Mokslines leidybos deimantas, MB

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DOI prefix: 10.33422
Total number of journals: 6
Number of active journals in 2020: 5
Total number of papers: 157

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European Journal of Behavioral Sciences
EISSN : 2538-807X
Total articles: 42
European Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
EISSN : 2538-9181
Total articles: 40
International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics
EISSN : 2538-8053
Total articles: 34
European Journal of Teaching and Education
EISSN : 2669-0667
Total articles: 23
Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences
EISSN : 2538-919X
Total articles: 16
Journal of Advanced Research in Civil Engineering and Architecture
EISSN : 2538-8061
Total articles: 2
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