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, Niyazshina Azhar
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 13, pp 07-16;

The article discusses mobile technologies as a new direction in education. The specific features of mobile learning in different variants of interaction of subjects of the educational process in the "teacher-student" system are revealed. The article examines the set of pedagogical conditions that determine the need for the development of mobile learning as one of the leading technologies of the knowledge management system in modern education. The possibilities of effective use of mobile learning in the conditions of technical equipment and psychological readiness of the subjects of the modern educational process are analyzed. Attention is drawn to such factors as the growth of uncertainty and the complexity of information flows in the competitive environment of the developing "digital universe", which requires the rapid mastery of numerous forms of interaction.
Ezgi Pelin Yıldız, Sahap Altınbas
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 13, pp 46-54;

From the formation stages of the information society to the present day, new developments have been experienced in many areas such as data formation, processing, storage and sharing of data in electronic environments. In this context, many new technological concepts have been included in our lives. When it comes to data storage environments, the concept of "Cloud Computing", which has been developing and increasing in popularity in recent years, comes to our minds. Cloud computing, with its known definition, is an internet-based technology service that provides access to the data stored on its servers at any time through internet access and allows users to benefit from the services offered by the system to the extent they want. While the advantages of cloud computing systems such as low cost, high performance, not requiring physical materials and being flexible can be mentioned, it is also emphasized that it brings many problems in terms of system. The most important of these problems; the lack of resources in cloud computing service providers, causing unpredictable delays in server response times. Based on all this information, this research is structured on the development of solution processes on these delays. In this sense, it is possible to consider three areas of cloud infrastructure; cloud computing, distributed storage and streaming communications. One of the first solutions that comes to mind is duplicating a task on multiple machines and waiting for the earliest copy to finish can reduce service latency; but intuitively, it costs additional computing resources and increases the queue load on servers. In this context, the effect of redundancy on the tail will be analyzed in the first part of the research. As a solution proposal, in this section, it will be discussed that service delays and queue load can be reduced by using the replication method, thus making the system more efficient. In a similar way, by requesting more than one copy of a file and waiting for any of them to arrive, the cloud storage requests will be accelerated for content download. In the second part of the research, generalization will be made from replication to coding and the (n, k) fork-join model will be studied to analyze the delay in accessing a storage system with (n, k) deletion code. This analysis will provide practical information that several users can access a content at the same time and provide faster service to the relevant users. Achieving low latency in streaming communication is even more difficult, as packets must be transmitted quickly and sequentially. Based on this structure, in the third part of the research, it is aimed to develop deletion codes to transmit redundant packet combinations and ensure smooth playback. Experimental modeling method was used as a research method in the study. In general, the aim of the research is to blend various mathematical tools from queuing, theory coding and renewal processes. It is foreseen that the techniques and insights to be developed with these dimensions of the research can be applied to other systems with stochastically changing components, and integrated studies can be made and contribute to the literature in this context.
Ramiz Salama, Mir Lehri
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 13, pp 17-45;

Initially I planned to make an app to track where the live location of Near East University buses were (by sharing their live location) but as I researched a bit about this implementation of the application .with my supervisor’s guidance I came to know that it can be used in many different and more beneficial ways When I was doing my research for the different uses that this application can be applied to, out of all different scenarios and implementations of this Live Location Tracking Application the most prominent and useful scenario is without a doubt, for it to be used by emergency services such as the police, the medical facilities (ambulances) and the general safety departments (fire departments and zabita etc.). Further explained in this research you shall find how this application is intended to work Keywords: map matching technique, real-time position tracking, security purposes.  
Wenjuan Xu
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 13, pp 01-06;

These days small businesses deploy different information systems to be more competitive and efficient, at the same time , which leads to different cyber attacks. To reduce the possible infrastructure damage and financial loss, business owners need to be aware of and recognize these various attacks, and know how to reduce or prevent them. In this paper, to help with the local small business owners, we propose an information security course especially designed for educating the business owners in cyber security for small business-related fields. This paper examines the course design details including the course structure, main contents, different exercises and main challenges.
Nadire Cavus, Adeoluwa Atanda
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12, pp 136-148;

Mobile technology is becoming more central to human life, especially with the current ongoing global pandemic which points out that there will be an increasing need for mobile payment service as it requires little or no contact in making payments. However, mobile payment is not among the most commonly used mobile utilities because of the security and privacy concerns posed by mobile payment. The prime aim of this study is to determine the security and privacy concerns with the highest existence and then address them by identifying a rational and objectively agreed approach on how to resolve the problems discovered. A sensitive Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Pairwise Comparison approach will be used to solve the security and privacy challenges associated with mobile payment services. This study shows that leakage of personal data is the highest risk concern by most users of the mobile payment system (MPS) while loss of “intended purchase” has the lowest risk concern from what we could derive. Keywords: AHP Model; Mobile Technology; Mobile Payment Services; Pairwise Comparison.
Sihem Boubekeur
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12, pp 149-157;

Information and communication technologies have become vital in the educational realm over the past two decades and a significant subject in the English language educational system. E-materials are not available for all the students, and that causes an impediment for foreign language teachers at Dr. Moulay Tahar University of Saida-Algeria. This research paper aims at investigating e-teaching and e-learning effectiveness in the Algerian university. The researcher only describes the existing phenomenon based on personal classroom observations and interviews with some teachers at Dr. Moulay Tahar University. The findings revealed that e-teaching and online learning are in vain as they are still new for both tutors and learners. Thus, e-education ought to start at an early age so that learners will get used to it. Both students and teachers should be trained in virtual learning and teaching methods. Keywords: EFL students; English; ICT; online; language; learning; teaching.
Ezgi Pelin Yildiz
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12;

The year 2022 promises many exciting developments for the Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies (GJIT). In addition, every year, the number of citations continues to rise strongly in proportion to the increase in the number of articles published. In this respect, first of all, we would like to thank all our authors who have contributed to the success of our journal. While reviewing our new issue, we saw articles from different authors from different countries: Cyprus, Jordan, Iran etc. The multiculturalism policy followed in our globally-focused journal makes us happy with every new issue. We examine the following research areas in the current issue; The topics of “Creating a Mobile Application for Online Shopping that has all the Features Required for the Process”, “Requirements For The Use Of E-Learning In University Education (Theoretical Study)”, “Attitudes Of Physical Education Teachers InJordan Towards The Use Of The Internet In The Educational Process”, “An Inquest into the Degree of M.A. Translation Students’ Familiarity with Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools”. We will continue to contribute to the literature within the scope of Educational Technologies with our strong team. Thanks to all our authors the contributors to this issue. Hope to see you in our new issue. Asist. Prof. Dr. Ezgi Pelin YILDIZGlobal Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies Chef Editor 
Mohammad Omar Al-Momani, Elham Mahmoud Rababa
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12, pp 89-109;

E-learning is one of the most important modern methods of education, as it helps in solving the problem of the knowledge explosion, the increasing demand for education, expanding opportunities for admission to education, being able to train, educate and rehabilitating workers without and educating housewives, which contributes to raising the percentage of learners and eliminating on illiteracy. To reach scientific results in this research, the researcher was interested in analysing the concept and its definition and then its applications by analysing and synthesising many results from previous studies and writings without resorting to a field study or analysis of the content of textbooks. This study found that there is weak knowledge of the uses of e-learning in university education and the administration's lack of interest in developing teachers' skills in using e-learning in their teaching. Keywords: Education, E-learning, interactive technology, modern methods;
Hamidreza Abdi
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12, pp 124-135;

Acquiring knowledge of computer-assisted translation (CAT) technology is the basic requirement not only for translation students but also for professional translators to have good use of CAT tools. This study aimed to investigate the degree of M.A. translation students’ familiarity with CAT tools used to support CAT-related activities included in the translator’s workstation. To do so, a questionnaire consisting of 16 questions was prepared for data collection based on translation activities proposed by Fulford and Granell-Zafar. This includes document production activities, business management activities and translation creation activities. As the results indicated, the M.A. translation students were mainly familiar with general-purpose applications, such as word processing software and machine translations, and rarely with specific-purpose software, namely web publishing software and accounting packages. They also were in full agreement with the effectiveness of CAT tools in their productivity and efficiency. Keywords: Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, machine-aided translation, technology;
Ramiz Salama, Ibrahim Anam
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, Volume 12, pp 77-88;

Shopping is a popular pastime for many individuals and the same is true with online buying. However, when it comes to online shopping, people are often restricted since most online shopping websites and apps lack certain features that facilitate the process. The goal of this initiative is to develop a web-based user-friendly interface for online consumers with system simplicity that would increase consumers' enjoyment of shopping. This online shopping web application is to address this problem by enabling users to experiment with the search tool, create various combinatorial search criteria to conduct a thorough search and provide an interactive interface that enables users to quickly interact with different application features. Based on the search term, the search engine would present a list of items, which the user could then filter based on several criteria. Keywords: Mobile application, online, privacy, shopping, shopping guide;
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