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Heru Siswanto, Slamet Riyadi, Siswadi Siswadi, Gatot Setyono, Dwi Khusna, Wahyu Nugroho
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 106-110;

The Shredded fish is produced by machines automatically, which can facilitate the production process. Previously the process was done conventionally in one production run. This problem prompted researchers to create a machine by combining three tool systems to become a shredded fish processing machine, including a system for separating meat and fish bones, a cooking furnace system, and a shredded dryer/spinner system that can be controlled electrically in the production process, in addition to the shredded produced more cleanly and efficiently in one production process. This machine utilizes the power of an electric motor of ¾ Hp, which is the driving force for the meat separator machine with a rotation speed of 2840 rpm and a production capacity of 30 Kg/hour.
Muhamad Asrori, M Harist Murdani
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 91-99;

Hidroponik merupakan cara bercocok tanam dengan menggunakan media air sebagai pengganti media tanah. Larutan nutrisi merupakan hal yang paling penting untuk menggantikan unsur hara tanah yang dibutuhkan oleh tumbuhan. Untuk menjaga nutrisi agar tetap diambang normal memerlukan pemantauan nutrisi rutin. Oleh karena itu, untuk memudahkan pemantauan tanaman dan menjaga nilai optimal nutrisi, melalui penelitian ini dilakukan pembuatan Sistem Otomatis Pemberi Nutrisi Tanaman Hidroponik berbasis NFT. Sensor pH dan sensor TDS sebagai pengecekan kadar nutrisi pada tumbuhan, selenoid valve sebagai kendali nutrisi yang dikeluarkan. Arduino UNO digunakan sebagai alat kendali sistem dengan metode perhitungan nilai waktu nutrisi yang dihasilkan menggunakan metode Logika Fuzzy. Pembuatan sistem ini bertujuan untuk mempermudah perawatan nutrisi dengan hasil yang akurat.
Miftahul Ulum, Farhan Wahyu Putra, Naufal Rafif Gumelar
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 85-90;

Shallots belong to one of the most widely grown agricultural commodities in Indonesia. However, to process shallots, there are several obstacles that can hinder their production, namely manual peeling and cutting processes. This has led to innovations to make a shallot peeling and cutting machine that is more effective and efficient in the production process. This study calculated the production rate and the production cost to find out how much the cost per unit is needed for the manufacture of the shallot peeler, cutter, and grinder machines. In addition, it employed the break-even point analysis to know whether it had sold enough units to cover all costs. After analyzing and performing calculations, the production time (Tp) was equal to 2,559.8 minutes/batch and the production rate was 0.0003 units/minute, or 0.43 units/day. The daily production capacity reached 17 units/month. Meanwhile, the 7 hours/batch and the net profit gained IDR 40,661,935/month. The Break-Event Point (BEP) was 0.48 units per month, and the sales (BEP) of the production achieved IDR 4,973,241 per month.calculation of Manufacturing Lead Time (MLT) obtained 11,502 minutes/batch = 191,7.
Achmad Faizal Dwi Bagas, Muharom Muharom, Mochammad Muchid, Alfi Nugroho, Navik Kholili
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 100-105;

The working system of the heating process on a plastic injection molding machine needs to be considered in more detail. Due to the influence of temperature and the type of material according to the quality of the product. In this study, the plastic injection machine that used a temperature variation used several different variations, and three experiments were given at each temperature variation of 200°C – 250°C using 75 grams of plastic material with a heating time of 120-141 seconds and 150 grams of plastic material with a heating time of 120-141 seconds. Warm-up 210-250 seconds. Temperature control using the REX C100 Controller. The injection machine can operate according to the design. Namely, the heating temperature can be adjusted. Implementation and control of the control system show a good response. The plastic to be melted is of the HDPE (High-Density polypropylene) type with a temperature for melting the plastic of 250°C.
Dani Dwi Kurniawan, Ong Andre Wahyu Riyanto, Mohammad Fahrul Ansori Ismantoko, Krisnadhi Hariyanto, Fitriya Gemala Dewi, Subaderi Subaderi
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 111-117;

Many fire incidents that happened in settlement area kabupaten gresik ,  the researcher would willing to develop a small scale detection and firemen that monitored by smartphone. This system uses microcontroller arduino with teoriya resheniya izobreatatelskikh zadatch ( triz ) analysis. Methodology used in this research choose aim , gather field literature study and fiels observation. Spread questionnaire to 80 respondents. Analyze validity and reliability of questionnaire result. Continued by the manufacture and selection prototype design them process of making the prototype of design elected. The final stage of research is done testing physical and functions of the produced  prototype. This prototype uses fire sensor DFR 0076 and furnished with gas sensor MQ2 and temperature sensor NTC Thermal Sensor. It comes with some features, Bluetooth, hydrant pump and smartphone Aplication. This Prototype tested and functioning well.
Deni Arifianto, Ampar Jaya Suwondo, M. Hasan Abdullah, Chendrasari Wahyu Octavia, Astria Hindratmo, Onny Purnamayudhia
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 2, pp 118-130;

Fuel oil is experiencing an increase in demand in various sectors of life impacting the distribution process and meeting market needs. Bioethanol is a new and renewable energy with great potential to replace fuel oil. One alternative material for producing bioethanol is tofu dregs. Tofu dregs raw material processing can be done by distillation process. This study uses conventional distillation with the addition of components which are expected to produce bioethanol with good quality. The design of the distillation apparatus uses the QFD (Quality Function Development) approach. So the purpose of this study was to determine the technical characteristics of the bioethanol distillation system based on customer needs. The design of a bioethanol distillation apparatus made from Tofu Dregs using the QFD method resulted in several criteria for the device expected by the customer, including fast distillation time, amount of ethanol production, fermentation time, ergonomics, hydrolysis time, octane content and solution composition. The importance level of fast distillation time was 4.06, total ethanol production was 3.8, fermentation time was 3.67, ergonomic design was 3.63, hydrolysis time was 3.26, octane level was 3.21 and solution composition was 3.15. The resulting tool is capable of processing tofu dregs into bioethanol. The dimensions of the tool are 1264 mm in length, 1226 mm in width, and a total tool height of 1275 mm. The distillation apparatus is equipped with a set of vessels, condensers, coolers and heaters.
Dwi Khusna, Gatot Setyono, Siswadi Siswadi, Slamet Riyadi, Navik Kholili, Alfi Nugroho
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 1, pp 38-43;

Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk memberikan penjelasan tentang studi eksperimental pengaruh variasi beban dan variasi aliran terhadap efek water hammer. Dimana efek ini akan mempengaruhi tekanan air yang akan dihasilkan jika setelah pembebanan dan perubahan bukaan valve yang diberikan akan menghasilkan efek water hammer yang lebih baik atau cenderung lebih buruk bila tidak memiliki kedua efek tersebut. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan melakukan studi eksperimental yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui tekanan yang terjadi pada saat air mengalir dan kemudian ditutup secara tiba-tiba oleh katup pembuangan yang dihubungkan dengan aliran pipa dengan diameter 1,5 inci setelah beban dan variasi bukaan katup. Pada uji efek water hammer dengan sistem pompa water hammer hidrolik ini dimungkinkan untuk mengubah bukaan katup pemasukan air dengan perubahan beban katup yang diberikan untuk menentukan tekanan water hammer maksimum 378334,64 Pa setelah menerima katup bukaan 80 derajat dan tambahan beban 250 gr, dan efek water hammer terkecil dengan nilai 321376,44 Pa pada bukaan katup 50 derajat dan beban 150 gr. Saat menginvestigasi pompa hydraulic ram ini, dapat disimpulkan bahwa ukuran bukaan valve atau jumlah air yang masuk dan besarnya beban pada discharge valve yang akan mempengaruhi tekanan akan meningkat.
Lu'Luil Muniroh, Syamsul Ghufron, Muhammad Thamrin Hidayat, Suharmono Kasiyun
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 1, pp 48-54;

This research is focused on the problem of student learning outcomes of class III UPT SDN 177 Gresik in writing reports that are classified as low by applying the learning model outside the classroom. This research is a quantitative research with a one-group pretest-posttest design method. The population in this study consisted of 27 students, namely 9 males and 18 females. The sample of this study used a full sampling technique. The results obtained are based on the students’ increasing average scores and the results of the paired sample t-test. The results of this study proved to increase from the average value of 58,89 students increased to 83,52 and the paired sample t-test test that the value of tcount is greater than ttable (th = 4,825 > tt=1,7033), in other words H1 is accepted and H0 is rejected.
Mochamad Syahrul Gunawan, Muharom Muharom, M. Hasan Abdullah, Fitriya Gemala Dewi, Ampar Jaya Suwondo, Onny Purnamayudhia
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 1, pp 65-70;

Sampah menjadi permasalahan yang sering dibahas belakangan ini, jumlahnya yang semakin hari kian meningkat sehingga apabila tidak ditangani dengan baik dan benar mengakibatkan permasalahan yang lebih besar. Sampah plastik jenis sampah yang perlu mendapatkan penanganan khusus, karena proses penguraian dibutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama. Salah satu cara mengolah sampah plastik yaitu dengan mendaur ulangnya. Salah satu cara mendaur ulang sampah plastik dengan mengolahnya menjadi bahan bakar minyak, yang biasa disebut pirolisis, adalah proses mengubah sampah plastik menjadi minyak dengan destilasi kering pengubahan uap proses hasil pembakaran di kondensor pada suhu tertentu. Perancangan proses kondensasi yang baik dan benar sangat diperlukan untuk menghasilkan minyak yang efisien. Sehingga diperlukan penelitian tentang perancangan proses kondensasi yang maksimal.
Mohammad Fahrul Ansori Ismantoko, Dani Kurniawan, Ong Andre Wahju Rijanto, M. Hasan Abdullah, Subaderi Subaderi, Krisnadhi Hariyanto
Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI), Volume 1, pp 55-64;

Dengan banyaknya kasus kebakaran di lingkungan pemukiman padat penduduk di Surabaya, peneliti ingin mencegah dan mengurangi resiko kebakaran dengan mengembangkan sistem dan alat pemadam kebakaran skala rumahan. Sistem dan alat pemadam kebakaran ini dikembangkan dengan metode Quality Function Deployment (QFD). Sistem ini menggunakan mikrokontroler Arduino Uno yang terkoneksi dengan Android melalui bluetooth. Dengan tahapan penelitian menyusun pernyataan misi penelitian, mengumpulkan studi literatur dan observasi lapangan. Melakukan survey dengan menyebar kuisioner kepada 80 responden. Menganalisis Validitas dan Reliabilitas data hasil kuisioner. Kemudian menyusun matriks kebutuhan dan HOQ untuk menentukan target pengembangan produk. Dilanjutkan dengan pembuatan dan pemilihan desain prototipe hingga proses pembuatan prototipe dari desain terpilih. Tahap akhir penelitian dilakukan pengujian fisik, fungsi, dan analisis ekonomi prototipe yang dihasilkan.
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