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Total number of journals: 50
Total number of journal papers: 10,895

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Top 10 journals

International Journal of Linguistics
EISSN: 27104788
Total articles: 879
International Journal of Human Resource Studies
EISSN: 21623058
Total articles: 686
Journal of Public Administration and Governance
EISSN: 21617104
Total articles: 684
Journal of Agricultural Studies
EISSN: 21660379
Total articles: 602
Business and Economic Research
EISSN: 21624860
Total articles: 554
International Journal of Learning and Development
EISSN: 21644063
Total articles: 541
International Journal of Education
EISSN: 19485476
Total articles: 533
Journal of Management Research
EISSN: 1941899X
Total articles: 497
International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting
EISSN: 21623082
Total articles: 490
Journal of Studies in Education
EISSN: 21626952
Total articles: 430
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