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Thoughts on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under the Accelerated Society

雨戴 诗
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 加速社会背景下,人们的生存时间和空间不断被压缩,现代社会不断的向前加速推进。与此同时,高校大学生也正面临着加速社会所带来的精神问题和情感问题。为了逃避扑面而来的现实压力,大学生浸润在自我幻想之中,试图从偶像身上寻求情感寄托和情感共鸣以期实现自我重塑。因此,引导大学生找到立足于当下的、平衡的生活态度是高校思想政治教育者需要始终关注的话题。 Under the background of accelerating society, people’s living time and space are constantly being compressed, and modern society is constantly advancing forward. At the same time, college students are also facing mental and emotional problems brought about by accelerated society. In order to escape the pressure of reality, college students are immersed in self-imagination, trying to find emotional sustenance and emotional resonance from idols in order to achieve self-remodeling. Therefore, guiding college students to find a balanced life attitude based on the present is a topic that college ideological and political educators need to always pay attention to.

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