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Total number of journals: 25
Total number of journal papers: 1,203
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Top 10 journals

Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Network
EISSN: 27991172
Total articles: 89
Journal of Learning and Educational Policy
EISSN: 27991121
Total articles: 71
Journal of Production, Operations Management and Economics
EISSN: 27991008
Total articles: 70
Journal of Image Processing and Intelligent Remote Sensing
EISSN: 28150953
Total articles: 68
Journal of Multidisciplinary Cases
EISSN: 27990990
Total articles: 66
Journal of Women Empowerment and Studies
EISSN: 27991253
Total articles: 65
International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Engineering
EISSN: 24555290
Total articles: 61
Journal of Language and Linguistics in Society
EISSN: 28150961
Total articles: 60
Journal of Corporate Finance Management and Banking System
EISSN: 27991059
Total articles: 59
Journal of Media,culture and Communication
EISSN: 27991245
Total articles: 58
International Journal of Agriculture and Animal Production
EISSN: 27990907
Total articles: 57
Journal of Electronics,computer Networking and Applied Mathematics
EISSN: 27991156
Total articles: 57
Journal of Psychology and Political Science
EISSN: 27991024
Total articles: 57
Journal of Environmental Impact and Management Policy
EISSN: 2799113X
Total articles: 51
Journal of Energy Engineering and Thermodynamics
EISSN: 28150945
Total articles: 43
International Journal of Research in Science & Engineering
EISSN: 23948280
Total articles: 41
Journal of Legal Subjects
EISSN: 2815097X
Total articles: 38
Journal Healthcare Treatment Development
EISSN: 27991148
Total articles: 36
Journal of Social Responsibility,tourism and Hospitality
EISSN: 27991016
Total articles: 34
Journal of Humanities,music and Dance
EISSN: 27991180
Total articles: 32
Journal of Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Human Diseases
EISSN: 27991202
Total articles: 23
Journal of Mental Health Issues and Behavior
EISSN: 27991261
Total articles: 19
Journal of Community Pharmacy Practice
EISSN: 27991199
Total articles: 19
Journal of Nursing Research,patient Safety and Practise
EISSN: 27991210
Total articles: 17
International Journal of Applied and Structural Mechanics
EISSN: 2799127X
Total articles: 12
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