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Saud A. Al-Sahli
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 170-176;

The study aimed to resolve the impact of immediate sales promotion techniques on brand recall. The independent variable is divided into three sub-variables: price reductions, free samples, and purchasing vouchers. The research population is all foreign workers in the private sector in Riyadh. The figures show that the population size reached 3.4 million in 2021. A proportional stratification method was used, and the recommended sample size was 387 customers. The study concludes that a statistical impact of free samples on brand recall and there was no impact of immediate techniques on brand recall. Finally, the study presented and recommended a set of marketing implications to develop the uses of sales promotion techniques in retail stores.
Ni Wayan Wardani, I Gusti Ayu Manuati Dewi
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 196-203;

The civil servant as a government resource plays an important role in providing services for the community. Implementation of public services needs professional, proactive, and competent personnel in endeavor to improve service quality to the community. It is a challenge for civil servants to perform well. Several factors may contribute to improving employee performance, i.e. psychological empowerment, competence, and organizational citizenship behavior. This study aims to analyze the effect of psychological empowerment and competence on employee performance and to determine the role of organizational citizenship behavior as a mediator of psychological empowerment and competence effect on employee performance. The respondent was all civil servants at the Regional Revenue Agency-Badung Regency-Bali Province-Indonesia, with a total sample of 155 by utilizing the saturated sampling method. The data was collected by a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed through Structural Equation Modeling -Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS) 32.9. The results show that psychological empowerment and competence has a positive and significant effect on employee performance; psychological empowerment and competence have a positive and significant effect on organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational citizenship behavior partially mediates the effect of psychological empowerment and competence on employee performance. These findings imply that psychological empowerment, employee competence, and organizational behavior are important factors that may be considered by the government in improving employee performance.
Meirinaldi, Yolanda, Yulius Eka Agung Seputra
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 152-155;

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) is the trading of one cash against another. FOREX rates are affected by multitudinous affiliated plutocrat-related, political and internal factors and along these lines awaiting it may be a worrisome errand. The individualities included within the field of universal fiscal trade have looked for interpretations of rate changes and latterly, trusting to ameliorate vaticination capabilities. It's this capacity to directly prevision FOREX rate changes that allow for the maximization of profit. Trading at the correct time with fairly correct procedures can bring huge benefits, but an exchange grounded on off-base development can risk big mischances. numerous styles to prognosticate the FOREX rate consolidate quantifiable examination, time arrangement examination, featherlight systems, brain associations, and mix systems. These styles involve the sick impacts of the issue of directly anticipating the exchange. A Perceptroning presents information and predicts results that regard certain situations of unpredictability or randomness, and over inheritable Algorithm Learning Machine are proposed to prognosticate the longer-term pace of the FOREX show since can combine top and technical FOREX Information for Fundamental and Technical Analysis. The free factors considered in this consideration were the trade rates of China, Japan, Europe, Gold and Unrefined Oil to dissect the Rupiah trade rate inferior variable. For the examination, USDIDR is switching scale from the forex stamp. The Combination Stochastic and inheritable Algorithm Learning Machine Model fulfilled a MSE of 0.01 and a MAE of0.0082 during the preparation and testing stage.
Sabikun Nahar Bipasha
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 161-169;

This paper aims to investigate the impact of promotional tools on platform businesses, which is a capability-based value-creation business model. Primary and secondary information has been collected for this study to identify the affiliation between promotion and its impact on users’ responses. To test the hypothesis that the promotion of platform business leads to an increase in its usage rate, a survey is conducted, and respondents are selected from two different City Corporations in Dhaka. A descriptive analysis is made by surveying total of 219 respondents. Among them, 116 samples are collected from Dhaka South City Corporation & remaining 103 samples are collected from Dhaka North City Corporation. The result revealed that there is an impact of promotion to increase the usage frequency of the platform’s users. Particularly sales promotional offers are mostly influencing users of platform businesses. It is also evident that due to promotional offers users are motivated for stockpiling which is directly hitting the sales revenue of the platform businesses.
Bambang Sudiyatno, Titiek Suwarti
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 183-188;

This study aims to examine the role of liquidity in influencing firm performance, especially for manufacturing companies operating in Indonesia. The research variables include firm performance as the dependent variable, capital structure and firm size as independent variables, operating assets as a control variable, and liquidity as a moderating variable. The study was conducted on 123 manufacturing companies in Indonesia for the 2019-2021 period. The data collection method used purposive sampling, while the data analysis used multiple regression techniques. The results showed that liquidity had a negative effect, and operating assets and firm size had a positive effect on firm performance. While the capital structure has a negative effect on firm performance at a significance of less than 10%. Liquidity plays an important role as a moderating variable on firm size and capital structure in influencing firm performance.
Herybert Eybel Kii, Harmono, Maxion Sumtaky
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 204-213;

The study aims to analyze regional financial independence as seen from regional taxes, regional levies, balancing funds and other legitimate income that has an impact on regional independence through direct spending on districts and cities in East Nusa Tenggara Province for the 2017-2019 period. The data used in this study is a quantitative data type and the source of data included in this study is secondary data. In this study, the samples used were 21 districts and 1 city in East Nusa Tenggara Province. The data collection technique in this research is by documentation, namely looking at the realization and budget reports at the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) NTT and the Director General of Fiscal Balance (DJPK) for the 2017-2019 period. The analytical method used in this research is path analysis. The results of this study indicate that in the substructure equation I, regional taxes, regional levies, balancing funds and other legitimate regional revenues simultaneously have an impact on direct expenditures. Meanwhile, in the substructure equation II, regional taxes, regional levies, balancing funds, other legitimate regional income and direct expenditures jointly affect regional independence. In the partial test of substructure I, regional taxes and other legitimate local revenues have a positive and significant impact on direct spending. However, regional levies and balancing funds have no impact on direct spending. In substructure equation II, there is a positive relationship between regional taxes and direct expenditures on regional independence, balancing funds and other legitimate regional revenues has a negative impact on regional independence. However, regional levies have no effect on regional independence. Regional taxes and other legitimate regional revenues do not affect regional independence through direct spending. Meanwhile, regional levies and balancing funds through direct spending indirectly affect regional independence.
Eriana Afnan, Iwan Sukoco, Herwan Abdul Muhyi
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 214-220;

Business Process Reengineering needs to be carried out in line with technological developments and changes in the environment. The goal is to modify procedures, systems, structures, responsibilities, and skills. the need for technology and the importance of increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the organization or company in the face of organizational change. This article aims to classify, identify scientific publications and conduct a thematic analysis of the current literature in order to create an extensive and detailed understanding of Business Process Reengineering. The research method used is a systematic mapping study (SMS) to examine scientific publications produced from time to time, focus, locus, the type of research that is most widely investigated, as well as the most widely used research method. The SMS procedure follows established empirical guidelines and mapping data relies on the Scopus electronic database. Based on the results of SMS on research in the field of rural banks, it is known that there are 40 studies that meet the inclusion criteria. We classified 40 articles in topic areas by category of paper type, method, focus, locus, and year of research publication. Then, categorized and quantified current studies are generated on various dimensions, a summary of topics, and current research trends.
, Carlos Santos Pinho, Ana Raquel Henriques
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 156-160;

The type of leadership is a factor that has proven to be fundamental to employee motivation and satisfaction in the workplace. This study aimed to analyse whether female leadership has repercussions on the motivation of employees in the labour market. Based on a case study (labour market) including a questionnaire and an interview, a representative sample was obtained, and the following topics were addressed: quality of the relationship between leader-employee; satisfaction and motivation of employees at work; female leadership. The evidence obtained allows us to conclude that the variables under study, such as leadership and the quality of the leader-employee relationship, are not positively related to either employee job satisfaction or employee motivation at work.
Feroz Ahmed, Noshin Afia Sathi, Sayed Azharul Islam
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 177-182;

Working women in Bangladesh face different kinds of challenges from different grounds irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds. The current study aims at measuring the perceived impact of those challenges on women’s careers. The extent to which each of the challenges is responsible for disturbance in women’s careers has been measured in this study. From the previous literature, five challenges namely- family issues, discrimination in terms of facilities, working conditions at the office, social challenges, and sexual harassment, have been considered. This study finds sexual harassment as the most significant among the aforementioned challenges to have an impact on women’s careers. This study also finds that sexual harassment, discrimination in terms of facilities, and family challenges are mostly responsible for creating an adverse impact on women’s careers. Human resource managers, line managers, employers, and policymakers are expected to be benefited from the findings of this study which may aid in creating a better workplace for working women in Bangladesh.
I Kadek Gede Karinuada, I Gusti Made Suwandana
European Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 7, pp 147-151;

Dafam Group was only formed in 2010 and in 2011 changed its name to Dafam Hotel Management, but at the end of 2013 it was able to record an income of IDR 180 billion per year. This success cannot be separated from the hands of Dinign Billy Dahlan as President Director of Dafam Hotel Management in managing its business line, which is not only engaged in the hospitality sector, but also in other fields such as hotel management, entertainment, and property. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of organizational commitment on the effect of job stress on turnover intention at Dafam Savvoya Hotels, Seminyak, Badung, Bali. The sample used in this study was 50 people, using a saturated sampling technique. Data collection obtained using questionnaire. Data analysis in this study uses path analysis. The results show stress has a positive effect on turnover intention meanwhile job stress and organizational commitment have negative effect on turnover intention. Organizational commitment able mediate the effect of job stress on turnover intention.
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