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Biofabrication offers future hope for tackling various obstacles and challenges in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: A Prospective

Tanveer Ahmad Mir, Shintaroh Iwanaga, Taketoshi Kurooka, Hideki Toda, Shinji Sakai, Makato Nakamura
International Journal of Bioprinting , Volume 5; doi:10.18063/ijb.v5i1.153

Abstract: Biofabrication is an emerging multidisciplinary field that makes a revolutionary impact on the researches on life science, biomedical engineering, and both basic and clinical medicine, has progressed tremendously over the past few years. Recently, there has been a big boom in three-dimensional (3D) printing or additive manufacturing (AM) research worldwide, and there is a significant increase not only in the number of researchers turning their attention to AM but also publications demonstrating the potential applications of 3D printing techniques in multiple fields. Biofabrication and bioprinting hold great promise for the innovation of engineering-based organ replacing medicine. In this mini review, various challenges in the field of tissue engineering are focused from the point of view of the biofabrication - strategies to bridge the gap between organ shortage and mission of medical innovation research seek to achieve organ-specific treatments or regenerative therapies. Four major challenges are discussed including (i) challenge of producing organs by AM, (ii) digitalization of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, (iii) rapid production of organs beyond the biological natural course, and (iv) extracorporeal organ engineering.
Keywords: tissue engineering / treatments / Regenerative medicine / biofabrication / Engineering and Regenerative

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