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Journal Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT)

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Al Husain, Agus Hidayatullah
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 180-191; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.86

Abstract:MTs Al-muhtadiin is the first private vocational school in the sub-district of Sukadiri, at the beginning of the opening of this school, it received quite a positive response with proven opening in 2017 around 62 students registered themselves as students at MTs Al-Muhtadiin. The new student registration system at MTs Al-Muhtadiin is already running effectively and efficiently. In analyzing the running system used the method of analysis and depiction of the system using UML (Unified Modeling Language) and in data collection used interview, observation and literature study methods. The results of the analysis of the system that runs in the admission of new students at MTs Al-Muhtadiin are still running manually with the help of Microsoft Excel in the process of making reports.
Sandro Alfeno, Danang Rifai, Muhammad Saepudin
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 192-202; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.87

Abstract:The aim of the research is to analyze the raw material inventory and design a dashboard system that can help achieve company goals. The research method used is the method of analysis of stash, software design methods, and methods of software testing. The design analysis method used is the SWOT analysis, the design method used is the design concept using UML diagrams, the soft test method uses the Black Box concept. The results achieved are a dashboard system used by the Warehouse Section and Production Section to monitor raw material inventories and production performance. The conclusion of this study is that the dashboard application that has been made can help the Warehouse and Production Section to monitor raw material inventory and production performance in real time. This web application provides information easily, quickly, concisely and interactively which includes raw materials for shoe components, office equipment, production tools and general equipment, inventory planning, recommendations and reports on transactions and raw material requests. Keywords : Dashboard, Material
Ari Asmawati, Fajar Januar Eka Putra, Leonel Richie
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 170-179; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.79

Abstract:Internet (interconnected-networking) is a series of computers that are connected globally in several circuits and use TCP / IP as packet exchange communication protocol. The internet as part of the technological development that is very rapidly developing in people's lives today has been able to be used as a medium of communication and control of devices from a distance as long as they are still connected to each other. The internet is like virtual threads that connect with one another, forward data and convey data from one point to another. However, along with the development of increasingly advanced science and technology, the internet is no longer just to connect between humans but also to control between any object that can be connected. In this study there were 3 (three) problems and 3 (three) problem solving methods Electronic device control in the form of LED lights using an IoT platform that is open source. This study uses the NodeMCU module as a station, which will be controlled by the Blynk application with an internet connection. In this study using the NodeMCU module as a station, which will be controlled by the Blynk application by connecting to the internet.
Ferry Sudarto, Dedi Martono, Rika Ayu Desi Hartatik
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 164-169; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.74

Abstract:Wall or magazine magazines are a means of delivering information on Raharja College campus. In the delivery of information, the magazine has been widely spread in several applications of Raharja College, iRan and GreenDoc. However, this is still not optimal because the method used is still using paper. And also the lack of awareness of students will read the information on the magazine. QR codes are a type of two-dimensional matrix code or bar code developed by Denso Wave in 1994. With that, the form of information is reduced to a QR code that can store detailed information displayed on a monitor screen available at several strategic corners of the campus and scan the code on the main page of the online magazine website. The method used is the waterfall method, observation, and literature study and journal references as supporting in writing. This research was designed to make it easier to access information and attract reading interest to students of Raharja College.
Ferry Sudarto, Fatma Azzahra Hapsari
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 157-163; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.76

Abstract:In the digital era, almost all activities are done computerized. Now the internet is widely used in business activities. In the field of internet business used for marketing, usually marketing is done through a website of a company. This method is quite powerful in overcoming the limited time for marketing a product company. However, not all business activities do this way of marketing. One business activity that has not fully to use the internet in marketing its products is hotels, hotel has room service services which is still done manually. This way is still less effective against marketing room service services, for it is necessary for a web-based computerized system that can overcome these shortcomings. This research methodology uses SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) through the planning, analysis, design and implementation phase. The final result of this design are a website that can facilitate in overcoming the reservation service room service at hotels.
Indri Handayani, Erick Febriyanto, Andrew Jethro
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 144-156; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.68

Abstract:The lecture support system in Higher Education has information about student identity in each system, such as profile photos, names, NIM (Student Registration Number) and according to system requirements. An assessment on the public viewboard is an Online Assessment System aimed at improving services at Raharja University. However, in the multiplication flow system still has 3 disadvantages, namely, students do not yet have the facility to see the allocation value between friends in one class in one course to be able to improve the results of lecture grades with classmates and also between classes. In class design Popular writers also do five methods, namely the method of analysis, method of literature review, observation method, design method, and then implemented. With the existence of this study, there are 3 Benefits, namely, students can see the value determined by classmates, can improve the value, and lecturers can ensure the value given must be recognized by students.
Armandio Philip, Cheetah Savana Putri, Putra Maulana Arifanggi
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 134-143; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.77

Abstract:As time goes by and the development of the times is very rapid increase in the number of vehicle volumes is increasing from year to year, coupled with automotive manufacturers who release their products at prices below the standard. This of course can increase the volume of congestion which is the main problem, very heavy traffic causes more time wasted and consumes fuel. The solution offered to overcome the congestion problem is a Timer Traffic Light control system, which is a traffic management system on each road segment used to reduce congestion in traffic lights that occur in big cities today. For the future, this is very much needed, given the increasing number of vehicles queuing at the traffic light. In this study a controller model of Timer Traffic Light was created based on image processing with the Background Subtraction method using the Raspberry Pi. The Background Subtraction method is used to process images containing objects that have been captured on the highway using a camera, the images obtained can classify the condition of the road with parameters of empty, medium, and solid conditions. The images obtained are then forwarded to the Timer Traffic Light controller system with the hardware and software used in this study.
Alwiyah Alwiyah, Chloe Greisy, Afni Afitri
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 127-133; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.63

Abstract:Indonesia, which has entered the industrial era 4.0, has affected all aspects of its citizens' lives,including the buying and selling process. The buying and selling process currently uses a lot oftechnology. The process certainly makes it easier for people to use it only with a publiccellphone to shop easily. On an e-commerce website, of course it is used for buying and sellinggoods. This research was conducted at Raharja University where there is a center for servicefacilities for the needs of students. The service facility is called Raharja Internet Cafe which ismade to serve every student activity related to lecture needs such as print, scan, search forlecture material, work on assignments and others. At Raharja Internet Cafe currently has awebsite to order their needs. But the system has only recently been applied recently. With thenew website being implemented, students have not yet recognized what items or facilities areprovided on the website. The purpose of this research is to explain with the information systemon the website students can see the goods or facilities provided. This research uses a qualitativeapproach and also literature study. The results of this study are expected so that the informationsystem provided on the Raharja Internet Cafe website can be useful for students using thesefacilities.
Mardiana Mardiana, Ninda Lutfiani, Rivialdo Sultan Saga
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 117-126; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.90

Abstract:Raharja Internet Cafe as a facility in Raharja College which is provided for Personal Raharja in helping provide the need for lecture activities. Raharja Internet Cafe has a problem that the system of selling black and white print products that apply consumers must come directly to the RIC room at LV-002 at Raharja College, but Raharja Internet Cafe cannot accommodate many consumers because of the limited area. These problems are the background for the establishment of an electronic sales system (e-commerce) based on Yii framework with the aim of facilitating the sale of black and white print products for consumers and staff of Raharja Internet Cafe. E-commerce website at Raharja Internet Cafe is a web-based application with a structured programming concept. The e-commerce application development Shop Copy Nicky uses 4 (four) stages according to the steps that exist in software development, including the stages of observation, analysis, literature study consisting of 10 (ten) literature and implementation. The conclusion of the e-commerce website development on Raharja Internet Cafe is that the website built can make it easy for consumers to make transactions, and Raharja Internet Cafe can get comprehensive and real time reports about sales data, and payment systems for consumers that are easier because they use payment system that is done online. Keywords: E-Commerce, Black and White Print, Raharja Internet Cafe
Taqwa Hariguna, Eka Purnama Harahap, Salsabila Salsabila
Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), Volume 1, pp 109-116; doi:10.34306/att.v1i2.67

Abstract:Attendance information conducted by students can now be easily accessed by a supervisor. However, there are 3 (three) difficulties faced by supervisors, one of which is presenting information with tables requiring considerable time and very high accuracy to measure the comparison of information contained within it. In order to facilitate the supervisor in recording and measuring attendance of student tutoring students handled, the Attendance Rating system will present information in the form of graphics using Highchart. Presentation of information in the form of a graph on Attendance Assessment will present information in the form of Nim (Student Registration Number), supervisor, and guidance time. Information on the guidance time in the graph can be used as a comparison to measure the level of student activity in following the guidance. The Attendance Rating System uses the YII Framework-based website because it is also easy to develop web applications and the YII Framework has a good level of security. In this study, there are 5 (five) advantages and 1 (one) deficiency in the Attendance Assessment system. With this research, it is expected that the Attendance Assessment system can improve the quality of student attendance in the tutoring process at Raharja College.
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