International Interactive Symposium on UHPC

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Total number of journals: 9
Total number of journal papers: 3,083
Total number of books and book chapters: 45
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Meat and Muscle Biology
EISSN: 2575985X
Total articles: 1,088
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication
ISSN / EISSN: 21623309 / 21623309
Total articles: 264
Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis
EISSN: 23251204
Total articles: 172
Archival Issues
EISSN: 2328546X
Total articles: 120
Health, Interprofessional Practice & Education
EISSN: 21591253
Total articles: 87
Iowa State University Animal Industry Report
EISSN: 26930293
Total articles: 46
Interprofessional Optometry
EISSN: 23813822
Total articles: 10
Journal of High Altitude Ballooning
EISSN: 26938073
Total articles: 10
The Critical Social Educator
EISSN: 26876892
Total articles: 7
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