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Features of the Strategy of Integration Development of the Eurasian Economic Union

Sciprofile linkT. E. Chekanova
MIR (Modernization. Innovation. Research) , Volume 10; doi:10.18184/2079-4665.2019.10.4.530-542

Abstract: Purpose of the article is to consider the features of the integration development of the Eurasian economic Union and identify possible priority strategic directions.Methods: the presented study is based on a systematic approach. Such universal methods of scientific knowledge as analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction are applied. The elements of comparative, strategic, functional and economic analysis are used. Analytical documents of the Eurasian economic Commission, EAEU statistics, profile and thematic reports were used as materials for the work.Results: the study reveals the goals set by the participating countries of modern world integration associations. The motives that induce different states to form economic unions are considered. Negative trends in the development of modern integration processes in countries with developing economies are revealed. The reasons impeding the expected efficiency of their integration are highlighted. The existing models for the implementation of economic strategies that are used today in most integration communities are analyzed. These models make it possible to make the best use of existing competitive advantages and unlock the potential of the participating countries. Special attention is paid to the study of the features of the integration processes of the Eurasian economic Union, which directly affect the possibilities of its development. The approach of the governing body of the EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Commission, to the development of the development strategy of the association is considered. Priority directions on the basis of perspective industries are recommended. Their joint development will allow the most effective disclosure of the competitive potential of the Eurasian economic Union in the framework of the chosen strategy.Conclusions and Relevance: for the successful development of the EAEU, it is necessary to refer to the experience of existing models for the implementation of integration potential. Today for the union it is advisable to use elements of practically all variants of strategies in various combinations and apply them to the selected list of priority industries. Currently, the main task of the leadership of the EAEU states is a joint compromise definition of strategic development directions. At the same time, it is important that all participating countries in the process of implementing the strategy contribute to the removal of barriers that impede the effective development of the identified strategic directions.
Keywords: priority / Eurasian Economic Union / Existing Models / Impeding / Eaeu / Economic Commission

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