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Oryza Tri Novita Oryza
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2, pp 12-17;

Lack of knowledge about breast cancer and never having a breast examination are factors that cause delays in breast cancer diagnosis. Proper education in health education is one of the primary keys to influencing knowledge. The implementation of this service activity aims to provide health education with audio-visual so that the insight and knowledge of adolescents will be better. Health education is carried out through WhatsApp group media which contains information about breast cancer and SADARI examination with the stages of making leaflets about breast cancer and SADARI, making videos about SADARI steps, measuring adolescent student knowledge by giving several questions in the form of a questionnaire about breast cancer and SADARI, evaluates health education for adolescent students by discussing and assessing the answers to the questionnaires that have been filled out by students. This service activity show an increase in the knowledge of young women before and after being given health education. The school can consider this activity to provide information support and motivation with various learning methods so that young women continuously get updated information in education and health knowledge. There is an increase in respondents’ knowledge after being given health education using audiovisual (60.0%) in the good category, which was previously only (13.3%) and the sufficient category (40.0%) and no less category.
I Gusti Ayu Rai Widowati, Ida Ayu Ratih Wulansari Manuaba, Ida Ayu Manik Partha Sutema
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2;

Gymnastics prevention for osteoporosis is a combination of several exercises with various benefits. Exercises such as low-impact aerobics, which helps improve heart and lung fitness, weight-bearing exercise to increase bone density, resistance to increase muscle strength and bone density, as well as coordination and balance which are beneficial to reduce the risk of falls and fractures. Community Service by the Association of Indonesian Healthy Bone Citizens (PERWATUSI) of Bali Province collaborates with the Clinical Pharmacy and Physiotherapy Study Program at the University of Bali International to educate the general public. The education regarding knowledge, beliefs, and appropriate exercise practices to prevent the early occurrence of osteoporosis and efforts to improve the immunity system for the Covid 19 vaccination preference. The service method is carried out by socializing and practicing gymnastics in the field, followed by discussions and questions and answers with a resource person. During this study, approximately 50 public communities were enrolled. The activity went smoothly and was supported by outstanding attention from the participants. The implementation of community service with various parts needs to be intensified to provide benefits to improve the health status of the community.
Uke Maharani Dewi, Fauziyatun Nisa', Aisyah Aisyah, Suci 'Abidah
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2, pp 36-40;

The Covid-19 pandemic has burdened the implementation of lactation counseling services directly by cadres to POSYANDU targets. This community service aims to educate cadres in Kampung ASI Wonokromo about how to use lactation counseling e media so that counseling services can be carried out online. Forty cadres of Kampung ASI were given socialization on using e-counseling media. Socialization is carried out utilizing practice or simulation of online e-counseling media through zoom meetings. This activity was carried out for 2 weeks, from June to October 2021. Evaluation of the implementation of the activities was carried out through pre- and post-tests using a questionnaire. 93% of cadres said that linktree e-lactation counseling was easy to use. A total of 97.4% said that linktree e-lactation counseling made it easier for cadres to provide online counseling. e lactation counseling supports lactation counseling services in Kampung ASI, Wonokromo Village during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is expected that in future activities cadres can gain skills in making e-counseling media to develop media independently according to their needs.
Raziansyah Raziansyah, Yohana Agustina Sitanggang, Tiara Lani
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2, pp 30-35;

Mental health is still a health problem for the world. Cases of mental disorders continue to increase and impact the decreasing human productivity in the long term. In humans, mental health is important because mental health is a form of people themselves, which means having an ability to live for independently, with family, and the surrounding people. Service Activities to Community are carried out in the Astambul Kota Village, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan, from December 2021 to January 2022 started from licensing to 2 stages of implementation. The first stage is screening the community regarding their perception of people with Mental disorders (ODGJ). The second stage is evaluation and providing health education about MASDUL SEJIWA. The data were analyzed by the descriptive-analytical method. The screening results showed that many people who did not care about ODGJ avoided it when they met one and felt afraid when there was ODGJ around. In the second stage, the community was given mental health education about caring for ODGJ and how to deal with ODGJ so as not to be afraid and run. This Community Service Activities showed that the participants' knowledge of Mental Health was good of 27 people (67.5%). According to the target, the enthusiasm and attendance of the participants are 40 people (100%) who attended screening activities and mental health education. The whole community is expected to increase the caring for ODGJ and the formation of mental health cadres in the Astambul Kota health region area
Nur Muji Astuti, Dwi Priyantini, Merina Widyastuti, Ninik Ambar Sari, Christina Yuliastuti, Ceria Nurhayati
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2, pp 24-29;

Older adults and people who have a history of chronic disease (comorbid) are more at risk of contracting COVID-19, one of which is diabetes mellitus (DM). The role of cadres is needed to increase the DM patients’ resilience during the pandemic. Optimizing this resilience can be realized in achieving cadres’ performance where motivation is one factor. This activity is performed by increasing information to comorbid diabetes mellitus patients during the pandemic using coaching level, implementation level, and evaluation level. The motivation and performance were measured using questionnaires with observational analysis method. This activity was carried out on December 20, 2020, and was attended by 23 cadres under the guidance of the Candi Sidoarjo Health Center. From the observations and analysis results, it was found that 100% of cadres have high motivation, and 100% of cadres have good performance towards efforts to optimize the resilience of patients with diabetes mellitus comorbid in the Covid 19 pandemic era. Performance is a function of motivation, competence, and work system. The cadres’ self-motivation makes the urge to behave (performance) that provides benefits to others; this will give the cadres some satisfaction (self-actualization) and help to achieve government programs through posyandu activities. The cadres’ involvement is essential in optimizing the resilience of patients with diabetes mellitus comorbid in the Covid 19 pandemic. The motivation and performance of cadres need to be maintained and even increased to create a physically and mentally healthy society.
Skm. Rahayu Anggraini, Handayani Handayani, Eppy Setiyowati, Rofi’Usyani Rofi’Usyani, Ebeth Jeremy Selly, Melky Malae
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 2, pp 1-11;

The Aru Surabaya Student Association (HIMAS) dormitory is inhabited by 32 students from Maluku who are currently studying in Surabaya. Most students who are living in this dormitory have habits of smoking and heavy coffee. Smoking can cause health problem if it is done exscesively. Health problems that can occur generally are degenerative and infectious diseases, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and the risk of lung infection. Second, the method used in this PPM was health education and laboratory examinations to determine whether there is a risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and lung infection. Third, the seminar’s results of CHD risk, DM, and Pneumonia, on the pre and post-test CHD results there was an increase in understanding of 60%, and the pre and post-test DM results there was an increase in understanding of 50%, while the laboratory screening results on the Fasting Blood Glucose and HbA1c test, had a 35% risk of Diabetes Mellitus (7/20), total cholesterol and hs-CRP tests had a 60% risk of coronary heart disease (10/20) and throat swab test results on Blood Agar and CRP media have a risk of developing pulmonary pneumonia by 40% (8/20). Fourth, in conclusion, students at HIMA Dormitory consisting of adult men with smoking and heavy coffee habits have a 60% risk of coronary heart disease, 35% diabetes mellitus, and 40% lung pneumonia. As a step of PPM sustainability, it is necessary to periodically hold local institutions or health centers to provide counseling and laboratory examinations, so that in the future students in the HIMAS dormitory as the nation's next-generaion can be completely healthy physically and mental.
Irna Kartina
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 1, pp 66-71;

World Health Organization (WHO) works hard for facing this covid-19 pandemic. The whole world applied WHO suggestions in public health actions, such as social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, these protocols lead societies to feel isolated and lonely that increase stress and anxiety. Community service activities are one of the efforts that can be taken to empower family members to carry out simple therapy in reducing anxiety. This community service will focus on the mother who has a big influence on managing the family. This community service aimed to educate the mother’s group to help their family in improving knowledge and skill of emergency psychiatric prevention. This activity was divided into two main parts, a seminar about health education about Psychiatric Emergency and ran a workshop in the art therapy group. These community service results showed that health education can improve knowledge related to emergency psychiatric, and mothers could implement art drawing therapy as an effort of psychiatric emergency prevention. In conclusion, Art group therapy is recommended for the mother and her family to prevent the emergency psychiatric condition.
Sahuri Teguh Kurniawan, Saelan Saelan, Galih Setia Adi
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 1, pp 60-65;

The incidence of fractures is the highest prevalence in the world. Fractures by accidents require serious management to prevent serious injuries. The improper first treatment of fracture victims can lead to death and disability. The causes of fractures in Indonesia include traffic accidents. The number of motorized vehicles in Indonesia is increasing by 119.560 cases every year which caused new problems, including security, safety, and traffic congestion. Online motorcycle taxis are alternative public transportation because they can reach places that are not passed by other public transportation. Online motorcycle taxis riders are people who are often on the road and often see even as victims of broken bones from traffic accidents, so there is a need for counseling and handling emergency conditions for motorcycle taxi drivers on the road. This community service activity aimed to increase the ojol drivers’ knowledge and ability in dealing with emergency fractures on the road using discussion methods. The activity was carried out on Thursday, July 16, 2020, carried out face-to-face in the Sukoharjo Regency pavilion, followed by a number of 20 participants. The result of this activity found an increase in the knowledge of ojol drivers by 40% with posttest results of 80% continued with splint dressing. The results of these activities were followed up by coordination with Gojek for greater community service.
Rizki_Nk Rizki Nurmalya, Farah Nuriannisa, Anugrah Linda Mutiarani, Kartika Yuliani
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 1, pp 49-54;

This community service was carried out to improve the knowledge of Kutisari residents who identified had diabetes mellitus. The preliminary study was conducted regarding residents who identified with diabetes mellitus with deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin D intake. This community service program lasts for one year. The activity in this community service was collecting the data of respondents with diabetes mellitus, gave nutrition counselling, and directly provided food sources of vitamin C and vitamin D. Besides provided leaflets of vitamin C and vitamin D food sources, the nutrition counselling also measured the respondent’s blood sugar levels. Checking blood glucose levels was carried out to determine the glucose levels of residents who were identified as having diabetes mellitus. Intake of food sources of vitamin C and vitamin D was expected to lower blood glucose levels. The respondent received guava and chicken eggs as the food source of vitamin C and vitamin D. The purpose of this community service is to improve the respondent's knowledge about the food sources of vitamin C and vitamin D. Those foods will reduce the high blood glucose levels close to the normal values. The output of this community service activity is an online-published report.
Niken Setyaningrum, Pipin Nurhayati
Journal of Health Community Service, Volume 1, pp 55-59;

Bantul district is an earthquake-prone area because it is close to the south coast area, it is traversed by plates that cause disasters. One of the disaster mitigation efforts is to prevent the number of victims when an earthquake occurs. It is necessary to increase understanding and change people's behavior. One of the right targets is elementary school students because education at an early age will affect behavior. Earthquake disaster education is a disaster mitigation effort. The indicator is the measurement of the level of earthquake preparedness using a questionnaire. Education is carried out for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 of the Elementary School of Jigudan Srandakan Bantul. The school is located in the red zone. The results of these measurements are mostly in the ready category with a score of 65 – 79 as many as 42 students. It is important to continue the education to improve earthquake disaster mitigation.
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