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Anil Sharma, , Ms. Medha Sharma
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 2, pp 9-11;

This paper discusses affiliate marketing, in which the seller or service provider is a rewarding and fulfilling agent so-called affiliate for each visitor, which through its way to attract a dealer there, who performed some action, either directly make purchases, register to subscribe to a newsletter, or simply browse the site. Affiliate marketing drives 16% of ecommerce sales in the U.S. and Canada. Amazon's affiliate programme, Amazon Associates, has the greatest market share among affiliate networks (46.15 percent). Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. Increasing Internet usage worldwide is propelling the affiliate marketing industry, particularly in India. Tata Strategic Management Group titled "Affiliate Marketing in India – The Next Frontier". There are 75 highest-paying top affiliate programmes in India for 2020, organised by niche. Affiliate marketing involves three parties: the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer. According to STATISTICA, 84 percent of U.S. Publishers and Advertisers use affiliate marketing. Adoptability and future potential of affiliate marketing in Indian enterprises is the focus of this study paper.
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 2, pp 15-18;

This endeavor is a promising attempt to find out the real materialistic happiness of human beings in the world, especially when compared to the world’s materialistic happiest nation with densely populated nation India by considering the factors which are already considered for the happiest study, like GDP, human development index, social welfare, individual freedom to make choices in life, generosity, degree of corruption in the country and good life expectancy. To try and find out the real factors for happiness in the world. Material happiness is available outside of human beings, whereas the real happiness lies within every one of us, which is beyond our measurement.
Kuljit Kaur
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 1-8;

Novel Corona Virus Disease popularly known as the COVID 19, has had a significant impact on the lives of people around the world after crossing borders from China. It not only took the life of millions of people but also imparted mental disorders among the population. The phenomenon has led to massive reaction of the public, the news channels providing the live updates has raised the anxiety level of the people by several times, leading to numerous mental health issues among a diverse population. Thus, the paper aims to identify the long-term effects of the pandemic on the population of the world. For the purpose, both primary and secondary sources of data collection were used relying more upon the secondary method. Then a detailed discussion was carried out on the basis of the collected data, and finally the matter has been concluded and constructive recommendation has to improve the mental state of the people in India and globally.
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 20-24;

The current study aims to discover how the woman was depicted and the way gender roles were defined and described in Eugene O'Neill’s “A Moon for the Misbegotten”. The importance of this paper is obtained from the broad subject of gender in general. Depicting women is highly suitable topic to many domains and fields to discover the impact of sex type in one domain donates to the comprehension of sex in another domain. The purpose of this study is to expose the playwright’s potentiality to go beyond a narrow image of the woman in the western metaphysics, to depict the way he adopted in his play to present female’s orientations, perceptions, and opinions associated with gender functions. This paper focuses on Eugene O'Neill's heroine; (Josie Hogan) as she reflected the playwright's increasing concern for woman's acknowledgement, self- fulfillment, and integration in a man dominated society. Eugene O’Neill; the playwright, has demonstrated that the act of composing this play, can play just like a mirror to reflect his contemporary given culture's lifestyle, mores, and values, by which these are considered the essence critiques of any society. The study has concluded that, Josie Hogan was described as an idealistic lady both mentally and physically, she represented the essential part of Jim Tyron, she was not a traditional stereotypical woman, she devoted and sacrificed herself for other people in the play. She dramatized the playwright’s composite heroine and his most comprehensive description of self-renunciation, she was not depicted as a defeated sex but a female who extremely aware of her own social and cultural limitations.
Hamid Saremi
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 13-19;

Creativity is the use of mental abilities to create a new thought or concept. The process of creating new ideas and turning those ideas into action and useful applications is called innovation. In the case of organizational management, its ultimate success and sometimes even its survival depends on the ability of planners to innovate and apply new ideas. The most important reason for the need for creativity and innovation is the problem arising. Problem-solving is possible in two ways: rational problem solving and creative problem-solving. The emergence of a creative mindset requires a precise and correct definition of innovation management. It is a systematic approach to prioritizing innovation in the organization and includes the steps of planning, organizing, managing, and controlling and includes all tools and methods to promote and exploit innovation in the organization. The objective of innovation management can be any of the following: 1. Production of new products and services to enter new markets; 2. Improving products and services to outperform competitors; 3. Improving internal processes to strengthen the organization and reduce costs; 4. Development of new business methods in order to generate revenue from new routes. Also, the field of using various solutions should be created, apart from the conventional solutions.
A S Sochipem Zimik, Chingreipam Keishing
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 2, pp 8-12;

Biometric technology is a contemporary method of identifying and verifying individuals by studying human behavior. The study is focused on primary data obtained at random from numerous employees working, and appropriate questionnaires are provided for additional analysis. As the safety of both persons and corporate assets grows more important, biometrics devices are becoming increasingly promising. The study will help in understanding whether biometric devices will not only just fulfill the basic purpose of identification and verification but rather help in influencing employees to work efficiently by critically evaluating their behavior and result in a positive impact on the organization’s productivity. The study finds that biometric technology may be regarded as one of the characteristics of competitive advantage. Because of its low cost, reliability, and responsiveness, the technology is viewed as a method of boosting an organization’s security, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, necessitating a promotion and marketing strategy. Using biometric equipment, the research investigates the effects and performance of employees. According to the findings of the survey, employees are more interested in working for a company that offers flexible scheduling. The study also discovers that the market growth of biometric devices is promising. The research was carried out utilizing qualitative methods.
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 1-7;

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) is created greater prominence as a modern learning system mainly due to the advanced progress made in the area of Learning and Teaching Technology and. Covid pandemic also had open opportunities for Online Learning Platforms. Present study has focused on learners’ experience with various MOOCs platforms through online reviews and ratings, which were collected from Google play store and appbot application. Seven MOOCs platforms namely Coursera, edX, Udemy, Swayam, LinkedIn , Khan Academy and Upgrad are reviewed in this paper. The main objective is to compare the select MOOCs platforms in the area of users’ experience. Total number of reviews and rating has been taken for the study is 63, 652. The time frame of sample data was taken for last one year that is from 5th April, 2020 to 5th April, 2021. Sentiment analysis and chi-square test is applied to analyze the difference among the different MOOCs platforms. The major outcomes were the reviews and ratings of different platform found with very good uses experience.
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 57-62;

From its origins in the 18th century, the Indian banking sector has come a long way. The financial revolution resulted in the introduction of ATMs, debit and credit cards, NEFT, RTGS, and internet banking, among other things. However, technological developments around the world have put pressure on the banking sector to use better technology. This paper focuses on Uttarakhand Gramin Banks’ innovative banking services and its efforts made in uplifting the rural economy in Dehradun region of Uttarakhand. The study aims to investigate the effect of emerging technology on rural customer’s satisfaction level and the growth of the rural economy in the Dehradun area. Primary data was collected from the banks’ customers and analyzed, yielding substantial results on the subject. The result shows that customers are not satisfied to an extent with the services of this bank and its efforts in enhancing the rural economy .The rural banks needs to enhance its services in terms of quality and provide effective banking services for rural development.
, Universidad Autónoma De Baja California Facultad De Ingeniería, Benjamin Valdez Salas, Mónica Carrillo Beltrán, Aida Lopez Guerrero, Luz Del Consuelo Olivares Fong
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 45-51;

This work describes an analysis of the implementation of quality methodologies that generated an improvement in the research, development and teaching activities of the Engineering Institute of Autonomous University of Baja California (EI-AUBC), located in the city of Mexicali. These methodologies are widely used in the industrial sector to prevent accidents, reduce waste, and eliminate rework and to training of workers in any area in the industries. Only that its applications are very little known in the Laboratories of Higher Education Institutions (LHEI) of the Mexican Republic. With this scientific study the results of the investigation activities were more reliability to be take adequate decisions and were made functions with more security taking care of health of researchers and students. The investigation was made in 2019. Keywords: Educational institution, investigation activities, methodologies quality.
D. Shyamala
The Indian Journal of Management and Language, Volume 1, pp 1-3;

Our nation has the longest written constitution but the implementation of the Local Governance has been transferred and their efficiency has properly monitored or rectified by the state and central government. This is conceptual research has been done in the implementation process. This research mainly focused on quality of life. The Lack of Implementation process is connected with resource exploitation. Resource exploitation has two type’s human resource exploitation and natural resource exploitation. The directly three systems are connected with sustainable development but overall development left without because of bureaucratic, social leaders, and Knowledgeable people this research is not critical research but this research has a starting point for many reformations. This concept has defined implementation process is not based on rule of law it should be considered by social issues and clearly instructing for the proper implementation process and reduce the level exploitation and monitoring the unethical professionals and their rectification processing time will be less. This concept has separated no proper implementation process and improper implementation and analyzing the important factors for the proper implementation process. The factors like misuse of power and inefficiency should not affect the proper implementation process. The result of the lack of implementation process is organized resource exploitation. This plan will reduce the worst handling of decentralization process may be a strong reason for the lack of implementation process will directly connect with the organized resource exploitation. This research focusing on the efficiency and equity of the governance strongly insisted people should train by the local governance free from favoritism, partial’s and nepotism, thisplanhas look into transforming the local governance. It will solve prolonging and procrastination in their issues It will reduce the organized crime result of lack of implementation process. Identify the exploiter or victim. The idea will combine the education system Social system and governance syste into one roof. To analyze all type of social issues and protect the weaker section.
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