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Indian Journal of Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Volume 1, pp 1-7;

In this project, we have worked with an indicator on an automatic water level controller. When we looked up our topic on the internet, we realized that most of the projects used microcontrollers or IC 555, but we didn’t include any of these circuits in our model. Our design is based on the LM324N IC, which functions as a rectifier, oscillator, and comparator. On this foundation, we construct our circuit, and our model is successfully executed at a minimal cost. The project’s goal is to conserve water. Water is a necessary component of our daily life. Water plays a vital role in our everyday life since there is not any water we can’t imagine in our lives. Water is essential for digestion and plays some important roles in the body, such as waste removal, body temperature control, and nutrient transport. Our daily lives began in the upper tank that is the most crucial part of all the houses. Water in your house, including drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, and washing, is used almost for all purposes. Appliances such as washing machines and scrubbers require continuous flow. In-house, overhead tanks comply with those requirements. As a result, saving water for humans is important. This problem can be solved by using an automatic water level controller and indicator. The water level controller’s operation is based on the fact that water conducts electricity due to the minerals in it. So As a result, the circuit can be opened or closed using water. The various circuits in the control unit send out different signals as the water level rises or falls. These signals are used to turn ON or OFF the motor pump depending on our requirements. I’m going to install an automatic water level controller so we don’t have to manually turn the motor ON and OFF. The unit tracks the water level and then activates the relay, which activates the Motor. The LM324N IC, carbon level sensor, and relay are the key components in this unit. With this project, we will be able to automatically monitor water wastage and maintain water levels in various systems, such as water tanks, boilers, swimming pools, and so on. Water and energy losses are reduced as a result of this. This also saves manpower because it is no longer necessary to run it manually.
G. M. Barbade, , , Miss. Shinde Sandhya Bharat
Indian Journal of Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Volume 1, pp 12-16;

This paper focuses on a smart sprinkler irrigation system that is less costly and any farmer used in farm division. In 21century where automation is playing the most important role in the life of human. Automation allows us to control Appliances with automatic control. Automation gives comfort, Increase efficiency as well as save time. Nowadays, most of the industries are used Automation and control mechanism which is expensive for cost and does not suitable for use in a farm sector. In present days, food shortage and water shortages Occur due to the increase in population. To avoid the problem. we have to encourage the agriculture sector. Water Wastage is more in the farming sector. Watering the agricultural fields through irrigation by using this type of method we can save water. In this project, we make an automatic plant sprinkler irrigation system that has to be designed. The system consist relay, Arduino and moisture sensor. The moisture sensor senses the dryness and wetness of the soil. Then Arduino works as per instruction of moisture sensor and system control by Arduino UNO. This project design and development of an automatic plant watering system that is being used to protect a plant because of the reason that doesn’t get enough water for its growth. In everyday work related to gardening, watering is the most important work. The system created an automatic Plant watering system to minimize manual activities and making gardener’s work easier.
Apar Chitransh, Birinderjit Singh Kalyan
Indian Journal of Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Volume 1, pp 8-11;

In modern era most of the work being completed by the new and advanced various technology. Most of the industries are being run on the robotics technologies. But in INDIA most of the company are running in various technologies as like embedded system, plc, Arduino for sensing the alcohol detection and gas detection system and most important thing microcontroller. In this paper we discuss the ARM microcontroller based wireless industrial automation system. This automation consists the coordinator module and sensor module. In which one module is connected with the monitoring computer that is called the coordinator module and for connecting with the monitor of the computer it is also called the centralized unit. And the sensor module is an ARM microcontroller for a monitoring and controlling the whole plant. The coordinator unit main work is to collects the all type of data from the sensor module and provide that information to the IP network. For better communication between these two modules, we use the best technology is ZIGBEE technology. Its main work to preset the changing and control the plant various parameter. ARM microcontroller using the embedded c language coding. This paper we do the deeply study about the ARM microcontroller and about the wireless industrial automation system and the term of ZIGBEE technology.
Shubham Soni, Rajni Soni, Akhilesh A. Waoo
Indian Journal of Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Volume 1, pp 17-21;

This is an IoT-enabled RFID-based door locking gadget. This door lock system will know how long the door is open and in this door lock system, only those people who register will be able to enter using their card. It uses a servo motor that operates with the help of Arduino. The Arduino board runs with complete programming that is stored inside it. By using this gadget, an owner can track his office and the place where he wants to let the specific people in. It is also very secure. RFID Module, LCD Display Red and Green and Yellow LED Light and Buzzer have also been used in this door lock system. When the door is locked, the yellow LED will be on and when the door lock is open, the green led light will turn on. The Red LED work will alert you that your card is wrong.
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