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Zhilin Li
Advanced Calculation and Analysis, Volume 3, pp 1-6;

The immersed interface method (IIM) ?rst proposed in is an accurate numerical method for solving elliptic interface problems on Cartesian meshes. It is a sharp interface method that was intended to improve accuracy of the immersed boundary (IB) method. The IIM is second order accurate in the maximum norm (pointwise, strongest) while the IB method is ?rst order accurate. The ?rst IIM paper is one of the most downloaded one from the SIAM website and is one of the most cited papers. While IIM provided a way of accurate discretization of the partial differential equations (PDEs) with discontinuous coefficients, the augmented IIM ?rst proposed in made the IIM much more efficient and faster by utilizing existing fast Poisson solvers. More important is that the augmented IIM provides an efficient way for multi-physics models with different governing equations, problems on irregular domains, multi-scales and multi-connected domains. A brie?y introduction of the augmented strategy including some recently progress is presented in this article.
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