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Joyce Kamau
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 6-10;

Credibility and authenticity in leadership are two crucial values that determine both the leader's and follower’s effectiveness. With the current global changes and emerging trends in the business environment, credible and authentic leadership is indeed the next organization's unique competitive advantage. As most leadership authors have noted, the influence a leader has on his/her followers is dependent on their personal credibility. In an era characterized by leaders giving empty promises, exuding greed and other practices of moral decadency, emphasis on credible and authentic leadership come in handy to restore hope, confidence and optimism in leadership. It’s very clear from the available literature that credible and authentic leadership has a significant effect on a leader’s effectiveness as well as that of his/her followers. This paper seeks to explicate various principles that enable leaders to develop credibility and authenticity. The paper has also analyzed various discussions on leadership credibility & authenticity and concluded that developing and strengthening leadership credibility and authenticity is an ongoing process.
Imad Wazni
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 133-140;

Electricity provides various benefits to the economy, including the availability of electrical gadgets and improved lighting. Therefore, the loss of power is seen as a major setback, particularly in Lebanon. It would be incredibly challenging to provide modern energy such as electricity to light a room, cook a meal, or operate a restaurant. Restaurants in Lebanon either lack access to or cannot afford to pay for reliable sources of electricity. This means that individuals in Lebanon are able to pay for and make use of the newly accessible electricity. Convenience sampling is used when a researcher has ready access to the population from which to draw a sample. A wide range of managers participated in this poll. In Lebanese settings, only 300 out of 350 requested survey participants showed up. People who care about the environment are more likely to buy renewable energy. In general, advocates for the use of renewable energy sources tend to be those who are environmentally sensitive and who feel a personal commitment to safeguarding the earth. Customers' concern for the environment may affect their purchasing decisions, but this effect is likely to be moderated by other factors. Strong environmental values improve a consumer's tendency to purchase eco-friendly goods. Managers who care about doing the right thing are more likely to buy environmentally friendly products. In addition, ecoaware executives are more likely to invest in sustainable power plants. Customers that care about the environment and are knowledgeable about environmental issues are more likely to make purchases that are good for the planet.
June-Suh Cho
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 175-180;

ZeroPay was implemented to improve the card fee problem of small businesses, help them manage them, and consequently contribute to a positive economic cycle. However, ZeroPay, which started in 2018, was introduced to reduce fees for small business owners but is now being ignored by small business owners. Also, ZeroPay did not show successful results in bringing new changes to the financial market and citizen participation. In this paper, we discussed how ZeroPay proceeded after 4 years, how the initial issues were resolved, what the critical issues were, and how to resolve them. We also discussed why the “ZeroPay” service has been neglected by small business owners.
Mario Krenn
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 169-174;

Governments around the world have become prolific issuers of soft law regulation in the form of corporate governance codes. However, the strategies that governments pursue to ensure the diffusion of the codes have remained unexplored in the literature. Drawing from institutional and sociopolitical perspectives, I hypothesize that governments pursue a combination of different intervention strategies to bring the corporate governance arrangements of firms in line with the issued code. These strategies focus on the mobilization of material resources, the dissemination of rationales and legitimating accounts for corporate governance change, interventions in social structure and the establishment of new social relations. I test my hypotheses in the context of the issuance of the national corporate governance code in Germany and find general support for my hypotheses.
Jessica Tannoury
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 160-168;

Organizational culture is well-documented in the literature for its impact on company performance and its role in creating competitive advantages for companies. Organizational culture has long been acknowledged as a significant aspect in the analysis of organizations in many situations. An organization's culture serves as an integrated way of controlling members' behavior and as a particular catalyst for the organization's growth and development culture is an essential part of every facet of organizational life. As a result, a company's culture shapes how people think, work, and feel about their job and the business as a whole. Sampled respondents were surveyed with the use of a survey tool. A questionnaire served as the tool. Using the instrument ensured that data was collected in a consistent manner. The six sections of the survey were designed to answer the research questions. The study's target demographic was the Premium Shopping Center's 500 workers. A study's sampling frame is a list of all the research population's components that will be taken into account throughout the investigation. There are 11 divisions within the corporation, with four of their divisions situated in Beirut. The list of 500 workers of Premium Shopping Center served as the study's sample frame. However, only 250 respondents answered the questionnaires. Likert scale questions were used for the closed-ended questions. To elicit even more information from the participants, open-ended questions were used. The research demonstrated that a cooperative work environment had a positive impact on performance because of the existence of a supportive work environment. The research found that psychological safety is fostered by helpful and trustworthy interpersonal interactions as well as supportive management.
Gilda Azalia Nur Ramadhani Ramadhani, Miguna Astuti, Noraini Nasirun
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 148-154;

Since Covid-19, cashless especially e-wallet has become a trend in Indonesia. This was caused by the compatibility between e-wallet with the Indonesian lifestyle primarily when the Covid-19 protocol was applied and also could be used for a continuous purpose. This research was done to analyze the impact of compatibility and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) on the intention to use e-wallets. The technology acceptance model (consisting of perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness) is used to underpin the research framework. The data collected in this study are from college students who are living in Indonesia and using e-wallet. The measurement will be adapted from previous research in which the reliability and validity are confirmed using pre-testing. SPSS and SmartPLS are used to analyze the data. The output could become a contribution for the development of the TAM model in relation to the intention to use e-wallet among college students in Indonesia. In addition, the result could become an insight to understand consumer behaviors when using e-wallet.
Godfrey Nyongesa, Doris Mbugua, Rose Boit
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 155-159;

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of human capital on the service quality of accredited universities in Kenya. The study was guided by the positivist domain which is a major doctrine or theory in social sciences largely used in survey types of research. The study employed both a crosssectional research design and an explanatory research design. The target population comprised 74 public and private universities in Kenya. The sample size was 222 respondents. The main data collection tool was a questionnaire. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. Findings established that human capital had a significantly positive relationship with service quality. Human capital explained about 38% of the variation in service quality of accredited universities in Kenya. The practical implications for the study are that the human capital such as strategic leaders in universities should be aligned and increase their adoption of strategic leadership practices in order to inspire good managerial practices in universities. Additionally, the finding that human capital affects service quality is consistent with the Upper Echelons theory. This theory offers a framework for viewing leaders as wise, experienced, and educated change agents who serve as critical assets capable of enhancing service quality in their institutions.
Sahar Alayli
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 141-147;

When compared to large corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are far more likely to suffer from employee losses and much less likely to be able to absorb these losses. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are better able to handle internal control than large corporations. It appears that the people of Lebanon view this issue with sensitivity, it is rarely brought up in casual conversation. Since internal control is the main issue facing Lebanese businesses, they would rather not address it. Only 308 of 400 responders filled out the survey, and the results were evaluated with the use of the SPSS statistical package. Findings showed that businesses in the modern era urgently require monitoring systems, as new evidence shows that monitoring frameworks affect performance evaluations. The environment in which it operates shapes a company's management mindset. The monitoring setup provides the backbone upon which further layers of internal control may be built. Consequently, the study's subjects include the organizations' cultures and working styles and the ethics and ethical beliefs of the employees who create and execute controls. Many factors interact to maintain a stable ecosystem. A subset of the executive board and representatives from each board committee have been tasked with gathering the information necessary to complete this report at the request of the board of directors.
Ilham Setia Permadi, Oktofa Yudha Sudrajad
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 92-98;

Banua Petroleum Company holds 20 years of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) to manage Oil and gas field in East Borneo field by Government. The field has been producing hydrocarbons (Natural Gas, Oil and Condensate) for over than 50 years and in its declining phase. By nature, production decline is inevitable even though new wells were drilled and being maintained properly, while production cost increases as the aging of production facility. Refer to production forecast, The Company will deactivate Condensate Processing Plant (CPP) at the end of 2033 as condensate production will be below turn down capacity. While Oil Processing Plant (OPP) can still operate, since oil production will still above turn-down capacity at least until 2038. This study will provide a thorough analysis of CPP’s early deactivation (in 2023) by diverting all condensate production to OPP (instead of CPP), to unlock additional revenue to The Company. Business situation analysis and project economic is done in this study by considering Oil & Condensate’s market price difference and cost of revenue structure changes. Project valuation are calculated by Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) by applying cost-recovery term of PSC. While the risk is assessed by performing simulating uncertainties of parameters and review its sensitivities to the outcome.
Blerta Dragusha, Emirjeta Bejleri Memaj
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 103-108;

In November 2019, the world first heard about a mysterious virus that was rapidly spreading in China but soon began spreading around the world. This spread resulted in a pandemic in early March 2020. Governments worldwide imposed strict measures to close citizens at home, close factories, shopping malls, schools, and universities. Like all other sectors, the real estate sector faced an unusual situation. Investor fears caused sales in real estate to fall, people abandoned homes in urban areas to live in quieter areas while many households because of losing jobs struggled in loan payments. Although a short period of time, several studies have been conducted on the effects of COVID-19 on the real estate sector in various countries of the world. In this paper, we aim to take a look at the conditions of the real estate market in Albania during COVID-19.
Agung Pamuji, Achmad Fachrodji
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 99-102;

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of product quality, service and brand trust on purchasing decisions and their effect on customer satisfaction with indihome services. The subjects of this study are indihome users in the DKI Jakarta area. The study was conducted with 145 respondents. Determine the sample size using purposive sampling technique. The method used in this study uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with the Smart-PLS analysis tool. The results of this study show that product quality, service and brand trust have a significant effect on purchasing decisions, product quality has no significant effect on customer satisfaction, service quality has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, and brand trust has no significant effect on customer satisfaction, purchasing decisions have no significant effect on customer satisfaction. significantly increase customer satisfaction.
Istivani Helal
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 109-117;

Employee motivation is an ongoing fight for organizations. Arousal, direction, and persistence of planned activity with a purpose are all characteristics of motivation. A company's workers are critical to its future development and success. In many ways, they represent a company's image. Employees are the most critical resource a business may utilize to complete its tasks since they are the most valuable, expensive, and inconsistent. The research focused on quantitative methodology for collecting data and for evaluating the impact of performance appraisals on the performance of employees in the workplace. Data from primary and secondary sources will be gathered and merged to provide a complete picture of the relationship between 360-degree performance evaluations and employee motivation. The survey had been distributed using google forms over a sample of 100 respondents in Lebanese Companies, and the data had been treated using SPSS statistical tool and the results had been displayed in the form of descriptive and inferential statistics. The results showed a direct relationship between management by objectives, 360 degree appraisal, performance appraisal, and organizational performance.
Fauzan Aiman Margono, Alvanov Zpalanzani Mansoor
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 125-132;

The fashion industry is a very important industry because the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to GDP for Indonesia. In addition, the fashion industry is also growing all the time and always has new trends. To maintain existence, it is necessary to carry out new business strategies that are acceptable to the market. As a business actor in the fashion industry, Pola Lampau still lacks product variations and has not carried out product development. To improve business performance and be able to compete in the market, Pola Lampau wants to make updates in business strategies. This research will discuss relevant business strategies for Pola Lampau engaged in the fashion industry, to be able to compete in the fashion industry. This research is the basis for the company to maintain competition with competitors by first analyzing the company's existing conditions internally and externally. Internal analysis uses several methods that refer to several literature studies such as, Value Proposition Canvas, VRIO Analysis, Business Model Canvas & 7P Analysis, Market Analysis, Porter's Five Force Model & Competitor Analysis. The entire Internal and External analysis is processed through a SWOT diagram to map where the company's position is located. By conducting an interview, it can be noticed that the company will have to make updates in the business strategy. The final results of the analysis carried out show a proposed business strategy for the company using the Ansoff Matrix as a formulation method. The proposed strategy is categorized as Product Development & Diversification Strategy. These two strategies are aligned with action plans and an implementation schedule is made.
Nika Esti Rahayu, Eko Arief Sudaryono
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 118-124;

Universities not only need to be seen as science centers, research centers, and community service centers, but also a ''science producer'' corporate entity that needs to compete to ensure survival. Intellectual Capital is an interesting topic to be discussed and researched because it provides more value for entity, that increase competitiveness. This research contains a comparison of the intellectual capital disclosure in Indonesian State Universities based on Management pattern. Data for this research was taken from the official website of Indonesian State Universities that registered on UniRank. The finding of this research showed that from 85 universities had been study, there are significant differences intellectual capital disclosure based on management pattern. The limitations of this study are research samples are still small, only Indonesian state universities. Despite the existing limitations, this study may provide practical implications for universities as a university reference that the disclosure of intellectual capital has differences according to its management pattern. Therefore, it is hoped that in the future intellectual capital disclosure can be maximized in order to universities have competitiveness.
Kapinga Beni Glody, Zhen Meirong
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 63-69;

This reseаrсh аims tо investigаte the imрасt оf ethiсаl leаdershiр оn teасher’s сreаtivity in рubliс universities оf Demосrаtiс Reрubliс оf Соngо (D.R.С) thrоugh mediаting rоle оf trust in leаder аnd the mоderаting rоle оf аdvisоr suрроrt fоr сreаtivity. Questiоnnаire wаs used аs the dаtа соlleсtiоn methоd. The number оf sаmрles is 225 school members оf different рubliс universities оf D.R.С. The results оf this study shоw thаt there is а роsitive relаtiоnshiр between ethiсаl leаdershiр аnd teacher’s сreаtivity; trust in leаder mediаtes the relаtiоnshiр between ethiсаl leаdershiр аnd teacher’s сreаtivity, аnd аdvisоr suрроrt fоr сreаtivity dоes nоt mоderаte the relаtiоnshiр between trust in leаder аnd teасher’s сreаtivity.
Amal Najab, Kaltoum Lajfari, Oumniya Amrani
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 70-76;

The COVID-19 health crisis marked the beginning of a series of shocks that are a source of uncertainty that impacts the decision-making process of central banks around the world. The aim of this paper is to analyze the conduct of Morocco's monetary policy in a context of uncertainty, that of the COVID-19 health crisis. The results of our analysis have shown that in a context of uncertainty, the central bank is called upon to increase its communication to better guide the expectations of economic agents and ensure better transmission of the various monetary policy measures to the real economy. In addition, it must show itself to be credible by transmitting clear signals to restore the confidence of economic agents. However, central bank action alone is not enough. Conditions must be met, on the credit supply and credit demand sides, to remedy the structural imbalances that are holding back the competitiveness of our economy and to counter uncertainty.
Atieh Musleh
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 1-5;

No doubt that remote management nowadays is a necessity, during COVID-19, organizations practiced it, because it was impossible to manage without it. Moreover many organizations still use it after the pandemic believing that this kind of management can achieve their objectives and that it is a future demand, but it is necessary to make investments in digital infrastructure and the release of office space. So this article aimed to investigate the literature review of remote management to find out if it is necessary or not. Findings of the study revealed many positive and negative advantages for remote management of the business, otherwise, opportunities for increased productivity are raised. In conclusion, remote management imposed itself on organizations in order to do business.
Ersida Saragih, Rian Adi Pamungkas, Kemala Rita
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 77-84;

Nurses are the largest human resources in hospitals and have an important role in maintaining and improving the quality of health services in hospitals. The behavior of nurses in professional development is important to study because nurses are an integral part in patient care and play an important role in improving the quality of hospitals, so nurses have the responsibility to ensure patient safety with adequate competence. The competence of nurses must be maintained through the development of continuous professional development (CPD). The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of achievement motivation and nurses' career development on behavior in professional development with nurses' beliefs about the importance of learning at Bunda Margonda General Hospital Research Methods: This research is a quantitative study with cross-sectional time dimensions with data analysis method using regression. The population in this study was 125 people. The results showed the effect of achievement motivation and nurses' career development on behavior in professional development with nurses' beliefs about the importance of learning at Bunda Margonda General Hospital with a P-value of 0.000. Suggestion: Create a nursing professional development program that refers to PMK No. 40 of 2017, seeking to provide a reward system according to the achievements of nurses, and socialize career development ways to employees.
Umar Heru Setiadi, Wawan Dhewanto
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 24-29;

The development of the energy industry in a developing country in Asia is undergoing a transition process from oil and gas energy to electrical energy and renewable energy. Based on Government data, the share of oil and gas will decrease from the current 32% to 20% in 2050, this is in line with the increase in penetration of electrification and other energy diversification. However, the demand for oil and gas will continue to increase significantly due to the increase in population. PTM, an energy company in a developing country, one of its refineries supplied 26% of domestic fuel demand by the end of 2021. The company is facing several challenges that affect its business, especially in one of its domestic oil refineries. Domestic crude production (upstream) is predicted to decline by up to 40% in the next 10 years so to meet the need for crude as raw material for refineries, it must be met through imports. Most of the imported crude is sour crude (high Sulfur), while the existing refinery is designed to process sweet crude (low Sulfur) which is more expensive than sour crude, so it will reduce the company's profit in the future. The demand for fuel and petrochemical products in the country is currently still high, where the country still imports 40% of fuel products and 40% of petrochemical products. Besides, the company is faced with the fact that Most refineries use old technology, Lower complexity than international competitors, and Lower conversion rate results in low profit. Therefore, the company requires a business strategy to face the above business challenges in order to generate better profits and become more competitive in the future. This study aims to find the appropriate business strategy for the company. This study uses VRIO Analysis and Business Model Canvas to determine the company's internal business environment, using PESTLE and Porter's Five Forces to determine the company's external business environment. Then summarized through SWOT Analysis and using a business strategy formulation through 3 stages: Stage 1 (Input) consisting of Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix and External Factor Evaluation (EFE) matrix, stage 2 (Matching) consisting of SWOT Matrix and Internal-External (IE), Stage 3 (Decision) using Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM). Finally, the result of The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) is Market Development. Market Development is the appropriate strategy for the company and was chosen as the first priority strategy, namely increase crude processing capacity & flexibility, and upgrade refinery technology. With these strategies, the company is expected to be more competitive and generate better profits in the future.
M. Miftahul Huda, Sunardi, Tanto G. Sumarsono
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 19-23;

This research was conducted to determine the effect of remuneration, competition, leadership style on employee performance. This type of research is explanatory research with a quantitative approach. The data used in this study are primary data obtained by distributing questionnaires, interviews. The sampling method using a survey with a sample of 63 respondents. Data analysis in this study uses multiple linear regression methods with the help of SPSS 16. The results of this study indicate that remuneration has a significant effect on employee performance. Employee Competition has a significant effect on Employee Performance. Leadership Style has a significant effect on employee performance.
Zubaidur Rahman, Johurul Islam, Sayda Mahmuda, Md. Elias Hossain
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 30-38;

Modern agriculture is expensive as performing agricultural activities nowadays requires huge investment. But some farmers do not have sufficient money to purchase and use such modern inputs like power tiller, harvester, deep-tube wells, fertilizers and pesticides in many cases. In Bangladesh, farmers are always found to face difficulties in access to credit services from both formal and informal service providers. As a result, their productivity and growth are impeded by a lack of access to agricultural loans. To investigate this phenomenon, this study aims to analyze the scenario of formal credit sources and to identify the factors that influence the access for farmers to formal credit market in Naogaon district. Primary data used for the study were collected with the aid of well-structured questionnaire from farmers and bank officials. Multi-stage sampling techniques were used to select the 200 respondents. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and a binary logistic regression model. The Likert scale was used to identify constraints regarding to credit acquisition from formal credit market. The results of the descriptive analysis showed that 6% farmers failed to repay their loan while 94% timely repay their loan. In terms of purpose of using agricultural credit, it is evident that 68% farmers use agricultural credit for managing their agricultural expenses while 17% respondents use loan for the purpose of paid their previous loan. In addition, 10% respondents use loans for the purpose of maintain their family expenses. Results found from the binary logit model indicate that farm size, education, farming experience, access to extension service, access to guarantor, own savings account are positively related with the log of odd ratio in favor of access to formal credit market while the same is influenced negatively by age, off-farm income and default on loan repayment. The farmers in the study area have recognized collateral security as the major constraint relating access to formal credit market followed by the lack of guarantor and bureaucratic complexity. It was recommended that the socioeconomic characteristics of farmers should be considered when formulating and implementing policies to improve farmers’ access to agricultural loans.
Komang Oki Ananda Saputra Ardita, I Gusti Made Suwandana
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 15-18;

The purpose of this study is to explain the effect of job stress on employee performance through motivation as a mediation. This research was conducted at Puri Raharja General Hospital. The number of samples used in this study were 66 people using the saturated sample method. Data was collected using a survey approach, where the research instrument used was a questionnaire. The collected data was then analyzed using path analysis techniques. In this study, the theory used is Attribution Theory. The results of this study indicate that Job stress has a negative and significant effect on employee performance at the Puri Raharja General Hospital. Job stress has a negative and significant effect on motivation at Puri Raharja General Hospital. Motivation has a positive and significant effect on employee performance at Puri Raharja General Hospital. Motivation is able to mediate the effect of job stress on the performance of Puri Raharja General Hospital employees.
Abdul Rahaman Abdul-Aziz, Alhassan Abdul Latif, Isaac Owusu-Ansah, Mary Agyeiwaa
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 85-91;

Taxes consist of direct or indirect taxes and may be paid in money or as its labour equivalent. Taxes are mostly difficult to take from the informal sector since individuals must honour them through self-payment. Due to this, some individuals and cooperate bodies fails to pay voluntarily thereby evading tax. Thus, this paper sought to assess the key determinants of tax evasion and its effect on the Ghanaian economy based on evidence from Sunyani Municipality. The study therefore employed primary source of data collection. Cluster sampling technique was first utilized to group the respondents and subsequently applied systematic random sampling to select the final sample of 250 respondents. The results indicated that nine key determinants of tax evasion were identified. These include waste and corruption by government, complex tax system, high tax burden, compromised tax agents, inadequate tax education, non-consideration of taxpayers’ view, lesser punishment for tax evaders, owners’ unawareness to pay tax and the notion of only the rich pays tax. However, seven of these tax evasion determinants were significantly affecting or influencing the Ghanaian economy whereas the remaining two determinants of tax evasion were found not to contribute significantly, in terms of effect, on the economy. Also, the finding shows that tax evasion does not really depend on the type of business engaged in by SME owners.
Surya Fitriadi, Bambang S. Marsoem
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 39-44;

The volume of corporate bond issuance in Indonesia has fluctuated from 2015-2020 following the economic developments. The Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 caused declining in companies issuing bonds. The pandemic led a big impact on the bond market. Low key interest rates decrease the return obtained in bond investment. The economic slowdown has pushed the central bank of Indonesia cut the key rates from 5% to 3.75% in 2020. The lower key rates will cause an increase in bank loans then the government can control economic growth and inflation rate. Partially, the study aims to analyze the effect of the current ratio, debt to equity, return on assets, total assets, and maturity on the yield to maturity of bonds traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2020. Quantitative methods with an associative approach are used as research methods. 302 corporate bonds issued by 69 companies took into a sample in this study. The sampling method used purposive judgment sampling. Data analysis of the proposed hypothesis used the multiple linear regression method by using the SPSS version 24 program. The research found that there was a significant effect among the return on assets, total assets, and maturity variables on the bond’s yield. However, the current ratio and debt to equity variables were found to have no effect on the yield to maturity of all corporate bonds traded on the IDX in 2020.
Dyah A. Saptarini, Yunieta A. Nainggolan
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 45-53;

The oil and gas industry and risks are very related to each other. There are several risks known in this industry, from economic risks, political risks, environmental and safety risks, up to geological risks itself. Because oil and gas are a non-renewable source of energy, the more mature an oil and gas field is, the risks for the company to develop a project investment may be lower and higher at the same time. Entering its declining phase, PT MNO who is trusted to operate an ex-termination oil and gas field in East Kalimantan which has been producing for almost 50 years, is required to find a way to survive until end of contract in 2037 by developing the remaining hydrocarbon resources which become more and more marginal. The project development is proposed as a bundling to allow flexibility during execution phase in selecting the well candidates based on recent data acquired from previous wells drilled, hence reducing the risks. Field Development Package (FDP) 2.3 is prepared as part of PT MNO long term plan and commitment after receiving incentive from Government of Indonesia in 2021. According to the Company Guideline, a risk register is mandatory to be developed since beginning of project which covers risks identification, risks analysis, and risks evaluation. The project team is also responsible to define risks treatment to manage the risks borne by the project. This is in line with the requirement for Good Corporate Governance, where risk management is introduced since beginning of the project life-cycle. This study covers the risk assessment on the basis of selected project scope which has been validated technically. The risk assessment will determine the major risks in FDP 2.3 considering available historical data of oil price, drilling cost realization, and facility cost realization. These risks need to be monitored to ensure the FDP 2.3 will create value for the shareholder as per plan or avoid loss at the minimum. The most important risks concluded in this study is oil price lower than economic assumption, production target not achieved, and no fix gas sales contract to absorb production. The company may focus in these risks for the risk management of future project development.
Gbenga Ekundayo, Ndubuisi Jeffery Jamani
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 54-62;

The overriding objective of the study is to empirically examine if outliers and asymptotic properties of estimators matter in the estimation of audit delay determinants. The study employed the ex-post causal research design and focuses on a sample of ten (10) listed oil and gas firms in Nigeria. Secondary data from the content analysis of annual reports spanning the period 2010-2019 was used for the study. The study investigates if outliers and asymptotic properties matter in estimation outcomes comparing the following estimators; the standard OLS, Bootstrapped OLS and Robust estimators. The outcome of the study revealed that the robust estimator yields results that are significantly different from those of both the OLS and Bootstrapped OLS estimations. This suggests that the failure to address outliers in standard OLS estimations can significantly bias the estimation outcome and may be responsible for the myriad of inconclusive outcomes observed in the extant academic literature. Hence, the study confirms that in the estimation of determinants of audit delay, the considerations of outliers indeed constitute a significant statistical consideration for researchers and even more germane than asymptotic concerns.
Daniel Pangondian, Hakiman Thamrin, Moh Komarudin
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 1-3;

The capital market is one of today's economic instruments that experience very rapid development. One measure of the performance of the capital market is the stock index. There are many factors that can affect the Stock Index, including domestic interest rates, foreign exchange rates, international economic conditions, a country's economic cycle, inflation rates, tax regulations, and the amount of money in circulation (Samsul, M., 2008). During the observation period from 2016 to 2019, there was a phenomenon where the relationship between macroeconomic variables and JCI movements did not match the theory. This is supported by the gap in the results of previous studies. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of the SBI interest rate, world oil prices, world gold prices, the rupiah exchange rate, the Nikkei 225 Index, and the Dow Jones Index on the JCI. The analytical method used in this study is the multiple regression analysis methods performed with SPSS 16. One of the requirements to perform the multiple analysis test is the classical assumption test. This is necessary so that the resulting regression equation is BLUE (Best, Linear, Unbiased, Estimator). In addition, to assess the goodness of fit of a model, the coefficient of determination test, F-test, and t-test are carried out. This study uses monthly data from 2016 until 2020 for each research variable. The results of this study indicate that the SBI Interest Rate and the Rupiah Exchange rate have a negative effect on the JCI. Meanwhile, the variables of World Oil Price, World Gold Price, Nikkei 225 Index, and Dow Jones Index have a positive effect on the JCI. In addition, it is found that the adjusted square value is 96.1%. It means that 96.1% of the JCI movement can be predicted from the movement of the seven independent variables.
Yanira Ayu Nani, Anak Agung Istri Ngurah Marhaeni
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 4-8;

The people who work in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) with high financial literacy could increase the value of products and service MSME provides which affected their own businesses. This research tries to analyze the financial literacy of people who work in MSME in Kediri Regency based on simultaneous and partial influence from variables such as education level, income, length of business, age, and gender against the level of financial literacy The population is taken from every SME worker in Kediri Regency with sample of 99 respondents. The result suggests that the financial literacy of MSME workers in Kediri Regency is considered medium level. The variables such as education level, income, length of business, age, gender simultaneously influence the financial literacy MSME worker in Kediri Regency in a significant way. Those variables have a significant and positive impact on the financial literacy SME worker in Kediri Regency. Male MSME workers have higher financial literacy compared to females.
Pristiyani Solikhah, Dewi Nusraningrum
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 9-14;

The effectiveness of production equipment is very important to pay attention to maintain competition, coupling pipe threading process there has been an imbalance in the threading process time resulting in decreased output due to the number of rejected products which is decreasing in production capacity. To overcome the problem, the data was processed using mixed methods with a sequential explanatory approach, and the overall equipment effectiveness measurement method to analyze the calculation of availability, performance, and quality rate. To determine the root cause of the problem using fishbone diagram analysis and six big losses. The results of the study stated that the overall equipment effectiveness was below the world-class standard, which was below 85% with a difference of 49.74% being the factor causing the failure to achieve the coupling pipe production capacity. The low overall equipment effectiveness is influenced by the engine performance which is a total average of 42.61%, due to failed products and reworked products and the breakdown time for 460 minutes impacting in losses on the engine productivity. These findings pursue the company to monitor, and implement the overall machine effectiveness system to optimize the capacity production.
Yuan-Shuh Lii, Ting Hua Chiang, May-Ching Ding
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 305-308;

How can we help? This study is to propose how companies can provide help through corporate social responsibility (CSR) marketing strategies in the time of COVID-19 crisis. More specifically, the purpose of this research is to explore the relative effects of three common types of CSR initiatives (philanthropic donation, purchase-triggered donation, and sponsorship-linked marketing) on consumer attitudes (CSR image and consumer identification) and responses (e-WOM and purchase intention) in different stages of COVID-19 pandemic. This research also proposes the moderating effects of COVID-19 related cause type (health and human service), contribution type (money and in-kind donations), and perceived severity of COVID-19 on the relative effectiveness of each CSR initiative. In doing so, this research implies possible practical directions for companies to determine their CSR marketing strategy as well as fills the research gap, especially in the time of COVID-19 or environmental turbulences.
Ahmad Tabiat
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 349-355;

The marketing of goods and services has remained one of the sectors that need constant innovation throughout the world today. An important marketing strategy in recent times has been digital marketing, defined as the use of electronic media by marketers to advertise items or services on the market with the primary goal of attracting consumers and allowing them to connect with the brand via digital media. Data is collected and filtered to offer the most comprehensive and relevant output for the research. Consequently, in order to conduct this research, the researchers plan to collect data from at least 100 individuals using a variety of ways. The data from the early answers had already been collected by the time this chapter was finished. Facebook proved to be the most effective method of contacting respondents’ study's goal is to find out how digital marketing affects sales of Lebanese Pharmaceutical Companies. The author used the instance of Lebanese pharmaceutical companies to examine the features of digital marketing, digital marketing zones in marketing, and their impact on brand awareness. According to the research, social media zones have a beneficial influence on brand exposure. Brand visibility is increased by the use of social communities, social publishing, and a tiny portion of social commerce through social media. Despite the fact that each channel has its own unique features and fan base, there are significant similarities in the kind of people that utilize the various channels.
Omoniyi Alabi Adeosun
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 309-312;

This paper examined the institutional constraints in the marketing accountancy services in Nigeria. It was established that accountancy services are many, and they include services provided by accountants other than statutory audit. In view of the fact that providers of these services are professionally qualified accountants, there must be some competition among them, leading to intense marketing activities. However, this paper found that professional bodies, in particular, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) have developed stringent guidelines, rules, and professional ethical standards that seriously curtail marketing activities of product (service) development, and service distribution, pricing, and promotional activities among accountants in Nigeria.
Elvita Dwi Amelia, Andry Andry, Idrus Jus’At
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 283-291;

Document management using a computer-based system in the health sector which is becoming a global trend is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). EMR is a sub-system of health information that has begun to be widely applied in Indonesia. Based on the results of data from the Tarakan Hospital, only 24% of EMR usage was found in July 2021 in the Emergency Room. This study aims to analyze the effect of the transactional leadership style of the head of the emergency department, teamwork and work environment on the level of compliance of health workers in implementing EMR with motivation as an intervening variable in Tarakan Hospital. This study is a cross-sectional study with a quantitative causality approach. By using purposive sampling technique, as many as 100 health workers were sampled in this study. Statistical tests were performed using frequency distribution and path analysis. Most (60%) of the subjects were >30 years old, most (59%) had an undergraduate education level, and most (62%) had worked >5 years. The results of the analysis in this study indicate that the transactional leadership style of the ER head, teamwork, work environment, affects the level of compliance of health workers in implementing EMR with motivation as an intervening variable in the ER at Tarakan Hospital. Therefore, support is needed in the implementation of EMR with the right standard operating procedures so that it can be carried out and developed to the maximum.
Indah Primasari
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 342-348;

This article performs a valuation analysis of LLP Compression in project investment plan at Tango Field in Mehacca Block. The LLP Compression investment project plan is currently under consideration for a Final Investment Decision (FID). The analysis is conducted by using quantitative methodology approach to evaluate 2 project scenario based on its cash flow. The outcome of financial valuation could assist decision maker in the company, in determining whether the project is economically profitable, whether it should be executed, what scenario can generate maximum economic profit for the company, and also what financial factor affecting LLP Compression Project cash flow that should be managed to avoid negative financial results and to forecast project likelihood of success. For DCF analysis, with company discount rate at 10.2%, the Net Present Value (NPV) result is 1.12 Million USD for Scenario 1 and 0.91 Million USD for Scenario 2. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for both scenarios are higher than company’s discount rate. Payback Period for both scenarios are also the same in year 2026, or 2 years after production. Profitability Index (PI) for Scenario 1 is slightly higher than Scenario 1 amounting at 1.07, while PI for scenario 2 is 1.03. All of the parameters from DCF gives positive result more than expected return, with scenario 1 that provide better value than scenario 2. Monte Carlo simulation is also used to provide a likelihood of having a negative NPV. The result is that both scenarios have probability negative NPV amounting 28% for scenario 1 and 30% for scenario 2. Based on Monte Carlo Simulation result, scenario 1 has slightly lower probability of generating negative NPV than Scenario 2. Sensitivity analysis is also being used to look how large NPV project varies if the parameter inputs are changed. Four parameters tested with assumption change at ± 25% from original condition. Based on sensitivity analysis, it is observed that Gas Production, Gas Price are the most sensitive parameter for both scenarios of LLP Compression project. In summary, the LLP Compression Project investment plan is feasible to be executed for both scenarios, with scenario 1 provides higher economic profit than scenario 2, and it also generates slightly lower probability negative NPV than scenario 2. Since LLP Compression Project has probability of gaining negative NPV based on Monte Carlo Simulation Result, hence several strategies to minimize project risk exposure are required to be determined before project execution.
Houssem Eddine Ben Messaoud
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 4-6;

Modern business organizations have continued to increase in not only size but also in complexity of operations. This has resulted to the need for strategic dimensional growth According to Cole (1994), “Strategic management is a process, directed by top management, to determine the fundamental aims or goals of the organization, and to ensure a range of decisions which will allow for the achievement of those aims or goals in the long term, while providing for adaptive responses in the short term.” We must go back to the "roots" of management thinking about management as an integrated activity with its many components or functions to evaluate how strategic management has developed.
Bahati Keranga Mwita, Zachary Awino, Martin Ogutu, Winnie Njeru
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 362-366;

In keeping with the New Public Management dispensation, state corporations in Kenya have taken up strategic planning with a view to effect reforms for improved service delivery. Despite this, service delivery in the Agribusiness sub-sector in the country is riddled with inadequacies highlighted by among other complaints, unpaid produce supplies, dwindling finances, slumped agricultural extension services, and low produce prices. The study sought to specifically establish the effect of strategic planning on service delivery among agribusiness state corporations in Kenya. Grounded on the new public management theory, the study adopted the positivism paradigm and the descriptive cross-sectional research design. The study targeted all institutional heads from the 73 state corporations in the agribusiness sub-sector in Kenya. The study mainly employed inferential analysis. It was established from a simple linear regression that strategic planning has a significant and positive influence on service delivery. Based on the findings, it is recommended that policymakers in the country set a minimum budgetary allocation for state corporations directed towards strategic planning. The study also recommends that administrations across state corporations in the country offer administrative support to the departments and staff tasked with the formulation of strategic plans.
Ahmad Houssami Jbeily
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 313-320;

Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques significantly impact the competitive priority in terms of cost, quality, time, and innovation of Lebanese businesses. Changing an organization's operational strategy is highly dependent on top management commitment as changing employees' behavior is challenging without the cooperation of the business's senior management. Both descriptive and cause-and-effect methods were used in this research, and data was gathered from Lebanon's businesses in May 2022 via a questionnaire. The survey was sent to more than 200 managers and supervisors, but only 184 answered. First, a correlation between variables was established and then a hypothesis was evaluated using multiple regressions to determine the tool's validity and reliability. According to the findings, Lebanese enterprises strongly apply TQM and competitive priority factors, and these variables have significant correlations. The competitive goals of Lebanese enterprises are also influenced by top management commitment, employee training, engagement, and continuous improvement.
Nadya Kirana Nareswari, Alvanov Zpalanzani Mansoor
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 299-304;

The field of creative writing is very diverse for professional practice. There has been a drastic digital acceleration that has forced the customers' behavior to adjust dynamically. The usage of digital platform services for film and the market demands in creative writing, especially screenplays, indicate a growing trend. For Laskara Creative, a fledgling company in the creative writing industry, this growth gives pertinent business-to-business opportunities. Analyzing the business ecosystem in the creative industry gives Laskara Creative insight on how to construct business-to-business opportunities that has the potential to be profitable and have a positive impact on the society. The process begins with an analysis of the company’s and industry’s ecosystem, both internally and externally, utilizing several tools and theories drawn from the literature study, including Porter’s Diamond, Porter’s Five Forces, and Resource Based View Analysis. Utilizing the Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA), the comprehensive external and internal analyses were combined. According to the Market Opportunity Analysis, the company is now in a good position but may face many difficulties if it is unable to convert its own resources, creativity, and connections into possibilities. The company’s existing business process and ecosystem are still far from ideal, which should create value for the common set of customers by creating a virtuous cycle supported by the intersectional relationship. To create an ideal business-to-business opportunity through cross-sectional collaboration consisting of shared IP, creative supply chains, and technology, that includes academia, government, business, and civil society, a Variable Quadruple Helix approach is advised. The process of formulating the opportunities is supported by Ardichvili's theories of Business Opportunity and Value Creation Capabilities.
Yudha Syaputra, Dewi Nusraningrum
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 356-361;

The goal of this study is to identify breakdown that has an impact on the gas turbine engine's RAM and Six Sigma level in order to assess how well the gas turbine engine performance through the value of RAM (Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability) and Six Sigma. By gathering, compiling, categorizing, and conducting an analysis of data and information on the utilization of gas turbine engines, based on actual data and information, the descriptive analysis method is used to reveal the availability and performance of gas turbine engines. The findings of the RAM and Six Sigma level are examined utilizing the Pareto chart to identify the most impacted breakdown, the Fishbone diagram for root cause analysis, and the five why analysis approach for improvement suggestions. According to research findings, control system failure, VGV system failure, and load distribution problem have an impact on the RAM and Six Sigma level of two gas turbines. The Root cause of the issue is due to a number of factors, including mostly due to technical issues of unreliable old control system and VGV system design, an incorrect maintenance schedule implementation, an incompetent and ignorant of operator or technician to gas turbine engines.
Komang Cipta Nugraha, Luh Gede Sri Artini
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 327-331;

The tock price is a measure of investor interest in investing in a company. Companies that have good financial performance are generally the main focus of investors. Analysis of a company can be done by analyzing financial ratios. The phenomenon that occurs in the automotive and component sub-sector companies is the occurrence of stock price fluctuations caused by the company's internal and external factors. This study aims to analyze the effect of financial performance on stock prices of companies in the automotive and component sub-sectors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The data used in this study is secondary data, namely by looking at the financial statements of the automotive and component sub-sector companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange which can be accessed through the website This study uses the method of determining the sample using purposive sampling. The sample used is the automotive and component sub-sector companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, with 60 data. The analysis technique used is multiple linear regression. The results show that Return on Assets (ROA) has a positive effect on stock prices of companies in the automotive and component sub-sectors on the Indonesian stock exchange. Current Ratio (CR) has a negative effect on stock prices of companies in the automotive and component sub-sectors on the Indonesian stock exchange. Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) has a negative effect on the stock prices of companies in the automotive and component sub-sectors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Teuku Riza Syahrial, Dewi Nusraningrum
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 378-384;

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is one of the airports managed by PT Angkasa Pura II as the airport operator. At Soekarno-Hatta Airport there are several PLTS (Solar Power Plant) facilities, one of which is located at Terminal 3 of the Airport. There are 2 PLTS locations in Terminal 3, namely PLTS with a capacity of 2Å~60 KWp in Domestic Terminal 3 and a capacity of 2Å~60 KWp in International Terminal 3. Technically, based on the report on the activity, the PLTS production value has decreased in performance and production in 2020. The purpose of this paper is to calculate the OEE value, identify Six Big Losses, and analyze maintenance and repair data as an effort to implement the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) concept for improve the performance and production of PV mini-grid. The method used in this paper uses the calculation of the value of OEE, Six Big Losses and causal analysis using a fishbone diagram. Based on the results of calculations at international terminal 3 the OEE value is 95.59% and in domestic terminal 3 it is 94.56%. At the airport, the expected availability value is above 99.18%, but at the domestic Terminal 3 it has an availability value of 96.93%. Regarding the calculation of the value of Six big losses, the largest percentage is in Reduce Speed Losses, where the value for International Terminal 3 is 95.71% and Domestic Terminal 3 is 94.35%. Reduce Speed Losses related to the operation function of PLTS not running well so that the performance and electricity production produced by PLTS is not as expected.
Mochamad Sholahudin Mahfudz, Ahmad Danu Prasetyo
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 321-326;

Oil and gas production in Indonesia keeps declining while consumption increases, resulting in Indonesia being a net oil importer since 2004. The problem that is faced by many producers right now is the mature field with an aging production facility with frequent unplanned shutdowns that could jeopardize production. If not responded to promptly and adequately, the field could lose its production. This is one of the challenges that PT ABC are facing. This study will present an investment project analysis to procure additional permanent offloading pumps at Field-B PT ABC to help revitalize the field after an unplanned shutdown. The additional offloading pump is intended to speed up wells' potential recovery and minimize potential loss after shutting down. Two scenarios are evaluated for the additional offloading pump: buy case or lease case. The investment study is performed by exercising the business situation analysis and then using discounted cash flow (DCF) method for the financial feasibility. From the business situation analysis of PESTEL for external and VRIO method for internal analysis, both analyses suggest the external and internal aspects support the investment project of having the additional offloading pump. The DCF analysis is performed using the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) scheme applied to PT ABC. For the buy case, the Net Present Value (NPV) is 0.89 million $ with Monte Carlo Simulation showing the possibility of having a negative NPV is 7%. For the lease case, the NPV is 2.32 million $ with Monte Carlo Simulation showing the possibility of a negative NPV of 0%. Based on the DCF parameter analysis then, it is suggested to the management of PT ABC to invest in additional offloading pumps at Field-B by using the lease option, which shows better NPV.
Aida Akagć-Hodžić, Stanimir Djukić
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 332-341;

In the business world of today, most activities are connected to informational technologies. They enable and facilitate business, but with action and adequate use of these technologies by people. Nowadays, we increasingly talk about the ability to adapt to changes in the working environment and the use of human capital. One of the most important requirements placed before business organizations are the capability to manage information technologies. It includes the entire package of knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees in organizations, in order to master the requirements of changeable information technology and complete the goals of its organization. Basically, it includes informational technologies, i.e., digital competences connected with lifelong learning, and adaptation of employees and their organizations to novelties that informational technologies continuously bring. As one of the contemporary scientific approaches, this paper uses the indicators of adaptation to changes in the business environment, i.e., human capital subject to continuous learning and informational technologies, the process of adaptation to changes, which turns the crucial business competences into contemporary ones. Mutual connection of these parameters in business concept has shown openness of organizations to contemporary business and work. Although the sample of research in this paper included public institution, not companies, the research itself is of great importance, given that there have been no similar approaches in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. The research, through surveys of government officers, has shown that the influence of informational technology on the working environment and business organization in which government officers work is evident, as well as that the environment needs contemporary competences that include a set of digital competences, continual learning, and numerous other elements in business. The conclusions of this paper are shown that is necessary for continual monitoring and specialization of government officers in the area of use of informational technologies in everyday business. The recommendations round out the process of contemporary approach and future comparison; in order to realize business results in their organizations due to certain competences.
Hasan Jabak
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 367-377;

In recent years, the global economy has been going through a severe downturn, which has led to the failure of several banks and corporations as well as a wide range of other financial problems. During those difficult times, its financial reports received a great deal of attention in many nations. The greatest worry was over the quality of such reports as well as the volume of their reporting and to what extent do they impact the worth of a particular firm or organization. The reporting of financial information has a significant impact, not only on the global financial markets but also on the financial information of firms. This is where the audit committee comes in; it is the body that is responsible for the reporting of financial information. The data will be gathered during the distribution of the survey via the use of google forms with a sample size of three hundred and fifty respondents for the purpose of data collection. For the sake of statistical analysis and the validation of hypotheses, the data that was obtained will be evaluated using google forms. It was determined in this study how many different features of AC impact financial reporting made by Lebanon-based firms. A survey was administered to 350 people as part of this study in order to gather data. Statistical software was used to examine the relationship between the independent variables (size, experience, and independence of the AC) and their dependent variable (quality of financial reports of companies) on the one hand.
Yoan Immmanuella, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Erry Yudhya Mulyani
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 292-298;

Background: The effect of perceived risk and work stress on burnout in health workers. Hoax news about the development of the Covid virus affects the perceived risk of health workers. The rapid transmission of covid virus, the increasing number of hospitalizations in all hospitals, full beds, health workers feel work stress and even burnout. Hectic working hours, excessive workload, plus exposed health workers are contributing factors. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of perceived risk and work stress on burnout with work motivation as an intervening variable for health workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Research Methods: The research method is a quantitative associative cross-sectional design. The type of data used is quantitative data. The population in this study used 50 health workers. Results: It was found that high perceived risk decreased burnout, high work stress increased burnout. High perceived risk increases work motivation, high work stress reduces work motivation. Implications: It needs support from hospital management and the government to be able to provide valid information about the development of the covid virus, setting work hours and workloads, providing volunteers if needed, providing schedules incentives, and fulfilling the completeness of infrastructure for personal protective equipment and space inpatient isolation.
Indyra Rahmadina, Nila Armelia
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 274-282;

Très is one of the businesses engaged in the food and beverage industry. Très introduced itself as a Pasta specialists that have a signature product called Fusion Pasta Brûlèe. This product is a combination of products originating from Italy, namely pasta, and made into a pasta product that is presented with innovative combinations with Indonesian flavors. As one of the newbies in the business sector, the experience of fusion and original taste is a core value for Très business. The food and beverage industry has an important role to play in Indonesian economy but the problem is, food and beverage business is not a sustainable business especially with the times and technological advances. The food business can last a long time if it is able to balance growth, development and innovation in every product presented. The research aims to searching the customer needs for developing new product so that this business can continue to move sustainably and follow developments. Knowing the needs of the customers, it makes Très and teams plan products in accordance with the needs of the market. Previously, Très and team made an analysis of a diary study to determine the customer's eating activities and experiences by the food. The customer actually understands the importance of nutrition in the body that affects their activities. Très also finds out about future suggestions that customer needs for healthy food. Most of the results of diary studies, customers want food that is healthy but also tastes good and is time efficient when consumed. Then the result synchronized with their desire to feel fulfilled by the food. After that the result by the diary study, Très through the concept testing analysis, from here it is known whether the product is able to be accepted by the community as a product that is in accordance with the needs of the customer. Can be applied with open innovation and collaborating products to maintain the sustainability of the product while continuing to analyze consumer desires.
Yasa Putri Salsabilla, Isti Raafaldini Mirzanti
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 270-273;

In 2019, 90% of start-ups fail with 42% of businesses failing due to a lack of demand for their product or service. The absence of an appealing value proposition that would compel prospective buyers to take a purchase action was the reason for a new business or start-up's failure. Due to the massive fierce competition, a company should have unique characteristics upon its value offered for its existence to be accepted and perceived by the market. As a new business, Olwité, a women's clothing from Indonesia, has not articulated a value proposition because there is no evidence that the jobs, pains, and gains stated actually matter to the customer; additionally, there is no evidence that the products add value to the customer. Thus, value proposition hypotheses were developed. To test the hypothesis, three stages of testing were conducted based on the hypotheses: Interest Validation, Preference Validation, and Willingness to pay Validation through Facebook Ads tracking actions. The result of the test is value related sustainability of the brand becomes the most compelling value proposition with the highest willingness to pay.
Tabitha Wambui Guuru, Olgha Auma Adede
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 237-244;

The communication function in organizations is widely recognized as one of the main factors that contribute to success in the implementation of programmes. This article presents the results of a study conducted to establish the effect of communication strategies on the successful implementation of programmes at ILRI, Kenya. Descriptive and inferential analyses were undertaken based on data gathered from 194 employees involved in the various programmes implemented by the organization. The results obtained suggested that participatory communication strategy, results-driven communication strategy and multi-channeled communication strategy had positive significant effect on the successful implementation of programmes at ILRI, Kenya. The study concluded that communication strategies were a key determinant of successful programme implementation at ILRI and hence, it was necessary for the organization to adopt a blend of communication strategies that enhanced efficient communication in all its operations.
Alivia Andini, Saptono Nugroho, Ida Bagus Suryawan
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 245-250;

The focus of this research is on educational tourism which is specifically designed to fulfill the scientific capacity of tourists, thereby being able to fill in their insights with travel activities. In this study, tourism planning based on educational tourism will be carried out by involving local communities. The potential for educational tourism is seen based on the components of tourism products, explains the form of educational tourism, and explains the planning of educational tours based on Buana Amertha Sari Agro-tourism. This type of research is descriptive with a qualitative approach. Data were collected through observation, interviews with village heads, agro-tourism owners and workers in Agro-tourism, as well as literature studies related to educational tourism. The results showed that the condition of the attractiveness of Buana Amertha Sari Agro-tourism as a tourist destination which was reviewed through the components of tourism products and was sufficient to support the implementation of this form of educational tourism. For educational activities that have the aim of providing visitors with direct learning, in terms of the principles of educational tourism that are applied, they are adequate. In educational tourism planning there is a description that describes each step of the tourism planning process and is supported by the role of actors.
Ryan Adismar, Dewi Nusraningrum
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 231-236;

This study aims to (1) analyze the appropriate business model at PT. Uniteda Arkato, (2) To analyze how to increase the production of stockpiling dams to achieve the target of the work contract, (3) To analyze to determine rational production capability standards. The population in this study is the contract PT. Uniteda Arkato, totaling four contracts. Analytical method used in this research is the Canvas Business Model, Critical Path Method (CPM), and Line Balancing. The results of the study found that with the appropriate canvas business model, companies can compete with companies that have been developing for a long time, Critical Path Method (CPM) can determine critical path that exists during construction process and line balancing analysis makes the production process more efficient. From low production, there is a tendency for delays in the time agreed in the contract. As a result of this delay, the company suffers from possible loss of penalty penalties in addition to the production level that is not achieved will lead to an increase in costs, especially overhead costs.
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