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Zulkarnain Siregar
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 29-48;

This study aims to test whether the expertise of human resources and the availability of infrastructure, can improve the reputation of universities. The variables were developed from the theory of Resources Based View (RBV). Furthermore, the development of these variables is described with Infrastructure, human resource skills, and reputation in increasing the competitiveness of universities. The data collection method used was questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire was prepared using the three variables in the study, namely human resources skills, infrastructure, and university reputation. The respondents of this study were 230 people. The respondent's profession as a whole is a lecturer. The questionnaire in this study used a measurement scale called the Likert scale. Subsequently, the data from the questionnaire was processed using Partial Least Square (PLS). Based on data collection, the results found human resources skills related to the reputation of the university. Infrastructure affects the strength of reputation and human resources skills. The results of this study show human resources skills and infrastructure greatly affect the reputation of universities. This is due to the ability of human resources supported by infrastructure will increase the competitiveness of the university.
Anang Sutono, Wisnu Rahtomo, Sumaryadi, Faisal F. Puksi, Odang Permana, Shaharuddin Tahir, Liu Li
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 61-72;

Purposes - This study examines the application of the Smart Halal Destination (SHD) ecosystem model in Pagerharjo tourism village, Yogyakarta. This model is used to measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and integration through technology systems to discover the performance of destination Muslim-friendly competitiveness. Methods - This study uses a quantitative approach to assess a destination as a Muslim-friendly tourism destination. This research was conducted in three stages: Desk Research, Focus Group Discussion, Survey, and Interview. Findings – Based on the results of the assessment of each pillar, element, and attribute, Pagerharjo tourism village has advantages in the product pillar, especially on the attribute of “ambiance” and pillar of policy, especially on the attribute “has a pre-determined superior area”. Meanwhile, the attribute that still needs to be improved is the availability of slaughterhouses/poultry. Overall, Pagerharjo tourism village is considered sufficient to meet the criteria in developing a Muslim-friendly tourism village.
Gayatri Citraningtyas, Widya Astuty Lolo, Imam Jayanto, Randy Tampa’I, Heri Wijaya
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 49-60;

Introduction: The performance of a pharmacist as the implementer of pharmaceutical services is an important issue that must be studied to increase the quality of hospital services. A good performance of a pharmacist is an indicator of health services. From point of view of human resources, motivation, and work discipline are the main factors that influence a pharmacist’s performance. Objective: To determine the influence of motivation and discipline on employee performance at the department pharmacy of Manembo-nembo hospital, Bitung. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted in June 2020. The respondent is all of the pharmacists in the pharmacy department as many as 25 people. The questionnaire is used as a measuring tool which consists of three variables namely motivation, work discipline, and performance. The data was processed using SPPS version 23 for windows. Results: The results showed that normality test were normally distributed, free of multicollinearity data, and heteroskedastic. Motivation and work discipline effects performance value 12.3% and 42.8% Conclusion: There is a positive and significant effect between motivation and work discipline variables on performance variables.
Mohasin Ali, Indrajit Ghosal, Rituparna Ghosh
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 01-18;

The goal of this study was to identify the factors influencing teacher job satisfaction at Al-Ameen Group of Schools in West Bengal. The descriptive survey methodology was used for the investigation. These schools were chosen at random to participate in the pilot project. Information was gathered using a structured and validated questionnaire. The instrument underwent face and content validation, and the Alpha reliability approach was used to assess the instrument's reliability. The obtained Alpha Reliability coefficient was 0.763. Using factor analysis and descriptive statistics, the data were coded and examined. According to a factor analysis, eight factors explained 65.187% of the variation in teachers' job satisfaction. Security of teachers, teaching resources and infrastructure, financial incentives, role of supervisors, working order, monthly remuneration, non-financial incentives, and health scheme were the eight elements. Security of teachers, teachings resources and infrastructure, financial incentives, and role of supervisors were the main contributors to teachers' job satisfaction. The survey also showed that salary for teachers was increased and that non-financial incentives were infrequently given to them. Therefore, it was advised that responsible authorities should plan ways to support increasing teacher satisfaction in schools by offering enough security, infrastructure, instructional materials, and health care.
Radhika Kapoor, Indrajit Ghosal
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 19-28;

Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting organizations worldwide in the post-covid era, especially service-oriented firms that are attempting to automate most processes. We have observed a significant effect on business consulting businesses that use AI to automate all operational processes and boost employee efficiency by using them for strategic decision-making. This study examines the overall impact of AI on organizations and the human workforce to determine if automation of business processes will eventually replace employees or work more collaboratively, paving the way for more technology jobs soon. Methodology: This study is a conceptual effort to integrate several streams of literature and papers published in the last 3 years in recognized journals such as Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, and ABDC to present an overview of AI-led robo-consultants and employees in the business consulting domain. Results: It is predicted that AI will automate some unskilled jobs, but also generate new jobs that require new skill sets. Hence, it is predicted that AI cannot replace humans rather lead to a workplace evolution by working in collaboration with employees being spearheaded by them. In business consulting domain, automation would take up all repetitive tasks including, reporting, invoicing, payment reminders, etc. so that employees can focus on more strategic tasks like client interaction, financial planning and complex decision making. However, it wouldn't lead to the elimination of human jobs, rather create a shift in employer perspective to achieve a balanced human-machine sync.
Neel Wasantha, W.C. Dombepola, F.A. Ibrahim, Raja Gopal
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 53-66;

This dissertation researched impact of online advertising on daily users of mobile internet in Malaysia. Advertising using internet is a new platform for marketers to create awareness, increase brand loyalty and to identify the customers through their daily feedback. The aim of this paper is to examine the impact of online advertising on daily mobile internet users. Four features of online advertising are discussed and examined in the research, irritation, updating, respond, and personality of online advertisements to make the daily mobile users positive or negative thinkers and make them customers. This study involving a survey of 100 sample size. The dataset underwent a statistical analysis, i.e., structural equation modeling (SEM). Findings reveal that features of online advertising do generate positive influence on purchase intentions. Results further reveal that the Pictures feature generates the highest possibility of consumers’ purchase intentions. Marketers will find these results useful as they can be used to maximize the impact of advertising efforts to generate purchase intentions especially in daily mobile internet users.
S.K.G. Ganesh, G. Vaishnavi, Kavitha Rajayogan
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 17-30;

Job analysis is an important process that can help organizations to improve a variety function that are performed. The method that can be adopted for job analysis varies from simple qualitative technique to detailed quantitative one. Whereas theoretical concepts provide inputs on all these techniques, in practice, many of the detailed methods are either not adopted or used only remotely in most of the organizations. The paper deals with a practical case of an electronic equipment manufacturing organization depicting the process of job analysis through work break-down structure and ranking of the job elements.
Marvel Ogah, Gregory Asiegbu, Nike Moradeyo
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 31-43;

Inventory management in organizations comes with severe challenges, especially in emerging markets. The study examines the effect of the difficulties experienced in raw material management on quality, speed and flexibility, dependability, and cost in the Nigerian Manufacturing sector. This study empirically examines this relationship in a contemporary mixed methodological approach adopting survey and semi-structured interviews. Survey questionnaires were distributed to 703 inventory and supply chain managers in 22 manufacturing firms in Nigeria, while the interview was conducted for 25 managers from 9 manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The crystal-clear finding is that poor inventory management practices negatively affect the quality, speed, and flexibility of operations in Nigerian manufacturing. This contrasts with a second finding that dependability and cost are not statistically significant. We also discovered that difficulties manufacturing firms in emerging markets experience in managing their raw materials arise from government policies, high exchange rates, bureaucracy in importation and port Issues, inflation, infrastructural challenge, logistics and transportation challenges, poor management decisions, regulatory framework, and unstable exchange rate. In conclusion, our study highlights that inefficient raw material management severely affects the manufacturing firm's overall performance.
Robin Au, Kelvin Leong, Anna Sung, Ching Lee
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 44-52;

Data Analytics has been considered as a promising topic. This paper aims to review the trends of Data Analytics in terms of related publications. More specifically, in this study we analysed 18-years real-world data obtained from Web of Science database for the purpose. These data include the first relevant publication found in the database. In total, 18610 relevant publications have been identified during 2004 to 2021. According to the findings from analysing the identified publications, we suggest that Data Analytics is a glowing global topic involving affiliations and funding sponsors from different countries. On top of the industrial voice saying Data Analytics is an emerging topic, the findings from this paper can provide an additional reference for the education sector, government, and academia, to conduct, promote and support the Data Analytics related research. We believe this is the first time that a study has been conducted to comprehensively review the development trends of Data Analytics. Hopefully, this study can shed some light on related research.
Faisal- E- Alam, Asma Aktarun Nahar
International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Volume 06, pp 01-16;

Satisfaction of employees and commitment in Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs) is of highest concern due to the nature of organizations in Bangladesh. This study directed to assess the influence of employee satisfaction of work on three levels of firms’ commitment such as affective, continuance and normative commitment within NCBs in Bangladesh. The cross-sectional research design is followed in this investigation. Quantitative survey research was carried out and the sample of 100 employees filled up the questionnaire from four NCBs in Khulna City. The outcomes revealed that the employees’ satisfaction is completely related with Affective Commitment (AC). Furthermore, the Continuance Commitment (CC) of employees is significantly predicted by employee satisfaction at the workplace. Finally, the outcomes also show how the Normative Commitment (NC) of employees is positively impacted by their work satisfaction. Owing to research design, caution was taken in making the results’ generalization. The present study might be of interest and practice for banks in formulating strategic Human Resource Management Policies. Because it considers how managers or bosses, or experts understand their employees’ sense of attachment toward a particular organization. This study also highlighted the bank management practices’ nature and significance for the sustainability of the banking sector.
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