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Riza Asnita, Syawaluddin Syawaluddin
Published: 1 February 2023
Journal: Al-Dyas
Al-Dyas, Volume 2, pp 44-52;

Character education, it is really needed not only at school but also at home and in society. Now it is no longer the character of education participants for early childhood to adolescence, but also adults. Absolutely necessary for the survival of this nation, the competition imagines what will happen in the following yaers if character education is not applied in life. At some point the children will face competition with peers from various countries around the world. Character education will be very important for our lives, if there is no character education, students will be disorganized, no manners, and no manners.
Ajat Rukajat, Iwan Nugraha Gusniar, Totoh Tauhidin Abas
Published: 20 October 2022
Journal: Al-Dyas
Al-Dyas, Volume 1, pp 1-13;

The theme of this research is the Workshop on Improving the Performance of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Duren Village, Karawang Regency. Is a pre-school educational institution that prepares students to continue to the next level. The development of human resources, in this case educators, is a very decisive factor in encouraging teacher performance so that an increasingly urgent demand to make changes today's innovative performance becomes an increasingly urgent demand to be implemented by teachers. Educators have a very strategic role in the formation of knowledge, skills, and character of students. Therefore, professional educators will carry out their duties professionally so as to produce more qualified students. Becoming a professional educator will not just happen without efforts to improve their abilities. As for one way to realize the competence of educators is the party who has an important role including the principal, where the principal is a very important educational leader.
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