International Journal of Modern Physics D

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, Konstantinos-Rafail Revis, Ilias C. Papadimitriou, Maria-Myrto Pegioudi
International Journal of Modern Physics D;

International Journal of Modern Physics D;

In this paper, we study spin effects in the neutrino gravitational scattering by a supermassive black hole with a magnetized accretion disk having a finite thickness. We exactly describe the propagation of ultrarelativistic neutrinos on null geodesics and solve the spin precession equation along each neutrino trajectory. The interaction of neutrinos with the magnetic field is due to the nonzero diagonal magnetic moment. Additionally, neutrinos interact with plasma of the accretion disk electroweakly within the Fermi approximation. These interactions are obtained to change the polarization of incoming neutrinos, which are left particles. The fluxes of scattered neutrinos, proportional to the survival probability of spin oscillations, are derived for various parameters of the system. In particular, we are focused on the matter influence on the outgoing neutrinos flux. The possibility to observe the predicted effects for astrophysical neutrinos is briefly discussed.
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