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Risni Julani Yuhan, Diah Puspitarini, Husnul Khotimah, Lia Karisma, Fauzah Romadhon K, Hanifah Kasih S, Emi Rahmawati
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 50-57; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1034

Abstract:Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is an embryo of children's education in shaping a generation of people who are superior and dignified. Education provided to children aged 0-6 years primarily introduces physical activity to stimulate the child's motoric development, affection and introduce the process of socializing to children. Considering the importance of PAUD, the curriculum 2013 PAUD has now been developed, where previously there was no specific curriculum that could be used in the learning process in PAUD. Applying the curriculum 2013, the teachers still did not have enough capacity to be able to translate the concepts of the curriculum into the learning process. Therefore, training was carried out in an effort to increase capacity in the application of the Curriculum 2013 PAUD. The analytical method used is descriptive analysis and inference. The result of this activity is that there is a change in knowledge about the 2013 PAUD curriculum for the training participants. Participants give evaluators on the implementation of training in general is good. Outcome of this training the participants are required to disseminate the curriculum 2013 PAUD material
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 97-105; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1040

Abstract:Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia play an important role in the economy, as they contribute to 57-60% of national GDP and employ 97% of all labors in the country. Besides raising capital, the main problem of MSMEs are marketing their products. Most MSME businessmen are merely product-oriented, not consumer-oriented and tend to focus only on fulfilling their families’ needs. So do the Fostered Partners of PT Semen Indonesia. After we conduct a training session, an FGD grouped by types of business, and knowledge sharing on web-based technology, MSMEs should be able to solve marketing-related problems and always budget marketing expenses.
Eka Indah Yuslistyari, Gina Ramayanti, Hany Azza Umama, Meassa Monikha Sari, Ade Agus Surya, Reza Sakti
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 11-21; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1035

Abstract:Kuliah kerja masyarakat (KKM) years 2019 raised the subject of community empowerment through the development of creative economy. Most of student do not have enough knowledge in the determination of the work program to be applied in the community activities in the kuliah kerja masyarakat (KKM), no shortage of waste paper, the local currency must be entrepreneurs on college students in utilization of waste as yet there is no. Objectives of the activities devotion through knowledge sharing to students through the utilization of waste paper to become how to make handicrafts including providing knowledge and skills and to improve entrepreneurial interest through the use of waste paper to students. The importance of activites is knowledge sharing. Participants activities of are KKM students in kecamatan Cikeusal and kecamatan Ciomas. Activities started by observation this field to find the problems that arise implementation are the next stage of the preparation of materials and practice making handicrafts. The results are knowledge sharing that took place to students able to provide understanding as provisions in empowering community. Through the knowledge sharing, KKM students increase skill development have especially in any by elementary substance waste paper to handicrafts. The outer covering this activity is the product handicrafts with basic made waste paper that is tissue box
Nicole Sadjoli, Sciprofile linkRetno Yuliati, William Reynaldi, Stefany Dewi Anggraini, Rinaldy Debian, Stefanus Yedidya, Henrikus Kenneth
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 58-72; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1022

Abstract:Expanding the distribution of product sales to souvenir outlets around Cianjur Regency is a challenge for business partners. Especially if the partner's products do not have selling value because they do not have a brand name, uninteresting packaging, and have no PIRT permit. Moreover, the limitation of the partner is in utilizing technology to support operations and marketing. In community development activity, we have the opportunity to assist partners to increase the attractiveness and selling value of products so that their products can be accepted at souvenir outlets around Ciputri and Cianjur Villages. In addition, we help partners to enhance thier capabilities in technical knowledge and use of technology for operational and promotion. The results of this activity are the product has a brand name and product labels, the creation of innovative, attractive, and nowadays packaging, obtaining PIRT certificates, and finally can sell and diplay the product in the famous souvenir outlets in Cianjur. Besides, increasing partner skills in the use of technology for purchasing production materials and marketing. After the community development activities and mentoring period are over, it is expected to provide benefits for partners to independently expand product distribution to souvenir shops around Cianjur so that they can increase sales and the economy of partner families. Besides, partners can independently use e-commerce and social media as a means of promotion and sales.
Syamsuar Abbas, Zelhendri Zen, Reflianto Reflianto
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 80-96; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1038

Abstract:The community services purposes was to establish the work-oriented school community program and prepared the volunteers as trainer for digital design Corel draw and photoshop as well as the training of producing any souvenir made by shellfish shells in order to build a work-oriented education program in the Senior high school community and strengthen the students’ entrepreneur skills in two State Senior High School 12 and 13 Padang. This Community-Based Research approach involved two state senior high school students in Padang City. The result of the services showed that the program of community-based research plays an important role in realizing the work-oriented education program by strengthening the local industrial contents and extracurricular activities of entrepreneurship training in the schools. It could be seen from the improvement of students' skill in the creative business of digital design and souvenir products made by shellfish as well as increasing student’s spirit for directly involving in the activities of entrepreneurship in their school. Follow up these activities should strengthen the cooperation among another school in West Sumatra to have the graduates of ready to work and ready to be entrepreneur indirectly help the government to reduce the educated unemployment in West Sumatra as well.
Icha Rizky Rifatussoliha, Khusairi Abdy, Sciprofile linkMuhfiatun Muhfiatun, Abdul Wahid
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 22-36; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1036

Abstract:This community service aims to improve the potential of the archipelago, especially from the marine tourism sector. Against the background of not optimal management of tourism potential in the District of Raas which is an archipelago and has potential places to become a tourist. Development of Marine Tourism on Raas Island in Order to Mobilize the Local Economy. The process of developing marine tourism is done by mapping, observation, community empowerment and literature study. Based on the results of mapping and observation shows that there are 3 beaches that have attraction and are very potential, just need to be developed again and also managed properly. The three beaches also have different characteristics so that if the tours offered are not monotonous. The conclusion of the process of developing marine tourism is the need for awareness of the local community and also the cooperation of various parties and also agencies to work together to develop and build supporting facilities that can support these three potential beaches into a marine tourism that is not only a power pull Raas District alone, but also can be a pillar of the people's economy
Saekarini Yuliachtri, Rosalina Ghozali, Darma Yanti, Nina Sabrina
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 73-79; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1039

Abstract:Partners in the implementation of this service Kemplang UMKM Gabus Fish Krupuk Mang Arsyad and UMKM Pempek Kemplang Krupuk Nona located in the jayalaksana hall of the village 3-4 Ulu subdistrict opposite ulu 1. Based on the situation analysis, it can be identified several problems faced by partners, namely: The level of management and accounting knowledge is very minimal in both partners. This is motivated by the level of education of partner managers who are educated with junior high school education and the highest senior high school. The implementation method used in conducting school management management activities as well as structuring school financial statement structuring consists of 2 stages. namely stage 1 delivery of material, stage 2 guidance and assistance in preparing financial statements. UMKM accounting training activities for micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) to improve the company's financial performance run smoothly. All participants enthusiastically participated in the event until it was finished and felt the benefits of training for their business progress, gradually the process of preparing financial statements began to be carried out in the mentoring stage
M. Yasser Yasser, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Marlia Rianti, Eko Budianto
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 1-10; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1021

Abstract:The community service program aims to solve the problem of sugar cane group in Latellang village, Patimpeng sub-district, South Sulawesi province, about increasing business through product differentiation with a combination of ginger extract and pandan leaf extract. The combination is done to reduce the typical aroma of sugar cane in processed sugar. The distinctive aroma of sugar cane is what causes the lack of consumption of brown sugar from sugar cane, so the selling price is very low compared to brown sugar from sugar palm. The implementation of service includes several stages of preparation, cooking, cooling, and packaging. Through training, partners have been able to process sugar cane sugar into a differentiation product with a combination of ginger extract and pandan leaf extract into liquid sugar and recengan sugar with flavor variants according to the extract added. The selling price is very profitable for partners because liquid sugar can be sold at a price of Rp. 15,000 per bottle (250 ml) and recengan sugar is sold at Rp. 8,000 per pouch (each pouch consists of 6 recengan sugar seeds). This sale is very profitable because brown sugar cane is sold at a price of Rp.10,000 per kg, while to make liquid sugar and recengan sugar, only 500 g of sugar cane is needed. Therefore, this service has succeeded in helping to overcome partner problems and increase partner profits through the differentiation of sugar cane into liquid sugar and recengan sugar with combination.
Sciprofile linkPuji Wibowo, Ahmad Khizazi, Azaz Mabrur
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 37-49; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1037

Abstract:Alquran-based educational institutions are one of the most important supplier of the nation's generation of noble character, love of the motherland, and global outlook. The survival of these educational institutions is determined, among other things, by the organization's sound and transparent financial management. Financial reports are an instrument for educational institutions to evaluate performance and plan activities that are realistic and adaptive to change. Islamic Education Foundation Islamic Boarding School Alquraniyah (YPI-PPA) East Jurangmangu, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang has the responsibility to give birth to the nation's cadres who are polite, love the Koran, and ready to contribute to the wider community. Fostering financial management, especially in preparing financial statements, is crucial for stakeholders who need a guarantee of business continuity from the educational institution. The synergy between students and lecturers at the State Financial Polytechnic STAN has sought to raise awareness for YPI-PPA employees to begin cleaning up in preparing financial reports that are more comprehensive, accountable, and provide full information for decision makers.
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