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Muhammad Tahwin, Dian Anita Sari
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 99-110; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.827

Abstract:These community service activities are carried out in the Tahunan Village, Sale District, Rembang. The existence of arts groups in the village still requires assistance from human resource such as trainer. Therefore, this service aims to 1) strengthen the position of the arts group to be more empowered; 2) increasing the number of group members from young people; 3) improve the skills of group members in musical, orchestrating, and dancing; and 4) increase the income of group members. The method used in this community service program is training and mentoring. The results of this program are: 1) The arts group already has a name and routinely conducts meetings and training activities; 2) members of group from the school age and young adults are increasing; 3) the art group is known outside the Sale District and gets a performance offer.
Achmad Buchori, Suwarno Widodo, Sigit Ristanto, Listya Endang Artiani
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 82-90; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.811

Abstract:The problem experienced by Wukirsari Village as one of the areas affected by the Mount Merapi disaster is the frequent occurrence of PLN power outages. To overcome this problem, the dissemination of technology products to the community aims to improve the ability of Wukirsari villagers to make natural electricity based on solar power and use solar power generator technology and be able to increase the value of sales and marketing. Outputs generated from this activity include the development of a number of group members, training in the use and maintenance of solar generator sets, training in the manufacture of solar engine generator sets, good financial management training and product sales and marketing training. This activity has resulted in: (1) solar generator products that have been carefully prepared with good results by the UPGRIS team, (2) villagers of Wukirsari are able to treat and use properly and correctly, (3) symbolic delivery to 3 residents solar power generator with capacity, 900 Watt, 1200 Watt and 1500 Watt
Sciprofile linkRirin Ambarini, Eva Ardiana, Dian Ayu Zahraini
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 111-132; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.835

Abstract:Implementation of Community Service is carried out in the form of training activities, workshops and field assistance which is divided into four stages in a systematic and continuous manner. In phase I, material will be delivered which includes: (1) Social and Emotional Health; (2) Nutrition and Fitness; (3) Safety, first Aid, and Injury Prevention; and (4) Disease Prevention and Control, (5) Techniques for preparing lesson plans on bilingual learning in health and nutrition education for early childhood that can be applied during the teaching and learning process for approximately 30 minutes, at least once a week. Phase II is training in preparing RPP about bullying. Phase III is Peer Teaching Practice and Phase IV is the Discussion and Self-reflection stage. The main aim of this Community Service is that PAUD teachers and staff can implement and implement bilingual learning programs in health and nutrition education in their respective schools so that PAUD teachers and staff can provide healthy living choices while also teaching children to make healthy life choices for them. . The methods used in the implementation of this program include training, lectures, questions and answers, and discussions, teaching practices and worksheets that are the output of participants from this training.
Sciprofile linkMurniati Murniati, Khoirul Muslimin, Abdul Wahab, Mahfudlah Fajrie
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 146-155; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.868

Abstract:The journalistic school service activities were carried out at MA NU Tengguli. This school has students who have the potential to write, both writing short stories, poetry, and poetry but are not structured and do not meet the standard rules of writing. Besides the ability to write news or opinions and articles not yet seen. The aim of this services is to increase the journalism skill of the students there. Based on the analysis, the activities carried out are 1) News writing training; 2) Training on making press releases; 3) Training on layout and editing of scripts. The results obtained are 1) Students are able to arrange interview questions and write in the form of reportage; 2) students are able to make news; 3) students are able to make press releases and understand the functions of public relations; 4) students are able to make simple layouts for wall magazines and do editing of scripts.
Mega Novita, Achmad Buchori, Ali Mujahidin
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 91-98; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.814

Abstract:The villagers of Tumbrasanom have 4 business groups, namely prosperous farmers, totaling 40 people, who do not have automatic tobacco chopper tools. In the manufacture and marketing of tobacco chopper products in the village of Tumbrasanom it is still simple. Then the marketing of its products has not been done online and there is no partner network, therefore it needs to be given a touch of appropriate technology that is environmentally friendly by using automatic tobacco chopper. The activity of disseminating technology products to the public aims to improve the welfare of citizens through increasing tobacco production capacity with automatic tobacco chopper tools using ecotechnology strategies, as well as increasing the value of sales and marketing. Outputs that have been generated from this activity include the development of a number of group members, training in the use and maintenance of automatic tobacco chopping tools, training in the use of automatic tobacco chopper tools, training in tobacco processing and good financial management training and sales and marketing of tobacco products and chopper machines automatic tobacco. The automatic tobacco chopper tool produced is 8 pieces with a capacity of 5 kg/ minute
Siti Alliyah, Rikah Rikah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 133-145; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.865

Abstract:The Community Service Program was carried out in Pamotan Village, Pamotan sub-district, Rembang Regency with partners from the Hanoman Makmur Group and Rizki Jamur. Pamotan Village is one of the villages in Rembang Regency where several of its residents have traditional oyster mushroom businesses and cultivation and need to get attention as well as assistance. The purpose of this program is to increase the income of the Hanoman Makmur Group and Rizki Jamur. The methodology used is counseling, entrepreneurship management training and practice in making baglogs, and business assistance. The results of this community service program include: 1) the formation of the Mushroom Pamot community which is a communication forum for mushroom farmers; 2) mushroom farmers are able to create mushroom baglog (media) independently; 3) has promotional media such as: brochures, product packaging, banners, blogs and business cards that are used as marketing media; 4) have an orderly and good record keeping.
Sciprofile linkDwiana Asih Wiranti, Muhammad Misbahul Munir
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 156-169; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i2.876

Abstract:Javanese language is very important to students learn since early childhood. Where through Javanese language children can understand the positive value in the self-character. While learning Javanese etiquette in RA Miftahul Ulum and MI Miftahul Ulum 02 is still not optimal. So it is necessary to conduct training for teachers in RA Miftahul Ulum and MI Miftahul Ulum 02 in the lower classes related to the method of learning Javanese etiquette. Through this activity, the team provided training with demonstration methods about interesting learning methods, interactive and can be used to teach Javanese language especially “Krama” to early childhood. In this case early childhood is a low grade RA and MI student and training is given to teachers in RA Miftahul Ulum and MI Miftahul Ulum 02 in the lower class. This service activity has several stages which include, briefing and direction, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The results of this training received good appreciation from the partners. Partners actively participate in training activities. In addition, through practical activities, participants can practice the learning methods provided, so that participants are able to provide problems solving in the difficulties experienced by teachers in learning Javanese language for early childhood
Sutrisno Sutrisno, Sciprofile linkMuhammad Saifuddin Zuhri
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 53-61; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i1.793

Abstract:This activity aims to provide training and assistance to teachers of SMP N (State Junior High School) 1 Gubug and SMP N 2 Gubug in classroom action research as well as scientific articles. The outputs that intend to be achieved after the teachers participate in PTK training are they can compile proposals, implement PTK in the class, compile PTK reports and create scientific articles for publication. The training method is carried out by lectures and question and answer demonstrations, exercises, and practices. Training materials are presented with more practices than theories, with a ratio of 25% theory and 75% practice. The training place was held in the hall of the SMP N 1 Gubug and the SMP N 2 Gubug in Grobogan District. During the workshop, evaluation was done by post-test. The output of this service that meets the target are 80% of the teachers in both schools attended training and pass cognitive skills based on the results of post-PTK training. Meanwhile 30% of teachers in both schools were able to make proposals, and 10 of it ready to be written in scientific article to be published on journal or seminar.
Ika Purwidyaningrum, Jason Merari Peranginangin, Mardiyono Mardiyono, Jamilah Sarimanah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 23-43; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i1.782

Abstract:The purpose of the service activity is to provide information and education to the public about dagusibu, P3K at home and rational use of antibiotics. Health counseling is needed by the community because it is known that the community. The GKSO Movement (Conscious Family Movement) is a program launched by the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) which is an effort to improve public understanding of medicines through dissemination of medicines, Dagusibu (Get, Use, Save and Dispose) medical equipment, medicine first aid treatment, and knowledge of antibiotics. The service partner, a resident of RT 08 RW 14, lacks awareness in maintaining cleanliness and still does not know the symptoms caused by an illness. The results of dedication show that citizens gain new knowledge and understand the material provided as a purpose of service
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