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Clinical Analysis of 7 Cases of Cat-Scratch Disease

师 琴
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 目的:探讨猫抓病的临床特征及诊断方法。方法:回顾性分析7例猫抓病患者的流行病学资料、临床表现、辅助检查结果和诊断等。结果:7例患者中,2例患者有明确长期与猫、狗密切接触史。7例患者均表现为淋巴结肿大或局部肿块,质地中等或硬;7例患者CRP均升高,6例患者血沉加快;7例患者入院疑诊淋巴瘤或淋巴结核或转移癌2例,淋巴瘤1例,淋巴结炎1例,颌下腺混合瘤1例,腋下肿物查因2例,所有患者淋巴结活检均提示:淋巴结肉芽肿性炎。结论:猫抓病临床表现多样,一般全身症状多轻微,最常见的临床表现是淋巴结肿大,多有触痛,多表现为CRP升高,血沉增快,易漏诊误诊,该病抗生素治疗有效。 Objective: To explore the clinical characteristics and diagnosis of cat scratch disease. Methods: The epidemiological data, clinical manifestations, auxiliary examination results and diagnosis of 7 cases of cat scratch disease were analyzed retrospectively. Results: Of the 7 patients, 2 had a long history of close contact with cats and dogs. All the patients presented with lymphadenopathy or local mass with medium or hard texture; 7 patients had elevated CRP and 6 patients had accelerated ESR; 7 patients had suspected lymphoma or lymphadenitis or metastatic cancer in 2 cases, lymphoma in 1 case, lymphadenitis in 1 case, mixed tumor in submandibular gland in 1 case, and axillary mass in 2 cases. All the patients had lymphadenitis granulomatous. Conclusion: The clinical manifestations of cat scratch disease are various, and the general systemic symptoms are mostly mild. The most common clinical manifestations are lymphadenopathy, tenderness, high CRP, rapid ESR, easy misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

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