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Thinking-Based Learning Strategy of Ulumul Hadith for Students of Arabic Language Department of State Islamic Institute (ar)

Sciprofile linkAde Destri Deviana, Sciprofile linkSyarifaturrahmatullah Syarifaturrahmatullah
Abstract: Ulumul hadith is a science that discusses the Prophet Muhammad’s words, deeds and decisions which have been collected by the hadith experts, to ensure that the transmission chains from the narrators to the prophet are dhobit, fair, and interconnected. In this context, the science focuses on the learning materials given to those who are studying Arabic as a foreign language. The delivery of Hadith learning materials needs to be adjusted to the Arabic trained learners with a "thinking" based strategy. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach with the 30 subjects of First Semester students of Study Program of Arabic Language of Islamic State Institute of Samarinda, Indonesia, in the 2017-2018 academic year. Thinking–based learning strategy of ulumul hadith to be used was systematic lesson planning on each material and every semester, discussion and explanation, mind mapping, learning journal, the use of grammatical structure concepts, and learning with demonstration
Keywords: Arabic Language / Islamic State / State Islamic Institute / ulumul hadith

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