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Total number of journals: 8
Total number of journal papers: 2,045
Total number of books and book chapters: 79,937

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International Food Risk Analysis Journal
ISSN: 18482368
Total articles: 76
International Journal of Integrative Medicine
ISSN: 18488846
Total articles: 37
International Journal of Radio Frequency Identification & Wireless Sensor Networks
ISSN: 18479812
Total articles: 14
Ai, Computer Science and Robotics Technology
EISSN: 27546292
Total articles: 13
International Journal of Water Sciences
ISSN: 1848929X
Total articles: 11
Exosomes and Microvesicles
ISSN: 18489214
Total articles: 10
Digital Medicine and Health Technology
EISSN: 27546306
Total articles: 10
Green Energy and Environmental Technology
EISSN: 27546314
Total articles: 9
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