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, Moch Iswan Perangin Angin, Marsono Marsono Marsono
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.1901

The diagnosis of impetigo by using an expert system that uses the source of expertise aims to obtain accurate information in accordance with the symptoms suffered by the patient, this expert system analysis uses the dempster shafer method with mathematical theory for proof based on belief function and plausible reasoning it makes sense to combine separate pieces of information (evidence) to calculate the likelihood of an event that can produce information from experts about the symptoms and solutions of impetigo symptoms accurately and build an expert application system program that is able to diagnose early impetigo in infants and provide solutions and information quickly
Dedi Riandika,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2242

XYZ Motoshop is an individual business engaged in the sale of motorcycle accessories and spare parts, located in Pamulang, South Tangerang. The problems experienced by XYZ Motoshop include: difficulty in knowing product availability information, order process is less effective because customers must come directly to the store, sales data processing requires a long time because it is still handwritten, having difficulty to know about shipping goods because it does not have proof of receipt of goods and the customer does not recognize the product being promoted on social media. To solve the above problems, we need a system that is able to manage product sales transactions effectively and efficiently. Researchers offer alternative solutions to help management to solve problems that occur by designing e-commerce systems. In this study, researchers used the Business Model Canvas approach to analyze the company's business model, problem analysis using the Fishbone Diagram approach, analysis and design of the E-Commerce system using the Unified Modeling Language approach and implementation of the E-Commerce system using the Content Management System, the search method using techniques Search Engine Optimization and marketing methods use the 4P marketing strategy. The final results of this research are an E-Commerce Website that can increase sales of motorcycle accessories products in XYZ Motoshop
, Hendrawan Armanto, Indra Maryati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2128

Logic Gate is one of the materials in the subject of Computer Systems at the level of SMK in class X. However, until now the learning media only uses textbooks, power point slides and manual simulations using blackboards. While the material about logic gates is very difficult if it is not directly simulated because it is directly related to the interaction of inputs and outputs at each logic gate. During the use of textbooks and manual simulation media students find it difficult to understand the material about this logic gate. The advantage of learning that utilizes augmented reality is an attractive display and displays 3D logic gate objects and input buttons that can be used to interact directly and the output is also in the form of 3D lamp objects, with this augmented reality technology will be very helpful and useful for simulating the gate logic is directly and easily understood by students. 3D logic gate animations are created using the 3D Blender application and the Augmented Reality process is created using the Unity and Vuforia SDK Library. This logic gate learning application has been applied to two classes, namely the control class and the experimental class. From the results of the Pre Test and Post Test that have been done, the control class has a 22.0% increase in percentage, while the experimental class has a 33.4% increase in percentage. Thus the learning application that utilizes Augmented Reality technology can be applied as a medium for learning logic gates at the vocational level of class X
Sarmayanta Sembiring, Hadir Kaban, Rido Zulfahmi
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2134

Efficiency system in using electrical energy has been designed using a PIR motion sensor, current sensor SCT-013-030, infrared LED and relay with a controller using Arduino Uno. The system is designed to turn off electronic equipment such as air conditioners, projectors and lights automatically as a solution from users forgetting to turn off electronic equipment when it is no longer in use. The experimental results show that the system has been running well, where the system can detect no movement for a predetermined time by using a PIR motion sensor. Detection of electronic equipment using sensors SCT-013-030 has been able to distinguish the state of the equipment whether it is ON or OFF based on differences in sensor output data that is read by the Arduino analog port. Sensor data when detecting the lamp when OFF is average = 1.333 while the mini projector and TV when off the average sensor data value = 1.667. The average current sensor data when detecting lights when ON = 5,333, mini projector = 8,333 and TV = 11,333. Overall the system designed has been able to turn off the equipment that is still active when the sensor does not detect any human movement during a predetermined time
, Kemas Muslim Lhaksmana
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2270

Mass running event has gained popularity ever since recreational running becomes more common as they often held annually by various organizers. As image documentation took a huge part to showcase the event, many thousands of images were generated during the event. Along with thousands of images that were generated, the participant is unlikely to found an image of themselves. To solve this problem, image annotation could be performed to address image with specific tags such as participant attribute like racing bib number (RBN). Manually annotate thousands of images would result in inefficiency of time and hard-labor. As a work to tackle this problem, this paper proposed an automatic image annotation system using the YOLOv3 algorithm based RBN recognition method. The experiment result shows 83.0% precision, 81.5% recall, and 82.2% F1 score as a result of our proposed method on running event dataset. Therefore, this implemented method will promote efficiency to solve the image annotation problem because it doesn't require manual annotation over thousand of running event images
Syifa Nur Rakhmah,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2268

Online travel agent is one of the products of the advancing era that is currently booming. With the advent of online travel agents, the use of online travel in Indonesia is now beginning to be demand. The many conviences and advantages offered bya online travel, then customers are required to be keen to choose an online travel agency. This research was conductes to measure the effectivieness of online travel chosen by customers. By using the criteria in ISO 9001:2008 factors that influence customers satisifaction include Service Quality, Product Quality, Price, Situasional Quality and Personal Quality. This research was conducted on online travel customers in the City of Bekasi area with a population of 3,013,851 inhabitants with calculations using the Slovin formula obtained a sampel size 400 respondents. The metod use is the analytical hierarchy process. The results of this study indicate that the first alternative is Traveloka eit a weight value of 1.916 or 47.6%, then with a weight value of 1.018 or 27.7% and finnaly Pegipegi with a weight value of 1.141 or 24.7% and for criteria the main attraction customers in chossinh online travel is Service Quality 27.7%, Procust Quality 24.1%, Price 22.9%, Personal Factor 15.5% and Situasional Factor 9.8%
, Fauziah Fauziah, Nurhayati Nurhayati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2149

The level of security in terms of access is one of the main priorities of everyone to improve the security system that feels the need for improvement following the development of modern technology. This study discusses a security system using Android-based face recognition. The aim of this research is that the safe safety system has a better level of security than the previous system. The initial stage to build this system, the authors do the literature data collection stage as a basis for the theory and system development methods used by software designers before is the waterfall method, in general this method is divided into several stages, including: Analysis, Design, Program Code and Unit Testing. For the method used in the research of this system is the eigenfaces algorithm method for the detection of facial objects in the initial process of image training. As well as the Local Binary Patterns algorithm method and Histrogram Equalization at the stage of reading the user's face recognition image accurately which has an accuracy of face reading up to 95.56%. The results of the user's face data will be processed in Wemos D1 and the data will be sent and stored in a database. The results of data from face recognition data will be used again as user data to open the safe. The conclusion, the system can read the user's face in real time and can work well for safe security systems
Fendy Sulistyo, , Winarsih Winarsih
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2137

Current technological developments, in the activities of information search and decision making at the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology of the National University have not been effective. Because the amount of data available makes it difficult for users to find the specific data needed. Like looking for student data based on class, religion and gender. Therefore, the Executive Information System of the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology of the National University was designed to be web-based so that users could find the required data. Application trial results to search for student data, the system can display search results by force, religion and gender with 100% accuracy. In searching the system data lecturers can display search results based on their latest education, expertise and research with 100% accuracy. Then for the data search system teachers can display search results based on the latest education and expertise with 100% accuracy. The system can also display the number of students by force, the number of lecturers based on expertise and the number of education personnel based on recent education in graphical form
, Hilal Hudan Nuha
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2209

In seawater aquariums, seawater quality plays a very important role for the survival of the biota in it. There are measurement parameters that determine the quality of the seawater fit to be inhabited by seawater ornamental fish such as clown fish. Measurement parameters are such as temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen content (DO), pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Current technological developments make it possible to create a system that automatically conducts seawater drainage in a seawater aquarium so that the quality of the seawater remains in accordance with its measurement parameters and is fit for habitation by seawater ornamental fish such as clown fish. In this study the measurement parameters that become the reference are the temperature, pH (acidity) values obtained from the temperature sensor and the pH sensor. For normal temperatures, if the temperature is in the range of 24°C to 28°C, while for the ideal temperature is in the range of 25-27°C. For an appropriate pH in a saltwater aquarium is 7.5-8.5 with an ideal pH of 8.2. From the results of measurements made by these sensors, the value will be processed using the fuzzy logic method, then the condition of sea water quality in the aquarium can be seen from the smartphone, and when the measurement results show an inappropriate value, the system will automatically drain the water
Nurul Adha Oktarini Saputri, Nurul Huda
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2253

Prediction is an activity to predict a situation that will occur in the future by passing tests in the past. One way to get sales information in the future is to make sales forecasting. This sales forecast uses the Double Exponential Smoothing method because this method predicts by smoothing or smoothing past data by taking an average of several years to estimate the value of the coming year and this method uses the time series method. The results of this study are the right sales prediction information system, in order to determine the existing inventory of goods in accordance with the demand (demand) so that there is no overstock or lack of inventory in the future
Supiyandi - Supiyandi, Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan, Alfiandi Alfiandi
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2107

The employee is a person who works at the company with a predetermined time and also with a fixed salary as well. Honorary employees have fewer facilities than employees but. A company is not responsible for providing various traditional employer benefits, including taxes, social security and workers' compensation. Like a wise in the village office of Babura, each village office has a number of temporary employees to help work from the village office, including in Babura village office. This village also has several people as honorarium employees. In a certain period, employee salaries will change and will be replaced by new people. But to choose employee salaries cannot also be done easily. There are several requirements that must be met so that the prospective employee is well received. Several criteria will be taken into account in the selection process for prospective employee employees. Decision support systems are a good method of determining which employees are appropriate or not. The Multifactor Evaluation Process (MFEP) method can assist the Babura village office in determining who will be selected to be an honorarium employee at the office. By applying this method, the Babura village office will be greatly helped in assessing prospective employee salaries to be employed in the village office
, Dewi Eka Putri
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2238

Production is a very important process for a business that produces products. In a culinary business, for example, production is a determining factor so that the culinary products produced can be distributed to stores for sale. The culinary business is mostly done by small and medium businesses. One of them is UKM Yandi which a produces potato flakes as its culinary products. UKM Yandi distributes a potato flakes to 10 minimarkets in Padang every week. The problem that occurs is often the amount of production is greater than the demand of the minimarket while the remaining stock in the minimarket is still large, so there is often a buildup of products on the minimarket because it is not sold. This research provides a solution for UKM Yandi to forecast the production of potato flakes using the Fuzzy Tsukamoto approach, using input variables, the remaining stock at the minimarket in the previous week and the request submitted by the minimarket for the following week, while the output variable is the amount of production carried out by UKM Yandi. This research makes a web-based application that can be used by UKM Yandi owners to forecast the production of potato flakes, so they can be accessed from anywhere. The results of this research are able to help and facilitate UKM Yandi in forecasting the production of potato flakes because it produces a number with a certain number of packets to be produced
Maraghi Agil Prabowo, Ucuk Darusalam, Sari Ningsih
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2157

Many person or institutions are still not aware of security on a server, not only rely on IDS and IPS applications and some firewall applications that we can easily find through internet networks. Special security handling is required on servers that are not related to third-party applications. The security design can be implemented through kernel configuration and tweaks that can be done by relying on the default application of an operating system. These applications are very common and can be found in almost all types of Linux server distributions. And there are still many people who do not maximize the security provided by the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) so that the operating system that has been installed and the data stored therein can be easily accessed by parties who are not responsible. Than as a preventive measure so that the data stored can not be accessed haphazardly by people who are not responsible, provided encryption and the sharing of system files that will be installed on the server. In the security steps for account access, the password that is created will be expired and the user cannot use the old password that he has used before
Rian Tineges, , Ira Diana Sholihati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2181

In the year 2018, 18.9% of the population in Indonesia mentioned that the main reason for their use of the Internet is social media. One of the social media with an active user of 6.43 million users is Twitter. Based on the surge of information published via Twitter, it is possible that such information may contain the user's opinions on an object, such objects may be events around the community such as a product or service. This makes the company use Twitter as a medium to disseminate information. An example is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Indihome. Through Twitter, users can discuss each other's complaints or satisfaction with Indihome's services. It takes a method of sentiment analysis to understand whether the textual data includes negative opinions or positive opinions. Thus, the authors use the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method in sentiment analysis on the opinions of the Indihome service user on Twitter, with the aim of obtaining a sentiment classification model using SVM, and to know how much accuracy the SVM method generates, which is applied to sentiment analysis, and to see how satisfied the Indihome service users are based on Twitter. After testing with SVM method The result is accuracy 87%, precision 86%, recall 95%, error rate 13%, and F1-score 90%
Permata Permata, Zaenal Abidin
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2116

In this research, automatic translation of the Lampung dialect into Indonesian was carried out using the statistical machine translation (SMT) approach. Translation of the Lampung language to Indonesian can be done by using a dictionary. Another alternative is to use the Lampung parallel body corpus and its translation in Indonesian with the SMT approach. The SMT approach is carried out in several phases. Starting from the pre-processing phase which is the initial stage to prepare a parallel corpus. Then proceed with the training phase, namely the parallel corpus processing phase to obtain a language model and translation model. Then the testing phase, and ends with the evaluation phase. SMT testing uses 25 single sentences without out-of-vocabulary (OOV), 25 single sentences with OOV, 25 compound sentences without OOV and 25 compound sentences with OOV. The results of testing the translation of Lampung sentences into Indonesian shows the accuracy of the Bilingual Evaluation Undestudy (BLEU) obtained is 77.07% in 25 single sentences without out-of-vocabulary (OOV), 72.29% in 25 single sentences with OOV, 79.84% at 25 compound sentences without OOV and 80.84% at 25 compound sentences with OOV.
Harmayani Harmayani, Lamhot Sitorus
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2292

Chronic Kidney Disease is a very dangerous disease that is often not seriously considered with the effects of this disease which leads to death. More than 26 million people in the United States are not aware of their kidney disease, only 8% of them begin to realize the disease, each body must be known early whether or not the body condition / / by diagnosing it, in this study classifications will be carried out on the diagnostic data attributes Chronic kidney disease aims to simplify the process of classifying symptoms and making decisions on the diagnosis of kidney disease, this process is carried out using a data mining classification approach using the Naïve Bayes Classifier method
Rizal Bagus Pambudi, , Andrianingsih Andrianingsih
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2198

Tracer Study is a study conducted by tertiary institutions to search for alumni whose purpose is to find out the reciprocal of alumni education in the world of work. National universities themselves already have a tracer study website but still have difficulty in carrying out tracer studies, especially to contact alumni. The method used in this study uses a structured waterfall method. In this case, the initial stage for this method is to make observations that aim to find and find out the problems faced by users and to collect data by searching literature studies related to website-based tracer studies to testing website testing systems using blackboxes, namely testing the function requirements of each menu in a program. This research resulted in the application of a website-based tracer study system that facilitates alumni to carry out the tracer study process which can be done anytime and anywhere. The results of the tracer study itself will serve as a benchmark for the university in developing the ability of future students to compete in the workforce.
Budi Dwi Kurniawan, , Benrahman Benrahman
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2220

Developments in reporting assets at the National University have not been effective. Because the many assets that exist make it difficult for workers to recapitalize the asset report. Such as incoming and outgoing asset reports and asset status status. Therefore, the Smartphone-Based Asset Report Design Information System Designed with the Waterfall Method so that workers can report asset data using smartphones that are more efficient in terms of time and effort. Application trial results for reporting asset data, the application can display report results based on incoming assets, outgoing assets, and asset status accurately. In the search for asset data entered the system can display the results of reports based on transaction id, date of asset entered, and the name of the asset with an accurate level. Then to report the asset data out the system can display the results of the report based on the transaction id, exit, and the name of the asset accurately
, Moch Arif Bijaksana, Widi Astuti
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2254

WordNet is a compilation of Synonyms Set (synset), which consists of the words that have the same synonymous. The development of Indonesian WordNet has a goal to build an application that can accommodate and exhibit the relation of words. Synonym Set is a set composed of one or more words that have a similar meaning or synonym relation originated from the Indonesian Thesaurus. In previous studies, the establishment of synsets were transmitted with several approaches, one of which was the cluster ring to produce synsets and WSD (Word Sense Disambiguation). In this research, research is held up to discover the semantic similarities between words in the Indonesian Thesaurus automatically, and also to know the performance of the Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering method for the development of Indonesian synsets. To calculate performance and evaluation, this research is using the F-measure method involving the gold standard
, Dewa Made Sri Arsa
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2208

Penglipuran Village is a tourism village on the island of Bali. One of the attractions of Penglipuran Village is the traditional, uniform building that has characteristics that are still maintained since ancient times. Many tourists who visit and take pictures in front of a traditional building, but do not know clear information about the name and function of the building. The purpose of this study is to design an application as an information medium for the introduction of traditional buildings in Penglipuran Village using Augmented Reality technology. The research model used for application design is the waterfall model. This Augmented Reality application was built with Autodesk Maya and Unity software so that it can display 3D custom building information to the real environment by using the brochure media as a marker. The results of the study were successful in designing an Augmented Reality application that can provide information about the traditional buildings of Penglipuran Village in the form of 3D animation, text and audio narration
Yoga Yoga Sahria,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2183

Health research is research approved in the medical field. Health research in Indonesia is increasingly being approved by researchers in Indonesia, therefore research is stored in repositories. Many health research journal repositories are available, but there is minimal research for analysis and modeling in the health research network in Indonesia. This research proposes a knowledge modeling with Neo4j graphic database to implement it. In this study, data obtained from the SINTA Journal with web scraping techniques. The purpose of this research is to produce network knowledge using CQL (Chyper Query Language) which is useful in the medical field. The results of this study are expected to be useful for the government, academics, researchers, or the public for health research network researchers in Indonesia. The results of research testing modeling of health research network knowledge using a graph database of 95.2% said very good
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2176

Performance appraisal of employees is an important thing to do by government agencies and private companies. It is useful to see, monitor the level and quality of work given by an employee to his company in order to create a company that is able to achieve the goals of each company by starting to do evaluation of HR (Human Resources) because in the business and management world says that a great company is a company that is able to manage its human resources. In employee performance appraisal, each company has their own way and certainly different in the actual practice of employee performance appraisal activities must be done properly and fairly as possible to eliminate social gaps in the world of work and reduce the occurrence of errors in granting an assessment of the performance of each each company employee and the results obtained after employees are given an assessment of their performance are expected to grow and influence the level of loyalty given by employees to the company and foster high self-motivation for the progress of the company itself. In evaluating employee performance, there are several tools that can be used, one of which is a decision support system that will process some of the criteria set by the company using the Weighted Product (WP) method
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2178

Bad credit is one of the credit risks faced by financial and banking industry players. Bad credit occurs if in the long run, financial institutions or banks cannot withdraw credit loans within the allotted time. Bad credit has a bad impact for credit providers in the form of risk of loss. Of course this should not be allowed to drag on and must be resolved. However, to guarantee accuracy in determining creditworthiness, an accurate algorithm is needed. Neural Network is an algorithm that can map and classify data input and can be used for the prediction of several variables that are input into this algorithm. To be able to add accuracy in predicting the determinants of credit worthiness, this algorithm is optimized with Particle Swarm Optimazation. The results of the study in the form of confusion matrix prove that the accuracy of Neural Networks based on Particle Swarm Optimazation has an accuracy rate of 96.67% and AUC results of 0.965
Muhamad Fajar Suryana, Fauziah Fauziah, Ratih Titi Komala Sari
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2132

Humans are facing a non-natural disaster that threatens the entire human population on Earth. Non-natural disaster is called Corona Virus Desease (COVID-19), which is a large family of viruses that can attack humans and animals that are currently a global pandemic. Humans usually cause respiratory infections, ranging from the common cold to serious illnesses such as MERS and SARS. COVID-19 itself is a new type of coronavirus found in humans and in the Wuhan area, Hubei Province, China in 2019. To assist medical staff in early detecting symptoms experienced by patients and facilitate the administration of hospital records, one of them was made an expert system that could detect this COVID-19 early with the Certainty Factor (CF) method. This expert system mimics similar symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients and will be grouped into several patient statuses. Patients who experience serious symptoms will be grouped into Patients Under Supervision (PDP) and patients who are considered to have milder symptoms will be grouped into Insider Oversight status (ODP) while those who experience symptoms that are outside of the main symptoms will be classified into Non Suspect (NON) status . From 152 patient data inputted in this study, 114 ODP results with an average CF value of 91.38%, 36 PDP with an average CF value of 98.25% and 2 NONs with an average CF value of 40%. CF with system calculation experiments that represent patients get a CF value of 0.998848 or 99.88% to PDP. This expert system can be used to make decisions that can help medical personnel perform actions and administer better before conducting a through test in the laboratory to ensure positive or negative patients COVID-19
Benediktus Anindito, Slamet Winardi, Moh Noor Al-Azam
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2115

Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) is a way of using information technology to record a violation of traffic. This ETLE was developed to support security, order, and safety in traffic. Some cities or districts in Indonesia have started to apply this ETLE in several locations, which usually have traffic lights and frequent violations at these locations. In this paper, one of the elements in ETLE is tested, which is a traffic light signal detector, which will be used as a basis for whether a vehicle violates a traffic light or not. This detector uses a CCTV camera mounted on the location. It then analyzed the intensity of several image areas on the traffic lights in red, yellow, and green. From the test results, this method can determine the conditions of the traffic lights with 100% accuracy
Ibnu Bukhari, Mohammad Iwan Wahyuddin, Novi Dian Nathasia
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2214

Radio in a college has now developed sufficiently. Radio Unas is a radio broadcast owned by the National University that is managed by the Unas TV and Radio Laboratory. Present online radio or website based radio streaming. Radio streaming is a technology that sends audio files simultaneously to many users. The purpose of this research is to build and develop a National University online radio using Icecast as a freeware and winamp streaming radio as software used for radio broadcast media. The design of this information system through several discussions is a needs analysis, system design, testing and implementation. With streaming radio at the National University, the public and students of the National University do not miss the latest information about the National University and become a means of entertainment for National University students and the public as long as they are connected to the internet. From the trial results of the National University's online radio site, the streaming radio system can help the public and students of the National University to provide streaming radio content, listen to music and view activities from the National University Radio through the website
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2096

Cancer is a deadly disease that is responsible for 9.6 million death in 2018 based on WHO data so early cancer detection is needed so can be treated immediately and cancer deaths can be reduced. Microarray is technology that can monitor and analyze the expression of cancer genes in microarray data but has high data dimension and small sample so dimensional reductions are needed for the optimal classification process. Dimension reduction can reduce the use of features for the classification process by selecting some influential features. Hybrid method is one dimension reduction by combining Filter method with Wrapper so it gets the both advantage. In this case, researchers combined Naïve Bayes with Hybrid Feature Selection (Information Gain - Genetic Algorithm) on cancer data for microarray Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon Tumors, and Prostate Tumors. These data were obtained from Kent-Ridge Biomedical Dataset. The results showed that from 5 data used, 4 data obtained an accuracy between 87-100% while the prostate tumor data obtained the smallest accuracy of 61.14%. The implementation of the feature selection method and the classification of the 5 cancer data above only uses less than 63 features to obtain this accuracy
, Rian Syahputra, Alwin Fau
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2240

Bidikmisi scholarship is a government program to help prospective new students who are academically capable and economically incapable. The Bidikmisi scholarship is a form of tuition assistance and living expenses. Starting in 2018 Budi Darma University began accepting new students through the bidikmisi scholarship path, admission of new students through the bidikmisi path must meet the requirements set by the government. Determination of whether or not a prospective new student is a recipient of bidikmisi based on report cards, school performance, results of selection tests and interviews. During this time the organizers and managers of bidikmisi at Budi Darma University have had difficulty determining prospective students who are truly eligible to receive bidikmisi scholarships in addition to the very limited quota and the large number of prospective students receiving bidikmisi scholarships as well as the value of each criteria for prospective students receiving bidikmisi which is almost the same or similar to one another. To make it easier to determine prospective students receiving the Bidikmisi scholarship, the K-Medoids algorithm is used. K-Medoids algorithm is one of the algorithms in data mining to group data based on the closest criteria value
Deny Nugroho Triwibowo,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2244

Message is an idea, feeling, or thought of someone whose contents can be in the form of science, entertainment, information, advice, or propaganda. Nowadays, with the development of very advanced technology, one can exchange messages so easily and quickly without any limitations on distance and time. However, with the ease of exchanging messages there are problems that can occur, one of which is the message you want to send opens opportunities for people who want to steal data and information from the message to use it as a crime and will certainly harm certain parties. Therefore, the technique of securing messages is used by using the OTP algorithm and the CLCG random number generator so that messages sent to the security level can be guaranteed. The results of the merging of the OTP and CLCG algorithms in the encryption and decryption process found random key generator does not occur the same key loop with the same characters adjacent to the message. The use of periodic tables in the encryption process also increases the difficulty of deciphering messages because one plaintext character is replaced by many characters in the ciphertext
, Fauziah Fauziah, Aris Gunaryati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2155

The existence of the digital world has given a new impact to all human activities. Not surprisingly, if now all switch to the digital world because on the one hand can make things more efficient and practical. The purpose of this study, the author wants to develop a student data administration application that will be applied at one of the universities with an Android-based platform system. Where this design is made to perfect the limitations of applications that have previously been developed, namely the web, limitations of previous applications at the University, when users (users) access to the online academic menu in the web application, are required to deactivate pop-ups first, that is felt to be inefficient . Based on the existing problems, the author wants to design an application that will be developed on the Android platform by using a sequential searching algorithm for each program function in the application. The system development method itself uses the Waterfall methodology. This method has stages namely: Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing Data collection techniques are obtained from the results of observations (observations) and literature studies. Database as a data storage medium is MySQL. For the PHP and Java programming languages used as an application interface, the application test results are represented in the White box testing and show a valid value of the test results amounting to 6 in the total decision shows the algorithm used is quite good and meets the standard
, Herlambang Brawijaya, Samudi Samudi
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2170

Marriage is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman to form a happy and eternal home or family based on the Godhead. Nevertheless, many divorces still occur in the community today. Suscatin is a solution provided by the Government to overcome divorce which is getting higher every year. But there are still obstacles in the organization of Suscatin. The Suscatin implementation is still done manually, where to conduct the exam the bride and groom write on a piece of paper. In addition, the implementation was carried out on the effective day, so the bride and groom could not attend. For this reason, this research was conducted to design a web-based learning system that can facilitate the Office of Religious Affairs and prospective brides. So that the material about marriage can be studied without any obstacles both in terms of time and place of implementation. It is expected to be able to anticipate disputes and divorce as well as violence in the family in order to create a sakinah, mawaddah, and rahmah family
Murdiaty Murdiaty, Angela Angela,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2213

Indonesia has fertile soil, natural resources and abundant marine resources. However, Indonesia is also not immune to the risk of natural disasters which are a series of events that disturb and threaten life safety and cause material and non-material losses. Indonesia's strategic geological location causes Indonesia to be frequently hit by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. From the data collected, natural disasters that occurred in Indonesia consisted of several categories, namely earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, tornados, and tsunamis. Many natural disasters in Indonesia have caused casualties, both fatalities and injuries, destroying the surrounding area and destroying infrastructure and causing property losses. The trend of increasing incidence of natural disasters needs to be further investigated to prevent the number of victims from increasing. This information can be obtained through a data mining approach given the large amount of data available. In relation to natural disaster data, clustering techniques in data mining are very useful for grouping natural disaster data based on the same characteristics so that the data can be adopted as a groundwork for predicting natural disaster events in the future. Thus, this research is supposed to group natural disaster data using clustering techniques using the k-means algorithm into several groups, in terms of natural disaster types, time of disaster, number of victims, and damage to various facilities as a result of natural disasters
Herwanto Herwanto,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2090

The need for fast and accurate information has become the need of every company, including hospitals. This is one of the factors that makes a company superior to other companies. In making the right and accurate decisions, leaders need information that is presented clearly, easily understood, on time, and in accordance with needs. To support the presentation of such information a database, data warehouse and other applications that are easy to understand are needed. Hospitals as a socio-economic institution are not only required to provide solutions to health problems but are also demanded to always improve the quality of their services. For this purpose to be achieved, its management must be efficient. Service indicators can be used as a measuring tool to assess the level of management efficiency. Business Intelligence (BI) application is one form of implementation that is able to facilitate management to monitor hospital performance. This research explores the use of information technology to build BI applications, reviewing the right approach in building BI applications, as well as several important aspects that must be considered for the system work for the hospital environment. There are two main stages in building this application, namely: building a data warehouse originating from an electronic medical record database and hospital operations, and building a BI application. With the formation of this BI application, it is very useful for hospital management in managing their institutions better
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2140

According to the BAWASLU evaluation a variety of related negative content supports supporting prospective couples to burst into various social media pages. So sometimes the content leads to a hoax issue to the issue of religious and inter-group Racial (SARA). One of the social media used by the people of Indonesia is Twitter, according to number of Twitter daily users globally claimed to be increasing, this appears to be the 3rd Quarter Twitter Financial Report of 2019 on Twitter's 3rd quarter of 2019 Financial reports, daily active users on the Twitter platform are recorded to increase by 17 percent, to the number of 145 million users. So it is necessary that a sentiment analysis study can capture a pattern of community perception on social media Twitter against the 2019 elections and it is expected that this research can help interested parties to increase voter participation rate in the next 5 years. This research method uses the Indonesian tweet data taken from 16 April 2018-16 April 2019, further data in preprocessing, text transformation, stemming Bahasa Indonesia, specifying attribute class, load dictonary and a classification of Naive Bayes using Weka. The conclusion of this study was the classification of Naive Bayes finding that the 2019 election tweet dataset had a negative perception pattern of 52% much greater than the positive perception of 18% and the neutral perception had a value of 31% higher than positive perception. Naive Bayes ' degree of classification accuracy against the training dataset is 81% and the dataset testing 76%, the average precision value for positive sentiment is 86.65%, negative sentiment is 77.15%, and neutral sentiment is worth 80.95% while the average recall rate on positive sentiment is 36.8%, negative sentiment is 93.2% and the neutral sentiment is 86.8%
Rifqi Firmansyah, , Benrahman Benrahman
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2150

Current technological developments, in reporting assets in the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology of the National University have not been effective. Because the many assets that exist make it difficult for workers to recapitalize the asset report. Such as incoming and outgoing asset reports and asset status status. Therefore, the Web-based National University Faculty of Communication and Information Technology Asset Report Information System was designed so that workers could report asset data every month. Application trial results for reporting asset data, the system can display the report results based on incoming assets, outgoing assets, and asset status with 100% accuracy. In the search for asset data entered the system can display the results of the report based on the transaction id, date of asset entered, and the name of the asset with 100% accuracy. Then to report asset data out the system can display the results of the report based on the transaction id, exit, and the name of the asset with 100% accuracy
Tomy Suherly, Minarni Shiddiq
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2144

Volume is one of important quantities that have been applied to fruit sorting based on size. Imaging method or computer vision is a simple non destructive method that has been proposed to measure fruits volume. This study was aimed to estimate the volumes of kiwi fruits using Computer Vision imaging method and compared to a water displacement method. The samples were 20 green kiwi fruits (Actinidia deliciosa). A smartphone camera was used to record the kiwifruit images and Python based program to drive the camera and process the images. Images resulted in Computer Vision are two dimensions (2D) images. The 1/3 rd Simpson rule was employed to determine the volume of kiwi fruits based on the volume integration of a spinning object where surface image of kiwi was divided into 8 parts and then summed. The results show that the 2D imaging method assisted by the Simpson rule was successfully able to determine the kiwi fruit volumes with 4.57 % average difference percentage compared to the water displacement method. This was about 4.97 cm3 of average volume difference of 20 samples. The sample volumes measured using this method ranges from 82,48 cm3 - 126,85 cm3. These results will be one of steps toward the development of machine vision for fruit sorter based on volume
Dina Veranita, Minarni Minarni, Feri Candra, Saktioto Saktioto, Mohammad Fisal Rabin
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2219

Hyperspectral imaging is a non destructive method that has been used to evaluate internal characteristics of fruits and vegetables. Plant genetics, soil characteristics, and plant management are some of key factors to define the quality of oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB) produced. This research was aimed to discriminate the Tenera oil palm FFBs produced by oil palm trees grown from mineral soil and peat soil using a hyperspectral imaging system which utilized a Specim V10 spektrograf. The discrimination was based on their ripeness level, mesocarp firmness, and classification using K-mean clustering. The samples consisted of 61 mineral soil FFBs and 60 peat soil FFBs with three ripeness levels as unripe, ripe, and overripe. Hyperspectral images were recorded and processed using Matlab programs. The spectral reflectance intensities showed the discrimination between both origin soils at wavelength ranges of 700 nm  900 nm. The results also showed higher reflectance intensities of peat soil FFBs than mineral soil FFBs. Correspondingly, Fruit firmness of peat soil FFBs are higher than mineral soil FFBs. Classification using K- mean clustering between reflectance intensities and fruit firmness showed significant clusters for three ripeness levels. These results will be useful for an oil palm FFB sorting machine based on spectral imaging method
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2199

PT. XYZ is a company engaged in the sale of drugs and vitamins for livestock, each period the number of requests for goods always changes. Problems faced by PT. XYZ, which is expired goods because in a certain period the amount of stock is piling up due to the small amount of demand that causes the company to lose. The purpose of this study is to forecast the inventory process in order to minimize the company's losses against the estimates made so far. In order to minimize these problems, the authors model the forecasting information system for procurement of goods using VB.Net and MYSQL and combine the Moving Average method. The method used is the data collection and processing, and continued with the data analysis process, to model the system requirements of the writer using UML. The final result of this study is that the value of accuracy reaches 88% so that the inventory forecasting system using the moving average method can help managers in making decisions to determine the process of inventory in the future
, Ucuk Darusalam, Deny Hidayatullah
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2147

Container-based virtualization is very popular among programming development in a lightweight virtualization because where the Linux kernel can divide resource-using containers to prevent uninterrupted performance between And as a burden divider in tackling the many incoming bandwidth. One of the most commonly used container-based virtualization is Docker. Docker itself is an open source software that can be changed to your liking. Docker containers can be used for clustering Web servers. It aims to reduce "a single point of failure" (SPOF) in a Web server. However, arranging a lot of containers is very complicated, but Docker has an engine to set it up called Docker Swarm. With it in the NGINX management help so that it can cause the resource between hosts is not divided on average. Therefore the research aims to distribute Web server traffic across the host with loadbalancing based on time-based monitoring and failover resources. By winning the low resources or resources used by Docker in the operation of an application that can be virtualized only what is needed
Ilham Fahrul Rozi, , Safitri Juanita, Muhammad Anif
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2189

Safety deposit box areusually used to protect valuables stuff from fire and theft using analog or digital keys or a combination of both. This research makes android based electronic lock application for safety deposit box to automate safe opening and closing keys with the help of a microcontroller using Bluetooth. The Workflow of these application is an Android application will activate Bluetooth on the cell phone and send input to the arduino network microcontroller to activate the Solenoid door lock so that it can open or lock safely. The purpose of this research is to design and build an Android application for electronic keys in a safety deposit box so that it has a high level of security and has a history (log) feature to find out the user's application activities. The system development life cycle that will be used to build this application is the Waterfall method. This application will be built using Java programming language with the Basic4Android editor, the database is stored using SQLite. The conclusion of this research is that after testing concluded that the integration of network microcontrollers such as Solenoid door locks, ATmega 328, Bluetooth HC-05 and testing Android applications as electronic keys into the application security system in safety deposit box has high security, simulation tools in safety deposit box can respond which is good for users when performing commands from Android via Bluetooth in less than 5 meters, the security system has high security because it has an authentication and LOG feature to find out the user's last activity (in and out)
, Ulfah Indriani, Mokhamad Ramdhani Raharjo, Linda Sari Dewi
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2312

The purpose of this research is to combine the classification and classification methods that are part of data mining. The case raised was the number of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia as of July 7, 2020 with 34 records. Data sources were obtained from Ministry of Health Data, sampled and processed from and The variables used in the study are the number of positive cases (x1), number of cases cured (x2) and number of deaths (x3) by province. The classification and classification methods used are k-medoids and C4.5. The k-medoids method works to map clusters of regions in Indonesia by province. The mapping labels used are 3 clusters: high cluster (C1 = red zone), alert cluster (C2 = yellow zone), low cluster (C3 = green zone). The results of the mapping are continued using the C4.5 method to see the rules in the form of a decision tree. The analysis process is assisted with the RapidMiner software. Determination of the number of clusters (k) is determined by using the Davies Bouldin Index (DBI) parameter to optimize the cluster results obtained. For k = 3 has an optimal value of 0.740. The mapping results obtained 9 provinces are in the high cluster (C1 = red zone), 3 provinces are in the alert cluster (C2 = yellow zone) and 22 provinces are in the low cluster (C3 = green zone). The value obtained from the decision tree for cluster height (C1 = red zone) based on C4.5 is if the number of positive cases is smaller than 9524 and greater than 4329 (4329> x1
, Agung Triayudi, Ira Diana Sholihati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2190

Jakarta Large Community Development Training Center is one of the work units in the Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions Development and Transmigration, that has the task and function to train rural communities. Every year the community trained can reach thousands of people consisting of several villages. Because the development of information technology maps can be displayed digitally by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), so that it is more efficient and easily accessed by anyone and anywhere, this digital map will be integrated using the web. This research will be developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript website frameworks as front end, PHP as backend and MySQL by utilizing phpMyAdmin features as a database, all the programming languages will be processed using Codeigniter Framework. The final results of this study will be a Geographic Information System form for training distribution by displaying training locations, training data, as well as video documentation when training takes place, the data will be presented in Google Maps form so that it can easily find the location of training deployments that can later be used as a reference to determine the next training location
, Dadang Iskandar, Zikri Kurniawan
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2071

Advances in information technology are currently very influential in various fields of life, such as education, economics, and social. The public is demands to be able to use information technology to support their activities by utilizing websites as digital media to be able to reach wider marketing through online media. The traditional graphic creators community of Krigan Purwokerto is currently still doing buying and selling works and displaying their works manually so need a system is able to provide the place for creators to display their works and at the same time be able to handle the process of buying and selling works between creators and clients. The purpose of this research is to make portfolio information in the marketplaces especially traditional graphic creators (hand drawings) to be able to reach wider marketing and build brand by providing Creator portfolio information. The method used in this research is the waterfall method and using the PHP programming language and MySQL database. To involve the results of implementing portfolio information in the traditional graphic creator marketplace can increase the creator's value and rating as showed by an increase in the number of followers and can also recommend his work to prospective buyers in the transaction process of traditional graphic creator works
Muhamad Ridho Dwi Cahyo,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2106

Yoga Farm is a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) that focuses on catfish breeding that is still doing business processes manually. With this process, information received by related parties is very difficult to obtain quickly. Therefore, the product is still not widely known, and customers are still few because the system used in sales and promotions still uses a manual system. The research method used is qualitative. This study aims to create a sales information system recommended at Yoga Farm and design using Unified modeling language (UML) for the recommended business processes. Customers will get product information in real-time, products can be widely recognized, and the number of Yoga Farm customers can increase. Based on the results of this study, adoption of a web-based sales information system can certainly make it easier to get the latest information quickly, can expand the market and can also facilitate customers in the transaction. For future research, this research can be used as a reference for conducting similar studies at other MSMEs to increase sales
Dewi Anggraini, Sukmawati Anggraeni Putri,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.1496

The development of information technology is growing rapidly so that it enters various fields, the need for fast, accurate and accurate information is needed. But the fact is that high information needs are not balanced by the presentation of adequate information. Business development and competition are increasingly complex because consumers are very perspective making business people have to be smart in reading situations. So that business people can make a prediction of consumer interest to be used as a prediction of the company in making a decision, and change a strategy that is most appropriate for consumers. Decision makers try to utilize the available data warehouse, this encourages the emergence of new branches of science to overcome the extraction of information in very large amounts of data. To find out which Honda cars are most in demand by consumers, Data Mining techniques are required using the Apriori Algorithm method, and supported by the Tanagra Application by examining sales data for 1 year. Data Mining is an amalgamation of data analysis techniques, while Apriori Algorithm is the most frequently used method because it is very simple, easy and most widely proposed by some researchers, because there are two parameters namely Support Value and Confidence Value. Then the prediction results of the study found that Honda's car sales that most demanded by consumers were Brio Satya, HRV, Mobillio, Jazz, and CRV
Sarwindah Sarwindah, Marini Marini, Tirta Aditya Pratama
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.1952

The process of drug distribution is one of the main processes in drug management which has an important role in managing drug availability. In its implementation, the drug distribution process requires information regarding the receipt, supply and expenditure of the drug between the sending and receiving parties, where the information can be changed periodically according to the entry and exit of the drug. Therefore Pharmacy Pharmacy warehouse in Kelapa Puskesmas which has the task of distributing drugs to sub-service units should be able to meet the needs in managing information on the drug distribution process. This research was conducted to analyze and design "Web-Based Drug Distribution Information System in Coconut Pharmacy Warehouse". In this research, the research method used by the author is the Oriented Object method with case studies in the distribution of drugs and to design information systems using the Oriented object approach and for the development method using the UML can be seen that the Drug Distribution Information System in the Web-Based Coconut Pharmacy Warehouse is currently experiencing problems, because there are some data processing processes that are still conventional in nature, and there is still no integration of drug inventory data with drug sales data and so forth
, Mesran Mesran
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.2080

Heart disease is a disease with a high mortality rate, there are 12 million deaths each year worldwide. This is what causes the need for early diagnosis to find out the heart disease. But the process of diagnosis is quite challenging because of the complex relationship between the attributes of heart disease. So it is important to know the main attributes that are used as a decision making process or the classification process in heart disease. In this study the dataset used has 57 types of attributes in it. So that reduction is needed to shorten the diagnostic process, the reduction process can be carried out using the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method. The PCA method itself can be combined with data mining calcification techniques to measure the accuracy of the dataset. This study compares the accuracy rate using the C5.0 algorithm and the Naïve Bayes Classifier (NBC) algorithm, the results obtained both after and before the reduction are Naïve Bayes Classifier (NBC) algorithms that have better performance than the C5.0 algorithm
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.2110

The application of data mining is very useful in the sale of ornamental plants and can affect the ups and downs of the sales turnover of ornamental plants, the many types of ornamental plants and types of flowers and their different names make people interested in ornamental plants confused in the search for ornamental plants to be purchased. The higher interest in purchasing ornamental plants makes the amount of data and information that needs to be known and explored efforts to find out which type of ornamental plant that has a lot of interest, usually people not only buy one type of ornamental plant, but there are also other types of ornamental plants that are also purchased. Apriori algorithm is an algorithm in data retrieval using association rules that aim to determine the associative relationship of a combination of items, data mining itself is a way of computerization in marketing strategies
, Nurul Huda
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.2033

In an agency or company a letter is one of the most important communication media. The letter is in the form of incoming and outgoing letters. At the Banyuasin Regency Manpower and Transmigration Office, management of incoming and outgoing letters is still done manually starting from making, storing, documenting, to verifying letters, all done manually so as to result in ineffective and inefficient energy, time and cost. Letter Filing Information System can be a solution to this problem. The methodology used to design this information system is to use the RAD (Rapid Application Development) method and the program produced in this system is the Information System for Filing Incoming and Outgoing Letters at the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Musi Banyuasin Regency using PHP as a programming language and MySQL as the database
Supiyandi Supiyandi, Hermansyah Hermansyah, Khairani A P Sembiring
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i2.2042

Personal data is often the target of people who are not responsible for being misused. Theft is done is to benefit from people who have the data. In addition to theft of work files, theft is also carried out on video files. Theft of this file aims to find out what the contents of the video. Someone has a private recorded video that cannot be known by others. Misuse of video files will be fatal for the owner of the video. Cryptographic techniques are needed in video security. Caesar Cipher's algorithm can help users secure the video file. The Base64 algorithm can be used to change the ASCII 256 format to Base64 so that it is easy to send or store in a storage medium. This algorithm will make the file structure simpler so that it can be displayed and saved. By applying the Base64 and Caesar Cipher algorithms to video files, the security and confidentiality of these files will be guaranteed
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