and discipline significant and positive impact on the student achievement.
Roslina Roslina, Nurhayati Nurhayati
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 50-56;

This study investigates the interference of English use made by Facebook users in writing status on their account. The researchers formulated two research questions: 1) what types of interferences are found on Facebook status; 2) what factors cause interference on Facebook status. The purpose of this study is to find out the interferences and the factors that cause the interference. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. The descriptive qualitative was used to elaborate, describe and disclose kinds of interference and also the factors of interference that Facebook users produced in updating status. The research showed that the way of the Facebook users in transferring their source language to target language tends to be negative transfer or it is called as language interference. The negative transfers made by Facebook users are semantic and grammatical interference. While, the factors that cause the interference are bilingualism background, disloyalty target language, limited vocabularies of TL mastered by a learner, prestige and style, interlingual factor, overextension of analogy, and transfer of structure.
Ayesha Mohammed Ibrahim
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 88-93;

“What Children see, Children do”, role modeling is a momentous progression in child’s life. All children have role model at some point in their lives. The point is who they see as their model. This may seem trivial whereas it creates an enormous impression on the impending behaviour and resolutions of the child. It is important for a child to have a social life. Peer and community may also affect the antisocial behaviour of a child. If a child is antisocial or excluded by the peer group, this may lead to stress, apprehension and downheartedness and may even shoddier psychological disturbances. This escalates the risk of crime among juveniles. There are various reasons for delinquency it can be psychological, economic, political and social. This paper tries to answer the questions, whether Juvenile Delinquency is a social issue and how it can be recognized in the teaching or learning environment and what are the implications of Juvenile Delinquency for teachers and students. It also analyses role modeling and parenting in the selected poems in the anthology titled Teen Poems from behind Bars poems written by youth at Denney Justice Center in Everett, Washington.
Ogunode Niyi Jacob
Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education, Volume 2, pp 101-107;

The article discussed the problems facing the administration of English language programme in the Nigerian higher institutions. Secondary data was used to support the points raised in the article. The secondary data were sourced from print material and online publication by recognized institutions and individual author. The problems facing the administration of English language programme in Nigerian higher institution include; inadequate funding, inadequate English language lecturers, inadequate English language laboratories, poor research in English language programme, brain-drain, strike actions, poor capacity development of English language programme lecturers and institutional corruption. For effective administration of English language programme in the Nigerian higher institutions, the paper hereby recommends: that the government should increase the funding of English language programme, employment of more English language lecturers, provision of adequate infrastructural facilities, implementation of agreement with unions, effective staff development programme, effective motivation policy to prevent brain-drain and fight all the institutional corruption in the higher institutions
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