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Total number of journals: 10
Total number of journal papers: 233
Current coverage:
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Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Modeling
EISSN: 27095924
Total articles: 37
Journal of Translation and Language Studies
EISSN: 27095681
Total articles: 33
Journal of Fractional Calculus and Nonlinear Systems
EISSN: 27099547
Total articles: 25
Journal of Chemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry
EISSN: 27095932
Total articles: 23
Studies in Economics and Business Relations
EISSN: 2709670X
Total articles: 22
Tesol and Technology Studies
EISSN: 27096696
Total articles: 22
Studies in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
EISSN: 27099555
Total articles: 22
Studies in Humanities and Education
EISSN: 27099563
Total articles: 21
Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence
EISSN: 27095908
Total articles: 18
Journal of Information Technology and Computing
EISSN: 27095916
Total articles: 10
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