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Julia Correa, Lbnl, Micheal Commer, Scott McDonald
Intelligent Monitoring Systems and Advanced Well Integrity and Mitigation;

, PNNL– Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory Texas A&M University at Galveston, Horng-Bin Pan, Jonathan Strivens, Li-Jung Kuo
Production of Uranium from Seawater Using a Novel Polymer Adsorbent – Process Development and Cost Analysis;

Patrick Wayne Hochanadel, Paul Burgardt, John W. Elmer, Douglas Dean (Doug) Kautz

, Michael Pack, Stanley Young, Jacob Holden, Jeff Cappelucci, Weiyi Zhou, Chenfend Xiong
Transportation Energy Analytics Dashboard (TEAD);

J. Kelly, J. Haslam, L. Finkenauer, P. Roy, J. Stolaroff, D. Nguyen, M. Ross, A. Hoff, S. Raiman, D. Solejmanovic, et al.
Additive Manufacturing of Corrosion Resistant UHTC Materials for Chloride Salt-to-sCO2 Brayton Cycle Heat Exchangers;

Brian Adkins, Grid Alternatives - Inland Empire, Lisa Castilone
Bishop Paiute's Residential Solar Program Phase III;

Brandon Williams, Veronica Chinchilla, Evan Lisman, Amanda Tobey, Emilyn Tuomala
U.S. and Allied Cyber Security Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific (Workshop Summary);

George Biallas, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Final Scientific/ Technical Report SBIR Grant # DE-SC0019579;

Raveesh Garg, Eric Qin, Francisco Munoz Martinez, Robert Guirado, Akshay Jain, Sergi Abadal, Jose L. Abellan, Manuel E. Acacio, Eduard Alarcon, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, et al.
A Taxonomy for Classification and Comparison of Dataflows for GNN Accelerators.;

Jessica Granderson, Hannah Kramer, Tang Rui, Richard Brown, Claire Curtin
Market Brief: Customer-sited Distributed Energy Resources;

Katsuya Yonehara, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Mary Anne Cummings, Rolland Johnson
Final Report for DOE STTR Phase I Project DE-SC0 013764;

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