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Application of Graphene Nanocomposite in the Electrochemical Detection

李 静
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 电化学传感器操作简单、制作方便、灵敏度高、检测限低,在生物技术、临床检测、医药工业等领域具有重要的研究前景。石墨烯纳米复合材料是由石墨烯与一些活性材料特异结合形成的新型材料。因其具有小尺寸效应且大表面积、优异的电催化活性以及将不同功能的材料整合成良好的整体并表现协同效应的优点,被广泛应用于电化学传感器研究。石墨烯纳米复合材料所制备的电化学传感器也为研究物质的化学本质提供了重要的信息。本文简要介绍了石墨烯纳米复合材料电化学传感器的分类、发展史和在实际样品检测中的应用,综述了近年来各类石墨烯纳米复合材料在电化学传感器方面的研究进展。 The electrochemical sensor has the advantages of simple operation, easy manufacture, high sensitivity and low detection limit. It has an important research prospect in the fields of biotechnology, clinical detection and the pharmaceutical industry. Graphene nanocomposite is a new type of material formed by the specific combination of graphene and some active materials.Due to its small size effect, large specific surface area and excellent electrocatalytic activity, grapheme nanocomposite can also form a good whole with integrated materials with different functions, showing the advantage of synergistic effect, so they are widely used in the research of electrochemical sensors. The electrochemical sensor prepared by grapheme nanocomposite materials also provides important information for studying the chemical nature of substances. In this paper, the classification, development history and application of grapheme nanocomposite electrochemical sensors in biological sample detection are briefly introduced, and the research progress of various grapheme nanocomposite electrochemical sensors in recent years is summarized.

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