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Elisabeth Oriana Jawa La, Repining Tiyas Sawiji, Ni Made Rai Yuliani
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 185-200; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2136

Degenerative diseases triggered by antioxidants in the body are unable to neutralize the increased concentration of free radicals that can cause cell damage, so to destroy free radicals it is necessary to have antioxidants from outside the body. Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) is one plant that is known to have a lot of secondary metabolite content however it is not fully utilized. To analyze the content of chemical compounds and the antioxidant effect of n-hexane extract of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr.). Identification of chemical compounds was carried out by phytochemical screening and confirmed by the analysis of the extract thin layer chromatography profile, whereas the antioxidant activity test was carried out using the radical capture method of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) with Trolox as a comparison. The results of the identification of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) extracts is containing secondary metabolites in the form of flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, triterpenoids/steroids, and tannins. The results of antioxidant activity test extracts of grapefruit peel(Citrus Maxima Merr) and Trolox each showed values that: IC50 111.69 ppm and 12.143 ppm. From the results of this test, the extract of grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) has moderate antioxidant activity when compared to Trolox.
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 45-52; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1829

Fatigue is a widespread clinical complaint among adults with type 2 diabetes. Fluctuating glucose levels can cause fatigue. Several factors are associated with fatigue in diabetic patients, including physiological factors such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, psychological factors such as depression associated with diabetes. Progressive muscle relaxation is a procedure to get relaxation in the muscles through two steps, namely by applying tension to a muscle group and stopping the tension then focusing on how the muscle relaxes, feeling the sensation of relaxation and fatigue is reduced. The aim of this study was to identify the effect of progressive muscle relaxation on fatigue symptoms in type II DM clients in 15 control groups and 15 intervention groups. The research method used a quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest control group design approach, consisting of one treatment (in the intervention group) and a control group. Data analysis was performed using univariate and bivariate analysis using t-independent and t-dependent tests. Wilcoxon test results in the intervention group and the control group showed a significant p-value of 0.002 (
Irma Wulandari, Fitri Indahsari
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 201-209; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2137

The medical record is one of the most important parts of a health service which must be supported by an adequate number of human resources, so it is necessary to calculate the exact workforce requirements. Medical record activities at Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic are not done by officers with medical record education qualifications but are carried out by officers with qualifications of high school education, midwifery diploma, and midwifery diploma. The research objective was to describe the need for medical record personnel based on the WISN (Workload Indicator of Staffing Need) method at the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic. The research design used descriptive quantitative with a cross-sectional approach. The population and sample of the study were all officers who carried out medical record activities as many as 3 people including the clinic manager, head of administration, and administrative staff. The results showed that the available work time was 1,953 hours/year or equivalent to 117,180 minutes/year, the workload standard was not in accordance with the number of available officers, the allowance standard was 1.70 workers. So that the need for medical record officers based on the WISN method is 9 workers. Based on the research results, there is a gap between theory and practice, where the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic does not use the WISN method or other methods for planning its workforce. It is suggested that the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic do deeper planning related to the workforce, especially for medical record officers to increase work productivity and reduce the risk of fatigue in officers.
Indah Mastikana
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 146-154; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2132

Prevention of dysplasia or pre-cancer is prevention before the arrival of cervical cancer is by Vaccine Immunization. The cervical cancer prevention program using HPV vaccination should have been obtained and known to young women in the educational process both at school and campus as well as through print and electronic media. The research design is descriptive-analytic with a cross-sectional approach. The sampling technique used nonprobability techniques with a sample size of 86 adolescents from each of the two schools. The result showed that of the 86 girls in SMA N 5 Batam City who had good knowledge, were 56 students (65.1%), only 26 students (30.2%) and less 4 students (4.7%) and that out of 86 girls in class X SMA N 5 Batam, as many as 78 students had positive attitudes (90.7%) and 8 student negative (9.3%) while the result of research at MAN Batam showed that from 86 girls who had good knowledge of 42 students (48.8%), quite 38 students (44.2%) and less than 6 students (7.0%) and of the 86 teenage girls of class X MAN Batam, 48 students had a positive attitude (55.8%) and 38 students (44.2%) negative attitude toward HPV Vaccine Immunization. The conclusion from the research results is that there is a majority of knowledge of adolescents SMAN 5 and MAN Batam have good knowledge and positive attitudes and there are significant differences in knowledge and there are no significant differences in attitude about HPV vaccine immunization.
Rumentalia Sulistini, Musonathul Khasifah, Hanna Dl Damanik
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 1-4; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1533

Stroke is a loss of brain function caused by the cessation of blood supply in part of the brain. Death of brain tissue due to stroke can cause muscle weakness in the affected limb such as fingers. This condition affects the ability to move and the quality of life of patients. Patients not only experience paralysis but also experience cognitive impairment, communication disorders, and visual field disorders or deficits in perception. Aims this study was to describe handgrip strength The average age of respondents was 60.5 years with the youngest age 41 years and 80 years of age. The average strength of the handgrip is 7.4 kg with the lowest strength is 1.3 kg and the highest is 18.6 kg. Obtained a relationship between age and muscle strength after stroke (p 0.023). The relationship between age and post-stroke muscle strength shows that the relationship between medium strength and negative patterning means that as you age, muscle strength decreases. So it is necessary to develop the Pattern of Activities and exercises for Post Stroke in Hospitals and the Community.
Theresia Jamini, Putri Perdana Anggreni, Dwi Marta Agustina
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 35-39; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1802

Hypertension is a significant health problem considering the complications it causes. The research objective was to describe hypertensive patients' perceptions of their treatment at the inpatient installation of RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019. Quantitative research methods with descriptive research design were applied with sampling with non-probability sampling is purposive sampling, amounting to 30 respondents—the process of collecting data using a questionnaire instrument. The data obtained were then processed and analyzed using Univariate Analysis. The results showed that 93.33% of respondents had a positive perception classification of their treatment, and as many as 6.67% of respondents had a negative perception classification. It was concluded that hypertensive patients' perception towards treatment in the inpatient room at RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019 has a positive classification of treatment, which means that most patients know and understand hypertension treatment both pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically, although it is still not optimal.
Noval Noval, Rizka Appriliani, Husda Oktaviannoor
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 111-118; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2127

Cempedak plants are widely distributed in Indonesia, one of which is Kalimantan. Cempedak is a tropical plant, so its potential can be used as an additive in the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations. Previous studies used cempedak seed starch as a binding agent in tablet formulations. This study aims to determine the effect of variations in concentration and optimum concentration of Cempedak seed starch (Artocarpus champeden) as a filler for Paracetamol tablets. The study used a True Experimental Design design with a posttest-only control group design. Making tablets using the wet granulation method. Data analysis used the one-way ANOVA test followed by the LSD test and the Kruskal-Wallis H test which continued with the Mann Whitney Test as a derivative test of the one-way ANOVA. Granule evaluation includes organoleptic, flow properties, tapping test, and stationary angle test. The results of the evaluation of the granules produced granules produced from each formulation are in accordance with the requirements. Tablet evaluation included organoleptic, uniformity in weight, the hardness of tablet, friability, and disintegration time. The results of the tablet evaluation showed that the maximum concentration of cempedak seeds was found in F1 because it showed the evaluation results that were in accordance with the requirements. In evaluating the uniformity of weight and hardness of tablets with the Kruskal Wallis H test and the Mann Whitney test, the results show that there are differences in each formula with a P-value
Fitriani Ningsih, Rizki Muji Lestari, Raynaldi Raynaldi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 61-69; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2120

In breastfeeding, it is necessary to carry out lactation management efforts by the mother to support the success of exclusive breastfeeding, because in essence lactation management starts during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during the breastfeeding period of the baby. Lactation management regulates the entire breastfeeding process to run smoothly and successfully, from the production of breast milk to the process of the baby sucking and swallowing breast milk. Therefore, it is necessary to support the fulfillment of breastfeeding for infants, namely the control model of lactation management which aims to ensure that lactation management can be carried out properly so that exclusive breastfeeding can be carried out. The design of this study used a Quasy Experiment research design with a Pre-Post-test Control Group Design, using a sample of 30 post-partum mothers in Pahandut Health Center, Palangka Raya City. This group was divided into 15 respondents as the intervention group and 15 respondents as the control group. In this study using the Paired T-Test statistical test. The results of statistical tests were also obtained from each control variable, the value of P value for counseling (0.000), family support (0.000), exclusive breastfeeding policy (0.000), breast care (0.017) and hypno breastfeeding (0.048). P value
Erika Fariningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 217-224; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2141

Premarital sexual behavior in adolescents is all behavior that is driven by the desire teenager well with the opposite sex or same-sex committed before their official relationship as husband and wife. Sexual objects could be someone else, people in the delusion, or self. Kinds of premarital sex among other things: kissing, necking, petting, intercourse. About 54% of the teenage single women had lost their virginity. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between Knowledge and Attitudes of Young Women With Pre-Marital Sexual Behavior In SMAN “Y” Batam 2016. In research using quantitative research with an analytical design using the cross-sectional approach, the samples of research use Probability Sampling Methods and techniques Simple Sampling with 218 respondents. The results of the research are most of the respondents have good knowledge about sexual behavior before marriage as many as 211 respondents (96.8%) and a positive attitude about the premarital sexual behavior of 132 respondents (60.6%). From the results of Chi-Square test knowledge study is p-value 0,001 > 0,05 and attitudes p-value 0.002 > 0.05. The conclusion of this research is There are Relationship Knowledge and Attitudes About Sexual Behaviour of Young Women Pre Marital In SMAN “Y” Batam.
Novi Milasari, , Sawitri Sawitri
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 210-216; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1967

Bipolar affective disorder is an episodic mental disorder characterized by manic, hypomanic, depressive, and mixed episodes, usually recurring and can last a lifetime. Patients with bipolar disorder have annual medical costs that were four times those of patients without bipolar disorder. The aim of this study is to analyze the cost-effectiveness of combination therapy between mood stabilizers and antipsychotics in patients with the bipolar affective disorder at Grhasia Mental Hospital Yogyakarta. This study is a retrospective with cohort study design using medical records and direct medical cost data during Januari-December 2018 period. Subjects are patients who were diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder manic episode (F31.2) and received a combination of mood stabilizer and antipsychotic therapy. The results were obtained in 46 patients with the affective disorder who met the inclusion criteria. The average direct medical cost of the sodium divalproate group was IDR 6.319.933 per day and in the lithium group was IDR 5.705.953 per day. The average length of stay in the sodium divalproate group was 25,79 days and in the lithium group was 25,75 days (P = 0,991). The Average Cost Effectivity Ratio (ACER) sodium divalproat group is lower than the lithium group (IDR 221.246 per day and IDR 245.434 per day, respectively). The conclusion of this study is that the combination of sodium divalproate-antipsychotic therapy is more cost-effective than lithium-antipsychotic therapy in a patient with bipolar affective disorder manic episode
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 141-145; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2131

Saccharin is a class of food additives permitted by Indonesia Republic Minister of Health Regulation No. 33 of 2012 for use in drinks, but if consumed in excess can cause harmful effects on health such as causing allergies and bladder cancer. The purpose of this study was to determine the presence of saccharin in coconut ice drinks in Pasar Rajawali Kota Palangka Raya. The sample used was 5 samples and the sampling technique was saturated sampling. Saccharin examination is done qualitatively using the resorcinol method. The results of research that has been done show that all samples of coconut ice drinks that have been tested negatively contain saccharin sweeteners.
Astri Widiarti, Angelina Novia Toemon, Dian Mutiasari, Dedy Baboe
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 88-93; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2124

In general, the social interactions of children with autism are closely related to how the children with the disorder communicate. Failure to developing social interaction makes children with autism unable to make eye contact with their interlocutors, tend to isolate themselves from social interaction, therefore it is very necessary to minimize difficulties, obstacles/weaknesses so that children with autism can carry out social interactions. Squishy is a toy that has pores like a sponge, has a soft texture, dan elastic, it also has the ability to return to its original form. Annaliese Griffin, A New York writer claimed that Squishy could be used as a medium to developing motor skills, and through Squishy’s soft texture, it also could be used to developing children's sense of touch. Children with autism can communicate with themself, creating an imaginary friend, or inviting their parents to participate doing role-playing together, it also could be a place for to children carry out social interaction because they play with their friends. The purpose of The Study is to understand the communication skills of children with autism development after given them Squishy Toys. The research design used in this study is a quasi-experimental study that aims to identify the effect of playing squishy therapy on improving communication development in autistic children with a one-group pre-post test design approach, namely using one group of research subjects with pre-and post-treatment observations. Giving Squishy Toys has a positive impact on the development of communication skills for children with autism. This is because based on the previous study and after being given the Squishy toys treatment, it has a significant relationship.
Repining Tiyas Sawiji, Elisabeth Oriana Jawa La
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 178-184; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2096

Red dragon fruit peels (Hylocereus polyrhizus) are considered important by the community. While the red dragon fruit peel contains flavonoids, betacyanin, anthocyanin, and vitamin C which have antioxidant activity so that it can ward off free radiation and prevent cell damage. Antioxidants are molecules that can prevent the oxidation of other molecules. Antioxidants can protect the skin from various free radical cell damage. The body butter is a pharmaceutical preparation in the cosmetic field that can be used for skin health care. This study aims to determine the percentage of antioxidant activity and IC50 values in the body butter ethanol extract of red dragon fruit peels. Red dragon fruit peels were extracted first using the maceration method with 96% ethanol solvent. The antioxidant activity test was measured using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. The results showed that the antioxidant activity value of formula I obtained IC50 values (56.17 μg / mL), formula II IC50 values (88.26 μg / mL), and formula III IC50 values (146.05 μg / mL). From the results obtained, the body butter formula which has the greatest activity is the formula I (AAI = 0.7). Antioxidant activity in body butter preparations is included in the group of moderate antioxidants.
Tantri Analisawati Sudarsono, Dita Pratiwi Kusuma Wardani, Arif Mulyanto
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 172-177; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1952

The prevalence of allergies is increasing from year to year due to the modern lifestyle in society. The incidence of allergies was influenced by several factors, such as genetics, age, sex, diet, food type, and also environmental factors. Determination of IgE levels in adolescents and young adults is important because the incidence of allergy is highly reported in adolescents and young adults. This study was conducted to determine IgE levels in allergies among university students in Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. This observational study was conducted among diploma students of Medical Laboratory Technology, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. The data of characteristic subjects were collected by a self-administered questionnaire whereas data of IgE levels were collected by serum samples and measured by ELISA. A total of 23 students (4.35 % male and 95.65% female) were included. Seafood allergy (25%) were the commonest allergy among the students. Only 9% of subjects have combination allergies. The highest of IgE levels were 365 IU/mL.
Shinta Nur Fajriyah, Yuliana Eka Lestari, Nadiatul Istiqamah Suaka,
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 10-24; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1688

Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) is a plant commonly found in Indonesia. Interestingly, its seeds traditionally used as antifertility. All parts of the Carica Papaya tree can be used for human needs from the fruit, leaves, seeds, sap, and stems. Carica Papaya seed extract contains secondary metabolite compounds in class Triterpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, and tannins which have functioned as antifertility. Nanocapsule is an innovation of nanoparticle dosage form with small particle size, that can accelerate the drug to the target. This Narrative Review purposed to determine the usefulness of the nanocapsules of Carica Papaya seed extract as antifertility. This research is a Narrative Review. A total of 36 articles that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria were analyzed descriptively, which include the efficacy of Carica Papaya, nanocapsules, and antifertility. The articles used include articles published in national journals and international journals. The result of the Narrative Review is presented in descriptive form. The results of the research show that Carica Papaya can be used traditionally to treat skin diseases, diarrheal disease, overcoming digestive disorders, and by research can be used as antifertility, The size of the nanoparticles obtained in the study ranged from 76.47 nm to 693.8 nm, and Carica Papaya seed extract is used as an antifertility by reducing sperm quantity, semen pH, spermatogenesis process, interfering the action of pituitary gonads, by preclinical reducing the number of ovum quality and the number of de Graff Follicles in female mice. Overall, it can be concluded that Carica Papaya nanocapsules in particle sizes between 76.46 nm to 693.8 nm can be used as antifertility that preclinically can affect the reproduction of female and male mice.
Septi Maisyaroh Ulina Panggabean
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 155-161; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2133

The way parents educate and raise children is influenced by many factors such as culture, religion, customs, beliefs, and personality of the parents. This study aimed to determine the relationship between parenting parents with the incidence of sibling rivalry in children. This study is an analytical cross-sectional correlation, the total population of samples taken with accidental sampling technique, the sample size of 20 respondents. The results showed the majority of children experience sibling rivalry events, from the results of the Chi-Square test of goodness of fit p-value of 0.001 with a significance level of 0.05, meaning that there is a significant relationship between parenting parents with the incidence of sibling rivalry. From this study, it can be seen that most of the respondents who apply pemanja authoritarian parenting and sibling rivalry occurs in children. Parents need to know and understand in applying parenting according to the stage of the child's behavior. Necessary counseling and guidance on parenting books that fit the child's development phase.
Gabrina Watari, Austin Bertilova Carmelita, Lia Sasmithae
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 130-140; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2130

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurobehavioral disorder that most often occurs in children, is a condition that affects school-age children as a mental disorder. One of the therapies that can be used is integrated sensory therapy with a form of therapy that encourages a child to develop their physical abilities. Search this article to see the relationship of integrated sensory therapy to changes in behavior and concentration of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Searching for articles through google scholar, found 18 journals to be reviewed. There were several games that had a relationship between sensory therapy, integration of behavior changes and concentration of children with ADHD, short-term play increased children's concentration, guessing the contents of the glass increased children's concentration and behavior, socialization games decreased impulsive behavior, bowling increased children's concentration, game education, increased concentration play children, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) increases children's concentration, mazes increase concentration, cranks increase children's concentration, flashcards increase concentration, music increases concentration and decreases impulsive behavior and writing increases concentration and decreases impulsive behavior. There is 1 journal which states that there is no difference between the integrated sensory therapy group and the untreated sensory integration group. There is a relationship between integrated sensory therapy to behavior change and control of children with ADHD. Integration sensory therapy involves activities that manage the sensory system by providing vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory, and touch input so that it can reduce hyperactive behavior and increase constructive behavior in children with ADHD.
Ika Avrilina Haryono, Noval Noval, Bayu Nugraha
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 102-110; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2126

Antioxidants are able to suppress free radicals, reducing the occurrence of oxidation reactions, and are also effective in preventing skin damage due to the aging process. The use of tampoi fruit extract as a gel mask preparation could have a purpose as an antioxidant to treat skin problems. The method is an experimental laboratory by making a gel mask preparation from tampoi fruit. The making of a gel mask begins with mixing the base mask consisting of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), Propylene Glycol, Carbomer 940 then added with tampoi fruit extract. The tampoi fruit gel mask formulation in this study was made based on variations in PVA of FI (3%), FII (6%), FIII (12%), and FIV (18%) which aims to determine its effect and the most optimal formula. The steps taken include the extraction of tampoi fruit, making gel masks with 4 formulas F1 (3%), F2 (6%), F3 (12%), and F4 (18%) followed by evaluation of formulas which include organoleptic tests, pH test, viscosity test, spreadability test, and adhesion test. Physical stability testing was carried out for 4 weeks. Furthermore, the data were analyzed by using the ANOVA statistical test. The results showed that there was a significant effect on the evaluation of the viscosity test and the adhesion test for each formula. Meanwhile, the pH test and spreadability test did not have a significant effect on each formula. The optimal formula is in F1 with a PVA concentration of 3%.
Erina Eka Hatini, Noordiati Noordiati
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 53-60; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2119

Prevalence of anemia is about 29% (496 million) in women who are not pregnant, and about 38 % or 32.4 million pregnant women aged 15-49 years are anemic. (WHO, 2014 ) . About 23% of adolescent girls experience anemia due to iron deficiency and have low knowledge about anemia. This study aims to analyze the use of Video Youtube to increase the knowledge of young girls about Anemia. This study was using one design group comparison pretest-posttest design. About 96% of respondents are 14-16 years old, 4% of respondents are ≥17 years old. As many as 100% of young girls know information about anemia from health education by health workers. Around 64 % of young girls experience menstruation around the age of 10-13 years, 36 % at age 14-16 years. Analysis using the Wilcoxon test, the average score of girls knowledge was 52.00 before the intervention and after the intervention, the average knowledge score of the young girls was around 83.60. The analysis has obtained a p-value of 0.000 (p
, , Opi Indriani
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 25-34; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2117

Ethnopharmacology is the study of the use of plants that have pharmacological effects for the treatment and health care of an ethnic group. The ethnopharmacological study was conducted in Kapuas Hilir District, Kapuas Regency. This is because the people of Kapuas Hilir District, Kapuas Regency still use medicinal plants to cure diseases whose properties have been known from generation to generation. This study aims to obtain data in the form of plant species, parts used, processing methods and to find out whether the empirical properties of the medicinal plants used are supported by research data. This research was conducted using qualitative research methods with descriptive design, techniques in data collection using observation, interviews, and documentation. The results showed 22 types of medicinal plants used to treat various diseases, namely Rabangun, Cat's Whiskers, Keji Beling, Sawangkak, Karamunting Bulu, Kastela, Soursop, Mangkudu, Katatuak, Gusar, Kalanduyung, Tabuluh, Insulin, Galinggang, Urang Iru, Uru. Balanda, Henda Baputi, Uru Samue, Panawar Gantung, Breadfruit, Pahakung, and Kalamenyu. The plant parts used are the bark, rhizomes, flowers, herbs, stems, roots and the most widely used are the leaves. The processing method is soaked in warm water, burned, made capsules, consumed directly, pounded, and processed by boiling most often. Most of the empirical properties of medicinal plants used are still not supported by research data.
Samsul Hadi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 162-166; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2134

The ORF3a protein from SARS-CoV has functions in terms of ion channel activity, modulates the trafficking properties of SARS-CoV spike (S) protein, increases fibrinogen expression in pulmonary epithelial cells, and induces apoptosis. So that research is needed to overcome the ORF3a experiment. The method in this research uses the computational screening method with autodok4 software. The results of this study resulted in free binding energy between Hassk Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) and ORF3a compounds, namely: α-tocopherol-quinone (-5.86); blumeatin (-4.98); methyl cinnamate (-4.44); myricetin (-4.49); naringenin (-4.93); quercetin (-4,9); rhodomyrtone (-6); rhodomyrtosone B (-7.11); rhodomyrtosone C (-6.77); tetrahydroxyflavanone (-4.91); α-tocopherol A (-6.72); verimol K (-4.89); watsonianone A (-7.55). Based on the data obtained, the ligand with the most potential due to the stability of the bond is watsonianone A.
Rohama Rohama, Zainuddin Zainuddin
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 125-129; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2129

The Gayam tree is widespread in the territory of Indonesia, the Gayam plant (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) is also used as a medicine for bloody bowel movements in the community by boiling the stems and drinking boiled water. Besides having medicinal properties, Gayam is also used as food in the community in the Banjarmasin area. The common people certainly do not know the benefits of gayam and its nutritional value. Research on the identification of secondary metabolite compounds in Gayam leaf extract (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) using TLC where Gayam Leaves (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) was extracted by maceration method, the thick extract obtained was then carried out by testing the identification of secondary metabolites with color reagent and TLC. The results of the identification of the compound metabolite of gayam leaves (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) by color reagent and TLC test showed positive test results for alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins.
Mustaqimah Mustaqimah, Rina Saputri, Ali Rakhman Hakim
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 119-124; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2128

Distribution of pharmaceutical products from the pharmaceutical industry before reaching the pharmacy service point must be through wholesale. Good distribution practice methods are a set of standardized routine working methods, which ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products remain intact from the very beginning to the end of the expiration period. Good distribution practice methods must be implemented by all wholesale in Indonesia so that wholesale operations can run effectively and efficiently. All pharmaceutical wholesalers must have standard operating procedures, personnel with integrity, and a good documentation system.
Linda Handayuni, Hendra Nusa Putra
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 40-44; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1814

The Community Health Center hereinafter referred to as the Puskesmas, is a health service facility that organizes public health efforts and first-rate individual efforts, prioritizing promotive and preventive efforts. The recording and reporting system (SP2TP) is a comprehensive and integrated recording and reporting activity for Puskesmas with the concept of puskesmas working areas. PIECES include Performance, Information, Economic, Control, Efficiency, and Service. Puskesmas Lubuk Buaya already uses the e-Puskesmas application and already has PIECES, but it is not yet perfect in its application. This community service's purpose is that the implementation of SP2TP by using PIECES is better at the Lubuk Buaya Health Center. The method used with Research Development. Medical record officers' performance on the implementation of e-puskesmas has been running well on the information is still not accurate in providing information. The economy is still lacking facilities and infrastructure in the smooth implementation of e-puskesmas. There are still errors in the data in control so that supervision is still not guaranteed; efficiency has not been found to increase efficiency in the performance of health centers and services there are still processes that have not been implemented. In the implementation of SP2TP using PECES, it should be optimized so that errors do not occur in the information available at the Puskesmas, and other fields related to reporting will be easier to monitor, including external parties.
Noval Noval, Rosyifa Rosyifa
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 94-101; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2125

Diclofenac sodium is included in the class II category based on the biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS), sodium diclofenac has low solubility and high permeability. Low solubility will affect the absorption of drugs in the body because the rate of dissolution will decrease. Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) K30 is an inert carrier that dissolves easily in water and can affect the solubility of an active drug substance. To know solid dispersion system increasing dissolution rate of sodium diclofenac by adding variations concentration of PVP K30. Solid dispersion uses a solvent method with variations concentration of PVP K30 1:3, 1:5, 1:7, and 1:9. Test physical properties of solid dispersions using a moisture test and compressibility. Solid dispersion dissolution test using type 2 dissolutions test and determination of concentration using UV-VIS spectrophotometry. Test results were analyzed using One Way ANOVA and continued test. Solid dispersion has a good physical whit moisture percentage not >5% and compressibility not >20%. Solid dispersion of sodium diclofenac with the addition of PVP K30 can increase dissolution rate compared to pure sodium diclofenac (p
Erwin Erwin, Asmawati Asmawati, Suhikma Sofyan
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 5-9; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1535

Dental health practitioners need to consider the use of alternative materials for the examination of plaque indexes derived from natural ingredients as a substitute for disclosing materials because they are not always available despite the high price. one example of this natural ingredient is the kesumba seed plant. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in plaque index on examination by disclosing solution and kesumba material. This type of research is quasi-experiment. This study used a sample of 47 students from Lawulo Elementary School-aged 9-12 years, data collection was done by checking the PHP plaque index. The results showed that the average plaque index score on examination with a disclosing solution was 3.08, and the average plaque index score on examination with the examination was 2.17 with a difference of 0.91. Statistical test results obtained ρ-value: 0,000 <α (0.05) so that, it can be concluded there are differences in the plaque index on examination with Disclosing solution and examination with kesumba.
Sofia Mawaddah, Novia Karlawaty
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 167-171; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2135

The low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding is a challenge for midwives to be more active in promoting health about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for infant growth. The low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding can have an impact on the quality of life for future generations of the nation and also on the national economy. One of the efforts to increase the rate of breast milk secretion and production is through the use of traditional herbal medicines such as katuk leaf tea. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of katuk leaf tea. on milk production in postpartum mothers on day 4-7. This research method is a quasi-experimental post-test-only non-equivalent control group design with a sample size of 30 postpartum mothers who meet the inclusion criteria. The statistical test of this study is the independent T-test. The results showed that there was an effect of giving katuk leaf tea on increasing breast milk production in postpartum mothers with a P-Value = 0.000 (
Vina Agustina, Suryagustina Suryagustina, Henry Wiyono
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 82-87; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2123

A fracture or often called a fracture is a break in the continuity of bone tissue and is determined according to its type and extent. Pain is the most common complaint in fracture patients. Based on the results of the preliminary survey on February 14, 2018, in the Dahlia room, RSUD dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangka Raya, from 10 patients, it was found that 6 patients did not know that warm water compress therapy could reduce pain and 4 patients had heard that warm water compresses could reduce pain but still did not dare to take action alone without advice from a health professional. The results of the analysis research with the Wilcoxon test obtained a significant p-value (0.008
Rizki Muji Lestari, Fitriani Ningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 75-81; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2122

Pregnancy is something that every married couple always looks forward to, but over time not all pregnancies go smoothly. Hypertension in pregnancy is one of the complications that often occur in pregnant women. Hypertension in pregnancy is common and is the leading cause of maternal death and has other serious effects during labor. Hypertension in pregnancy occurs in 5% of all pregnancies. Garlic is one type of natural wealth that can reduce blood pressure because garlic has active compounds that are known to affect the availability of ions for the contraction of smooth muscle in blood vessels. This study used a sample of 30 respondents of pregnant women with hypertension who came to the KIA room at the Pahandut Health Center, Palangka Raya City, totaling 30 respondents. In this study, the independent variable was garlic extract intervention, while the dependent variable was blood pressure. In this study, using a Paired Sample T-Test statistical test using a computerized. From the results of the study, it can be seen that the mean difference between the first and second measurements is 8.63 with a standard deviation of 5. This difference is then tested with the paired T-test resulting in a test that is obtained by 0.00, so it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in blood pressure at the first measurement and the second measurement.
Lensi Natalia Tambunan, Dewi Aprilianti
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 70-74; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2121

The physiological condition experienced by all maternity mothers is labor pain. It is caused by ischemic u muscles, withdrawal and traction of the uteri ligament, ovarian traction, fallopian tubes, and distension of the lower part of the uteri, pelvic floor muscles, and perineum. How to reduce pain with non-pharmacological treatment namely endorphin massage (Endorphine Massage) and aromatherapy rose administration. Aromatherapy is a method that uses essential oils that can improve physical health and also improve emotional health. The aroma of essential oils can provide calmness and can reduce pain in childbirth. Rose or rose atrisi oil referred to as the queen of oils has a delicious aroma, stimulates feelings of comfort, and reduces pain. This study used a sample of 30 maternity respondents who came to the maternity room of Pahandut Puskesmas Palangka Raya city which numbered 30 respondents. In this study as a variable independent is the intervention of Endorphin Massage and aromatherapy rose, while as a variable dependent is a pain. In this study, we used statistical T-Test using computerization. From the results of the study, it can be known that the mean rank of pain in the maternity mother is not given endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose is greater than the pain in the maternity mother given endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose, and obtained a p-value of 0.00, so it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in labor pain in times I without endorphin massage and rose therapy with endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose.
, Agnes Dewi Astuti
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 39-45; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1339

The level of adherence usually decreases in patients with chronic conditions compared to acute conditions; this is related to the long-term nature of chronic disease due to the most rapid decrease in adherence after the first 6 months of therapy. The decline in compliance not only resulted in poor health outcomes but also had a significant impact on health costs. The purpose of this study was to determine family support for medication adherence in type 2 DM patients. This study used descriptive correlational using a cross-sectional study approach of 100 respondents. Patient demographic data and family support were obtained using a questionnaire while the level of compliance used Morisky Medication Adherence Scales. The results show that there is a relationship between family support and medication adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes, which is viewed from 4 dimensions: appreciation support, emotional support, information support, and instrumental support. Support from family can improve medication adherence in type 2 DM patients.
Kholifa Nur Ardhina, , Emi Azmi Choironi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 26-31; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1617

Work is often the reason for mothers not to have the opportunity to give exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months to their babies. This reason is motivated by the lack of sufficient time to breastfeed or express milk. This is also experienced by breastfeeding mothers in the Klaten region who already have regulations on exclusive breastfeeding. This study aims to determine the large percentage of exclusive breastfeeding for working mothers in Klaten district. This study uses a categorical descriptive method involving 117 respondents. Primary data were collected from the midwife clinics of Ni'ma and Warsiti, the Belang Wetan posyandu, and several TKs in Klaten, which were included in the inclusion criteria. A total of 63 mothers (54%) who worked successfully gave exclusive breastfeeding to their children, while unsuccessful were 54 mothers (46%). The success rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the age group of 17-25 years was 14 subjects (11.97%), at the age of 26-35 years was 44 (37.61%) and at the age of 36-45 was 5 (4.27%). The educational background of successful working mothers is D4 / S1 of 21 subjects (17.95%). The occupational groups that succeeded in providing exclusive breastfeeding were Teachers (54.5%), Entrepreneurs (75%), Civil Servants (80%), BUMN Employees (66.7%), and Health Workers (90.9%). The percentage of success of exclusive breastfeeding for mothers who worked for ≤ 8 hours amounted to 57.1%, while mothers who worked> 8 hours amounted to 36.8%. The higher the level of mother's education, the higher the success rate of exclusive breastfeeding. The longer the mother works, the lower the success rate of exclusive breastfeeding.
Tri Harningsih, Wimpy Wimpy
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 57-62; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1618

Lead is a mixture of gasoline-making materials that has an anti-knock function on vehicle engines. Vehicle exhaust smoke due to incomplete combustion processes is discharged into the air. Gas station operators are workers at high risk of exposure to lead. This study was conducted to describe the levels of lead in the blood of gas station operators based on smoking habits. This type of research is descriptive using a cross-sectional approach. Research conducted on May-August 2019. Samples were taken by purposive sampling technique and obtained samples of 5 gas station operators at Karanganyar Region. Examination of lead levels in the blood using the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA 7000. The results of this study were to obtain blood lead in all operators examined with codes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 each of which was 1,7854 μg/dl; 1,2049 μg/dl; 1,6656 ug/dl; 1,2825 ug/dl; 1,4950 ug/dl. Respondents with smoking habits 20 cigarettes/day had the highest lead levels among all respondents. All gas station operators with smoking habits every day have blood lead levels at the normal threshold set by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which is
Silvi Ayu Wulansari, Umarudin Umarudin
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 77-83; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1534

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound that functions as an antioxidant with a large molecular weight of 863.36 g / mol and has lipophilic properties. This makes coenzyme Q10 need to be formulated to improve the solubility of the material and the delivery system in the skin. This study aims to determine the effect of various combinations of non-ionic surfactant concentrations (span 60 and PEG-40 HCO) on the physical stability of microemulsions. In this study Coenzyme, Q10 was formulated in oil-type microemulsion preparations in water. The oil used as the oil phase is rice bran oil with a combination of surfactant span 60 and PEG-40 HCO and 96% ethanol as a cosurfactant. the microemulsion was made in 4 microemulsion formulas namely FI, F2, F3, and F4, each formula was made 3 replications. Microemulsion preparations were evaluated after 24 hours after the preparations were made, observations made included organoleptic (shape, color, and phase formed), pH, viscosity, droplet size, zeta potential, and polydispersity index before and after centrifugation test with 10,000 rpm for 30 minutes. The research data were processed statistically using the Kruskal-Wallis analysis and Mann-Whitney follow-up tests. The results showed that the surfactant concentration affected physical characteristics (viscosity, droplet size, zeta potential, and polydispersity index) with a significantly different result (p 0, 05).
Akhyarul Anam, Sahrudi Sahrudi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 121-127; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1571

Chronic kidney failure affects sexual function problems (sexual dysfunction) which tends to worsen with decreased kidney function. This study aimed to explore in-depth the response of individuals in dealing with sexual dysfunction. This study used qualitative research methods and case study approach with a single case design through semi-structured interviews. Samples were taken by purposive sampling technique in patients with chronic kidney failure who experience sexual dysfunction. Data is processed by the thematic content analysis method. The main themes found include erectile dysfunction, actions taken for sexual dysfunction problems, responses to the face of sexual dysfunction, as well as expectations for health services. Traditional alternative therapy is done, but there are no significant results. Participants' response is positively such as giving in, increasing spiritual activity, and being aware of old age. Health services for sexual dysfunction problems are highly expected.
Dahliansyah Dahliansyah, Yanuarti Petrika
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 157-162; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1630

Anemia of pregnant women is at risk of increasing abnormal labor, the risk of maternal infection, and the tendency of bleeding which will have an impact on maternal and infant mortality. Bees (Trigona sp) are known to produce honey that contains vitamin C, functions as an antibiotic, antitoxin, antioxidants and to enhance the body's immune system, as well as the content of vitamin A, iron (Fe), and vitamin B12 which functions as the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin prevents anemia. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of giving Trigona sp. Honey. (Kelulut) and Sambas Siam against the blood hemoglobin (Hb) levels of pregnant women. The Pre-Experiment Designs research method was using the Non-Randomized One Group Pretest-Postest Design, in which a group was given the treatment of Trigona sp Honey and Sambas siamas orange juice and then the results were observed, and the pretest and posttest were conducted. The subjects of this study were third-trimester pregnant women in the work area of the Karya Mulya Public Health Center. The sample in this study was 30 pregnant women. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling method, data analysis uses a paired t-test. The results showed that there was a significant influence in the administration of Trigona sp. Honey. (Kelulut) and Siam Sambas Oranges to increase blood hemoglobin (Hb) levels in pregnant women with Sig. (2-tailed) obtained 0,000
Zahara Farhan, Tantri Puspita, Devi Ratnasari, Cyntia Rianasari
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 163-170; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1632

Garut Regency is one of the areas that have the highest potential for disasters in West Java with the most frequent types of natural disasters, namely earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, and tsunamis. The impact of those disasters inflicts many casualties, infrastructure damage, loss of property, paralyzed life activities, and the emergence of various diseases. However, this does not affect the community to remain in high-risk areas due to several factors underlying the community to remain in the region such as; social factors, environmental factors, economic factors, and cultural factors. This study's aim was to find out the most dominant factors that motivate the community to remain in high-risk disaster areas in Garut Regency This study was used as a cross-sectional method with a sample of 120 families. The sampling technique was purposive sampling with logistic regression analysis. Spearman rank test results showed that social and economic factors were factors that have a community relationship still living in high-risk areas of disaster ( p values = 0.02 and 0.01, respectively), The logistic regression test results indicate that environmental factors were the most dominant factor for the community to remain living in a high-risk disaster area in Cibatu Sub-District, Garut Regency with a 2.265 Wald at a 95% significance level. Social factors were not proven to be the most dominant factors among the 4 other factors in the background of the community still living in high-risk areas of disaster in the District of Cibatu, Garut Regency.
Aida Kusnaningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 1-5; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1142

Delivery by section Caesarea is surgical to save mother and baby who risk condition and cannot give vaginal delivery. Section cesarean can cause-effect physical, psychological problems, and role nursing to reduce the effect and help the patient. This study aimed to depict the implementation of the nursing with focuses application the theory or comfort Kolcaba and self-care Orem on the case of primipara post-cesarean section. The method used is a case study with the application of the Orem Self Care Theory and Comfort Kolcaba in five cases of women with a post-primiparous cesarean section at Dr. RSUPN. Cipto Mangunkusoma Jakarta The application of theory help post-cesarean patient to comfort/reduced pain and increase ability self-care and newborn.
Theresia Jamini, Fandi Jumaedy, Dwi Martha Agustina
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 171-176; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1631

Health problems often occur in the elderly, which affect social interactions. This condition can be one of the triggers for depression in the elderly in the nursing home. The incidence of depression experienced by the elderly who live in the study location is 50-75% due to loneliness, hopelessness, loss of a spouse, and loss of social roles. This type of research is a quantitative non-experimental, correlational research design with a cross-sectional approach. A total of 75 respondents at the Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Budi Sejahtera, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, were taken by purposive sampling technique, and in this study, a questionnaire was used as a research instrument. The statistical test used the Spearman Rank Correlation at a significant level of 0.05 and the results showed that 32 respondents had sufficient social interaction and 32 respondents had a moderate depression level. The results of statistical tests using the Spearman Rank correlation obtained the Correlation Coefficient value of 0.580 and a p-value of 0.000.
Sri Sugiarti, Surip Surip, Merrytiana Fadila
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 52-56; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1543

Concerning radiation safety must meet several radiation protection requirements which include justification or utilization of nuclear power, dose limitation, optimization of protection, and radiation safety. The purpose of this study was to determine the optimization of the exposure factor selection and determine the radiation dose received by the patient based on the selection of exposure factors on the thorax examination. The author observed the use of exposure factors on chest radiographic examination with a sample of 60 people. The design of this study uses the correlational method. The independent variables in this study are age, body weight, object thickness, kV, and mAs. Dependent variable exposure to radiation dose on chest examination. The conclusion of this study is the dose exposure level is influenced by age, object thickness, weight, and use of exposure factors which will then be obtained by the DRL (Diagnostic Reference Level) value.
Natalansyah Natalansyah, Wulandari Wulandari, Barto Mansyah
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 91-95; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1623

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates the number of DM increases in Indonesia from 9.1 million in 2014 to 14.1 million in 2035. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia due to defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or a combination. Diabetes mellitus can cause clinical changes in diabetics. The purpose of this study was to study the relationship of stress levels with self-care on type 2 DM clients in BLUD Internal Medicine dr. Doris Sylvanus. This research method uses a cross-sectional study design, with a purposive sampling technique, the number of samples in this study were 35 respondents, collecting data using a Diabetes Self-Care Activity Summary questionnaire (SDSCA and Diabetes Disorders Scale (DSS) and analyzed using the chi-square test The results of this study indicate that of the 20 respondents who were severely stressed 18 respondents were not good in self-care and of the 15 respondents who increased mild stress 10 respondents were able to perform self-care well. = 0.001, where the p-value <α (α = 0 05) It can be concluded that there is a significant relationship between stress levels and self-care where the higher the stress level, the lower the self-care treatment.
Mohammad Sobirin
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 128-132; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1550

Students are the main factor that determines lecture activities run properly. The long learning process makes students experience many difficulties. With the online lecture as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, it is possible for student discomfort during lectures to increase. In this study, an identification was made related to health complaints that occur in students during lectures using the online method. The research method is to use descriptive methods from statistical calculations and the NBM (Nordic Body Map) questionnaire. Data collection was carried out on 30 students at the Institut Teknologi dan Sains Nahdlatul Ulama Pekalongan. The results of the analysis showed that health complaints occurred in the form of temporary pain, longevity, and permanence. The most painful body points are located in the area of the hands (shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and wrists), and the trunk (neck, back, hips, waist, and buttocks). Based on these results a solution is needed in the form of good posture at work, and the use of work tools and appropriate supporting media.
Lensi Natalia Tambunan, Angga Arsesiana, Ana Paramita
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 101-111; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1625

Preeclampsia is the problem and can threaten soul mothers during pregnancy, giving birth, and the fetus. Mother maternity with preeclampsia in BLUD dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya's rise in 2015 amounted to 14,2% of 2014 namely 12,3% and there is one of the deaths of the mother caused by preeclampsia. Factors affecting the occurrence of preeclampsia are Antenatal Care (ANC), a history of hypertension, age, parity, double pregnancy, use of birth control contraceptives, employment, education, health insurance. The purpose of the research is to know the dominant factors affecting the occurrence of preeclampsia in the BLUD Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangka Raya Central Kalimantan province year 2017. The design of this research is the quantitative observation of observational analytic using the type of case-control study design. The case is the entire maternity mother with preeclampsia as much as 81 people and the control is no preeclampsia maternity mother as much as 162. Samples taken randomly are simple. Data analyzed in a descriptive and Chi-square. The results of the analysis showed that 55.6% of maternity mothers with preeclampsia seldom/never conducted an ANC examination. There are 2 significant variables associated with preeclampsia in maternity mothers, Antenatal Care (ANC), and the history of hypertension. It can be concluded, the Antenatal Care (ANC) factor and the history of hypertension relate to preeclampsia in maternity mothers. It is recommended for midwives to conduct supervision in expectant mothers who conduct an ANC examination with a history of hypertension and collaborate with specialist doctors.
Rizka Ovany, Hermanto Hermanto, Titus Suprianto
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 138-142; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1628

The National Health Insurance (JKN) is carried out with a social health insurance mechanism that is mandatory to meet the basic health needs of the community that pays contributions or is paid by the Government. This is not well understood by many families so there are still families who have not used national health insurance on the grounds that they rarely get sick and do not use it when they seek treatment. This study aims to see the relationship of knowledge with motivation in using JKN. This type of correlation study with a purposive sampling technique, data collection using questionnaires in the form of closed statements as many as 11 items about national health insurance knowledge (JKN), and as many as 15 items of questions. Motivational measurements were given to 35 respondents. The statistical test uses the Rho Spearmen Test (Rank). From 35 respondents, there were 22 respondents (62.9%) lacking knowledge with 16 respondents (45.7%) moderate motivation and 6 respondents (17.1%) strong motivation while 9 respondents had sufficient knowledge level (9 respondents) 25.7%) with the strong motivation of 6 respondents (17.1%) and a moderate motivation of 3 respondents (8.6%) while respondents who have a good level of knowledge amounted to 4 respondents (11.4%) with the strong motivation of 4 respondents (11.4%) and moderate motivation (0%). With the analysis test resultsusing the Rho Spearmen (Rank obtained P-Value 0.002 (0.002
Christine Aden, Marselinus Heriteluna
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 143-156; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1629

Postpartum recovery of the reproductive organs, especially the uterus, should occur immediately. The uterus should return to its pre-pregnancy size. Treatment to restore maternal health during the postpartum period was carried out by the Dayak community by using the herbal concoction of Tawas Ut (Ampelocissus Rubuginosa L). This study aims to determine the health status of post-partum mothers by administering the Tawas Ut herb as a food product. paired t-test). It was found that there was a significant difference in the mean fundal height between the intervention and control groups (p-value 0.012) with a difference of 2.91, or there was a difference of 61.1%. The results of the Paired t-test showed that there was a significant difference in the mean uterine fundal height between before and after the intervention period (p-value 0.0005) with a difference in uterine fundal height of 10.45 cm or a change of 84%. This shows that the local-based food of Tawas Ut has effects on the health status of postpartum mothers, which can reduce leukocytes by 32% and reduce uterine fundal height by 84% to normal sizes as before pregnancy. The use of this product is recommended to be used as a companion to standard service programs for postpartum mothers to support government programs to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality due to postpartum problems.
Rika Armalini, Prasetyaningsih Prasetyaningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 70-76; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1620

Nausea, vomiting in pregnancy is physiological that occurs in the first trimester, which starts 6 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period, and disappears 6-12 weeks later. The report shows that almost 50-90% of pregnant women experience it. Nausea, vomiting if not treated can cause severe dehydration until poisoning occurs. The purpose of this study was to link the knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women with the occurrence of nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy in the Poskesdes Ampalu Midwife Helfiati, Amd. Keb. The study was conducted in July 2019. This type of research is analytic survey research with a cross-sectional design. The population in this study were all pregnant women who visited Helfiati Amd.Keb polindes as many as 40 pregnant women with a total sampling technique. Data were analyzed by univariate and bivariate by computerized statistical tests using SPSS Ver. 17 with a significance level α = 0.05 and a degree of confidence of 95%. The results of the univariate analysis showed that 52.5% of mothers experienced nausea, vomiting, 62.5% of low-knowledge mothers and 42.5% of mothers were negative about how to deal with nausea and vomiting. there is a significant relationship between knowledge (p = 0,000) and attitude (p = 0,000) with the incidence of nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy in the Poskesdes Ampalu Midwife Helfiati, Amd.Keb 2019. The results of this study can be concluded that there is a significant relationship between knowledge and attitude with the occurrence of nausea, vomiting. With this research it is expected that health workers provide IEC services and improve health care counseling in an effort to increase the knowledge of pregnant women about how to cope with nausea, and also expect mothers to be more active in seeking information about physiological complaints during pregnancy, especially how to deal with nausea vomiting by following counseling activities held by health workers so that in the future more knowledge from mothers.
, La Ode Muhammad Fitrawan, Yusniati Dwi Pemudi, Sunandar Ihsan, Ruslin Ruslin, Mentarry Bafadal, Nurwati Nurwati, Ruslan Ruslan
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 6-12; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1442

The quality of outpatient services can be measured by the SERVQUAL model that takes into account 5 dimensions, namely tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. The purpose of this study was to look at the effect of service quality on outpatient satisfaction at the Apotek Puskesmas Puuwatu Kota Kendari. The subjects in this study were 34 outpatients. The analysis technique used is gap analysis to compare expectations and reality received by patients, normality test data based on questionnaire patient satisfaction that has been tested for validation. The results of this study indicate the average value of the gap in the pharmacy of Apotek Puskesmas Puuwatu Kota Kendari amounting to 0.27. From the value of the gap, the lowest gap value in the pharmacy center of Puuwatu is the place of service, and the provision of inadequate drug information of -0.24. Based on the paired t-test where significant value> 0.05 then Ho is rejected and Ha accepted so that means a significant difference between the quality of service to the satisfaction of patients in Apotek Puskesmas Puuwatu Kota Kendari. This study concludes that there is a significant gap between expectations and reality at the Apotek Puskesmas Puuwatu Kendari City
Natalansyah Natalansyah
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 84-90; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1622

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is a contagious disease and is a major public health problem in Indonesia. Palangkaraya City's DBD IR for three years has continued to increase and become 68% and CFR 2% in 2018, this is due to the community's participation in PSN activities that have not been carried out optimally. One of the strategies to optimize community participation in the prevention and control of Dengue Fever is the empowerment of students with video media and booklets in improving the behavior of Jumantik-PSN school children. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in the use of the WonderShare video media with booklets in increasing the behavior of jumantik-PSN school children and larva free rates in SMP Negeri 9 and 16 in the area of Kayon Puskesmas, Jekan Raya District, Palangka Raya City. This study used an experimental design. Two groups of pre and posttest designs. Samples were 50 students in grade 7 & 8, each of 25 groups of video media and booklets, instruments used were WonderShare videos, booklets, questionnaires, checklist sheets. The results showed that the independent t-test - there was a difference in the increase in mean scores, Knowledge between the video group and the booklet: P = 0.041 (P
, , Muhammad Priyadi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 18-21; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1615

One of the plants that are often used as medicinal plants is Black Seed, Black Seed is a medicinal plant known in Indonesia by the name of black cumin. Black cumin seeds and essential oils (Nigella sativa L.) have been widely used in traditional medicine. Many studies have proven the effects of Nigella sativa extract. In various studies, black cumin seed oil shows efficacy as an anti-cancer, anti-free radical and immunomodulator, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, a spasmolytic, bronchodilator, hepatoprotective, and anti-hypertensive Advanced chemical analysis found that Black Seed contains carotene that is converted into vitamin A by heart. The purpose of this study was to determine the potential inhibition of methanol extract of black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa L.) against Streptococcus. This research uses a quantitative approach with an experimental method. This research was conducted in the Pharmacognition and Microbiology Laboratory of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Muhammadiyah University, Palangkaraya. The sample used was a sample of plant material, namely Black Cumin Seed (Nigella sativa L) which had been dried and pollinated and then extracted and then tested against bacteria. The results of testing the antibacterial activity showed that from low concentration to high concentration the diameter of the resulting inhibition showed that the activity could inhibit the bacteria streptococcus mutants. The highest inhibition at a concentration of 6% is 0.83 mm and the lowest concentration at a concentration of 3% against Streptococcus mutants.
Fitriani Ningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 96-100; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i1.1624

The maternal mortality rate (MMR) is one indicator to look at the degree of women's health. Death of women of childbearing age is caused by problems related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperal, one of which is a result of preeclampsia. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between antenatal care adherence with the incidence of preeclampsia in pregnant women at the Kayon Health Center in Palangka Raya City. The design of this study is analytical research with a retrospective approach. The study population was pregnant women recorded in the 2018 medical records and the sample size of this study was 150 respondents with a sampling technique used was consecutive sampling. The statistical test used in this study is chi-square. The results of statistical tests can be concluded that there is a relationship between antenatal care compliance with preeclampsia with a Value P-value of 0.001. Therefore, it is necessary to promote health about the importance of carrying out regular antenatal care visits so that health workers can make early detection of symptoms of preeclampsia in the mother.
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