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, Ahquilah Tucker, Kevin Dolan, Robert Gajarski, Catherine D. Krawczeski
Published: 1 July 2023
The Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 258;

To address a known nutritional deficit and enhance the overall health of critically ill babies, this project sought to increase the percentage of cardiothoracic intensive care unit (CTICU) neonates consuming human milk from a 2019 baseline of 55% to 75% by December 2020 and 90% by December 2021. This was a quality improvement (QI) initiative targeted to all neonates admitted to the CTICU, with baseline data obtained from January 2019 through February 2020. We implemented eleven interventions from March 2020 to January 2022 to address the key drivers of "education of parents and providers," "environment/equipment," and "process." We tracked the monthly percentage of neonates who were human milk-fed with a statistical process control p-chart. The balancing measure of critical human milk feeding errors was also monitored. The baseline percentage of CTICU neonates consuming human milk was 55%. This percentage increased to 73% by the end of 2020 and 92% by year end 2021. Most neonates who received human milk were fed mother's milk with a minority receiving donor human milk. The number of aborted critical human milk administration errors decreased during the intervention period. In this QI initiative, we significantly increased the percentage of CTICU neonates consuming human milk without an increase in critical human milk errors. Interventions directly increasing the ease with which lactating mothers can provide/store their milk were likely the most effective.
, Giorgia Prontera, Giovanni Pinna, Francesco Cota, Simona Fattore, Simonetta Costa, Martina Migliorato, Giovanni Barone, Mauro Pittiruti, Giovanni Vento
Published: 1 May 2023
The Journal of Pediatrics;

Jill G. Azok, Katherine A. O'Donnell, Michele E. Long, Helen C. Wang, Travis Crook, Mark I. Pogemiller, Hasina Momotaz, Abena B. Knight, Rebekah A. Burns, Virginia A. Harrison, et al.
Published: 1 May 2023
The Journal of Pediatrics;

Julia Smith, Chunyan Liu, Andrew Beck, Lin Fei, Cole Brokamp, Syeda Meryum, Kaitlin G. Whaley, Phillip Minar, Jennifer Hellmann, Lee A. Denson, et al.
Published: 1 May 2023
The Journal of Pediatrics;

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