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Lalu Puji Indra Kharisma, Yunita Happy Yana
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 39-45; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.128

Mathematics lessons at the elementary level in the opinion of most students are still considered difficult because of the large number of calculation formulas that must be learned and use logic in analyzing and completing calculations. The learning model currently applied is the lecture learning model by means of one-way communication where the educator is active while the students only function their senses of sight and hearing. The conventional learning model mentioned above is considered to be less exploring students' knowledge insights during the teaching and learning process. If the student's concentration is less than optimal, then the student will have difficulty accepting the material being taught at that time, especially mathematics lessons with material two-dimentional figure and geometry, considering that the material must be systematic and requires a lot of practice questions to deepen mathematical concepts and problems. Therefore, mathematics is not enough to just be studied in class. Students must learn independently outside the classroom. So that we need a media that can help students in learning outside the classroom. With the current development of information technology, especially in terms of internet use, it has an impact on changes in learning system patterns, This change in the pattern of the learning system makes the learning process more creative because learning resources are not only carried out from inside the classroom but can be done outside the classroom and discussed in the classroom together. This is the impact of the rapid development of internet technology. Therefore, the author aims to create a mathematics learning media with material two-dimentional figure and geometry web-based for elementary schools.
Ubaidillah Ubaidillah, Fatmawati Fatmawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 1-7; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.120

PT. Gomeds Network is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company based in the city of Gorontalo. This company has problems or obstacles in the process of applying for leave for its employees where leave applications are still handled manually, even though personal computers are available as a support facility for work activities. All of this allows errors or inaccuracies in employee leave data at PT. Gomeds Network. The purpose of this research is to build a web-based employee leave application information system which makes it easier for employees to apply for leave and get complete and detailed information related to leave, also this leave application can be done online anywhere that can be done. connected to the internet so there is no need to meet with the staffing department. The research method used is the waterfall system development model or systems development life system (SDLC) with unified modeling language (UML) where the tools used to describe the system model are in the form of activity diagrams, use case diagrams, component diagrams and deployment diagrams and in making bases. data using entity relationship diagrams (ERD). With this employee leave application information system application can help employees in filing leave and make it easier for companies to process and manage employee leave data and incoming data can be stored safely in the database and can improve the performance and time efficiency in activities in the staffing department..
Fandi Ahmad, Eni Pudjiarti, Eka Puspita Sari
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 21-31; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.126

Technology continues to evolve all the time, in order to keep up with the development of technology, students must continue to update their knowledge in the field of technology if they do not want to miss, we must continue to develop learning methods so that learning is comfortable and at the same time not behind the times and technology, one of which is online-based learning. (e-learning) which is already familiar today, SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus, located in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, is one of the schools that implements e-learning as one of its learning support systems, in its application, a research is needed to determine the level readiness of SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus in implementing e-learning using the Technology Readiness Index (TRI) method. This method uses an index to measure the level of readiness of users in using new technology to achieve goals in everyday life. There are variables used in this method to measure readiness, namely optimism, innovation, discomfort, and insecurity. The data were obtained from 105 respondents consisting of teachers and guardians of students who produced a TRI score of 2.48 which was categorized in the medium technology readiness index, thus SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus was ready to implement e-learning by taking into account the discomfort and insecurity variables which still received low scores 0,30 and 0.61.
Muhammad Azmi, Zulkarnaen Zulkarnaen
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 8-13; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.124

The security and confidentiality of a message or document sent to other people must be guaranteed its confidentiality and security, so that the message or document is not misused by parties who do not have an interest in the message. Security and confidentiality of messages or documents can be kept confidential and secure by using cryptography. data security and confidentiality issues are very important from an information. Because of the importance of this information, the person concerned will question whether the authenticity of the information is still maintained or whether the information has been hijacked. So in the process of securing data and information with cryptography, of course it requires a qualified algorithm to maintain the confidentiality of the information, so that the purpose of this research is how to maintain the confidentiality of information by converting information into codes known only to the sender and receiver by using cryptographic techniques and steganography. Then the process of securing the data or information the researcher uses a combination of Caesar Chiper and Hill Chiper which is modified into Morse code then the resulting CipherText results will be saved into a JPEG file using the LSB (Least Significant Bit) Steganography method. The process of storing messages or ciphertext into image files will make it difficult for irresponsible people or cryptoanalysts to solve messages sent in the form of images.
Juhuria Momodahi, Yudi Klaus Patiro, Eliyah Acantha M Sampetoding, Esther Sanda Manapa
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 14-20; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.127

The role of computers in data processing to produce an information system is very influential in an organization or institution. The involvement of computer technology tools is very helpful in carrying out data processing activities, especially the making of financial reports at BTM at the Nu Salam Bantik Mosque. In recording the receipt and expenditure of shalawat money, problems often occur such as missing or scattered data, torn, and takes a long time. As a result, financial information becomes inaccurate because it is still done manually without involving computer technology. The research conducted discusses the Making and Development of the Financial Information System for the Ta'mirul Mosque of Nur Saalam Bantik. In designing an application, it is carried out by means of insight techniques, observation and literature study. This study is to create an application for the Development of Financial Information Systems for the Ta'mirul Mosque of Nur Salam Bantik using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB). Microsoft Visual Basic apart from being referred to as a programming language (Program Language), Visual Basic is also often referred to as a tool (Tool) to produce windows application programs. In general, there are several benefits that can be obtained from using the Microsoft Visual Basic program itself. Computer at Mosque using OS Windows, So the applications created are programming tools that make it easy to use controls for database design.
Medhanita Dewi Renanti, Anggia Chrisanti Darmawan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 32-38; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.132

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages that involve at least two people so that the message can be understood. The existence of effective communication results in a good relationship between the sender and recipient of the message. Meanwhile, miscommunication can lead to relationship breakdown. The way a person communicates is largely influenced by his personality. Communication is more effective by looking at his personality. Personality directly affects interpersonal communication and this communication affects organizational commitment. One way to find out a person's personality typology is to fill in personality observations based on the fields that have been determined by the expert. The purpose of this study is to develop a personality typology application that can be used to identify a person's personality typology. The existence of this application is expected to help realizing effective communication because someone knows the typology of his personality that can be used to communicate with his interlocutors. The software development method used is eXtreme Programming. This method was chosen because the resources to make the system were available, application development time was short, and programming was done by a small team. The making of this personality typology application can be used by someone to identify personality typologies that can produce choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic classification outputs. This application is created using the PHP programming language and MySQL Database Management System by displaying a list of 24 questions that must be filled in by the user. The application using black box testing, accuracy value is 100%. The existence of this application is expected to create a comfortable working atmosphere and create smooth communication with all parties. This has an impact on the effectiveness of communication so that it can reduce communication misunderstandings.
Fanny Printi Ardi, Pyo Apriliana Munawarah, Mi’Rajus Subyan Rahmat, Lalu Aswandi Mahroni G
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 46-52; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.123

Mascot is a promotional media that is familiar in promotional media. Several companies to universities have mascots as icons that can represent higher education. UNDIKMA as a new joint-form campus has not used the media in the form of mascots for promotion. considering that NTB is a heterogeneous region with respect to ethnicity, religion, and race, so it requires a mascot as a brand ambassador for UNDIKMA. This is important because in the NTB region there is no tertiary institution that has a mascot. In the previous study, there was no study on mascot creation for universities. The purpose of this research is to design a mascot with a method approach that puts forward the target audience. While the method used is the Design Thinking Method developed by Tim Brown. Design thinking is a way to solve ambiguous and unfamiliar problems, rediscover problems in a human-centered way, brainstorm to generate multiple ideas, and take a hands-on approach. Very useful for prototyping and testing. Design thinking also includes continuous experimentation, such as sketching, prototyping, experimenting, and trying out different concepts and ideas. The target outcome of this research is to hopefully create a mascot design. In addition, it is also hoped that the output in the form of a mascot design guide line will also be successfully written. So that the application of the mascot can be correct and in accordance with the objectives expected by the designer.
Eka Puspita Sari, Eni Pudjiarti
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 229-236; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.112

CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia is a printing company located in East Jakarta. CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia started its operation in 2013. The main business of printing books, banners, brochures, and others is an affiliated company or not a group's subsidiary, but purely a company that operates independently. But the marketing system on the CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia is still not good enough. The way used in marketing the product is still using print media such as putting up banners and banners and even printing and distributing leaflets. For bookings and purchases, always can not be done online, requiring customers to come directly to the company to make booking and purchase transactions, the way is considered very inefficient. It takes an attractive website to market products and improves services and transactions more effectively and efficiently. The research method used consists of observation, interview, and literature study, while the system development model used is waterfall model, with PHP programming language and database used is MySQL. The result of this research is Website Based Printing Service Sales Information System. The website created can be used to source information about products and can also conduct transactions online efficiently.
Ervin Setyawan, Farid Sukmana
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 214-222; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.110

Cinema ticket application services make it easy to purchase movie tickets. Various applications, especially in the business sector, certainly require information security that has been guaranteed to be applied and international information security certificates in ISO 27001 quality standards. Therefore, the requirements for obtaining information security certificates in international quality ISO 27001 need to be analyzed first. It requires a lot of preparedness that must be requested in meeting ISO 27001 quality standards. The purpose of this study is to analyze the application of cinema tickets for ISO 27001 eligibility. Analytical research methods used include clauses, checklists, Likert scales, maturity levels, and fishbone diagrams. The authors' references were based on the writer's team's analysis that the authors made, including graphs, charts, clause scores, checklist scores, Likert scales, maturity levels, and fishbone diagrams. Based on the author's analysis results, the cinema ticket application system does not meet ISO 27001 standards, so much needs to be improved in the system. Likert scale scores are still 19%, while to meet ISO 27001 standards, Likert scale scores must reach at least 60%. The overall problem with assessing this analysis, which results in cinema tickets being inappropriate or not passing ISO 27001 quality standards, is the lack of Likert scale scores and fishbone diagrams. This analytical research hypothesis can be the basis for future research that the application can meet the feasibility test of ISO 27001 quality standards.
Nurulfah Riyanah, Fatmawati Fatmawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 206-213; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.117

Rukun Warga 002 Kelurahan Meruya Selatan runs a government program, namely assistance for recipients of a certificate of being unable to meet the community's needs and aims to improve the community's welfare. Rukun Warga 002 has community services, namely death certificate services, making ID cards, disability certificates (SKTM), birth certificates, and many more. In carrying out assistance, most of the community complained that they did not get help, while some people were considered capable of getting this assistance. The researcher carried out data processing techniques with observation, literature study, and questionnaires based on this background. In contrast, the data processing used data mining to determine the incapable recipient's proper or inappropriate status, namely by using the Naïve Bayes algorithm while using the Rapidminer application, aiming to test the dataset's accuracy. In the dataset of incapacitated recipients used in this study, there are 35 records with eight attributes: name, occupation, age, status, income, vehicle, ownership, and roof of the building, while this research aims to predict and produce level values. Accuracy in providing assistance letters of incapacity to the people of 002 sub-district of Meruya Selatan using the naïve Bayes method. The trial results show that the system accuracy rate is 62.86%, a recall of 78.57%, and 52.38% precision.
Akbar Juliansyah, Ramlah Ramlah, Dewi Nadiani
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 199-205; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.113

Digital security and monitoring systems are entering a new era. Every industry is busy developing security systems according to their individual needs. What can be done is by providing a security perimeter around the assets to prevent unwanted things. There are currently many CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) based security systems; CCTV security systems also have less effective because they require more devices and large enough storage memory. Also, there are other solutions, namely systems that are built using PIR sensors and Raspberry Pi. The PIR sensor is used to detect infrared emissions from humans, so the target object is a human. The PIR sensor also receives heat radiation from humans, so when humans move, this sensor will receive changes in radiation emitted by humans. The purpose of this study is to simulate a solution to the problem of infrastructure design for the development of a physical asset security system using a Wireless Sensor Network and to find out how the security system works using a PIR sensor and Raspberry Pi Model B. The research method used is the Network Development Life Cycle (NDLC) approach. This study illustrates that the Raspberry Pi with hardware capabilities and Rasbian OS and the Python programming language support building a security system. The HC-SR501 PIR sensor can also detect moving objects from the right, left, and front. Email and SMS can be well integrated to produce reports according to the sensor's movement.
Robby Annashri, Sandi Justitia Putra
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 190-198; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.115

To improve service quality, a company must be able to design an informative and persuasive promotional media. LPK Logika Internasional is a company engaged in Japanese language training and courses in the city of Mataram. The problem with this company is a significant decrease in the number of students from year to year. Also, the geographic location that is less strategic makes the company's popularity low so that it affects its existence. This study discusses designing a video company profile at LPK Logika Internasional as useful media information and company promotion. The research method used is the design method (Visual Communication Design), which starts from object/problem analysis, synthesis or data processing, and implementation. The results of this research are in the form of an informative and persuasive, informative and persuasive work of Video Company Profile of the LPK Logika International company. This work expected to be a solution to introduce and promote the company's profile to the fullest.
Kartarina Kartarina, Lalu Zazuli Azhar Mardedi, Miftahul Madani, Miftahul Jihad, Regina Aprilia Riberu
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 223-228; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.114

One of the roles of humans in community empowerment activities is in the health sector. Community empowerment in this field can be carried out through efforts to improve community health by utilizing family medicinal plants. The purpose of using family medicinal plants is so that the community can preserve these plants, reduce hospital costs, and serve as access to first aid for health if health services are difficult to reach. Based on this explanation, to increase public knowledge and understanding of the types of Toga and its benefits as a medicinal ingredient, it can be done several ways. One of them is through an in-depth learning approach. The deep learning approach with Siamese Neural Network is by comparing two patterns and producing an appropriate output based on the similarity of the two patterns. The application of Siamese Neural Network with an Android Smartphone is the right choice because it can facilitate the community in terms of usage. Based on these problems, the writer wants to build an application that can identify plants based on Android-based leaf images by applying the Siamese Neural Network approach. In this study, the results achieved were that the Siamese Neural Network could be implemented on Android-based smartphones. The application was able to identify family medicinal plants based on leaves.
Jian Budiarto
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 244-250; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.119

People can write to the government about what they want through social media in the freedom of information era. Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, the public's desire for government attention is getting higher. The purpose of this activity is to collect community needs at the beginning of the pandemic. The period of information retrieval is from March 30 to April 5, 2020. The activity uses the crawling method, which is gathering information with browser tools. The implementation stage starts from taking information with selenium, identifying posts and comments with Html tags, calculating the emergence of issues with N-gram NLP, and analyzing sentiment with Naive Bayes and Support-Vector Machine. The results showed that the community did not have panic to need foods with a total reaction of 172. The community was more worried about the spread of outbreaks from outside NTB with a reaction of 1,421.
Rispani Himilda, Ragil Andika Johan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 237-243; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.118

The number of vehicles in Indonesia has increased each year, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles; this is inversely proportional to the development of road infrastructure in Indonesia, which has not experienced much change or improvement. Supposedly, with the increase in the number of vehicles, road infrastructure must also keep pace so that things such as the accumulation of cars on the road do not occur, traffic accidents and congestion become obstacles to carrying out activities. Therefore, it is necessary to make a system to detect and classify vehicles' types in this study using two types of vehicles, namely cars and motorbikes. According to the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS), it is the highest number. The classification system uses digital image processing techniques, a science to study how an image is formed, processed, and analyzed by a computer to produce information that humans can understand. The method used in this research is the Extreme Learning Machine (ELM), a part of artificial intelligence in feedforward neural networks, where this method can solve regression and classification problems. The data used in this study are 25 images of cars and motorbikes as training data and 15 photos of cars and motorbikes as test data, respectively. The results obtained from this study are a system for classifying two types of vehicles, namely cars and motorbikes, with an accuracy rate of 86.6%.
Yuda Irawan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 181-189; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.75

Based on data from UDD PMI Kampar Regency, many donors must have provisions to become blood donors. So far, blood donor selection has been made manually to determine whether potential donors can donate blood or not. Meanwhile, today's information system has not yet explored further information from the large amount of data stored as knowledge. There is a need for organizational consolidation and continuous evaluation of the performance that has been carried out by PMI in dealing with social and humanitarian problems. By making a data mining application with a classification method using the Decision Tree C4.5 Algorithm in predicting someone worthy or not to donate blood, it can be calculated from the results of variables that are continuous or critical, such as variables of age, body weight, hemoglobin (HB) levels, blood pressure. (systolic and diastolic), The data that enters the information system is calculated using the Decision Tree C4.5 Algorithm formula, which results in detailed results and can produce valid and more accurate values. With the data mining application using the Decision Tree Algorithm C4.5 method, potential blood donors' eligibility can be classified based on age, body weight, hemoglobin, and blood pressure. Hemoglobin with the highest gain value (0.861212618) is the variable that most determines blood donation success.
Eni Pudjiarti, Muhammad Tabrani
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 157-165; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i3.106

In this day and age, it takes a sound system to increase sales. The increase or development of sales is the goal of each company. There's a lot to do to increase sales, including a good marketing strategy. It is necessary for a medium to publish information, whether information about the company or goods to be sold. One of the media that can use is the internet. Companies can use the internet as a tool to publish various information or can make sales online or called E-Commerce. With e-commerce information or deals can be accessed wherever and whenever customers need. E-Commerce is one of the technologies applied within PT. Citrajaya Labelindo. Based on the description above, the author tried to create a design label printing sales website that aims to promote and provide information about the product, product price and product details quickly and updated. The use of the website expected to expand the marketing reach of the product without being limited by space and time, so as to increase sales. The website-based sales system was developed using waterfall development methods, with the PHP programming language and database used being MySQL.
Adriyansah Efendi Noor, Pahrul Irfan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 174-180; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i3.109

Vocational High School or in Indonesian abbreviated as SMK, is a government program that was built with the aim that students can have expertise in certain fields and can be the initial capital for them in looking for work. An accredited educational curriculum and the many practical activities provided to students can also ensure that SMK graduates are ready to enter the workforce. However, in today's world of work, it requires workers who, in addition to having skills, must also have work experience. There are events held by the government regarding Job Vacancy info which are held only a few times a year so that more participants are participating and the unemployment rate in the regions is getting higher. Based on the above problems, the authors provide a solution by creating a "Freelance Service Provider Application" which is expected to bring together workers and job seekers. The application is made web-based so that it can be easily accessed through various types of devices. The author also implements Progressive Web Apps technology or also known as PWA so that it can be more easily accessed on mobile devices. Based on the results of the discussion on the implementation of PWA technology for making applications for freelance service providers, this can be a means for the public and prospective workers to meet and conduct transactions. So based on the questionnaire data obtained from the respondents, it can be concluded that the research carried out was successful and it is felt that it can help the graduates of SMK 3 Mataram to get jobs and also work experience
Novaely Rachman, Pahrul Irfan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 166-173; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i3.108

Problem faced by goods delivery service providers today is that there are found consumers they have difficulty in finding couriers to transport large goods, thus causing consumers to have to go to the owner of a pickup car or delivery service provider, it can take a lot of time and cost. To solve the problem, there is currently no system that facilitates consumers in ordering couriers optimally. Therefore, it requires a delivery system that can order couriers only through a smartphone owned. The result that was wanted to be achieved in this study was the creation of a multiplatform based courier ordering system with a REST web service architecture that can be accessed through computer and Android platforms. With the construction of this system testing of the web service, the test results of the web service function stated that, all functions tested show valid results, this means that the entire web service function on the application, already fulfilled the design, in addition to testing against the web service, conducted also the black box trial, based on the black box test results, it is concluded that the application created, already according to the design, is proven by all the parts tested showing valid status
Nungky Asmiati, Fatmawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 141-149; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i3.102

In this modern era, the use of electronics such as cellphones, computers, laptops and others quite widely used for various needs. Information technology that is very developed today brings changes and affects social life. One of the problems in society is the large influence of online games because online games themselves have an attraction that makes people more fun playing than learning. It evidenced by the large number of millennial adolescents spending their daily time in front of computers or smartphones instead of books, and the lack of socializing is also one of the negative effects of playing online games and harms their health. To solve these problems, the classification method used is the naïve Bayes algorithm method, for classification in the form of online game user data as a whole, namely based on name, gender, age, number of days, duration and classification in the form of addiction and not addiction (normal). Therefore, this naïve Bayes algorithm can predict future opportunities based on past experiences. The results of the study of 100 online game user data in normal conditions were 78 respondents, and addiction was 22 respondents from the results of both concluded that the research results of millennial adolescents online game users were declared normal with an overall accuracy of 89.00%. Addicted recall class 77.27%, normal recall class 92.31%, addicted precision class 73.91%, normal precision class 93.51%.
Jufrison Benyamin Merukh, Emerensiana Ngaga, Frengky Tedy
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 150-156; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i3.105

New Student Admission is an activity that will always be carried out every year by schools, both public and private schools in attracting new students. The process of admitting new students needs doing quickly and precisely to support the educational process in each school. There are currently not many schools in East Nusa Tenggara that develop new student admission information system and Academic Information online. With the benefit and ease of existing technology, this new student admission information system and Academic Information set by each school. The New Student admission and Academic Information System at the Christian High School Kesetnana Soe currently still use a manual system where information on new student admissions distributed through brochures, the registration process for new students is still by filling in the form provided by the committee, data entry is not accurate, and it takes too long. Of these problems, the purpose of this research is to build an application to assist the school in the web-based admission process for the process to run effectively and efficiently. This software development uses the waterfall method, and the programming language used is PHP and MYSQL as the database. The result of this research is a system that can help make it easier for students to register and see the results of graduation anywhere and make it easier for teachers to input school academic information data online.
I Nyoman Rikajaya, Made Liandana, Putu Pande Yudiastra
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 133-140; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.101

Harris Hotel Denpasar is one of the 4-star hotels in Denpasar City which has a large value and number of assets, however the asset recording process is still conventionally using microsoft office excel software. This has become a problem that inflicted the burdensome to conduct the data search and distribute it to the related user. In this study, a web-based management information system is advanced using the waterfall model type of development system starting from the first stage namely the analysis stage and specification stage until the last stage namely the operation and maintenance stage. The system information is depicted using DFD (Data Flow Diagram) starting from the Flowmap of the designed system, Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram Level 0 and Data Flow Diagram Level 1 along with the data base design using Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Web-based information system of the asset inventory in Harris Hotel Denpasar is implemented using the PHP native programming language, MySQL database and template Framework Bootstrap. It has the asset inventory of data management features, including data replenishments, data updates, listing of damaged goods, recording log activities, print reports and view the statistics. The assessment of the web-based information system of the asset inventory in Harris Hotel Denpasar is done using the Blackbox Testing Method. The result of this study is a web-based asset inventory information system that handles the company's asset management process at Harris Hotel Denpasar which consist of features such as the data additions, data updates, eliminating/reducting the asset request, recording of the damaged goods, recording of the activity log, printing reports into the spreadsheet and being able to display the asset of each department statistically.
Aisyah Jasmine, Redito Benaya Loen
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 125-132; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.100

Company Profile is a supporting tool for Public Relations that contains general informations regarding a business entity. It can be categorized into four different types which are website, print, interactive application and video. The Creators chose video as their project base to make a company profile for PT Avoir Industry. It can be used to introduce the company’s identity in order to build quality partnership with external parties and can also be functioned as a promotion channel. PT Avoir Industry has stood since 2008 and in the past 11 years PT Avoir Industry has not yet had the company profile video. The creator feels that a new method is needed for the company to keep up with the development of digital age. In the production of this company profile video, the creators uses three stages, those are:Pre Production, Production and post production. The concept is one that uses a cast ensemble to display the utilization of drinking cup in daily life, which will then lead to production, packaging and distribution process. This video is three to six minutes long. The purpose of the work is to provide information on PT Avoir Industry and to promote the promotion of the company to be better known to the public, especially the market’s targets in the form of a company profile video. The work will be uploaded on four social media platforms those are Instagram, youtube, facebook and the company’s official website. The four platforms have the high potentioal to provide information to the public, especially the target of the market of avoir industries.
Mohammad Yaqin Amirullah, Nuzul Hikmah, Ary Analisa Rahma
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 116-124; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.90

Teaching and learning is basically a process of educational interaction between teacher and student. Learning media become a very important part of the learning process. Therefore it is necessary to find an attractive learning media for students one of them is interactive learning media. Computer learning is one of the basic competency standards taught to students in vocational high schools. Based on observations at the Vocational High School Zainul Hasan Genggong Genggong with the speaker Mr. Mohammad Saleh, S.Kom as a teacher in the Vocational Basic Computer and Network Engineering, he said that the teacher still uses the delivery of material by whiteboard and also uses projector presentation aids using the projector power point slides especially the Vocational Basic Computer and Network Engineering lessons. Therefore it is necessary to find an attractive learning media for students one of them is interactive learning media. Interactive learning media has several elements such as text, audio, video and images, so that it is more interesting to students and students feel happy in learning compared to the way that is still very conventional. The research method used is research development with the stages of study of literature, observation, data collection, system analysis, system design, application implementation, application testing. For the implementation stage, an application has been made as a learning medium that can be accessed using an Android smartphone with a user friendly display, including pictures and videos. Based on the results of testing using blackbox testing and testing in various android platforms learning applications run well in accordance with the results expected by the user.
Willy Putranto Kurniawan, Vika Andriani, Tasha Rikayama
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 109-115; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.97

A good relationship is not always shared by most teenagers especially in socializing, even not just teenagers, the bigger a person, the more difficult it will be for them to have sincere friendships. In the present era there are many bad things that cause a problem and also have a negative impact that starts from a friendship that is not good. According to an extreme statement by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, we could have hundreds of friends, but no more than 5 could understand us. This statement and phenomenon is the inspiration for this short film work entitled "How Bromance Us". How Bromance Us is a short film with a fictional drama genre, this friendship has been going on for more than nine years, started from the thought of Edgar who strongly does not believe that there are friends in this world who are truly sincere in undergoing friendship. In one situation Edgar realized that what he always believed was the wrong thing because he realized that his little relative Ryan was a true friend because he had gone through good and bad things together and gave each other support to each other. This work uses steps for developing ideas, writing scripts, determining players, selecting sets and properties, reading, shooting and, and editing. The results of this work last 20 minutes accompanied by a moral message that being yourself is very important, but do not forget to keep the feelings of others, especially true friends. It is hoped that this non-thesis work can change the way the viewer views his friendship relationship and can inspire other filmmakers to continue producing works that have a strong moral message.
Zaurarista Dyarbirru, Syahroni Hidayat
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 100-108; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.99

Voice is the sound emitted from living things. With the development of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, voice can be used to make it easier for humans to do something. In the ASR extraction process the features have an important role in the recognition process. The feature extraction methods that are commonly applied to ASR are MFCC and Wavelet. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, this study will combine the wavelet feature extraction method and MFCC to maximize the existing advantages. The proposed method is called Wavelet-MFCC. Voice recognition method that does not use recommendations. Determination of system performance using the Word Recoginition Rate (WRR) method which is validated with the K-Fold Cross Validation with the number of folds is 5. The research dataset used is voice recording digits 0-9 in English. The results show that the digit speech recognition system that has been built gives the highest average value of 63% for digit 4 using wavelet daubechies DB3 and wavelet dyadic transform method. As for the comparison results of the wavelet decomposition method used, that the use of dyadic wavelet transformation is better than the wavelet package.
Andhika Putra Cahyono, Utomo Budiyanto
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 92-99; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.98

In the road traffic space which is often encountered by passing traffic type of vehicle. To find out the traffic conditions that are needed to calculate vehicle traffic, such as using counting or recording CCTV video. This continues the long and long process that was completed on the error data and the slow pace of traffic engineering decisions. This method is difficult to do in full because of the limited number of counters. This can be done by involving digital processing and CCTV video to be able to classify and transfer vehicle type objects. There are several methods for sharing object imagery, such as SIFT, edge detection and Monte Carlo. This research tries to use the Background Substraction and Blob Detection methods because of its superiority in determining objects and backgrounds and being able to maintain moving objects as well as analyzing screen area calculations. The results of testing with this method obtained the MSE value at the threshold of 100 and 3x3 kernel filter with a pixel area of motorcycle 34-63 pixel-X, 67-155 pixel-Y and cars 73-200 pixel-X, 79-307 pixel-Y and bus / truck 130-128 pixel-X, 305-376 pixel-Y. On evaluation, use the confusion matrix obtained in the morning with an average total of 92% and at night with a total average of 73%. It can be concluded by using CCTV installation parameters and the method used can yields higher accuracy in the morning than at night with the weakness of compiling objects that can make it easier to make objects and test the night to obtain light from vehicle lights generated as vehicle objects the flight.
Mikhael Kristian Mike, Gio Fandy H Nainggolan, Iskandar Fitri
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 84-91; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.93

Cooperation is an effort made by several individuals and also groups to achieve an agreedgoal. The collaboration was given as a partnership between the National University and otherdomestic and foreign institutions and companies. With the collaboration program at NationalUniversity, student can carry out activities such as training, research, student exchangesduring partner relations. The process of this collaboration activity can be carried out inmanaging collaborative activities between other agencies, namely requiring a website to builda cooperation program that can express agreement from both parties. In this research, acooperation partner submission system was proposed for submitting a website using thewaterfall method. The application of the partner waterfall cooperation website which isimplemented on the website display page created with the help of web development software isusing Sublime text 3 and data management using Xampp. On the website page there areseveral criteria in the process of submitting cooperation at the National University whichforms the basic of agreement with the National University, namely in the form of an MoA(Memorandum of Agreement) memorandum of agreement and MoU (Memorandum ofUnderstanding) memorandum of agreement. The results of submissions from other agenciesgiven to the National University in the form of the cooperation proposal of each criterion. Theprocess of cooperation agreement with the waterfall method produces agencies and othercompanies that are entitled to the cooperation agreement.)
Martini, Agustiena Merdekawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 76-83; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i2.88

Admission of new employees is undoubtedly one of the programs for the company to gethuman resources who have the potential and qualifications according to company needs. Thepurpose of this study is to design an employee recruitment system at PT Megah PerkasaTeknologi that still utilizes social media and verbal communication from one person toanother so that only a few are aware of the recruitment needs. HRD still records and selectsincoming files both obtained via e-mail and sent through the delivery service. Therefore weneed a web-based employee recruitment system that can provide more comprehensiveinformation to the public, especially those who are looking for work. The system designedusing the Unified Modeling Language, and software developers use the Waterfall model withthe PHP and MySQL programming languages. The results of this study indicate that employeerecruitment information disseminated to the community and its requirements. Applicants canonly apply for one position in the employee recruitment period with the ease of filling outapplications. Also, file selection becomes more accessible and faster because the applicant isonly required to apply according to the desired application position. So with this web-basedrecruitment system, the HRD team's performance is expected to be more productive andefficient at every stage from file receipt, written test, interview test, to decision making.
Alvikha Adrian, Yuyun Anggraini,
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 68-75; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.83

The ability to think is the defining factor that sets apart human beings and any other creations.By using their minds and their mental capacity, humans try to assign meaning to get a betterunderstanding of the phenomenon and things in their surroundings. Humans gave birth toscience and technology as a means to solve their problems and in process, fulfilling specificneeds. Thus, human beings began to live side by side with technology. As time has progressed,technology also shapes what values to uphold. Advancement in technology often gives a newperspective on life. We saw a possibility of losing the essence of “what makes us human” dueto the irresponsible use of technology. Aside from being entertainment, this project also aimsas a means to convey the message that technology used wisely so as not to lose identity as ahuman being. This project manifests as a sci-fi short movie based on technologicaldeterminism and dehumanization, in which we made the audience think about what values wehave lost in exchange for technology. This project uses an action genre and a unique effect toconvey the world-building aspect. We hope the whole process of this project could serve as areference for any parties who want to create short movies within the same context.
Sukreni Mulya Agustin,
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 50-58; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.80

The development of technology and multimedia at this time has been developing rapidly, severalmultimedia applications have also been created and used in various fields. One of its uses is inthe field of e-commerce. Jualombok application is one of the e-commerce that is developing inLombok Island, but it is still tricky in establishing visual identity. In building the right use, acompany needs a visual identity and the correct User Interface for its application. Therefore, inthis study, the author will design a visual identity and User Interface for the JUALOMBOKApplication for the Jualombok marketplace application that has a focus on helping entrepreneurson the island of Lombok develop local MSMEs to promote and sell their products. Thisapplication was designed on November 13, 2017, by one of the companies in the city of Mataram,namely Cv. Sol Interactive. However, the design stage is only limited to the plan because theessential company is information technology, multimedia, and system integration. This researchis a qualitative study by conducting interviews with the company to get the data needed by theauthor relating to the company and the application of Jualombok. The concept used in this studyis the concept of local wisdom in the visual form and color of the logo for the user interfacecharacteristic of the island of Lombok in the log-in display on the user.User Interface Design Juallombok application presents a typical photo of the island of Lombok,namely rice barns and Songket cloth from the Sasak tribe, so that users still recognize thisapplication as an original application made by the company on Lombok Island despite having amodern look. So that both the visual identity and user interface will still remind the audience onthe island of Lombok, following what is desired by the company
Valian Yoga Pudya Ardhana, Esther Sanda Manapa, Tommy Wijaya Sagala, Yonathan Anggian Sihaan, Eliyah Acantha M Sampetoding
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 59-67; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.76

The Vehicular ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a subclass of Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs).VANET is a wireless network created from the concept of building a vehicle network (node) toexchange data information (data communication). There is a new concept technique forVANET communication used, namely the use of the concept of Software Defined Network(SDN) on VANET. For data communication between vehicles, a routing protocol required. Themost common routing protocol used on VANET since 2003 is AODV. In 2014 several studieswere using the SDN paradigm tried on VANET technology to improve the performance ofQuality of Service (QoS), one of which is a Geographic-based SDN, called SDGR in 2016.Multicast is a method of routing data on a network that allows one node or a group of nodes tocommunicate efficiently with the receiving node. The multicast concept supports one-to-manyrouting in nodes that send packet data to a group of nodes. The development of the SDGRrouting protocol using the idea of multicast technique to SDGR based on the Direction calledSDGR + R carried out in 2019. This study uses a case study of vehicle transportationsimulations in the Lamber Port area of Lombok. The simulation results knew that SDGR + Ris better than AODV in terms of service quality (QoS) at a latency of 15.58% and packet deliveryratio (PDR) of 47.78%.
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 29-35; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.85

Queue is a condition where the number of service recipients is higher than the number ofservice providers. This condition can cause a buildup of service recipients, and eventually,bottlenecks will occur. It faced by all service organizations that focus on service to customers.No exception is a car wash business whose business processes focus on providing fast andquality car wash services. But unfortunately, many car wash businesses get complaints fromcustomers, especially related to the queue buildup and unclear queue information received bycustomers. Therefore this study aims to produce a mobile-based car wash queue application,which includes a dynamic priority scheduling algorithm that functions as a queue manager.To carry out these objectives, a research methodology that is sequential and iterative used,namely, the software development methodology using the Rapid Application Development(RAD) model. This model consists of four phases: planning needs, prototype development,system development, and finally, testing. The Application test is finished with two approaches,namely testing of application code, specifically the application of dynamic priority schedulingalgorithm and testing of the overall functional system. From the test results, it knows that thecar wash queue application managed to sort customer orders based on the specified priorityrules based on the distance and time of the law. While the results of testing the systemfunctionality show that the application successfully manages a variety of errors, both causedby system failures and due to human error.
, Uswatun Hasanah
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 43-49; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.84

This article is an overview of the website design interface of Lombok travel This review carried out using a heuristic evaluation introduced by Molich andNielsen that evaluates an interface in an information system. Heuristic evaluation is a guidethat can guide the design or used it as a tool for criticizing a decision taken. The aim is toimprove the model effectively. The evaluation includes visibility of system status, compatibilitybetween the system and the real world, control of user freedom, standards, and consistency,error prevention, user recognition of the system, flexibility and efficiency, aesthetic values andminimum values, system help, help features, and documentation. The purpose of thisevaluation is to measure's interface standard as one of the travel agent websitesin Lombok so that it can become a reference for information systems in the world of tourism.Based on the evaluation, it has stated that overall the site interface is feasible touse because it fulfills the completeness of the principles in the heuristic assessment. Still, ithas some things that need to be improved, especially in the help system and documentation.Heuristic evaluation is pragmatic and easy to do so that it gets quick results. Although thismethod does not produce high certainty, it is a relatively easy method to start an analysis ofinterface design. The hope for the next is the use of more than one way to improve the qualityof the analysis results because it meets the principle of complementarity in each evaluationmethod
Kadek Rika Yudariani Putri, Uswatun Hasanah
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 21-28; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.81

Many immunizations can be obtained at the Puskesmas. Still, there is one immunization thatblocks the community, namely Measles-Rubella immunization, related to communitymisunderstanding about vaccination because the news of immunization implementation thathas no relevance to the Syar' i aspects is done professionally according to technicalprovisions. Meanwhile, the application of Measles-Rubella immunization for people whoconsider aspects of halal and vaccine efficacy can sharply wait until the MUI issued a fatwaconcerning the implementation of Measles-Rubella immunization. From the data obtainedthat at least the community, especially western Javanese people who use Measles-Rubellaimmunization from the specified target. There were 878 people from 2,474 in the WestPagesangan region who participated in the Measles-Rubella immunization. MUI has issuedfatwa number 33 of 2018, stating that it agreed to allow the Measles-Rubella vaccine, whichis a product of the Serum Institute of India (SII) for the current immunization program.This guideline can be a reference for the government in implementing the Measles-Rubellaimmunization for the community so that people do not doubt the vaccine. Based on theseproblems, a mobile-based information media application was developed, which wasdeveloped based on the Luther-Sutopo concept aimed at facilitating the community related toMR immunization information for children. Based on the results of a trial or applicationtesting conducted statistically, it found that the percentage of users who agree is higher thandisagree. That is, the application provides convenience in its use as a medium of informationon the importance of Measles-Rubella immunization for children
Rony Arzian, Zaenal Abidin, Pahrul Irfan, Muhammad Yunus
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 36-42; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.86

Construction of Non-Habitable Homes (RTLH) is a government program managed by thesupervision of the Social Service (Dinas Sosial) in the form of housing construction assistancefunds for the poor. In its realization, assistance is still often found to be lacking on target. It isbecause the determination of beneficiaries is not correctly selected, and there are no standardmethods based on existing criteria. These problems require a system that can providerecommendations that conform to clear standards and use techniques that accounted. FuzzySimple Additive Weighting (SAW) method is one method used in decision making. This methodcalculates criteria to get ranking weights to support decision making. The process of selectingcriteria and determining fuzzy variables carried out as a primary process in this method. Afterthe fuzzification weight value obtained, ranking done to use as a reference in the decision makingof recipients. Based on the results of manual testing, the system made is under the effects ofmanual calculations with a level of accuracy reaching 100%, so that implemented as a basis formaking decisions. While testing, the black box system found that all the requirements tested canrun following the overall system functionality. With this recommendation system, it can help thedecision to find the recipients of the Fund for Non-Occupable Homes Construction Assistanceso that it is more targeted.
Walidatush Sholihah, Sangga Pripambudi,
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 12-20; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.79

This study aims to build an Event Management Server Log using ELK Stack (Elastic searchLogstash Kibana) which can make it easier to read and analyze log services on the server. TheEvent Management Server log in this study uses CentOS 7 as the Central Server and CentOS7 as a client-server with ssh services installed. This research consists of five stages. The stagesare analysis, network design, server configuration, client configuration, and testing. Theexperimental results show that all ssh log services that occur on the client-server sent inrealtime to the central server. Even though the contents of the log file on the client-server hasdeleted. In This study, in addition to sending logs, it can also display a percentage of successreferences.
Reza Andrian
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 1-11; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i1.78

Providing Additional Employee Income (TPP) is a refinement of existing benefits and will bea specific allowance to boost performance and at the same time guarantee fairness in theprovision of benefits. Lately, there has been a decline in the percentage of service quality levelsto the community and staffing administration services. This is due to the slow acceptance ofTPP to the employees, causing disciplinary and demotivation to the employees. Not only that,there are many other factors that influence this delay, especially concerning the incompletesupporting documents, errors in calculations and the absence of regulations regarding theimplementation of performance allowances in each agency. Therefore, to help solve existingproblems, an information system design is needed that can help to make it easier to determineTPP by using the Design Science Research method. From the results of testing the TechnologyAcceptance Model (TAM) hypothesis states that the system that has been made is acceptableand the influence of user convenience, usability and attitude variables has an influence of92.5% and from the results of testing the success of the system using the DeLone and McLeanmodel 9 hypotheses submitted 7 hypotheses proven significantly, the test results prove thatService Quality does not have a positive effect on User Satisfaction and User Satisfaction doesnot have a positive effect on the System Benefit (Net Benefit) while other variables are testedsignificant in measuring the success of users system, so the model is stated to be appropriatein representing the results of the study
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 344-350; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.74

The technology usefulness are very important especially on the transportation industry. Watertransportation still important in Bali. This kind of transportation very useful to help tourist orlocals reach the remote island like Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan. In Bali also known asfastboat. This one very popular to use to visit Nusa Penida, one of the small islands in the eastof Bali. But the conditions today, everyone who wants to go to Nusa Penida, always take offastboat transportation, by buying fastboat tickets on Sanur Beach, Kusamba Beach orPadang Bai Harbour. Tourists who come to Bali also do the same thing if they want to go toNusa Penida. tourists still have to use social media to search for fastboat tickets and book viachat application. In addition, there are also those who are looking for boat tickets bycontacting one by one the existing boat operators either by telephone, or whatsapp shortmessage. This condition is a problem because tourists and people who want to go there mustspend time longer. In addition, there is still potential for crime through social media, forexample selling fake fastboat tickets by unofficial agents. because not all boat ticket sellersare partner with existing official fastboat operators. This study aims to examine the usefulnessor usability of android mobile applications for online booking of fastboat tickets from Bali toNusa Penida or return. In addition, this research has succeeded in building applications thatcan facilitate users to compare boat ticket prices and can order at once on the same platform.This usability test contains 5 aspects of usability: learnability, efficiency of use, memorability,error and satisfaction. The usability test results in this application showed 83.3% stated theease of use of the application login that contained aspects of efficiency of use, memorabilityand satisfaction.
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 351-357; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.59

Academic Information System is a means of supporting academic activities in STMIK HangTuah Pekanbaru by utilizing web-based technology. However, the application of webtechnology on Academic information System in STMIK Hang Tuah Pekanbaru can notalways run as desired, sometimes the information system cannot be accessed due to technicalconstraints or other factors. Based on these problems, an application was created that couldrun on instant messages and could be used via smartphones or other devices as mediainformation for students, namely utilization of telegram bot based on PHP and MySQL asacademic information at STMIK Hang Tuah Pekanbaru. This telegram bot is made using theWebhook method and can run on all operating systems that have Telegram Messengerinstalled. This bot is able to provide academic information including lecture schedules, grades,filling in krs, short semester submissions and research submissions, it is hoped that thetelegram bot will make it easier for students to get academic information through smartphonedevices that can be accessed anytime.
Miftahul Madani, Arief Setyanto, Amir Fatah Sofyan, Danang Tejo Kumoro
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 336-343; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.67

Augmented reality is a technology that is part of the development of the multimedia world that brings many ideas in various fields of promotion is no exception. The idea of using augmented reality in promotional media (brochures) that aims to improve the quality of information that is applied to the android platform one of them. The analytical method used in this study on validation testing is the product moment correlation technique, then the interval will be made as a measuring tool to determine the variable value of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. The results concluded that the effectiveness variable showed at the number 59.817 on a scale > 52.85 - 61.442 which is very close to effective, the efficiency variable showed at the number 23.833 on a scale > 21.145 - 24.574 which is very close to efficient, and the satisfaction variable showed 47.417 at a scale > 42.285 - 49,142 which is very close to satisfying. Based on this, the use of augmented reality technology applied to promotional media can affect the level of quality of information and can display video and audio information on promotional media (brochures) STMIK Bumigora Mataram based on Android.
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 327-335; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.69

Customer knowledge is a valuable asset, and gathering, managing, and sharing customerknowledge can be a useful competitive activity for organizations. Successful knowledgepartnerships with essential and valuable customers can strengthen business performance andcreate an absolute competitive advantage that is difficult for competitors to emulate. Inconsumer knowledge management, companies often experience significant obstacles orconstraints so that sometimes many companies prevent them from managing consumerknowledge. The company or organization depends on consumers who do not need tounderstand the industrial field of the company or organization. This paper discusses thecomparison of the application of customer knowledge management in various industries.Research findings that all organizations must apply the three essential components ofcustomer-related knowledge within the underlying conceptual framework. Three basiccomponents of customer-related knowledge within a basic conceptual framework: knowledgefor customers, knowledge of customers, and customer knowledge, cannot be eliminated. Thisproves that the compatibility with previous studies. In fact, to succeed, they must be applied sothat it is of value to the company. Implementation of the framework can present a greatopportunity for the organization or company to make new products so that this will improvethe performance of the company or organization and maintain the continuity of the companyor organization.
Alvia Kharismasari, Ilfa Nurdina Ridho, Natasya Yasmin Kinanti, Ahmad Chusyairi
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 318-326; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.56

The short film Allure of Culture tells the story of the appeal of culture to the youngergeneration. Three teenagers from different cities with different languages, eachdifferent, and also each learning from each other. The film is set in the Banyuwangiarea. and has a lot of local cultural wisdom that is still preserved by the Banyuwangicommunity which attracts visitors, including teenagers. They will not forget theculture, now rarely use local languages, they do not want to forget local languages.The benefit of the short film Allure of Culture is to invite the Indonesian people tonot forget to keep preserving the culture of their respective regions. One of them stilluses local language everyday. Not only language, in this film also asked to remainrelated to culture, for example Banyuwangi the tradition of kebo-keboan. This filmuses the Continuity Cutting editing technique. The Continuity Cutting technique isa method of editing a film that contains an extension of two scenes that havecontinuity. The development method used is qualitative and quantitative methods.The conclusion obtained in this research is producing a film that aims to support theeducation in Banyuwangi for all of Indonesia, also invites Indonesian people,especially young people, to preserve local agriculture by using everyday languageand maintaining local wisdom.
Zulkarnaen, Herman Budianto, Hendrawan Armanto
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 279-286; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.64

This study discusses the allocation of lecturers to apply courses by applying the concept of heuristic optimization using the Improved Symbiotic Organism Search (I-SOS) algorithm. The I-SOS Algorithm is a development of the previous algorithm, the Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm, which is one of the latest metaheuristic methods inspired by the behavioral interactions seen between organisms in the universe. Optimizing the allocation of lecturers is very influential on the preparation of class schedules because scheduling a good course must be able to meet the needs of the parties directly related to the scheduling process. Conventional methods used today often cause problems in terms of efficiency and accuracy, imbalance of teaching load and inaccuracy in lecturer assignments requiring lecturers to take courses not in accordance with their interests and expertise.
Made Liandana
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 287-293; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.62

Wearable devices can be used to detect activities. The size of the wearable device is relativelysmall and easy to wear on clothing so it does not complicate the movement of its users. In thisstudy wearable devices or wearable systems were developed using a three-axis accelerometersensor. The detected activities are walking, sitting and lying down. The technique used todetect activity is to use a threshold value. For walking activities use the y axis accelerationwhose value has been reduced from the influence of gravity. The threshold value for thecurrent activity consists of two, namely: the lower threshold value and the upper thresholdvalue, the lower threshold value is between -1 to -2 and for the upper threshold value rangesfrom 1 to 2. The sitting and lying activity uses the value acceleration on the x, y, and z axes.For sitting activity the x-axis threshold value is between -0.5 to 0.5, the y-axis value is between9 and 10, and the z-axis value is -0.5 to 0.5. The threshold value of lying activities on the xaxis is between -0.5 and 0.5, the y-axis is between -0.5 and 0.5, while the z-axis is between 9and 10. The test results on wearable devices used to detect walking, sitting and lying activitiesshow, the percentage of results of running activities by 60%, for testing sitting activity by 65,while for lying down activity by 60%, each test is carried out 20 times.
Dela Harum Novia Sari, Herocyma, , Ahmad Chusyairi
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 302-310; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.57

Making a work through a short film is a pride to make a better experience for thefuture. With the short film can put wisdom or a lesson in it and draw the attention ofthe audience to learn to make short films, for hobbies and to work in the field ofvideography. In making a short film, it certainly requires technical requirements init. So that people who see, make and understand the contents in the short film so theycan know the techniques used. One of them is to make a short film entitled IT inMillennial Daily Life by using handheld techniques and continuity cutting in it. Theexistence of making a short film with the title IT in Millennial Daily Life, has theaim to provide information that today many people who in their daily lives are verydependent on technology. The use of technology that can be done anytime andanywhere or commonly called IT for life. In making the short film, using the twotechniques already mentioned, namely the handheld technique and continuitycutting, which aims to produce videos that do not shake or shake, and the continuitycutting technique in the video editing process produces a video transfer that is nottoo flashy. This film was made to channel a hobby in videography by taking part inthe INDOCORIS COMPETITION 2019 Short Movies category
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 311-317; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.65

Motor vehicle police numbers recognation is one of the most important topics in the processof building a smart transportation system. Also this concept and introduction system will bevery useful in various combinations of applications, including in monitoring vehicles when acrime occurs. In this research an object recognition model will be developed by reviewing thesize of the object vertically. Image processing stages starting from the stages of image sizechange, image grayscale, edge detection, morphological operations to the segmentation stage.Based on tests conducted, it was found that the implemented model can be used in the processof recognizing vehicle numbers in the image of motorized vehicles
I Komang Agus Ady Aryanto, Ni Made Ika Marini Mandenni
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 294-301; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i4.70

Technology is used as a tool in everyday life to accelerate the resolution of a problem one ofwhich is the design of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).The purpose of this study is tohelp collect and store data and analyze objects and geographical data to support decisionmaking in planning a mapping of the route search location to the nearest clinic that can helpthe community in Tabanan Regency. Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) allows itwill help the community in solving the problem of finding the location of the nearest clinicbecause in the presence of a GIS it will illustrate the location of the Clinic where the actualconditions are. The system built can display map data and data from the map can also bechanged dynamically. Here you will get a visualization of the location of the location in a webform so that it can be accessed anywhere and the information can be used as a reference fordecision makers, especially in the search for transportation routes that can be traversed to theclinic location is located. In addition, the information contained in the GeographicInformation System can be processed to provide a new discourse in the presentation ofgeographic information online that is equipped with data analysis in the form of images,descriptions and other attribute analysis. This research resulted in a program for Web-BasedGeographic Information System for Clinical Location Search in Tabanan Regency, which isable to display maps effectively with information. This process makes use of existing librarieson Google Maps combined with the Web Mapping process.
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 261-268; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i3.40

Forex Market Is a type of currency trading of the country that handles the world currency market within 24 hours agreed, foreign exchange trading has become an alternative for investors to save more trades in general and traders are required to support good technical analysis of good fundamentals so that able to reap huge profits. Technical analysis is an analysis used to estimate prices will fall at the lower price threshold (support) and the upper price threshold (resistance). Fibonacci Retracement is a method often used for technical analysis of rising prices or rising prices. The data used in this study was downloaded from the FBS Forex Market server which consists of open, high, low, close, and volume data. The next step is grouping data as a preprocessing method with the k-means method to normalize the data before the data is processed in the proposed method, the k-means method is a method of grouping data based on the nearest cluster object. One of the advantages of the k-means method is simple, efficient and easy to apply. In this study, artificial neural network and fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and Fibonacci Retracement methods are used to predict support and resistance levels. Testing is done using training data and test data with different time intervals. This data produces the highest level of testing based on data from 3 January 2015 - December 2017 and 1 month test data for the period January 2018 100% weekly real data ,. While the value of the accuracy of the trial data period 1 to 2 years and 1 month test data for the period January 2018 daily real data, which is 40%. The average value of the experiment using training data and test data with different time intervals was 52.61%.
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 1, pp 269-278; doi:10.35746/jtim.v1i3.44

Now these online purchases have become convenience for buyers. Pet shop owners sell food products and other animal-related products using desktop-based programs so that not many people know about the products being sold. Many animal shelters require funds for daily needs and medical care. If the animals are well maintained and healthy, they will be adopted by potential adopters who can care for them. The result of this adoption is one way to obtain funds for fees and other animal care at the shelter. The shop owner also wants to invite shoppers to help abandoned animals by offering donations. This design application is made to sell products needed by animal-based websites, as well as designing donations that will be offered to customers. The donation begins with the purchase of products in the form of pet food and other products. The donations will be distributed to animal shelters that can care for and maintain animal health. Customers can also see the donation bookkeeping based on the expenditure of funds from the donations collected and display animals that have been treated. In the development of this application program made with several stages of software development using the Waterfall Method which will be discussed sequentially according to the stages. As for making this application using the PHP programming language and Javascript, with the CodeIgniter framework, and for the database using MySQL. With the sale of products and web-based donations, this can provide more extensive information about the products being sold and at the same time invite customers to take care of abandoned animals.
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