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Rana Ayushi, Verma Mahendra, Mishra Munish
Published: 21 September 2021
Forensic Science Today pp 006-008;

Handwriting requires coordination of motor skills and cognitive skills which reflects the pictorial effect of the writer and their social and cultural patterns. It creates a unique combination of graphics and motor control of hands which is accepted by the society. Personality traits and characteristics are defined and have the unique handwriting, which gives the writer its individuality. Every writer is individual in their own way based on the handwriting features which can undergo variation when the writer shows commotion and disruptions in its normal neurological and muscular control. This paper reviews and focuses on the natural variation of the writing and also if these variations are caused under the influence of any externally induced elements, such as alcohol.
Forensic Science Today, Volume 7, pp 001-005;

Rape is a type of sexual assault that usually involves sexual intercourse or another form of sexual penetration without the consent of the victim. The act can be committed by physical force, threat and abuse of power.
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