Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery and Technology Development Incorporation

Publisher information
Total number of journals: 9
Total number of journal papers: 385
Current coverage:
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Journal of Applied Pharmacy
EISSN: 19204159
Total articles: 288
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences
EISSN: 19257430
Total articles: 62
Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences
EISSN: 25205986
Total articles: 15
EISSN: 25631640
Total articles: 8
Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology
EISSN: 24122580
Total articles: 8
Advanced Geosciences
EISSN: 25205978
Total articles: 7
Advanced Calculation and Analysis
EISSN: 2520596X
Total articles: 6
Journal of Experimental Physics
EISSN: 25205994
Total articles: 4
Advanced Business and Finance
EISSN: 25205951
Total articles: 4
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