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Waode Rustiah, Muawanah Muawanah, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Nurul Ni’Ma Azis, Novita Rahman
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 96-103; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.300

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A person who has been diagnosed with active TB (TB that affects the lungs and causes symptoms of coughing up blood, night sweats, weight loss, fever and chest pain), will be given a TB drug package (OAT) that must be taken for six months, where This drug is a combination of several antibiotics. TB treatment is divided into 2 phases, namely the intensive phase (2-3 months) and the continuation phase (4-6 months). The combination of drugs used consists of a combination of the main and additional drugs. In the treatment of TB, OAT is the main type of drug used. The most serious side effect of using OAT is hepatotoxic. Hepatotoxicity is a reaction to exposure to substances that can cause liver damage. Liver function tests can be done through the SGPT test. The type of this research is descriptive, with the aim of providing an overview of the results of determining Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT) levels in TB patients who undergo treatment for 6 months - 1 year, by taking 8 samples of serum from TB patients, using the Kinetic method on the Biochemical Photometer BC153. The results showed that there were 3 samples that had increased levels of SGPT and the other 5 samples did not experience an increase in levels of SGPT (normal). Giving OAT does not significantly cause SGPT levels in tuberculosis patients to increase, but long-term administration of OAT can affect the increase in SGPT in tuberculosis patients.
Syahrir Syahrir, Muhammad Fahrul M., Sitti Normawati, Nurhasmi Nurhasmi
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 81-87; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.273

Thorax photos with CT scans can be used to monitor development and diagnose lung abnormalities due to COVID-19. This study aims to find out the results of CT Scan Thorax analysis of COVID-19 patients. The number of samples used as many as 30 samples using quantitative research methods with a descriptive approach. The results in this study showed from 30 samples 80% there is a picture of Pneumonia with other images such as GGO, Consolidation and accompanied by water bronchogram, Crazy Paving, and Halo Sign.
Yunicho Yunicho, Andi Sry Wahyuni, Pratiwi Adam
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 151-156; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.330

Musca domestica is a type of fly species known as a carrier of disease and can be found in places where there is wet household waste, especially those rich in easily decomposed organic matter. The habit of flies looking for food and breeding in trash cans causes various disease-causing microorganisms to stick to the fly's feet and fine hairs all over the fly's body. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of fragrant pandan leaf concentrations of 50%, 70%, and 90% in killing house flies (Musca domestica). This research is experimental research with a posttest-only design with a control group. The sampling technique was carried out by purposive sampling. The results of this study indicated that the lowest average mortality of Musca domestica was found at a concentration of 50% in 15 individuals and the highest mortality was found at a concentration of 90% in 30 individuals. The higher the concentration of fragrant pandan leaf juice, the more effective it is in killing house flies (Musca domestica). The community can use the aromatic pandan leaf solution as an environmentally friendly plant insecticide.
Rahmawati Rahmawati, Anita Anita, Amaliyah Firdausa
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 109-114; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.305

Loose powder is a cosmetic preparation in the form of a fine, soft, homogeneous powder so that it is easy to apply to the skin with the content in it must be safe. Salicylic acid works as a keratolytic, comedolytic and as a bacteriostatic, opening clogged pores on the skin. The purpose of this study was to identify and determine the levels of salicylic acid contained in loose powder samples. This type of research is a laboratory observation with the object of research is loose powder. This research is descriptive using color test method and spectrophotometric method, as many as 10 samples of loose powder. The results showed that there were 9 samples that were negative or did not contain salicylic acid and 1 positive sample contained salicylic acid which was indicated by a purple color change with a salicylic acid content of 0.030%. Thus, it can be concluded that in 10 samples of loose powder, 9 samples were negative and 1 sample positive with a salicylic acid content of 0.030% not exceeding the 2% threshold that has been set in accordance with the Regulation of the Head of BPOM RI Number Hk. 11.07517 of 2011 concerning Technical Requirements for Cosmetic Ingredients. Keywords: loose powder, salicylic acid, color test, spectrophotometri
Mujahidah Basarang, Muhammad Rifo Rianto, Riskiah Dwi Julianti
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 134-142; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.320

Dandruff is a medical condition that indicates the activity or growth of fungi on the scalp. Shampooing using an anti-dandruff shampoo is an action that can be taken to inhibit the growth of these fungi. Anti-dandruff shampoo contains antifungal active compounds such as ZnPtO, selenium sulfide, piroctone olamine which functions in reducing fungal infections on the scalp which are expected to inhibit the growth of fungi found on the scalp that cause dandruff. This study aims to determine the inhibition of the active compound in anti-dandruff shampoo against fungal growth isolated from dandruff. This research is a laboratory experimental study which was carried out by isolating the fungus from dandruff and continued by testing the inhibition of fungal growth using a shampoo containing active compounds. From the results of research conducted on 3 shampoos that have different anti-dandruff compounds, namely ZnPtO, 1% selenium sulfide, and piroctone olamine, the growth of fungal colonies decreased with different contact times, namely 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 6 minutes. The conclusion of the study stated that shampoo containing piroctone olamine compound with a contact time of 6 minutes inhibited the growth of fungal colonies better than other shampoos containing 1% selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione (ZnPtO).
Mohd. Arya Saputra, Entianopa Entianopa, Subakir Subakir
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 123-133; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.323

Fire hazards can occur at any time, anytime and anywhere. One of the efforts to minimize the risk of fire is to increase fire preparedness. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between knowledge, attitude, and management support with fire risk preparedness. This study used a cross sectional design. The research was conducted at the Pasir Putih People's Market. The research sample is traders in the Pasir Putih People's Market as many as 119 traders. The sampling technique used was the Total Sampling technique. The research instrument used a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by univariate and bivariate using chi square test. As many as 71.2% of respondents have good preparedness, 55.8% of respondents have good knowledge, 51.9% of respondents have good attitudes, and 9.6% of respondents stated that management support is good. Bivariate results show that there is a relationship between knowledge and preparedness (p-value = 0.017), there is no relationship between attitude and preparedness (p-value = 0.430), there is no relationship between management support and preparedness (p-value = 0.619). It is recommended to the management of the Pasir Putih People's Market to increase knowledge and improve the attitude of the Pasir Putih People's Market traders by carrying out fire simulation activities.
Andi Tenri Padad, Andi Fatmawati Muharram, Hasan Nyambe
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 115-122; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.318

Depression is a natural feeling disorder (mood) which is characterized by excessive feelings of sadness, depression, lack of enthusiasm, feeling worthless, feeling that life is empty and hopeless, thinking is centered on failure and self-blame or self-blame, and often accompanied by envy and suicidal thoughts. Depressive disorders can occur in anyone with a higher risk of physical illness, which is about 15-60%. Medical conditions that have long been associated with depressive disorders include primary tension-type headache (TTH). Patients with chronic TTH will experience more severe depression than episodic TTH and chronic headache is significantly associated with psychopathological scores, but the direction of the relationship is not clear. This study aims to determine the relationship between the intensity of tension-type headaches and the degree of depression. This research is an observational analytic study with a cross sectional research design. To find out the frequency and duration of tension-type headaches, the history and filling of the questionnaire provided were carried out. Then the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) questionnaire was used to assess the degree of depression. Patients with tension headaches were assessed based on The International Headache Classification 2nd Edition in 2004, and pain intensity was assessed based on the NPRS (Numeric Pain Rating Scale) score. The results showed that the Spearman correlation test obtained a significance value of 0.014, a correlation value of 0.399. between the Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) and Visual Analog Scale (VAS) scores with the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) score on the subject of tension-type headache, and there is a significant relationship between the intensity of the tension-type headache and depression where the higher the pain intensity, the more severe the pain. degree of depression.
Sari Rahayu Siahaan, Decy Situngkir, Mayumi Nitami, Mugi Wahidin
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 88-95; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.304

Turnover intention is the attitude employees looking for other jobs by leaving company, causes are job insecurity and work stress. Hay Group Survey Result World 2010-2018, turnover increase was 12.9% in 2014. At PT. DNR Corporation West Jakarta in 2020 employee turnover 19 people (15.77%) and 2021 as 19 people (28.62%), meaning that employee turnover is high above 10% per year and 10 employees survey study intend to find other work 79%. Purpose to determine relationship between job insecurity and job stress with turnover intention. Research method is quantitative and cross sectional design. Location at PT. DNR Corporation West Jakarta, November 2021-August 2022. Population 96 employees and 10 employees has been survey study, so 96-10= 86 samples using total sampling. Research instrument by questionnaire with theoretical modifications Halimah et al.,(2016) namely thinking about leaving, looking for alternative, intentions to leave. Data analysis are univariate and bivariate with chi-square test. Result showed employees who turnover intention 54.7%. Employees who feel job insecurity 55.8%. Employees who experience job stress 60.5%. In conclusion, there is no significant job insecurity (p-value = 0.323) and turnover intention, there is a significant job stress (p-value = 0.002) and turnover intention.
Ridho Pratama, Nuriah Khofifah, Zulfian Armah, Rafika Rafika
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 104-108; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.308

One of the causes of infant death outside the womb is hyperbilirubinemia. This hyperbilirubinemia is a clinical phenomenon often found in newborns in the first week of life. In laboratory examination, the determination of hemoglobin level is an indicator that is widely used to determine the prevalence of anemia. This study uses an observation method with a descriptive approach. The data collection of this research was carried out at RSIA Pertiwi Makassar City in May 2021. The sample in this study was secondary data for all newborns. The results of this study were obtained from 40 newborns (85%) who had hyperbilirubinemia. As many as 6 newborns (15%) did not have hyperbilirubinemia while from 25 newborns, 9 newborns (36%) had anemia, and as many as 16 newborns. Born (64%) did not have anemia. Keywords: Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, And Newborn
Cheni Arti Aprilia, Rara Marisdayana, Suroso Suroso
Lontara Journal of Health Science and Technology, Volume 3, pp 143-150; https://doi.org/10.53861/lontarariset.v3i2.310

The success of an enterprise is seen from its productivity. The productivity of the tofu factory in Tangkit Lama Village has decreased. From the work process, it shows that the part that causes work productivity is boiling, this is because during the boiling process using a large fire so that the work environment becomes hot, the hot environment causes fatigue so that it has an impact on work productivity. The purpose of the study was to find out the factors related to work productivity in tofu factory employees in Tangkit Lama Village. This research is a quantitative study with a cross sectional design. The study sample was 35 tofu factory. The research instruments are questionnaires and WBGT Heat Stress Meter. The data were analyzed univariately and bivariately using the chi-square test. From the results of the study, it is known that 37.1% of respondents have poor work productivity, 100% of respondents work in at-risk work environment, 40.0% of respondents experienced moderate work fatigue, 68.6% of respondents had moderate length of service. Bivariate results showed that there was a relationship between fatigue and work productivity (p<0.05) and there was no relationship between length of work and productivity work (p>0,05).
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