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Ahmad Imam Khoiruddin
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 1-15;

An analysis of the relationship between locomotive speed and wind direction was carried out on the amount of drag force faced by the CC203 locomotive, one of the fastest locomotives used in Indonesia today. Based on the results of the analysis, an alternative geometry option was made for the CC203 locomotive’s nose. In the geometry option, changes are made to the front structure of the locomotive in order to reduce the amount of air drag that occurs. Based on the results of the analysis that has been carried out, the greater the speed of the locomotive, the value of the drag coefficient will tends to be constant, but the overall value of the drag force will increase. In addition, changes in wind direction facing the locomotive will also significantly increase the coefficient and air drag force. In changing the locomotive geometry, the results of geometric options are obtained that can significantly reduce the coefficient and total air resistance force. Locomotive velocity was assumed as resultant of wind velocity.
, Budi Sutrisno
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 26-34;

The die design process for casting requires repeated testing in order to get a good die and produce a product that is as planned, which takes a long time and costs a lot for die making in this trial. The purpose of this study is to determine a more efficient process in die design by conducting a casting analysis using a MagmaSoft simulation. The sample part used in this study is a motorcycle brake master cylinder which will be made by the Gravity Casting process with aluminum material. The basic method used is die design using CAD by calculating Shrinkage allowance, and casting simulation using MagmaSoft software to find out various possible defects during the casting process, such as filling, air trap, solidification, hot spots, and shrinkage porosity. The simulation results show that in the filling process there is no indication of cold shot and no air trap problem, solidification and hot spots are good and occur in the part area, and there is little porosity. In general, the simulation results show that the die design has met the requirements, although there is porosity, this porosity occurs in the area that will be lost after the machining process
Achmad Purnomo Wijaya, Niam Tamami, Hary Oktavianto
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 35-50;

3D scanner that uses image sensors requires the role of a computer that includes a data generator, data acquisition, and visual display. In a simply system, it can be designed the sensory system uses non-imagery sensor so the role of the data generator can be handled by the microcontroller. This research aims to make a simple 3D scanner using inexpensive non-imagery Time of Flight VL53L0X sensor and data processing can be processed directly by the microcontroller. The results of sensor distance measurements are processed on the microcontroller and desktop application. The distance and angle values are converted into Cartesian coordinate using cylindrical coordinate system. The scan results of the cubes, prisms and cylinder are similar with the reference object, but the results of the pyramid test at the top cannot be scanned properly due to the narrow surface. The laser beam from the emitter cannot bounce back to the collector properly makes distance reading is inaccurate and causes error in the point cloud conversion. The comparison error between the side of the scan results and the reference object is between 2.54-39.8%. The surface of objects with bright color has a smaller error than those with dark color. The comparison error of the height of the scan results with the reference object is between 5-32%. The angle of the emitter exclusion cone and the collector exclusion cone sensor affects the error at the side and height of the scan results.
Firdaus Ms, Wahyu Wiranata, Sugeng Prasetyo
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 16-25;

This study aims to determine the effect of variations in quenching media with NaCl on the value of hardness, energy value of the impact and the microstructure phase formed from the carburizing pack. The results showed that the highest hardness value was obtained by quenching 25% NaCl with a value of 136.76 N/mm2 and the lowest value was obtained in specimens without raw material treatment with a value of 119.63 N/mm2, it can be concluded that the higher the concentration of salt, the higher the hardness value. The results of the impack test showed the highest value in the Raw Material specimen with a value of 14,234 Joules and the lowest value on the specimen with 25% NaCl quenching with a value of 5,694 Joules, it can be concluded that the untreated specimen has a good ductility value, while for the specimens undergoing the quenching process, experience agitation. Metallographic test results show the phase of martensive formation in the quenching process and ferlite in Raw Material
Doddi Yuniardi
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 63-76;

Sampah perkotaan ini merupakan suatu bahan yang terbuang atau dibuang sebagai hasil aktivitas manusia maupun proses alam yang belum memiliki nilai ekonomis. Pengelolaan sampah yang diselenggarakan oleh dinas terkait saat ini hanya fokus pada pengumpulan dan pengangkutan ke Tempat Pembuangan Akhir (TPA) tanpa melalui pengolahan tertentu. Akibatnya sampah hanya menumpuk di sudut-sudut kota sampah yang menumpuk saja dapat membawa dampak yang buruk pada kondisi kesehatan manusia dan lingkungan. Bila sampah dibuang secara sembarangan atau ditumpuk tanpa ada pengelolaan yang baik, akan menimbulkan berbagai dampak yang lebih serius. Terjadinya bencana (ledakan gas metan, tanah longsor, pencemaran udara akibat pembakaran terbuka dan lain-lain) merupakan akibat dari pengelolaan sampah yang belum dilaksanakan dengan baik. Oleh karena itu perlu adanya sistem penangkapan metana dan pengubahan biogas menjadi energi menawarkan salah satu alternatif bagi pengelolaan sampah terpadu untuk mengurangi dampak lingkungan sekaligus menghasilkan energi terbarukan. Studi ini diperlukan untuk dapat mengimplementasikan potensi yang ada tersebut sehingga akan berdampak positif bagi perekonomian dan lingkungan di wilayah yang distudi. Dalam hal ini penelitian dilakukan untuk TPA Burangkeng, Kabupaten Bekasi. Jawa Barat.
Fitroh Anugrah Kusuma Yudha
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 7, pp 51-62;

Saat ini dalam proses pembelajaran berkembang pesat, dan berbagai media pembelajaran digunakan sebagai model aplikasi, menurut siswa untuk menerima kemajuan pembelajaran modern. Dalam penelitian ini, penulis akan merancang secara komprehensif PLC semi box sederhana, antara lain komponen PLC Outseal 16 I/O, box PLC, papan peraga, dan USB. alat peraga PLC yang dibuat ini merupakan media yang mudah dipelajari karena dapat diuji langsung atau digunakan sesuai program sesuai spesifikasi perangkat. Trainer PLC ini menggunakan PLC Outseal 16 I/O, alat Peraga PLC Outseal dibuat dengan sirkuit. Pengguna dapat dengan mudah menggunakan Trainer PLC Outseal, dan dapat menyelesaikan model masalah yang sederhana dan model pribadi yang sangat kompleks sesuai dengan kebutuhan yang ada industri.
Muhammad Ramadhan
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 6, pp 95-105;

The need for sliced scallions is relatively large, so a tool that can assist in the slicing process is more effective both in terms of energy and time spent. Based on these problems, the idea was born to design a scallion slicing machine to help the community in slicing scallions, especially food sellers who need scallions such as egg martabak sellers, and food sellers.The method used is literature study (library), field observations, and problem-solving methods in the form of design which includes pre-planning in the form of machine sketches, machine concept planning, calculations, making working drawings, procurement of materials and components, toolmaking, assembly, and testing.The output of this final project is the manufacture of a scallion slicing machine that is simple and effective by not forgetting the safety and hygiene factors so that it can support the slicing process at the scale of traders and home industries. This tool has a capacity of 300 grams per minute using a DC 775 motor and is sourced from four 18650 li-ion batteries.
Muhammad Dzulkifly, Raffy Frandito, Mochammad Rafli Ramadhani, Wildan Rahmawan, Farid Triawan
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 6, pp 75-87;

Almost every year, floods disaster becomes the scourge of many countries in the world, including Indonesia. When the flood comes and submerges the houses, every item and household furniture in it will also be submerged in flood water. Furniture that is heavy and difficult to move, especially electronic equipment such as refrigerators, may be left by the owner when a flood occurs. To prevent the furniture from submerging, a lifting kit is needed. For this reason, the purpose of this work is to design a mechanical tool/kit that can lift or elevate the electronic furniture such as refrigerator to a higher position and avoid the damage caused by flood. The kit is expected to be able to cover a 100 x 80 cm base of the refrigerator with maximum load of 200 kg. The elevation of the lifting kit is set to be higher than 50 cm. Calculation for the stress and fatigue analysis is also performed to determine the strength of the structure. As a result, the obtained safety factors for the critical components under static and fatigue loading conditions show values of more than one, indicating the product is safe for real operation. In addition, the required torque to produce the elevation is also calculated and discussed.
Alharisy Aji Aji
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 6, pp 64-74;

Saat ini di indonesia sepeda motor merupakan alat tranportasi yang sudah di produksi massal. penggunaan sparepart sepeda motor antara yang merek satu dengan merek yang lainnya sudah umum dilakukan dikarenakan komponen tersebut terkadang sulit didapatkan di pasaran. Entah karena sparepart sepeda motor tersebut tidak lagi diproduksi oleh pabrikan atau memang ada faktor-faktor lain yang mempengaruhinya. Poros adalah salah satu komponen sepeda motor , dimana poros merupakan salah satu bagian yang terpenting dari setiap mesin. Peranan utama sebuah poros adalah untuk mentransmisikan daya dari satu elemen mesin ke bagian elemen mesin lainnya. Daya tersebut dihasilkan oleh gaya tangensial dan momen torsi yang hasil akhirnya adalah daya tersebut akan ditransmisikan kepada elemen lain yang terhubung dengan poros tersebut. Poros roda merupakan salah satu komponen yang saangat penting dari sebuah sepeda motor karena poros berfungsi untuk menopang body, beban kendaraan itu sendiri maupun beban luar pada kendaraan dalam hal ini manusia atau barang muatan pada sepeda motor. Sehingga di perlukan poros yang baik untuk mencapai fungsi dari poros tersebut. Dipenelitian ini akan membahas tentang Poros dengan beban puntir dan lentur yang bertujuan untuk memberikan pengetahuan tentang poros depan, Lebih menambah wawasan pengetahuan dalam bidang otomotif dan Mampu merencanakan secara sistematis elemen-elemen mesin yang ada pada system kerja poros. Perhitungan Beban Luar, Perhitungan Diameter Poros, Jadi hasil dari perhitungan poros bahwa diameter 9.9 mm aman digunakan sesuai dengan standard, dengan diameter poros actual dilapangan yaitu 10 mm
Ardhi Bebi Laksono
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Volume 6, pp 106-118;

This research was taken at one of the mechanical engineering companies produces customize spare parts, special purposed machinery, automation system integrator and robotic installation. The company has problem high cost operation warehouse, need space expanding production line, stockopname problem, picking failure, high cycle time operation, logistic efficiency, and inventory cost. These problems have impact to company performance which need cost down, increase efficiency and productivity with minimum defect. The data has shown company needs additional 157m2 to expanding new line, has 4% picking defect, there is 200 million operational cost over, 150sec cycle time, 7% lost part and risk cyber data security. Due to the importance of the problem, the company needs to evaluate and solve the problem which has impact to company performance, especially in the warehouse. DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control) approach is applied to comprehensively explore the problem and comes out with alternatives solution. Two alternatives were developed. The criteria for selection used were i.e. cost; accuracy, security, safety, productivity, cycle time, and minimize defect It was concluded that the application of automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) was selected as it dominates in many aspects compare to expanding the current one. This implementation of ASRS approved that this new system answers the current warehouse problem
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