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Total number of journals: 32
Total number of journal papers: 364

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Top 10 journals

Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networking
EISSN: 25827626
Total articles: 22
The Indian Journal of Management and Language
EISSN: 2582886X
Total articles: 22
Indian Journal of Structure Engineering
EISSN: 2582922X
Total articles: 21
Indian Journal of Economics and Finance
EISSN: 25829378
Total articles: 16
Indian Journal of Environment Engineering
EISSN: 25829289
Total articles: 16
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking
EISSN: 2582760X
Total articles: 14
Indian Journal of Production and Thermal Engineering
EISSN: 25828029
Total articles: 13
Indian Journal of Advanced Mathematics
EISSN: 25828932
Total articles: 12
International Journal of Preventive Medicine and Health
EISSN: 25827588
Total articles: 11
Indian Journal of Social Science and Literature
EISSN: 25830643
Total articles: 11
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