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Energy-from-waste is essential in modern integrated waste management

Kurt B. Carlsson
Published: 27 February 2019
Linnaeus Eco-Tech pp 151-167; doi:10.15626/eco-tech.1999.017

Abstract: To solve the waste problem and to use the resources in the waste requires an integrated approach. Each municipality/region/country has its own conditions and an analysis/evaluation of the situation is required. The combustible part of the domestic waste, which remains after sorting out hazardous and economically valuable material, is a good biofuel. It is locally available for supplying the region with electricity and heat for district heating in the local ecocycle. Modern waste fired boilers have minimum emissions to air, water and land. In Sweden there are many good examples of efficient energy recovery systems within Integrated Waste Management.
Keywords: waste / biofuel / Heat / Sweden / boilers / minimum / combustible / Fired / Ecocycle / Analysis/evaluation

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