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Location and optimal sizing of photovoltaic sources in an isolated mini-grid

Sciprofile linkJuliana Jiménez, Sciprofile linkJohn E. Cardona, Sandra X. Carvajal
Published: 15 January 2019
TecnoLógicas , Volume 22, pp 61-80; doi:10.22430/22565337.1182

Abstract: This article introduces a new mixed integer linear programming model that guarantees the optimal solution to the location and sizing problem of distributed photovoltaic generators in an isolated mini-grid. The solar radiation curves of each node in the mini-grids were considered, and the main objective was to minimize electric power losses in the operation of the system. The model is non-linear in nature because some restrictions are not linear. However, this article proposes the use of linearization techniques to obtain a linear model with a global optimal solution, which can be achieved through commercial solvers; CPLEX in this case. The proposed model was tested in an isolated 14-bus mini-grid, based on real data of topology, demand and generation adapted to a balanced operation. This model shows, as a result, the optimal location of photovoltaic generators and their optimal capacity produced by the maximum active power delivered at the maximum solar irradiation time of the region. It is also evident that the hybrid operation between small hydroelectric power plants and photovoltaic generation improves the network voltage profile and the electric power losses without the use power storage systems.
Keywords: model / losses / Electric / Photovoltaic Generators / adapted / Mini Grid / location and optimal

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