Dynamics of the development of choreographic culture and education

Relevance of research. Under conditions related to the reformation of the national education system in general and in the field of art in particular, when priority cultural values and ideals are being reassessed and rethought, it is becoming necessary to turn to those historically formed pedagogical traditions of choreographic education and culture, which, on the one hand, must be preserved, and on the other hand, adapted to the new conditions of the Ukrainian cultural, economic and political reality. The purpose of the article is to analyse the peculiarities of the development dynamics of the Ukrainian choreographic culture and education. These research methods are used: general scientific (analysis, synthesis, systematisation, comparison, generalisation, comparison) in order to clarify the historiography of the problem under study; historical (historical-structural, historical and genesis-based, historical-diachronic, criterial-complex) ensured the development of the research structure; made it possible to reveal the origins of the development of choreographic education and culture. The content of the study and its results. The article examines the peculiarities of the development of the Ukrainian choreographic culture and education in the context of general cultural trends of a certain era. Special attention is paid to the national cultural tradition, the spiritual sphere of society, the change of the general cultural paradigm, the functions of choreographic education and culture. It is noted that the problem of the dynamic development of modern dance art is closely related to the incessant civilisational and socio-cultural progress, the change in the format of psychological and pedagogical approaches, methods and means of choreographic education. The domestic system of choreographic education was formed in the process of long-term acculturation. The specificity of dance education lies in its bicentricity: it is equally closely connected with the educational sphere and with the artistic and performing practice of art. The reformation and development of modern stage choreography took place through the dialectical denial of academic traditions and the construction of new choreographic forms. Under conditions of the cultural and philosophical era of postmodernism, the phenomenon of modern stage choreography is considered as a stylistic reflection of the artistic trends of synthesis.