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, Salim Anfal, Mohammad Mahmoud, Mohamed Maab, Tawosh Ahmad, Zohra Ababca Fatima
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 7, pp 006-007;

A 25 years old pregnant woman had a painful labor in her 38th week of pregnancy. Because of a previous delivery by a cesarean section, she underwent a second cesarean section. Her past medical and family history was unimportant. We performed the surgery under spinal anesthesia. The surgery was uneventful and the baby was in a good health. After 9 hours of surgery, she complained of painless swelling in the parotid glands. Physical examination and laboratories were normal. We started rehydration with normal saline and one dose of hydrocortisone (100 mg IV route). Close monitoring showed no problems in swallowing or any purulent discharge. Two days later, we had a complete resolution of the swelling. We discharged the woman with her child with no complaints. Our case is one of the rare cases of anesthesia mumps after spinal anesthesia. Physicians should be careful in considering such rare cases. Early diagnosis and management is the key.
Pacchioni Alexandre, Yano João Kazuo, Assirati João A
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 7, pp 001-005;

Agarwal Somika, Bansal Sapna
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 6, pp 007-013;

Aim: To evaluate the hemodynamic changes and side effects during endotracheal intubation with Macintosh laryngoscope and intubating laryngeal mask airway. Materials and methods: A prospective, simple randomized, comparative study on 100 patients 18 years - 60 years of age, divided into two groups: Group A comprising intubation with Macintosh laryngoscope and Group B intubation through ILMA. Results: Total intubation time (in seconds) of group A was 24.38 + 3.26 seconds and of the group, B was 42.94 + 1.24 seconds. At 2,4 and 6, a higher rise in mean heart rate was noted in group A (p < 0.05). At 2,4,6 and 8 minutes difference in mean SBP and mean DBP of the two groups was statistically significant with a p - value of < 0.05 with a significant increase of mean SBP and mean DBP in patients of group A. The difference for all complications was not significant between the two groups. Conclusion: Intubation via intubating laryngeal mask airway can be done as an alternative to direct laryngoscopy using a Macintosh blade as intubation via intubating laryngeal mask airway has shown to have lesser hemodynamic changes.
Yasmina Nieto Piñar, Lisseth Hernández González Verónica, Marcio Borges Sa
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 6, pp 004-006;

Hepatic Actinomycosis (HA) is a very rare abdominal actinomycosis that can be confused with hepatic involvement due to a tumor. Liver involvement can occur from an abdominal focus or by blood dissemination from another focus. This disease is much more common in men between 50 - 70 years and in a situation of immunosuppression. Symptoms are nonspecific and diagnosis includes histopathology, cultures, and imaging test. Treatment includes prolonged antibiotic therapy with antibiotics such as penicillin and drainage of abscesses. We present a case of a 54-year-old man patient with a record of three years of chronic pancreatitis of probably alcoholic origin, who developed hepatic actinomycosis, requiring drainage of liver abscesses and directed antibiotic treatment.
An Gyadale, Bt Adeyanju, Eo Ayegbusi, At Adeyiolu, Aa Olabode, So Suberu, Ma Olajide
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 6, pp 001-003;

The transfusion is a normal life-saving procedure conducted commonly by the nurses at the prescription of the attending physician or the emergency physicians. It is generally a safe procedure if guidelines for processing and administering are carefully followed. Blood transfusion is an independent risk factor for morbidity and mortality and major complications arising from transfusion are generally rare. We present a case of a mild case of iatrogenic air embolism exacerbated by pressure infusion for a patient who had undergone an exploratory laparotomy for an iatrogenic fistula repair under epidural anesthesia.
, Koltuk Melek, Koseoglu Banu Gurkan
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 4, pp 019-022;

Nasopalatine duct cyst is the most common non-odontogenic cyst. It develops in the midline of the anterior maxilla. It is usually asymptomatic and sometimes it can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. We present 10 patients who applied to Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Asci Seyhan Sumeyra, , Asci Coskun
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Research, Volume 4, pp 013-018;

The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the complications including infection and mortality associated with enteral and parenteral nutrition on patients in the ICU of a university hospital. In this study, a total of 100 patients who were under follow-up in the ICU for two years were examined. In our study, demographic characteristics, the reason for admission, comorbidity, initial ICU laboratory values, morbidity and mortality during the follow-up period of the patients who only received enteral nutrition (EN) or parenteral nutrition (PN) were evaluated, and the results between two were compared as well as evaluating the complications within the groups. The comparison of the reason for admission between the EN and PN groups showed that surgical reasons were significantly higher in the PN group. Nosocomial infections, the presence of infection and the development of sepsis were significantly higher in the EN group. The 28-day mortality rate was higher in the PN group compared to the EN group. The length of stay in the ICU and on mechanical ventilation was longer in the EN group. There was no significant difference in the 28-day mortality, readmission to the ICU and repeated endotracheal intubation between the two groups. Because there is no statistical difference between EN and PN groups in point of infection and mortality, we conclude that the length of stay in the ICU and reason for admission play a more crucial role in the development of infection and on mortality rather than enteral or parenteral nutrition route.
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