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Necrotic enteritis of birds

Sciprofile linkA I Laishevtsev, A V Kapustin, E A Yakimova, A V Danilyuk, A M Gulyukin, V V Belimenko
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science , Volume 315; doi:10.1088/1755-1315/315/2/022075

Abstract: Poultry clostridia are a serious problem for the domestic poultry industry, which is stated in a number of works by foreign and Russian scientists. In modern conditions, the epizootic situation of clostridia is becoming increasingly tense - the number of outbreaks of necrotic enteritis caused by clostridia increases significantly in a number of poultry farms in Russia, but knowledge of clostridium poultry infection is rather limited. This phenomenon has a tendency to aggravation also due to the fact that many enterprises according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No 2045-p of September 25, 2017 "On the strategy for preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistance in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030" are already preparing to reduce use of antibiotics administered through feed and water. In this case, the producers of the poultry industry, striving to solve one social problem, receive a number of new production and economic problems that require fundamental scientific and applied research to solve them. The solution to this issue may be an alternative approach to the control of poultry clostridia, based on vaccine prevention, the issues of which are currently not studied. Additionally, it is worth noting that the group of poultry diseases caused by microorganisms of the Clostridiaceae family (clostridium) has not only epizootic significance, but also epidemiological one, since it is dangerous for people due to the toxic infection through processed products. In view of the above, the relevance of scientific research on the topic of clostridia of agricultural poultry species is considered obvious.
Keywords: vaccine / microorganisms / Russian / necrotic / Epizootic / scientific / Solve / poultry clostridia

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