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Leslie Roberts
Science, Volume 377, pp 1247-1248;

As New York state declares an emergency, experts are far more worried about a resurgence in low-income countries
Dashun Wang, Brian Uzzi
Science, Volume 377, pp 1256-1258;

A large-scale study provides a causal test for a cornerstone of social science
Timothée Constantin, Bartosz Górski, Michael J. Tilby, Saloua Chelli, , Josep Llaveria, Kevin J. Gillen, , ,
Science, Volume 377, pp 1323-1328;

The generation of carbon radicals by halogen-atom and group transfer reactions is generally achieved using tin and silicon reagents that maximize the interplay of enthalpic (thermodynamic) and polar (kinetic) effects. In this work, we demonstrate a distinct reactivity mode enabled by quantum mechanical tunneling that uses the cyclohexadiene derivative γ-terpinene as the abstractor under mild photochemical conditions. This protocol activates alkyl and aryl halides as well as several alcohol and thiol derivatives. Experimental and computational studies unveiled a noncanonical pathway whereby a cyclohexadienyl radical undergoes concerted aromatization and halogen-atom or group abstraction through the reactivity of an effective H atom. This activation mechanism is seemingly thermodynamically and kinetically unfavorable but is rendered feasible through quantum tunneling.
Michael R. Davidson, Valerie J. Karplus, Joanna I. Lewis, Jonas Nahm, Alex Wang
Science, Volume 377, pp 1266-1269;

For most technologies, the cure is likely worse than the disease
Oyewale Tomori, Dimie Ogoina
Science, Volume 377, pp 1261-1263;

A disease anywhere can spread everywhere, if neglected
Jacklin Kwan
Science, Volume 377, pp 1244-1245;

Supercomputing and accelerator centers struggle with surging gas and electricity prices
Wei Wong, Di Jiang, Jake Yeston, L. Bryan Ray, Valda Vinson, Sacha Vignieri, Jelena Stajic, Dan A. Erkes, Ian S. Osborne, Gemma Alderton, et al.
Science, Volume 377, pp 1274-1275;

Highlights from the Science family of journals
Eli Kintisch
Science, Volume 377, pp 1248-1249;

Drought spurs efforts to restore shrinking lake’s water supplies
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