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Effect of Hepatitis C Treatment on Renal Function in Liver Transplant Patients

Mohamed Shoreibah, John Romano, Omar T. Sims, Yuqi Guo, Deann Jones, Krishna Venkata, Vishnu Kommineni, Jordan Orr, Paul Fitzmorris, Omar I. Massoud
Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology , Volume 6, pp 391-395; doi:10.14218/jcth.2018.00026

Abstract: Background and Aims: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is uniformly recurrent after liver transplant (LT) and recurrence is associated with an increased risk of mortality. Immunosuppressive medications increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, and the presence of chronic kidney disease presents a challenge for HCV treatment in LT recipients. The aim of this study was to assess changes in glomerular filtration rates (GFRs) of LT recipients receiving HCV treatment.
Keywords: Treatment / hepatitis C / liver transplant / Renal function / Direct-acting antivirals

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