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Journal Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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Juan Carlos Lebron, Sciprofile linkJohn R. Slate, Frederick C Lunenburg
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 62-82; doi:10.34256/ajir2015

Abstract:In this multiyear, statewide empirical investigation, the degree to which ethnic/racial diversity of first-time in college full-time Texas community college students changed from the 1999-2000 through the 2014-2015 academic years was determined. Over this time period, the percentage of Hispanic first-time in college full-time Texas community college students showed a statistically significant increase, whereas the percentage of White first-time in college full-time students statistically significantly decreased. No changes were noted with respect to either Black or Asian first-time in college full-time college students during this time period. Although some improvement was noted in the ethnic-racial diversity of Texas first-time in college full-time students, more work remains. Implications for policy and recommendations for research were provided.
LaTracy Harris, Sciprofile linkJohn R. Slate, George Moore, Frederick C Lunenburg
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 83-102; doi:10.34256/ajir2016

Abstract:In this study, the degree to which differences were present in the reading performance of Grade 4 Texas students as a function of their economic status (i.e., Not Poor, Moderately Poor, and Very Poor) was analyzed. Data obtained from the Texas Education Agency Public Education Information Management System for all Grade 4 students in Texas who took the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness Reading exam, were analyzed for the 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 school years. In all three years examined, statistically significant differences were established in not only overall reading performance, but also in all three Reading Reporting categories. A clear stair-step effect was present. The higher the degree of poverty, the lower student STAAR Reading test scores were. Finally, the higher the degree of poverty, the lower the percentages of students who met the passing standard on the STAAR Reading exam. Future research and implications for policy and practice are suggested.
Sciprofile linkGuey Ching-Chung, Hui-Wei Lin
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 103-117; doi:10.34256/ajir2017

Abstract:This paper proposes an interprojection model as a unified interface between psychology and Buddhism. The model aims to consolidate some essential concepts in Buddhism, as well as to extend and deepen the modern discipline of psychology. From the perspective of Buddhism, empirical methodology in psychology could be used to instruct about the deeper mysteries of Buddhism, help Buddhist philosophy become more objective and less metaphysical, thus offering an easier access to the general public. From the perspectives of psychology on the other hand, the precepts of Buddhism could help develop a deeper understanding of human experience, thus opening a path for psychology to explore the potential for personal transformation and finding existential meaning. This inter-projection model explains the mirror-like projection between human consciousness and external environment, from which we may obtain fresh insight from points of overlap between Buddhism and psychology. For one example, while Gestalt psychology explores relationships among various environmental stimuli at the given moment, Buddhist spiritual teachings seek to perpetuate the ultimate transcendence through increasing mindfulness on everything in the universe without time constraints. For another, according to Carl Rogers’ client-centered therapy, the therapist is, as suggested by Buddhism, required to foster his own skills on mindfulness other than demonstrating unconditional regard, genuineness, and empathetic understanding to clients, and eventually achieve self-transformation, and feel at ease in various adversities, like lotus growing from dirty muds.
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 50-61; doi:10.34256/ajir2014

Abstract:Ethnic conflicts issue has perturbed China for quite a long period, hence China is not a one-Unified nation, PRC is very clear that Xinjiang was and is part of China just like its other disputed territorial claims and it does not recognize the Uyghurs as the indigenous people of Xinjiang calling them settlers. In this paper, I have studied the PRC’s official history of Xinjiang and the historians’ history who are specialized in Xinjiang and the Silk Road history to understand the two different narratives that are fundamentally different and incompatible from each other. The framework used is the typology of qualitative studies as this is helpful to assess the situation theoretically and categorize accordingly. Beijing is very harsh towards the Uyghurs and has detained over one- million of the Uyghurs for ‘re-education’ to show its legitimacy and they are considered a threat to the state’s existence, post 9/11 China has been using this global Islamophobia wave justifying that all steps taken by the state are to combat radicalization. This paper is not about the Uyghurs trace being found connected to external non-state actors, whereas the study takes a dig in securitization discourse discussing that, the Uyghurs does not have a structured way of attacks like terrorists, its more of showing dissatisfaction against the authorities because neither they have the autonomy nor have any rights to exercise. The Chinese policies are countering them back in terms of attacks because the Uyghurs are relatively deprived and they are in a constant source of competition with the Han Chinese.
Chong Lee Wong
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 1-31; doi:10.34256/ajir2011

Abstract:The transition process from school to work is often challenging for young people, especially those with disabilities. In order to gather a meaningful transition, a cross battery assessment and a functional vocational evaluation are needed. In this case review study, a young adult aged 20 years 8 months, JC, had his autistic condition reviewed. Assessment was done so as to know the current status of JC’s abilities and skills and his state of readiness for vocational employment. With the results, JC could then use them to look for vocational training centers so as to develop more skills in the area of his vocational interest.
Alhaji Bakar Kamara
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 32-37; doi:10.34256/ajir2012

Abstract:As the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology focuses on the agenda for free and quality education in all stages of teaching and learning in Sierra Leone, It is obvious that Teachers are at the center of all school activities. To ease the challenges of teachers in teaching, it is important to search for the problems of teachers on teaching practices. This study was conducted to find out some of the challenges that teachers on teaching practice experience in schools in Sierra Leone. The result will help to shed light on the aspect of the training exercise that needs to be improved to increase quality in schools. The study investigated the main challenges that teachers on teaching practice from Freetown Teachers College encounter in Social Studies and Business. Even though teaching practice teachers do their best to enrich students with their wealth of experiences, yet still, they got their obstacles that hinder their ability for effective teaching. The study employs qualitative procedures with a case study design where the main actor’s informant interview, observation focus group discussion and documentary review as the main methods of data collection. The respondents covered, 10 teaching practice teachers, 10 heads of schools, 9 college lecturers and 1 teaching practice coordinator of Freetown Teachers Polytechnic. The result revealed some problems in posting of student for teaching practice to various schools, payment of salaries to teaching practice teachers, school support, teaching methods, classroom environment, and language proficiency.
Olatunji Eniola Sule, Benedict Chima Onuoha
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 38-49; doi:10.34256/ajir2013

Abstract:The essence of this study is to examine the relationship between sustainability strategy and service quality innovativeness of manufacturing firms in Ogun State.Four objectives, research questions and hypotheses were postulated in order to find to get close to the unknown of the study. Two hundred and sixty-six senior personnel and distributors formed the sample size from thirty-eight (38) manufacturing firms. A self-designed instrument was used for the collection of primary data andPearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was the statistical tool used in analysing the primary data. From the findings of the study it was revealed that there is relationship between sustainability strategy and service quality innovativeness in manufacturing firms in Ogun State. Based on the findings, it was recommended thatmanufacturing firms should keep to the strategic rules of being not easy to imitate, heterogeneity, unique and rare, etc., to enjoy the full benefit of sustainability strategy in the industry. Again, serious caution should be exercise in adopting more than one sustainability strategies at the same time.
Heather Hamilton, Sciprofile linkJohn Slate
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 2, pp 97-104; doi:10.34256/ajir19410

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to determine the degree to which the economic status (i.e., Economically Disadvantaged, Not Economically Disadvantaged) of Grade 3 Hispanic students and Black students was related to their reading achievement. Texas statewide data on the state-mandated reading assessment for the 2015-2016 school year were analyzed. Inferential statistical procedures, used on statewide archival data, revealed statistically significant differences as a function of poverty for Hispanic and Black students. Statistically significantly lower percentages of students of color who were economically disadvantaged met the three Phase-in standards on the state-mandated reading assessment than their counterparts who were not economically disadvantaged. Given the importance of strong reading skills at Grade 3, our results are cause for concern. Implications of these findings and recommendations for future research are discussed.
Kim R. Ingram, John R. Slate, George W Moore, Frederick C Lunenburg, Wally Barnes
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 2, pp 156-172; doi:10.34256/ajir19414

Abstract:In this multiyear, statewide investigation, the degree to which differences were present in graduation rates between Black and White, Black and Hispanic, and Black and Asian students was addressed for the 2007-2008 academic year to the 2015-2016 academic years. Inferential statistical procedures revealed the presence of statistically significant differences for all 9 academic years. In all 9 years, Black students had statistically significantly lower graduation rates than White, Hispanic, and Asian students. Also identified were the Texas community colleges that had the highest and that had the lowest graduation rates of their Black students in the last two academic years. Implications of these findings and recommendations for future research were discussed.
Gideon D Schleeter, Sciprofile linkJohn Slate, George W Moore, Frederick C Lunenburg
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 2, pp 141-155; doi:10.34256/ajir19413

Abstract:Analyzed in this investigation were the current Texas state-mandated assessments in reading and the extent to which test scores differed between English Language Learner boys and English Language Learner girls. Data were obtained on the reading performance of all Grade 3 English Language Learner boys and girls for three school years. Inferential statistical analyses revealed that English Language Learner girls had statistically significantly better reading performance than English Language Learner boys in all three school years. Implications for policy and practice, as well as recommendations for future research, are provided.
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