Information Technology and Science (ITScience)

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Total number of journals: 18
Total number of journal papers: 905
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Top 10 journals

Journal of Computer Networks, Architecture and High Performance Computing
EISSN: 26559102
Total articles: 154
Edu Cendikia: Jurnal Ilmiah Kependidikan
EISSN: 2798365X
Total articles: 104
International Journal of English and Applied Linguistics (IJEAL)
EISSN: 27979482
Total articles: 90
Jurnal Pendidikan Sains dan Komputer
EISSN: 2809476X
Total articles: 83
Journal of Agriculture
EISSN: 26168456
Total articles: 76
Brilliance: Research of Artificial Intelligence
EISSN: 28079035
Total articles: 52
Jurnal Ekonomi Bisnis, Manajemen dan Akuntansi (JEBMA)
EISSN: 27977161
Total articles: 46
EISSN: 27771474
Total articles: 45
JBSI: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia
EISSN: 28092384
Total articles: 38
Jurnal Audit dan Perpajakan (JAP)
EISSN: 28091809
Total articles: 25
Elektriese: Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi Elektro
EISSN: 28303512
Total articles: 24
Data Sciences Indonesia (DSI)
EISSN: 28090721
Total articles: 23
Healthcaring: Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan
EISSN: 28099117
Total articles: 23
Digital Transformation Technology
EISSN: 28079000
Total articles: 21
Educational Journal of Islamic Management
EISSN: 28081862
Total articles: 20
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences and Arts
EISSN: 29621658
Total articles: 20
Indonesia Journal of Business Law
EISSN: 28098439
Total articles: 16
EISSN: 29625505
Total articles: 10
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