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Total number of journals: 38
Total number of journal papers: 17,673
Total number of conference papers: 1,266
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Top 10 journals

International Journal of Information and Education Technology
EISSN: 20103689
Total articles: 1,863
International Journal of Environmental Science and Development
ISSN: 20100264
Total articles: 1,395
International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing
ISSN: 20103700
Total articles: 1,042
International Journal of Social Science and Humanity
ISSN: 20103646
Total articles: 1,041
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications
ISSN: 20100221
Total articles: 798
International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance
ISSN: 2010023X
Total articles: 750
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research
ISSN: 22780149
Total articles: 722
Journal of Economics, Business and Management
ISSN: 23013567
Total articles: 716
International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering
ISSN / EISSN: 20103719 / 20103719
Total articles: 684
International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology
ISSN: 20100248
Total articles: 618
International Journal of Future Computer and Communication
ISSN: 20103751
Total articles: 586
Journal of Clean Energy Technologies
ISSN: 1793821X
Total articles: 532
Journal of Advanced Management Science
EISSN: 28109740
Total articles: 508
International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing
ISSN: 17938198
Total articles: 497
International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
ISSN: 2301380X
Total articles: 437
International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics
ISSN / EISSN: 23826282 / 29723108
Total articles: 399
International Journal of Learning and Teaching
ISSN: 23772891
Total articles: 398
Journal of Automation and Control Engineering
ISSN: 23013702
Total articles: 371
International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research
EISSN: 23196009
Total articles: 355
Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies
ISSN: 2373423X
Total articles: 334
International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications
ISSN: 23192518
Total articles: 292
International Journal of Signal Processing Systems
ISSN: 23154535
Total articles: 288
Journal of Advances in Computer Networks
ISSN: 17938244
Total articles: 281
Journal of Image and Graphics
ISSN: 23013699
Total articles: 273
Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information
ISSN: 23013745
Total articles: 263
International Journal of Electrical Energy
ISSN: 23013656
Total articles: 253
Journal of Medical and Bioengineering
ISSN: 23013796
Total articles: 248
Etp International Journal of Food Engineering
ISSN: 23013664
Total articles: 217
International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Sciences
EISSN: 22785221
Total articles: 214
Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering
ISSN: 23013680
Total articles: 212
International Journal of Culture and History (EJournal)
EISSN: 23826177
Total articles: 143
International Journal of Knowledge Engineering
ISSN: 23826185
Total articles: 134
Lecture Notes on Information Theory
ISSN: 23013788
Total articles: 124
Journal of Life Sciences and Technologies
ISSN: 23013672
Total articles: 103
International Journal of Geology and Earth Sciences
EISSN: 2395647X
Total articles: 24
Journal of Media & Mass Communication
ISSN: 23785047
Total articles: 17
Lecture Notes on Photonics and Optoelectronics
ISSN: 23013753
Total articles: 14
International Journal of Machine Learning
EISSN: 2972368X
Total articles: 12
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