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Iqbal Muzaki, Subaderi Subaderi, Ong Andre Wahju Rijanto, Krisnadhi Hariyanto, Fitriya Gemala Dewi, Ampar Jaya Suwondo
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 2, pp 78-83;

Potatoes are Indonesia's abundant agricultural product. Potatoes can be used as a substitute for rice. Therefore potatoes are very popular as special food preparation in Indonesia. Geographically, Indonesia is an agricultural country. It greatly supports agricultural production. So that the quality and commodity of agricultural products (potatoes) remain high, it is necessary to have new ideas or ideas, one of which is processing potato chips to be of high quality. They prompted researchers to develop innovative equipment to speed up the process of processing potatoes into spiral chips by making appropriate technology machines that can produce more optimal production compared to conventional methods, namely 15 kg/hour. This appropriate technology machine is implemented in MSME potato chips in Kemiri Village, Pacet District, Mojokerto Regency. This machine can help speed up processing so that production time can be increased optimally.
Solton Mubarokah, Nurwahyudi Widhiyanta, Mamik Usniyah Sari, Alven Safik Ritonga, Suzana Dewi, Isnaini Muhandhis, Suryo Atmojo, Muhammad Harist Murdani
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 2, pp 72-77;

Peningkatan produksi pada UMKM roti kembang goyang perlu dioptimalkan, terutama pada sistem penggorengannya. Hal tersebut mendasarai peneliti untuk mencari opsi yang tepat untuk mengoptimalkan proses penggorengan. Mesin kue kembang goyang yang dibuat ini terbagi menjadi 3 bagian utama diantaranya pengaduk, cetakan dan penggorengan. Pembuat kue kembang goyang ini dirancang untuk mengoptimalkan sistem penggorengan dengan dimensi Ø572xØ407x100x1.5 mm. Pengaturan temperatur awal penggorengan 1000C. Kegiatan Pengabdian masyarakat ini dilakukan terhadap UMKM roti kembang goyang di daerah Kecamatan Porong Kabupaten Sidoarjo. Hasil analisa menunjukkan perbandingan proses penggorengan kue kembang goyang menggunakan sistem konvensional dan menggunakan mesin, analisa tersebut menunjukkan perbedaan yang siknifikan yaitu 2 kg pada temperatur 1150C dan 5 kg pada temperatur 1540C.
Tedy Pratomo, Muharom Muharom, Navik Kholili, Alfi Nugroho, Mochammad Muchid, Dwi Khusna
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 2, pp 66-71;

Geographically, Indonesia is an agricultural country. It greatly supports agricultural production. So that the quality and commodity of agricultural products (soybean) remains high, it is necessary to have new ideas or ideas, one of which is by processing tempeh chips to become quality. It prompted researchers to develop innovative equipment that can speed up the tempe chopping process by creating an appropriate technology machine that can produce more optimal chopped tempeh compared to the conventional method, which is 30 kg/hour. This appropriate technology machine is implemented in UKM chips tempeh, Sukomanunggal sub-district, Surabaya City. The machine can help speed up the process of chopping tempeh so that production time can be optimally increased.
M Hasan Abdullah, Onny Purnamayudhia, Astria Hindratmo, Chendrasari Wahyu Octavia
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 2, pp 84-90;

The rapid development of science and technology is a challenge as well as an opportunity for the field of education and industry. Mastery of technology is also a must for SMK (Vocational High School) students who are prepared to enter the industrial world upon graduation. One of the basic skills that need to be mastered is drawing techniques. Through community service activities, the Faculty of Engineering, Wijaya Putra University, Surabaya provides basic training in engineering drawing using Autocad software. The training participants were attended by several SMK and SMU students in Surabaya. The training begins with an introduction to Autocad and its use in various professional fields. Pre-test and post-test are given to determine the level of understanding of participants. Participants were also given 2D and 3D drawing tasks. In addition to drawing training, students are also given insights regarding the Faculty of Engineering and the career opportunities that will be obtained. This training received a positive response from students and schools.
Andianto Wahyu Nugroho, Slamet Riyadi, Siswadi Siswadi, Gatot Setyono, Wahyu Nugroho
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 2, pp 60-65;

Martabak is a snack that is often sought after by the general public. Therefore, martabak is a commodity with prospects to develop as an industrial business. Martabak's selling business is one type of business that has the potential to be developed. So many business people are interested in selling this type of food. This business does not require significant capital but has a sizable profit known as bright moon. Sweet martabak has main ingredients, including flour, eggs, water, sugar, and leavening dough agent; there is also the addition of juice. The existence of this machine is expected to increase the quality and quantity of products because there are still many small entrepreneurs in the Gresik area who use traditional tools and carry out a moving process that takes quite a lot of time and effort. Hence, the author now makes a sweet martabak machine with a 25 kg/hour capacity to increase production, quality, and quantity with maximum results for MSMEs in the Gresik area.
M. Hasan Abdullah, Subaderi Subaderi, Fitriya Gemala Dewi
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 1, pp 40-46;

A healthy living environment is a necessity for the community. However, public awareness of these needs is not in accordance with reality. The problem of waste and household waste water sanitation is an unresolved problem. The service program through Real Work Lectures (KKN) was carried out in RW 04, Tambak Osowilangon village. This activity was carried out by providing information on the procedures for establishing a waste bank and making healthy and inexpensive WWTP technology. The form of this service program is the growth of public awareness to maintain personal and environmental health. The community can manage waste in a modern way through a waste bank and have an WWTP that is safe for the environment.
Siswadi Siswadi, Slamet Riyadi, Wahyu Nugroho
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 1, pp 47-52;

Indonesia is a tropical country with a very strategic geographical location. Therefore, Indonesia has a variety of delicious culinary delights to serve. Pecel is a culinary dish that has a long history in Indonesian history. Pecel is a favorite food of the Indonesian people, so the number of pieces traders is vast in several areas today. It is making relatively traditional peace seasoning that has inspired researchers to produce appropriate technology products for pecel grinders with a capacity of 5 kg/hour with an electric power of 0.2 kW, which is needed as big as for SMEs in the Sambi Keep area of Surabaya. This TTG machine can increase the amount of pecel seasoning production capacity.
Lily Oktavia, Muhammad Mukhlis, Alifah Nur Laili, Ayu Sufi Oktaviya, Taqwanur Taqwanur
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 1, pp 29-34;

Salah satu tugas penting perguruan tinggi adalah melakukan kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Salah satu program kerja dalam pengabdian kepada masyarakat adalah kuliah kerja nyata (KKN) yang dilakukan oleh mahasiswa dengan bimbingan dosennya. Hal tersebut dilakukan untuk membantu pemerintah dalam meningkatkan kualitas hidup masyarakat. Mahasiswa dan dosen Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo mempunyai peranan yang sangat penting dalam melaksanakan hal ini dengan melakukan sharing knowledge kepada masyarakat dan melakukan penerapan bersama-sama warga Dusun Nyamplung Kecamatan Candi Kabupaten Sidoarjo. Program kegiatan dibuat setelah dilakukan Brainstorming (tukar pendapat) antara tokoh masyarakat, aparat dan Tim Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo yang disesuaikan dengan kondisi yang terdapat di daerah tersebut dan bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup masyarakat Dusun Nyamplung dengan mengembangkan partisipasi masyarakat dalam menjalankan program. Program kegiatan tersebut meliputi program penghijauan dan bimbingan pelaku UMKM – Keripik Tempe. Kegiatan diawali dengan sosialisasi mengenai program kegiatan lalu dilanjutkan dengan membuat materi dan memberi penyuluhan serta pendampingan di lapangan. Program kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat berjalan dengan sukses karena partisipasi masyarakatnya yang besar dalam mensukseskan kegiatan ini dan terjadinya kolaborasi yang sangat baik antara masyarakat, tokoh masyarakat, aparat desa dan akademisi dalam menjalankan program yang telah dirancang tersebut. Hal ini berdampak pada pada kualitas hidup masyarakat menjadi baik karena lingkungan menjadi lebih bersih, asri, dan sehat serta usaha UMKM menjadi lebih baik.
Taufik Nur Rahman, Ika Aliyatur R. Rofiah, Dewanto Dewanto, Bagus Setyawan, Vio Jhondan Prasetio, Mamik Usniyah Sari, Isnaini Muhandhis
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 1, pp 53-59;

Kampung Semanggi has an English Smart House that accommodates school-age students. This smart house provides English learning facilities. Based on the results of observations and interviews with the manager, they want a system to be made for online exam activities. This system is not only a necessity during a pandemic, but becomes a breakthrough learning method in the future. Based on this background, we held a service program for designing an online exam system for the English Smart House in Semanggi Village. System development is carried out with the waterfall stage. We use CodeIgniter framework, PHP language and MySQL database in system development. The results of using the online exam system, the exam process becomes easier, faster and more practical. This system helps teachers and students for the efficiency of the exam process
Gatot Setyono, Navik Kholili, Dwi Khusna
Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi Teknologi (dimastek), Volume 1, pp 35-39;

Biofuels include energy-enriched chemicals produced directly through biological processes or derived from the chemical conversion of the biomass of previously living organisms. Biofuels can be classified into two categories: primary and secondary biofuels. The main biofuels are produced directly from burning woody plant material or cellulose and dry animal dung. Secondary biofuels can be classified into three generations, and each is produced indirectly from plant and animal materials. The first-generation biofuel is ethanol derived from starch-rich food crops or biodiesel, extracted from animal fat wastes such as cooking oil. The second generation is bioethanol derived from non-food cellulosic biomass and biodiesel derived from oil-rich plant seeds such as soybean or jatropha. The third generation is a biofuel produced from cyanobacteria, microalgae, and other microbes, which is the most promising approach to meet global energy demand. This community service aims to explain innovation and provide knowledge to technology players, namely technicians, operators, supervisors, and workshop supervisors, about the use of alternative fuels of sesame oil for small-capacity automatic gasoline engines. The counseling results show that the performance and exhaust gas results are optimal so that the technology actors know the quality and quantity of the alternative energy.
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