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, , Dona Aji Karunia Putra
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 179-190; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.571

This study aims to describe the form of language disorders in morphological and syntactic aspects in dyslexic patients aged 13 years. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The subject of this research is a 13-year-old dyslexic with the initials SR, a junior high school student. Data collection techniques with test techniques with written tests to the subject, including a random sentence compilation test and a picture-telling test. The first test amounted to 10 items whose sentence content adjusted Indonesian language learning at the subject's school level. The results of this study show that two aspects of language are disrupted in dyslexic children, namely morphological and syntactic aspects. Morphological aspects include letter addition, letter removal, letter writing errors, letter replacement, letter placement in reverse, removal-replacement, and removal-addition. One of the effects of dyslexia on morphological ability is that SR cannot write words well. On the other hand, syntactic aspect errors include function structure in compound sentences, imperative sentence structure errors, structure errors in procedure sentences, and omission of predicates. From the errors made by SR, it can be proven that SR tends to reverse the sentence structure due to the difficulty in stringing words together.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 25-42; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.554

This study aimed at describing the characteristics and differences in the Mandarin vowel sounds. This study involved a Chinese lecturer and two students of Mandarin Language Education FKIP Untan as research samples. The research data was in forms of Mandarin vocabulary which contains a single vowel. The PRAAT application was used to calculate the time, frequency, and intensity of the research object when uttering single vowel words. This study used experimental phonetics as a research method and presented the data in forms of tables and spectrogram images. The data retrieval method is through the PRAAT program with audio files (MP3). The study results show that pronunciation of a single vowel sound /o/ with the longest duration value from students and native speakers. The highest pitch value for native speakers is 315 Hz in single vowel /i/ and the highest pitch value for students when pronouncing words with single vowel /o/, with a voice frequency of 279.5 Hz. The highest native intensity value is for single vowel /ε/ with a value of 79.92 dB, single vowel /o/ is 79.96 dB for student speakers. The influence of tone errors is one factor that affects the resulting duration, pitch, and intensity values.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 165-178; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.553

This research was carried out with the aim of producing "Janaka," an android application on anecdotal writing material in the vocational school. The method used in this research is ADDIE which consists of five stages analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This research produces an android application for learning to write anecdotes. The resulting media product has an apk format (android application package) which is a program package that can be run on smartphones with the android operating system that has gone through a series of validations with 87.5% scores from material experts and 74.4% scores from media experts and a trial with the use response value of 81.43% of students and 77.3% of teachers. The material for writing anecdotal texts is divided into three parts: simple research as anecdotal writing materials, writing anecdotes based on facts and data, and turning anecdotes into comic strips. Meanwhile, the media product component as an exercise in writing anecdotal text is divided into an interactive quiz component, an image component, a text and video component for learning materials, and a task collection platform component.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 127-140; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.574

Abidah El Khalieqy, in her work entitled Geni Jora, displays a form of reconstruction of patriarchal cultural domination that has changed the paradigm of stereotypes that have imprisoned women in the prison of patriarchal cultural domination. This article aims to examine the form of patriarchal culture and the form of reconstruction of patriarchal cultural domination through efforts to fulfil needs using Erich Fromm's psychoanalytic study. The data in the study were analysed using the descriptive method. Based on the results of the study, it was found that the forms of the patriarchal culture that appear in the novel Geni Jora include: (1) stereotyping/negative labelling, (2) violence against women, and (3) subordination. Kejora's actions to reconstruct the dominance of patriarchal culture are carried out by fulfilling the needs consisting of two fulfilments according to Erich Fromm, namely: (1) the need for freedom and attachment (connectedness, unity, and creation), and (2) to understand and do (framework orientation and effectiveness).
, Nguman Abdul Manaf
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 155-164; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.636

This research is based on the phenomenon of language development. This development results in language changes both in terms of words and meanings. This study aims to explain Indonesian nouns that experience meaning expansion in novels and explain the factors that cause the expansion of the meaning of Indonesian nouns in novels. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method. The data source of this research is novels from several authors, namely "Bilangan Fu" by Ayu Utami, "Ayah dan Laskar Pelangi" by Andrea Hirata, "Sedang Tuhan pun Cemburu" by Emha Ainun Nadjib, "Ranah 3 Warna" by A. Fuadi, "Yang Fana adalah Waktu" by Sapardi Djoko Damono, "Laut Bercerita" by Leila S. Chudori, "Autumn in Paris" by Ilana Tan, "Cantik itu Luka" by Eka Kurniawan, and "Supernova" by Dea Lestari. This research results in the discovery of 15 basic nouns and 12 derivative nouns that experience the expansion of meaning in Indonesian. Meanwhile, the factors that cause the expansion of meaning are the development of science and technology, socio-cultural development, differences in the field of use, association, and term development.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 247-264; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.637

This study aims to describe the structure of turn-taking used by students and students, as well as classroom activities, with the application of a student-centered approach. This research is descriptive qualitative research. The data sources in this study are two voice recordings of students' and students' speeches in the Teaching Campus activities of the 3rd batch of placements at SD Negeri Dolopo 2 Madiun Regency. The data collection technique used in this research is the listening-recording technique. The results showed that, first, in the learning process of students and students, there were four structures of turn-taking exchange, including; (1) direct management speech, (2) indirect management speech, (3) direct discipline requests, and (4) verbal reactions. Second, this study found active learning activities using a student-centered approach. The active learning activities are; (1) the teacher divides the students into several small groups, (2) the teacher gives topics that each group will discuss, (3) in groups, students discuss the topics that have been given, and (4) students present the results of group discussions.
Alfi Khoiru An Nisa, , ,
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 223-234; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.576

This study aims to describe affixation errors in the October 2022 edition of the Instagram @infojember social media caption. Qualitative research is the type of this research that uses a descriptive approach. The October 2022 edition of Instagram @infojember social media is the research data source. The data was used in the form of affixation errors that exist in the October 2022 edition of the @infojember caption. The reading and note-taking techniques were used in this research, namely by reading each caption critically; then, if it saw symptoms of affixation errors, it was recorded and grouped according to the indicators that had been made previously. The data analysis techniques by reducing data, presenting data, and drawing conclusions. The study's results found that there are still affixation errors in the October 2022 edition of Instagram @infojember social media, namely 15 errors, with details of 7 errors in prefix errors, 3 errors in suffix errors, and 5 errors in confix errors. The data found have the same types of errors, namely in the form of prefix omission, suffix omission, and confix omission.
, Nanang Bustanul Fauzi
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 6, pp 43-52; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v6i1.535

Product differentiation is learning based on multiple approaches to assignments given to students. It gives students the freedom to develop the understanding and competencies they are interested in. The existence of different learning tools in the Merdeka curriculum is the goal of achieving understanding and developing competence. This study focuses on describing the concept of differentiation learning to accommodate differences in student learning styles and describes product differentiation innovations on ‘alih wahana’ learning of observation report text. This study used a qualitative approach and a literature review design. The data are in quotations, theories, and paradigms describing the studied problems. Data was collected using reading and note-taking techniques and processed using analytical techniques in the form of (a) data presentation; (b) data reduction; (c) data interpretation; and (d) conclusion. The results of this study are, first, learning differentiation as a learning strategy. This strategy targets a variety of student learning styles through content, processes, and products according to characteristics to achieve goals. Second, product differentiation can be designed using the ‘alih wahana’ method in observation reports text material in the form of informative video media, infographics, and scrapbooks.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 5, pp 835-844; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v5i4.509

Tami Sakiyama in Shimagomoru criticises homogeneity, dominance, and centralisation influencing the thinking model and development strategy in Okinawa, causing violence toward society and the environment. This article examines the construction of discourse in Shimagomoru related to colonisation in Okinawa and its impact on the environment and universal bioethics through an ecofeminist literary criticism approach. The data in the study were collected through the literature review method and analysed through the descriptive analysis method. Results of this study showed that the islands abandoned by their inhabitants due to moving to the more advanced and modern main islands are the result of discrimination in modernisation and development in Okinawa. Colonisation, annexation, and assimilation created a single identity as Japanese for Okinawans, causing identity ambiguity.
Diglosia : Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Pengajarannya, Volume 5, pp 731-748; https://doi.org/10.30872/diglosia.v5i4.494

This study aims to describe non-verbal semiotics and its relation to Roland Barthes' semiotics, namely connotation and denotation. This research with the object of the study of the music video "Azza" by Rhoma Irama uses qualitative research methods to find non-verbal semiotics contained in the object of study. The results of this study, namely in the music video "Azza" by Rhoma Irama, there are seven body signs, namely (a) signals; (b) facial expressions; (c) eye contact; (d) body language; (e) touch; (f) cue; and (g) dance. It is also related to Roland Bathes' semiotics. Signs expressed in the music video have connotative and denotative meanings that the singer wants to convey through his music and videos. The connotative meaning in the music video "Azza", sung by Rhoma Irama, can be seen in the scenes glorifying God's power.
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