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Cutaneous Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Activator ZEB1 Regulates Wound Angiogenesis and Closure in a Glycemic Status-Dependent Manner.

Kanhaiya Singh, Mithun Sinha, Durba Pal, Saba Tabasum, Surya C. Gnyawali, Dolly Khona, Subendu Sarkar, Sujit K. Mohanty, Fidel Soto-Gonzalez, Savita Khanna, Sashwati Roy, Sciprofile linkChandan K. Sen
Published: 22 August 2019
Diabetes , Volume 68, pp 2175-2190; doi:10.2337/db19-0202

The publisher has not yet granted permission to display this abstract.
Keywords: EMT / closure / Cutaneous Wound Healing / Glycemic / regulated / Wound Angiogenesis / Zeb1 Regulates

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